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Ok so my friend and I have booked comfort zone in...

Ok so my friend and I have booked comfort zone in turkey for a bbl on the 5th of September. From the real self reviews I've only heard about dr mete aksu. But Engin the director said my dr will be Ilker Manavbasi?? Anybody heard of him? I've done some research and he looks legit and Engin showed me pictures of his work which seem good! I'm really nervous now it's next week and I feel so unprepared ????

Before body

Here's my before body it's not terrible but I want this waist snatched and this bum high

En route

Surgery day!!!

Ok so last night we met Engin for the first time we had a nice dinner with him, his girlfriend and some other patients. He gave us a lot of info about the surgery and even said we can sit on our bums after!! (However I'm still going to sit on my bbl pillow I'm taking no chances)

So surgery is today at 13.30 but we are getting picked up at 11.30 for tests and prep!

Stage one recovery

Ok let me just start by saying that after your surgery is over as soon as you've taken the anaesthetic. I remember going into the room and I woke up in the hospital bed in bandages. Easy peasy!

The absolute worst part for me was after the surgery, apparently they put cold compressions on you in the form of bags of ice. Guys let me tell you it is horrible I was shaking uncontrollably for an hour that combined with the back pain from my lipo was literally hell on earth! After a while they brought heaters in which made the shivering subside but it wasn't totally over until about 45mins - 1hout (felt like 6).
On the other hand my friends experience wasn't so bad she said it was horrible but she didn't feel like she was going to die like I did, so I guess it all depends on your body.

As the hours tick by your body loosens up a bit and you can eat and walk around but slowly, it's not really painful just uncomfortable like you've just been to the gym after avoiding it for months.

Oh god and don't get me started on this bloody compression garment it is a pain! They put hook and eye clips at the bottom so you have to bed over to undo them, (don't know who's bright idea that was, they are so fiddly) I had to call the nurses every time I needed a wee! But now the pain has subsided a bit I can unclip it but doing it back up is a struggle.

We are going back to the recovery villa today! I hate hospitals so I'm very happy ;) I'll keep u guys updated!

Day 3

Ok I'm bored so I'm writing a review I'm still a wee but sore but I'm feeling so much better I can move more freely, I can get to the toilet quicker and the pain is going slowly each day. I'm met some really nice people at the recovery house and the nurses are super helpful I can't wait to get this bloody garment off and see what the doctors has done with my derrière LOL

18 days post op

18 days post op
Dr Ilker Manavbasi

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