COMFORT ZONE TURKEY BUTT IMPLANTS ARE BREAST IMPLANTS My upbeat nature snuffed out by Dr Mete Aksu.:(

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I wanted my old butt implants removed and replaced...

I wanted my old butt implants removed and replaced after 20 years as the technology has moved on by country miles - not in TURKEY it appears - had breast implants put in to my butt - not informed till later! My abs are now ruined. Sugery to fix is not easy but I've got to get there. Written consent for lipo ladies but I dont think this company would care even then.

I changed my mind a few times about having the procedure in the few weeks I can say honestly. However never changed my mind about going there I made it very clear I would not waste any ones time and would have another procedure in the theater slot booked. In all fairness to Engin he said no worry about that if it was not a good plan to carry out the procedure then I was welcome to stay and sightsee / shop. I would never not have spend something - that's me. Anyway I flew out and I was collected by a lovely man I called Smiley. Taken to the villa which is set in beautiful country surroundings.

My room however was very bad indeed. I had no light other than the bathroom & no heating. It snowed whilst I stayed there for 12 days. Also very damp. I was told they were fully booked and I would be moved when possible.

Engin said perhaps Dr Mete would pop to the villa and give me a intro consultation. He did. And it was in the bedroom with little light surprisingly.

He is or appears to be a lovely man. We discussed all be it very briefly what he could do and said he would see me in the morning first thing. I then paid Engin for butt implant minimal lipo to back/sides/ and as Dr M had pointed out a little bit on tummy below belly button.

Next morning I went to the hospital - very modern and clean. Dr came went said he had another surgery before mine and he would be around to mark me after. When that marking was being done I did remind him to be careful because I'm 59 and had no fat really on my abs or tummy area he said only a little.. will be nice.. don't worry. I woke up and felt very shivery but fine. I'm no stranger to cosmetic procedures so think that helps - the vet nice nurses said they wanted a doc to see me as my blood pressure was a bit low - I assured then it is quite low in general. Dr came and all was fine. Stayed in the hospital very comfortably till the next early evening. Little disappointed that my room had not been changed but thought never mind at least the surgery is now over. The ladies brought me a small electric bar heater. But the smell of damp in the room was quite off putting. Later Engin came to see how I was saying I was amazingly resilient oh! and positive! He also pointed to 2 books which he said look after those they are the guarantee for you implants. On looking I said these must be someone else's they are breast implants!!! He said no Dr Mete uses those because they are softer and come in larger sizes. I had left size and shape to the Dr just saying to him not too big as I wanted to be wearing the same clothes. I had 435cc Allergen breast implants placed in my buttocks with no prior knowledge. Now these look nice atm but I note they are slipping down at a rapid rate - which of course they would. Breast implants go to the side unless you are very taught and I mean very.

On to recovery because I thought hell they are in now what can you do?? Dr M must know what he's doing. Engin said they are guatanteed and we will always sort out any problems. I was concerned about the upper abs being over lipo and said this. I was told it will all come back tight give it time.

I returned to London having pointed out a problem with my right implant before leaving at my last check up. Dr M said this was normal all was fine.

One week later I knew all was not fine and getting any joy from the company was proving very difficult. I returned. I'm lucky able to as it's not too far 3 and a bit hrs My reception a little cool. In fact in the evening in front of other patients Engin said your diagnosing yourself. My reply was indeed I had to because Dr Mete is not contactable even in emergency!! I also told him that I thought the set up was one of a money grappling nature. That just appears really friendly until after the event. I was visited in my room ( this time a VERY NICE ROOM) 20 mins later where he said what I tho ok to be heart felt "sorry" looking back no that was not the case.

I was driven the next day for an MRI & ultrasound which was very decent of them. It revealed hematoma under the implant. I was given antibiotics - antiflamatory and instructed to hot/cold compress. I have always thought after initial swelling subsided that it was and is because that one is too superficial. Today it juts out and can be clearly seen and felt. Tbh I have much more of a problem on my plate and this is the main reason I write this review. I want to warn ladies on hear about it. The fat that was sucked from my upper abs has left me with either having a reverse tummy tuck which Dr's are very hesitant to perform. It a scar running from below my breasts to middle third of my tummy. I have spoken with top Drs on fixing this and it will cost a lot of money and will be far from easy.

