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Like so many others I have been stalking this site...

Like so many others I have been stalking this site for years. There have been so many things holding me back from scheduling my appointment. Everything from my work schedule to my husband not being in agreement with my decision. Last week I decided it was time to take care of me and put down my deposit. My husband and I had a heart to heart and he is finally on board. He is still freaking out but he said he will always have my back. I will post pictures later today.

Before pictures

When I went to my last consultation and pictures were taken all I can do was tear up. I never imagined myself looking this way. I have deliberately prolonged posting pictures but here they go. I wear a girdle daily with a tank top or 2 to tuck it in. It's cool except it rises and I can only wear certain tops ????. On a special occasion I will wear a waist trainer and boy are those uncomfortable. I am ready for a new me!!

pictures again

tired of tucking it in

I had to end up choosing the pants because the waist trainer doesn't work with every outfit. As I go through my photos I get even more excited to get to the 'flat side'!!

27 days to go......

Reality finally set in yesterday. I received an email from the doctors office confirming my pre-op appointment on the 16th which is 13 days away. I couldn't sleep last night. I was going all the things I need to do. I have decided to get a notebook and make a checklist. I have received so much information from the ladies here I don't want to miss anything. Plus tons of questions I want to ask the doctor. For the past couple of weeks I was just imagining being in the bed and letting the husband and kids take care of. I work away from home so I don't get to spend much time in my own bed. I also give the cable company enough money every month so I plan on wearing that out also. I'm pretty fortunate that my husband likes to cook and the girls are old enough to dress themselves, so I can focus on recovering. If all goes well I plan on visiting my sister during the Christmas break. She is super supportive and will be just as helpful. Can't wait until I get to the flat side!!!!!!

13 days to go.......

Yesterday I had my pre-op appointment. When I arrived I had so much paperwork to sign it was crazy. I read and signed what I understand and left the rest blank. I went into the room and within minutes the doctor came in. My husband is still feeling uneasy about the procedure and the doctor noticed when he walked in to the room. He then addressed my husband and gave him the chance to voice his opinion before he started. The doctor seemed warm and understanding to my husband's feeling. He tried to reassure him that he takes this procedure seriously and he will treat as well as he would treat his family. He went through the procedure step by step and when he was done he asked if I had any questions. I pulled out my notebook and asked all the questions I had written down. At no point did I feel rushed. When he left my patient coordinator came in and gave me the break down of what to do after surgery. I ended up stopping her through the speak and asked questions. At no point did she seem annoyed. At the end of that visit I felt comfortable and calm. I even called back after I left and asked more questions and whom ever answered the phone tried to assist me.

Day 2 PO

I have been only sleeping for the past 2 days. Everyone at the office made me feel so comfortable. I had my sister and my husband there with me. I was holding it together until I went into the operating room. I broke down and cried. The nurses had the doctor come in. He reminded me that at any point I can change my mind. He then asked me what was bothering me. After a few moments I was ready! To be honest I don't remember making it home. My husband and sister set me up on my chair and I have been here every since. I have been regularly taking my medication and the pain have been manageable. I took a shower today and I am so amazed with the outcome. Even my husband who was hesitant with the surgery said "wow". I am going to do a side by side to see the before and after


Day 4 PO

Feels great to take a shower. Even though I have been able to move around I did need a lot of assistance. I am extremely swollen and that makes me uncomfortable. Still struggling to stay awake so hoping I can give a good detail post tomorrow.

11 Days PO

Things have been up and down. I have been able to move a little bit more everyday. Pre-op was done on the 8th. My PS said everything looked good and was healing. Because of the binder I ended getting a blister right under my breast. He said with some antibiotics cream that will heal as well. He changed the tape over the incision and removed my drains. Due to having lipo in my back as well as side flanks I had stitches. I had stitches on my left and right side of my hips and at least one in the middle of my back. To be honest the lipo has been the hardest part of my recovery especially in my back. I have been home by myself since I came home. My sister came by the first two days to make sure I took my meds and helped me shower. Other than that it has been me and the television. Yesterday I decided to venture out. I drove myself (first time)to a few stores. I think I did okay. I couldn't sit back in the chair and I could stand for but so long. I was so swollen when I got home I promised my husband I wasn't going out today. I'm happy that I don't have to return to work next week. I honestly can't see it happening. It may be me but when someone decides to have lipo in their back more than 2 weeks are necessary.

8 Days PO

I'm liking the new me!!!

Finally feeling better!!

Yesterday I had a visit with my PS. He said everything looked good. I expressed the tenderness in my back and still being very uncomfortable. He prescribed me neurotin again to help with the nerve pain. I showed him a different type of cg because I was struggling with the one I have. He gave me the ok for that as well as the okay to start my multivitamin pills. I took the meds last night and feel asleep. I took one this morning and of course went back to sleep. After a good nap my husband and I went out and had lunch. We also stopped and visited with a few friends. It felt so good to be able to go out today. Just yesterday morning I couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel but today I am surely a believer. I even showered yesterday by myself. 16 days PO and I'm feeling great! I almost forgot to mention I put on jeans for the first time today :)

The struggle continues

Today I had my visit with my ps. The good news is I'm healing well. I received the okay to hit the gym. I have to start off slow and wear my compression garmet. The bad news is he prescribed me neurontin again. For the past few days I haven't been sleeping. My back and my right side makes it almost impossible to get comfortable. Today I got before and after pictures and I LOVE my results. When I get discouraged with being uncomfortable I have something to look at and remind me why I did what I did. Lastly I'm waiting for the swelling to be completely gone, but I know that will take time.

When I originally thought of getting a TT I had a bunch of consultations. I wait a few years and started searching again. I called a PS I was interested in before and it seemed that his schedule was not flexible. When I called Dr. Centeno's office his staff was understanding and scheduled my consultation. The staff was pleasant and didn't make me feel uneasy at any point (until I had to undress for pictures) During my consultation he gave me the chance to ask a bunch of questions. He even praised me for doing my research. After meeting with the doctor I felt so comfortable I scheduled my pre-op for the 16th and my TT with lipo on the 30th. I then studied this website. I came up with a list of questions go ask. My husband was never fully on board. During my pre-op the doctor took time to help my husband address a few of his concerns. He then focused his attention on me. After he went through everything he asked me if I had questions. I then went through all my questions at no point did I feel rushed. He assured my husband that he will give him his personal number the day of surgery. Day of surgery came and I was just a ball of nerves. The nurse came in and visited the doctor came in and marked me up then the anesthesiologist came in broke down what she will do. Once again I stayed strong until they asked my family to leave. When I got into the surgery room everything fell apart. I broke down in the worse way. After trying to calm me and I said I was ready they called the doctor in and after a few moments I was ready to go. Had my post-op 8 days later and everything he said was holding to be true. Before we left my husband shoke his hand and said thank you he loved the way I look.

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