Long Overdue TT & Lipo. Columbus, GA

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Getting nervous, my surgery is in 7 days and I'm a...

Getting nervous, my surgery is in 7 days and I'm a ball of emotions but looking forward to this transition. I'm going to be off work for a good little while so I'm going to slow walk my recovery and take my time so that my body will heal the way I am praying that it will. I will keep everyone posted on my journey and thank you all for sharing your stories and inspiring me. This website has been a wealth of information and I'm so grateful for everyone that decided to share their personal journey, it's helped me with making a life changing decision.

Purchased supplies

I've been purchasing items for a few weeks. Some of the items are for after the healing of the scar, like the oils & scar away etc. Compression garments are from Marena & Veroniqie, epi foam lipo foam is from biodermis...

Before Pics

I took these pics today to show my stomach area, I've always pretty much sucked it in but I'm so over that now...it's got to go. I can finally breath from my diaphragm ???????????????? my husband couldn't believe my pooch was bigger than a pooch, hahaha I've been fooling him for years...????

I'm almost 50 and feel great but looking for a change

I have two adult sons, a step-daughter and a granddaughter. I'll be 50 in a few years and I decided to spend this time working on me. This body has got to be whipped into shape before I hit 50 and now is the perfect time. I hate my big thighs but I plan on losing a few pounds and hopefully they will shrink but that cellulite is the devil!!!

One more day...

Had my consultation today w/Dr. C

2 days PO and doing great...

I will update with pics later but overall I'm very satisfied with my procedure and the care I received from Dr C. I'm a very very picky person so if you get the thumbs up from me then you are the bomb.com, lol. I am happy that I picked the right hotel and God just moved and worked it all out. My room at the Renassaince Inn was everything I expected. They even had a wheelchair they let me keep in my room until I no longer needed it. I also got the DVD player and have been chilling in my recliner since surgery date. They don't have a recliner in the room but I believe the Candlewood suites or Homewood Suites might. I would chose this room again or the homewood suites as my stay of choice. Homewood was very very nice too but very loud. My suite is cozy clean and quiet, I give it 5 stars. I'll post again about my experience soon and I would recommend Dr. Cochran over & over again. He's not a man of many words but he's genuine and about business. And I love that cause that's like me, lol. I took a shower last night and that experience was rough...ill tell you about it later. I purchased all my supplies from from the goodwill or thrift store and it was perfect cause all that blood dripping on the first day would have been in my recliner, lol. I bought sheets, clothes, gowns, pjs, socks, slippers, walker etc from goodwill.

Collard Greens

Well this may be TMI but I've been eating collard greens since day 1 post op and today is day 3 and I finally had a BM and I'm so happy. I think the pineapple and collards helped with this naturally. I also had some Smoove Move Herbal Tea on standby but I didn't need it. Just thought I would share that info with the ones who don't want to use a laxative. Also, I had a really good cleaning out the day before surgery so I think that helped as well. I'll be back later for more updates.

Heading Home (6days PO)

Well I haven't posted in days b/c I've been trying to really rest and gain strength. I have so much to tell you guys, lol. I have pics to post as well and I can't wait to share my overall experience and details with you. It's been a good stay here in Columbus Ga and I am delighted with my choice of Dr. Cochran and Columbus Plastic Surgery. I'll be back shortly with deets...

Inner thighs

Hey there friends, I have a question. Dr. C lipo'd my inner thighs and possibly outter thighs but I haven't put on a compression garment yet and my inner thighs are feeling lumpy, is that normal?? Should I go ahead and start wearing my garment? He said I didn't need to wear it yet but I can't hardly sit with my legs together and these lumps are so freaking annoying. I wasn't given a garment, did any of you receive a garment from him???

Supplies that are a MUST!!'

I want to let you know, for those getting lots of Lipo, you will need to have lots of gauze, tape and chuk pads on hand if you're anything like me and am draining a lot. I have two drains by the way and I'm happy I have them cause I would be full of fluid right now. But I wanted to let you all know that some of the lipo entry areas leak like crazy and will ruin your bedding so use the pads and old sheets to help with this. Also, I use the nexcare sensitive skin tape so I won't have any skin issues with removal. Oh and my husband likes the band-aid brand gauze pads, I told him to use sanitary napkins but oh well, lol.