The response from my PS Dr Mete Aksu. None.

Many Txts mails later to Engin have been in the wind result.

The teply for example on WHY DID THEY USE IMPLANTS THAT THEY DONT NEED TO has not been answered to date. The makers who have spoken to me would like all patents that I know to mail them. Concerned. I also asked Engin to take them out - I ride- not now though. He replied Dr Mete will not take them out as there is nothing wrong with your implants. I have not put pics on of my butt because the look is not the issue but I have posted pics of my abs so you can perhaps avoid this happening to you. Also to make every one aware of the possible outcome. I don't know if I can add this on here but hopefully it will be posted. In the group of ladies that I got to know through having butt implants all but 2 including my self have had incison problems. I think that could have been avoided. I have been In touch with them all via various mediums and have been able to help and advise as to what to do. The outcome is usually visit GP nurses and they will dress - only too willingly.

The awful thing about all of this is I will have to pay a hell of a lot of money for surgery - will have bad scars all for fat that is no longer really in evidence. I have asked the RS doctors on here if they can recommend the way forward because it appears the very elusive Dr Mete Aksu does not respond under any circumstances.

Ladies I am totally open to you all via message or publicly with any thing you may wish to ask. I will have a lot of time on my hands as I cannot return to work for some time to come. Financialy I'm breathless!! I have extreme difficulty with the awarding of stars. Because if these implants had been placed here in the UK I would most likely be dealing with legislation. Se la vie.

DR Mete Aksu uses breast implants in your butt!

Sorry I forgot to add all the ladies I met there at Comfort Zone had breast implants placed in their booty - ENGIN stated its because semi solid do not go above 300cc Not true!! It also states on their site they do all sizes. And there is defo NO mention of using breast implants. Btw when you lie down they splay to the side. So unless we put our weight on our feet when lying round the pool we are going to look really wide and odd. I will take pics and post soon to give you the idea. Girls I hate to be the bearer of this bad news I really understand how exciting it is to be able to afford get a beautiful butt with the wonderful deal of getting looked after whilst recovering. But as a Dr stated on RS when I ask the question is it ok to have these breast implants in my trunk that the manufacturers have said they do not guarantee. He advises if silicon which they are - take them out before they can rupture and spread silicone into my body. Another lady on hear asked the question and a Dr said check your facts he couldn't believe that would be happening as there's no reason - butt implants come in all sizes these days and feel really life like. Also they should never need to be changed if placed right. Not so with breast implants. Am I supposed to MRI my butt really frequently now?!! Have had no apology for this at all. Will keep you in the loop as to where I go from here. Thanks for reading and please don't hesitate to comment. Bfn x

Pic lying flat plants just splay to side

This is only 8 weeks post and my implants are already doing what BREAST implants do - lie to the side. In the middle there is nothing!! You can see my right one is particularly out. This is what I spoke about. Too superficial. Your comments appreciated. Bogged down atm making consultations to get the over lipod upper abs fixed Hoping it can be done under my breasts or I will have a vertical scar down my tummy. Yikes !!


