22yo Butt Implants and Lipo

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Im 2 weeks post op from having 450cc silimed butt...

Im 2 weeks post op from having 450cc silimed butt implants and lipo on my back and waist, I have to say after reading the reviews on here I was scared! But comfort zone took care of my and Dr mete aksu gave me my dream bum! Will be going back for my tummy tuck and breast lift/implants next year!!! :)

3 weeks post op

I'm only starting to slightly get back to normal walking wise, sleeping is a nightmare, I'm still laying on my tummy and its not doing my back or arms any favours.
On top of having the bum implants I also had vaser lipo on my arms and a fat transfer to my cheeks and lips, this was all included in the price.
Comfort zone was fantastic I was so scared about all the bad reviews about butt implants but as soon as I had arrived there and had a chat with engin my mind was put at ease, he showed me my room and I was told my surgery was at 2pm the next day.
The next morning I woke up and had my intense dettol shower LOL, after I packed my stuff for hospital and made my way down stairs where engin and the surgeon were waiting! At first I didn't even realise It was my surgeon, he shook my hand and told me I'd have great results ( I already had quite a nice round full bum to begin with) so I was ready for my surgery, I didn't even feel nervous, I was so excited! Saw other patients sitting out laughing and chatting away, it really was such a nice chilled out atmosphere! Before I knew it I was at the hospital having blood tests done and the nurses and doctors came in no time to ask me questions, my room in the hospital was lovely, I paid and signed a few papers and I was ready! It was so easy and went in so fast, before I knew it I woke up from surgery, doped up of course! Engin was by my side when I woke up, he was there the whole time! He goes into the surgery room with you as well, he's such a nice guy very very caring :) nurses were very good at coming in and giving me lots of pain meds which I needed! It was painful! Most of them couldn't speak English but they were still very attentive. I didn't sleep much because of the pain but I rested, I was laying down on my back so it was weird because I could feel the implants, I think I slept just before the nurses came to get me ready for going to the recovery place. I'll update on more things like what I wanted, and recovery etc as soon as I can :)

Almost 1 month post op!

Can't believe it's been a month since surgery! I can't complain honestly, apart from having a bit of a scare earlier this week, I noticed from discharge on my bandage coming from my incision and I panicked big time! I texted Engin ( the owner of Comfort zone) with pictures and he told me to start cleaning it twice daily with the solution the doctor gave me so I did just that. After a couple of day the incision cleared up and stared to heal really well, now that most of the swelling has went down I can tell the scar is going to be really well hidden, it's already fading! Dr Mete stitched me internally and externally to stop the wound opening or getting infected, I can honestly say since I had the surgery I haven't had one pain from it so far, most of the pain is on my back from the lipo ( he took away 4-5 litres) and it has went down so well, it hasn't fully went down yet so I'm expecting it to get even smaller! I love my new bum all my dresses look amazing on me now and my waist is looking so tiny already!

Not a lot of people will share this but I did have to go up a size in my clothes! I was a size 12 UK in jeans and tops, I'm not a size 14 (tight) in jeans and a size 10 UK in tops and jackets!! So I've had a couple of shopping trips ;) I'm so so happy with my results im in love with my new bum :) Dr Mete knew exactly what I wanted and he did just that! Also Engin has been a star, he responds straight away to all my questions and he will also text to see how I am doing. I honestly can't imagine a more relaxed enjoyable surgery trip!

Comfort Zone reviews

Earlier today a lady thought it would be ok to comment on my behalf to another site user who was asking for my help which was totally inappropriate. My page is for MY reviews, not for anyone to plaster their rants over. I'm here to post weekly updates and write about my recovery and results. I don't know what goes through people's minds, it makes me so furious. Quit trolling on my page! For all of those who want to know anything questions or anything else please do not hesitate to ask me! I'd be happy to help.

1 month post op!

1 month post op already! I have to say the recovery so far has been no joke! Today is the first day I felt myself walking slightly normal again, I had a very tight muscular crampy feeling since surgery like I had been at the gym doing squats to save my life. Everyday is getting better and they are starting to soften a little bit which makes sitting down a bit easier. My incision is healing well, I'm still cleaning it twice with the solution Dr mete gave me and dry it with a hair dryer after each shower.
Everything seems to be going well, I'm very busy every day so I had to be active as soon as I came home from turkey, I also have a 3 year old to chase after too! It was very tough in the beginning but it's getting easier and I'm growing accustomed to my new bum :)
I have trouble sleeping still, but as my implants soften I can lay more on my sides which isn't too bad.
I had vaser Lipo on my flanks and back and my arms and I have to say that is by far the most painful part! My waist looks amazing but boy is it painful! I still have some lumps that need to go down, but the results are incredible. I think I'm going to have to buy a tighter compression garment since mine is loose on me now! I had a little bit of fat transferred to my hips and I was surprised that most if not all of it is still there, I'm so thrilled with my results I can't wait to be fully healed within a month or so! :)

5 weeks post op!

I'm so happy to be finally walking normally again, and sitting down on chairs! Lol! Implants have really settled in, I don't feel them as much when I walk or lay down anymore, still a bit stiff from the lipo on my back but that's about it. Really Love my results, love fitting into dresses again and be able to shop for my size and shape :) I've never wanted to be skinny, I've always wanted to be curvy in the right places. Recovery from this surgery has been no joke! It's very restricting and a lot of work, having to keep the wound clean and dry at all times is time consuming and I was so paranoid for the first month, there are so so many risks involved in the surgery and it's so important to follow the doctors instructions, the day I was leaving turkey Dr mete changed my bandage and made sure the incision was close and I was ok to fly, he gave me instructions to clean it twice a day with the solution he gave me ( the brown liquid) and keep it dry! That means blow drying my bum after showers! It wasn't easy like I said but I stuck to it and thank God I didn't have any issues with my incision. I kept sitting down to bare minimum to keep pressure off and I'm still laying on my belly for comfort. I'm so glad I choose to have my bum done first it really does take extra extra care! I'll continue to clean it and dry it for another month just to be 100% sure.

2 months and fully healed yay!!!

Can't believe this is all over with! I can't believe I'm here writing this, I have fully healed and have settled into my bum and I couldn't be happier. I'm so so so happy with my surgery, and I'm in love with my results. I've had a lot of people inbox me on how to decide on whether to have a bbl or implants, some ladies were worried that implants would make their bum really hard or that you'd feel them move around etc. and I can honestly say that given my active daily routine (I'm a mummy,wife,part time student) my bum does NOT feel any different that it did before, moving around wise. The implants have definitely made themselves at home and I can't feel a thing when I walk or sit anymore. It's amazing! I honestly thought I'd have to get used to the slight muscle tugging feeling every time I walked or sat down but I'm glad to say that has now gone.
I'm still laying on my side and my tummy however, because the size has been quite hard to get used to! I find that it puts quite a lot of pressure on my back if I lay straight.
Another issue I'm having is my size, shopping has never been so difficult! Finding something that will fit my bum is hard! LOL.
I'm mostly wearing dressing because it's too much hassle trying to find leggings or jeans that will fit me!
My scar is still very pink but it's starting to slowly fade at the top where it's most noticeable, but honestly I'm just so grateful that I healed without infection. I can deal with the scar for now, however I'll probably look for something to help it fade. I'm VERY pale naturally so it stands out more on my skin tone. If anyone knows of anything that can help it fade do get in touch! :)
Dr mete aksu

Loved this guy! Made me feel relaxed and reassured me my results would be amazing. He came in and out of the recovery villa everyday to check on me and chat if I had any questions. The technique he has used has given me results better than I ever expected them to be!

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