Days 6-8 PO

I've been dealing with swell hell. Day 6 was awful, like I was soooo miserable. Day7 I decided to use a dry skin brush and brush my skin gently towards my lymph nodes and surprisingly it gave me some relief. I started drinking fresh ginger root tea and that was such a big help as well. Day 8 I decided to rent a lift chair cause I am having trouble standing b/c my recliner rocks, which is nice at any other time) but it is a pain trying to stand up and I have peed on myself for the last darn time, lol. Rent a center will bring my chair tomorrow. I went to a medical supply store today and bought a great pair of thigh high compression hose to help compress my inner thigh which is swollen and lumpy as hell, they are so great and are lightweight like hose but a 20/30 compression which is medical grade. They are sexy too lol, well worth the money cause my legs were swelling like crazy. I am tired now but will update more with photos later. The drive from GA to home was 5 hours and it was ROUGH even with stopping every hour. I came home with my two drains in and bb stiches but it's cool, I'm still draining quite a bit. Also I bought a new binder cause after washing the binder I got from Dr. C it almost fell apart. I have so much more to discuss, I'll be later I'm exhausted now lol. Oh I had a lymphatic drain massage today and it was the best thing I did for my body and for swelling. I'll have to tell you more about it.

Belly Button Question

I'm frustrated!!! My husband can't get my stiches out and I called Dr. C's office and they couldn't help b/c he's not on call since it's Sunday and I was told to come into the office, well I would but I live in another state and someone should be able to reach the Dr on weekends and emergencies!!! So my hubby can't find the knots to cut out stiches and today is 11 days post op. I don't know why Dr C didn't cut them out before I left the city I stayed there for 7 days??? What should I do? My BB looks scarred now...I'm so pissed!!!

Anyone have Dr.C's telephone number????

I need to call him ASAP

BB looking good

So glad we got those stitches out before they left perm scarring. I really wish he would have used dissolvable stitches for out of towners, but I digress. I'm just happy it worked out for me, so many dr's don't want the liability of treating someone else's patient (at least that's what several told me) they were worried if I had gotten surgery in Mexico or DR, I was like huh??? Well I can't get the pics to upload for some annoying reason...ill try again later to post them.

Possible burn or broken blood vessel?

This developed recently and it looks like a burn mark. I had lipo on my arms but this just showed up about a week ago. I don't recall laser lipo being used by Dr. C and also it wasn't and isn't painful like a burn would be. It's just dark, but could be blood possibly under the skin??? I'm not sure what it is, has anyone had this happen to you? Let me know, thanks.


Posting pics of my BB, it's so small, should I put anything in it? I'm 16 days post op today and it's healing well, I'm just not sure what to do with it??! Lol, I saw some others place a marble in theirs, is that normal and does it make the BB round? My bb wasn't really big and round before...I'm just curious to hear what others are doing....


Finally got real pics to load...tell me what you think, thanks.

Deep depression/indention

So I now have another issue. I have a very deep depression/indention on my left side right beyond where my incision ends. It looks like a little tit and it has a stitch in the middle of it. It's a fatty patch but it seems like skin that came loose on the inside. The depression is about 1 1/2 inches in depth and about 4-5 inches long. It definitely will need a revision, I'm hoping Dr. C can fix it now, while I'm still off of work so it can be healed before I return. I'm going to send him pics in the AM. Has anyone seen anything like this??? It looks so ugly and it's right at the waistline, I had a tattoo there as well and stretch marks so it really looks bad, I can't stand looking at it. Let me know what you think...thanks.

Left area of waistline

Here's a few better pics of the area that has the deep depression and the little fat area with the little tit area sticking up. It's very very ugly and very very visible in my panties and swimwear. I hope he can fix this now b/c I don't want to wait for many months to deal with this thing....

19 days post op

Ok, I went and had another lymphatic massage today and she said I am still swollen and have hard tissue that has to be broken up so it can flow. She stated that the lymph fluid is restricted by scar tissue that forms from trauma and she thinks I will need at least 10 sessions to get things going correctly 10 x 100 you do the math, lol. I'll think about it, they did seem to help me though but that's a lot of bread...lol. I'm still swollen but everyday is better, I wear my compression garments but I'm still swollen especially on the left side....wonder when I'll see that waistline defined??? Yeah I agree, lol, maybe never.

Update on lil tit on my side lol

Hey, I spoke with Vickie yesterday and she showed my photos to Dr. C., and he assured me via Vicki that the swelling in that are was a common occurrence and that he wanted me to stop wearing my binder and only wear a spanx and that it would lay flat in time and that it is too soon to talk about a revision but in the event that a revision is needed then he would def do it, I guess that made me feel better, but I scheduled an appt to go back there for a f/u in 3 weeks. I'll be about 6.5 weeks PO then.