As you can see I have a nice result. When I had my first implants done it took ages before they dropped. But when they did they stayed there. These have been dropped to right position from very early on post. Reason ? I had ultrasound to heal and dispel a lot of fluid that had gathered under the implant. I was fluid free in a week. Anyone having that problem I recommend. Non invasive just heals all :). However because they are soft no matter what boot camp I join they are going to move on down - just as breasts do. All the girls mentioned "why are they on the side & a bit empty in the middle centre?" That's what BREAST implants are inclined to do. They never stay up and point ahead. Always with time they "fluff" and become soft and low. This is when they are constrained by the much smaller muscle. The glute is much larger so no rocket science need be applied to work out the more room in which to roam the more sag later. I mean we put 400 in out boobs - mine are 385cc and changing up for 450 because I don't want an uplift atm. My boobs are way smaller in area than my butt.. obviously. So gravity science & good old common sense tell me that my butt will not remain perky very long. Yep it's soft bit in danger of tupture if I ride ( which I am not atm) That's not what I asked & paid for. Sleeping on my side with squishy implants as a constant reminder is not the way forward. They are supposed to become part of you. My old ones did. Lying on my boobs is never comfortable because of the material and no matter how soft it's like lying on firm balloons. That's why girls that have proper semi solid implants complain and get very tetchy when having to lie on thier tummy post op - This is NOT a step forward in butt implant intervention. It's a procedure that's been over simplified in this case as a selling point. It appears to have worked. I will be taking mine out and replacing them in the Autumn with proper butt implants that will last. The company flatly refused to do it. Being careful in the interim period. I don't have the inclination for MRI scans every 2 years to check for slow rupture. Which incidently is advise when they are in your boobs not your butt. I didn't write the info in the guarantee book .. Mmm bfn x


Gob smacked. Tried to call CZ company director Engin would not answer. Hung up. Then he texted me this. Your on your own now. 4 words. I had called to ask for results for MRI they had done as I still have problems with my right errm BREAST implant in my butt. I mailed but I will not hold my breath for a reply. Callous attitude because I reviewed my case on RS. Are we just supposed to stay silent! !!


Hi this is a pic of the depression I commented on in my update earlier. As you can see its a flat depression - I find the middle of that cheek to be flat and volume is set to the side. Sorry its a little grainy - non the less it's easy to see even in bad lighting. As I said pics from the side look good. But from full back not so nice.


Really unbelievable.. although I shouldn't be surprised I guess. Been paying so much attention to getting the loose crepe skin nourished and firmer I didn't notice what was happening to my back at each side. I have large indents which head on are not so noticeable - but when you view from the sides I have angled corners instead of rounded sides. I mean sharp corners on my sides. Feels horrible. So basically the S shape which Dr Mete carved is very noticeable - it looks like I've been scooped out by an ice cream baller. And running along the centre between the indents, is a wide pad of fat. This makes it even more obvious. I've been researching the cause of this, and the cure. Cause. Poor lipo skill. Badly fitted garment. Btw non of us were fitted for our garments. The garments supplied were cheap & very uncomfortable. Too short in the body. No support. Rather like skimpy Baywatch swim suits.
The cure.. Lipo revision with someone who specialises in body contouring Massage. More Vella shape lll or other similar. Endermologie. However after combing this site I've found many reviews and comments sadly telling the stories of there is no fix. I bought a state of the art compression garment today and will continue to massage with a rolling pin. Very difficult to do in those areas. But I've got to say I can't find anything good to say about this mans work. Please if anyone can comment on his work prior to October of 2014 I would be all ears. Thanks x


Hi guys just thought I would update for you. My dent has not improved or got worse at this stage. Grateful for that. Saddened to read others have had an equally bad experience with their lipo. I have had threads woven through my upper ab skin in the hope it will generate some collagen. Will let you know how that goes. Also the Dr I'm being cared by is going to start in carboxy therapy on Thurs. Really trying to work with it until I can afford the time and money to have surgery. Still no response from either Comfort Zone or the surgeon Dr Mete Aksu. Interestingly they quote 6 months to all, to wait until any revision can be done by them and they will cover full costs. Not according to thier official site under conditions It clearly states only up to 90 days or 3 months. Very strange indeed. Please be vigilant.

