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First of all, I have to tell anyone who does this...

First of all, I have to tell anyone who does this procedure to wait till the 90/120s days is up before losing hope. I was beginning to think the procedure was a scam but almost right at the the 3 month mark- I started noticing a little difference. Then a little more and a little more. At 3 1/2 months post procedure, the results are REAL. I had my lower face/upper face done. My neck looks amazing. Like I am 20 years old. I'm 33. Yes, that is still young but it is certainly nice to have a neck without an imperfection! I was starting to notice those two lines that go down your neck in certain lighting (ugh) and now it's completely gone. I have to TRY and force myself to make those lines now, whereas I could get them just by chewing or smiling strongly, or pushing out my chin ever. so. slightly. I am so excited I had to stop and write a review. I'm not so sure about my cheeks, but I'm young anyway and there wasn't much to be fixed. I'm sure there is a difference though, even if it's subtle.

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Here are some photos nearly 3 years after my first ultherapy session. I also had a second one a year ago. Some advice: be patient! The best results happen around one year post procedure. Your skin does seem to so through some changes but don't judge until it's the finished product, so to speak. I also happen to believe that very light peels help the collagen grow more. It's weird but I have noticed firmer skin after peels and peels are not supposed to give that much of a dramatic tightening. I think it's the ultherapy and peel combo. Also, and this is important: before doing ultherapy study the heck out of your face in every mirror in your house. Check out your skin in the reflection of microwave, the car window, anywhere that shows harsh lighting and every flaw. Then keep checking your skin at the worst lighting mirror/reflection spot you have. This is the true test to know if you are improving. Also, don't make a final judgement call until one year later. Trust me. I firmly believe there is more collagen growth after a year as well.

A couple more..

I apologize for the inside out shirt. I've been sick and I took these early in the morning.

Comparison.. 30 years old and almost 36 years old

The first photo is before during ultherapy but also before any signs of aging. The second photo is 6 years later.

Me, almost 36

Before and After photos

Ultherapy Stops the Aging Process

Comparing the photos from 28 yrs old, 30 yrs old, 33, 36, there is no change. The reason for this is because ultherapy takes a year or two off your face so if you do it every couple of years, by the time you are 45 you'll have J-Lo's skin. Someone remarked that my face is skinny.. well, yeah, I am skinny. I am 5'8 and weigh 114 lbs. In fact I weigh less now than I did my whole life. My ave weight through life was 120 so I'm 6lbs below the weight I was in before pics. However, I still have volume on the apple of my cheeks like i have always had. Without ultherapy, the fat on my cheekbones would have begun to drop causing very minor jowls (which would only get worse with time and can only truly be reversed by a facelift (or ultherapy, actually). I think ultherapy is by far the safest laser on the market because it is the ONLY one where the doctor can see where the heat is going.

If you look at horror stories from IPL, fraxel and other lasers, when the heat goes too deep (which can't be controlled) fat melts and the result is loose and HANGING skin. Thats why docs don't do lipo on the arms of older women bc once the fat is removed the skin hangs.So if someone did ultherapy and has firm skin, they didn't have fat melted, they had the tissue tightened and lifted. So you see someone with fatty jowls and then no fatty jowls after ultherapy, don't claim it melts fat. What it has done is tightened the tissue so you no longer see the jowls. There is a difference. Ultherapy claims to LIFT and TIGHTEN. That's exactly what it does.

Every procedure comes with risks though. Every single one. If you want to remain youthful then you have to take some chances, let's be honest. The risks with facelifts are HUGE. Ultherapy is not some demon machine. It actually works very well and although not 100% safe, is the safest laser for tightening/firming. There are risks with botox, fillers, even peels and retin A. Retin A almost ruined my skin. I made my review and left it at that. If someone wants to try it they should because it might work great for them. I am here to give an HONEST positive review. I have seen the before and afters from my doctors office and I can assure you that for me, it worked.

Some of the most beautiful celebrities and their thin faces...

As I originally wrote, someone with a negative experience claimed I had a thin face, implying that Ultherapy "melted fat" off my face. Sigh. Thin people have thin faces. I am not a heavy person. That's my genetic makeup. Furthermore, some of the most beautiful, YOUTHFUL faces are thin. Actually thinner than mine. I am posting these celebs for comparison. We know Cindy did not get ultherapy at 30. We know Cara and Kendall did not get as they are barely 20 years old. Sharon did not get it in the 90s either and if J-LO got it, good for her, she looks AMAZING. She is aging more gracefully then practically anyone in Hollywood. Notice her thin face?

What makes a youthful face

What makes a youthful face, hands down, is firm skin. Poreless, firm skin. It helps to have volume in the right places, like the apple of your cheeks but a fat face does not = youthful. In fact, I have noticed the past few years that the people who have the worst jowls and NSL folds are those who are heavier. That's because the fat cannot hold up forever and begins to head south. I have even noticed that the hollywoods actresses and actors who age the most gracefully are not the ones without wrinkles but those who have firm skin. Wrinkles can actually add character but when your jowls and other signs of loose skin just make you look old. There are not a lot of options to keep your skin taut, either. You can do ultherapy. You can take great care of your skin but that only lasts so long or you can have a facelift at an early age; 40s. You could do fillers but look at Kim Kardashian, Meg Ryan, etc. That can go very very wrong and look very unnatural. If you consider ultherapy, just make sure you find someone whose speciality is lasers. Also, pick someone with a impeccable reputation. It helps if they do it themselves. Pick the doctor who has been doing it in your area the longest. Make sure you trust them.

Chubby Cheeks After Two Ultherapy Treatments

My cheekbones were treated and I lost no volume. Hope that puts people's minds at ease. These photos were taken today..

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