Scar healing well

Well I'm still swollen but everyday gets better. I'm still hunched over but I feel more secure/support when I have my compression garment on. I ordered me another Marena CG b/c I wanted a full body one and they are super comfy, I can wear all day and night w/o feeling like a stuffed sausage lol..,I'm taking one day at a time.

bb info

So I was concerned about my bb being a little on the small side so many folks suggested that I put a marble in it. I found a pack of marbles but they were 10 bucks and they looked too large. I decided to go to hobby lobby and purchase some beads from the jewelry making section b/c of the cost (a buck 50) and the multiple sizes. I settled on a pearl set that are a few mm smaller than the marble. It fit perfectly in my navel area and is completely round as well. So friends check out hobby lobby for your dirt cheap beads and surprisingly I found a loose marble on the floor, lol, so that was a plus...I feel good about the sizing of the pearl bead so I'm happy...yaaaaa.

3 1/2 month post op update

Just wanting to show everyone my results so far. I'm pleased this far with my FLAT results but my BB is the exception and has some raised thick tissue as well as track marks from the stitches. Dr. C should use dissolvable inside stitches b/c those stitches he use leave those ugly railroad track marks on your skin. If my BB skin doesn't start to lay flat I'll seek a revision b/c that ruins my chance of ever wearing a cropped top or two piece bathing suit...sigh.

3.5 month post op photos

Had my TT and lipo on 4/13. My arms and chin are finally showing some improvement. I had aggressive lipo and I'm still sore in my flank area. My healing has been a journey but not one that I would ever regret, I'm doing well, much better than I thought I would at my age. God is good and I'm pleased with my results with the exception of my BB but I'm optimistic that it will also turn around...
Columbus Plastic Surgeon

I decided to go with Dr. Cochran b/c of his positive reviews on RS, cost and scar placement. I intially spoke with Crystal from Dr. Boutte's office in Atlanta and although she was pleasant, I felt like I was dealing with a sales campaign. I continued to do my research and had suggestions from friends in my local area who had the same surgery but I decided to go with my instinct so if something were to happen I would have no one to blame/point finger at but myself. I sent in my pics to Vickie after stalking this site for a year and the process was underway. Dr. C is a kind man of little words but you don't feel isolated or get the impression he's b/sing you. I have to say that Vickie, Pam, and Shay were awesome. Vickie is such a sweet person and an asset to the practice with her sweet demeanor and pleasant sense of humor. She and Pam helped make my experience as positive as it could be. Pam is a real trooper, funny, direct but has a great sense of humanity and patience. She is what you would expect a RN to be; compassionate, understanding & patient. I loved her and Shay. I didn't get to talk to Shay long b/c I met her on the OR table, lol but she was sweet according to my husband. My encounter with Gail was quick and mostly dealt with the money over the phone and at the practice she seemed the same, kind of like a person who isn't that people person oriented, but it's ok b/c her strength may just be dealing with accounting. The receptionist with the short red hair, well she and the other nurse (the one who does the FMLA pw) need a little more help with their social skills in dealing with the public. The receptionist was borderline rude on my last visit as was the nurse who does the FMLA p/w. Dr.C was great overrall though. He told me I could call him anytime and I could come back if I needed to for a follow up but it wasn't necessary b/c I lived so far away. I thought this was a rather odd statement b/c IMO I think everyone should have a f/u appointment at least 4-6 weeks out in order to go back to work or just to check on the wound etc.(?????). My husband said I would definitely be going back for a follow up appt, lol. That was sort of strange but maybe that's just me. I would refer others to Dr. C and would just say his post op visits could be a little more informative or eventful. I went 2days PO (which seemingly confused him as to why I was there) and I saw him again 5days PO(which he showed my hubby how to pull my drains and remove my stuches) I might come back in a few weeks for f/u since I'm off work for at least 6 weeks and it's only 5 hours away. I'll tell you the office isn't really modern but it's clean and comfortable and that's all that you need. The care is good and the staff friendly with the exception of my comments earlier about my experience with the two females. They could have been having a bad day but when you work with the public you have to put on your game face. Dr. Cochran, Vickie & Pam were top notch and can't say enough good things about them(my hubby told me to let it go on the other two but I felt compelled to tell the truth about my encounter with them and once I get their names I'll let you know).

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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