NO APPOLOGY & life is so changed :(

He guys. Well the implants are now settled I would say. The fat that was grafted to round them has gone - zilch left. That's just a way to collar patients for an extra £1000. They payed no heed to my body mass - age - or anything that all the Drs I've visited since the journey of trying to patch up. Their opinion when they see before pics is why did he lipo you. Not a candidate at all. My butt looks fairly flat in comparison to my original butt which was less cc - this is obviously because I've now got BREAST implants and they are btw Allergen natural soft. Yep! That's what he put in my butt. Does not feel worked out - more sat on and fat. It's only 11 weeks on Monday. Cannot imagine the shape it's going to be by the time I get to go to get it revised US.
In the meantime I've been having treatments for my loose skin (understatement ) on upper abs. Had PDO threads which are similar in effect to Sculptra. It's used to build at a lower level than other fillers. Far from being a quick fix like other fillers. It will take time. Also I've just started Carboxytherapy. That will be once a week. Non of these last more than a year or so. Eventually I will have to have reverse tummy tuck. Never expected that. So many holes and dents also. I'm not round in the waist but triangular. In other words if you place a hand on my sides I have corners. My general health also is just so low. Unreal! No energy. So unlike myself. I've searched the internet for records of this surgeon doing butt implant procedure before Comfort Zone. Non there. Please don't take my word look for yourself. Every other surgeon who claims to be expert - as he does - have long & sometimes not 100% all positive - but they by and large have good contact with patients to overcome problems. But it's all up there to see. Not with Dr Mete Aksu. Only track on him re this procedure is on here in RS and for someone who's supposed to have done this many, many times. That's strange. Don't you think? I've also searched other cosmetics forums. Came up with nothing. I hope all that go through their doors now for butt implants have a clear and honest consultation prior to surgery. And they also realise when they leave if a problem crops up and they decide to air it in RS there's every possibility you will be strike out!! Take care. Mx

A sort of emotional blackmail.

Hi everyone. My butt is dropping although not really any worse than last mentioned. What I've noticed in jeans that are in any way tight - I am much flatter than I was with my old 20 year old proper Slimed butt implants. I am deeply saddened that people I've met through having this pricedure are in an even worse situation. Incisions not healing and being told to fly back to have it stitched. up. A lady yesterday commented after 5 weeks she done just that. However it did not work. Her incision has reopened. And that is why surgeons would not entertain this unless in severe emergency. Then it would more than likely be the person if having to fly home would be advised strongly to remain in the country of surgery till a good part of incision healing had been seen. And to keep weight off for as long as possible. I strongly feel it's because patients were told to lie/ and sit as normal immediately after the pricedure. I can honestly say every other surgeon and review on RS indicates that is not at all a good idea. I myself when I had mine done over 20 years ago could no more sit it lie on them for around 2/3 weeks. It simply would not have been possible. That's the difference between how your butt feels after buttock implants have been used and breast implants. Poles apart. Wish they would answer the question "why use them" answer so far it because they feel soft. Hell yeah! Will do. And will droop. Got to. Btw they still feel like full balloons sitting or lying sideways. That's not going to change. Lie on your tummy if you have had boob job. See how it feels. It will always feel like that. Gives you the very best insight how these feel in your booty. I used the title for this because that's what is happening. Ladies really emotional. Drs not wishing to do anything but take out here. So CZ apparently say come over...then they stitch it up. Use Google and find out if that's a good way to go.., please don't taje my word for it. M x

Removal and replacement in early Jan

At last I am now able to plan and take time off to remedy the taking out of the breast implants which have been sliding at a fair rate. Procedure flights and 2 weeks Hotel booked for early Jan. I will be having the revision carried out by Dr Aslani in Marbella.
I'm so relieved and I can honesty say this has been a long year for me. The abs I have managed to improve on greatly, after a lot of intervention and expensive treatments they are not how they used to be but this will be ongoing.
I am probably going to leave the details out for the moment. But rest assured I will post a second review on the progress of my upcoming surgery.
This will only be done though when I have given it time to settle. By now those that are interested in having butt implants want to know outcomes in the main. So unless I've got something which you need to hear I will step back and give you the outcome when I'm sure it's settled. And more or less what it will look like permanently. Thanks you. Mermaid x
Dr Mete Aksu

I got this company from RS and contacted Engin to have my butt implants removed and replaced. I voiced my concerns to him that my case was not an easy one and on seeing pics I forwarded he said I was an ideal candidate. He also said I needed no lipo.

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