40yrs Old, 2daughters, Youngest is 13! I Was Way Overdue on Getting my Body Back Right and Tight! - Columbus, OH

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Hello All, my surgery was a success! I had done...

Hello All, my surgery was a success! I had done Thursday, 1/21/15, & let me tell you I was nervous as heck! Lol! I had a TT done along w/breast lift and lipo on flank areas. Fyi..removing flanks gives an all natural butt lift! Back to an "Apple" shaped booty vs squared shape booty,ha! My surgery was about 4 1/2 hrs long & recovery was about
1/2hr....then home to recoop

Post recovery

Hey all
My post op had been going very good. Better than what I anticipated! After reading so many comments I just knew the post pain was going to be horrible, but it has actually been bearable.
Let me tell you my method of recovery so far, 1st off, start stool softener early, couple days before. I started using few days before, which definitely softened my poop! But, I haven't had another one since surgery. I'm not to concerned @ this point, I know it will be soon. I've been eating plenty of green veggies & plenty of fruits & plenty of water.
As far as pain, I have been taking 2 percs per every 4to5 hours, which was advised before leaving Dr ofc, so frm Thursday (day of surgery) to Sunday morning it's been 2, but from Sunday afternoon through on, I'm only going to take 1 per every 4to5 hrs. Hopefully the worst of the pain has subsided by now!

post op, day 1 & 2

As mentioned earlier I haven't felt any strenuous pain, but I have been very swollen (Fri & Sat), so I've been icing my boobs, my back area (prob frm the laying propped up) & of course my lower abdomen area. Every morning before I moved to of anything I have taken a naseou pill, just preventative, to make sure I don't get sick when I eat or when I start getting up. That has been working well too!

Post op - day 4 (monday). More Swelling!

Ok y'all, this swelling ain't no joke! I thought I was getting along so good with very little pain & such, but when I tell you my backside was swollen so bad last night & today, it feels so hard & feels like a burning sensation!
My front has some swelling too, not as much as the back, but I can tell it's swollen. I've been taking ibuprofen for swelling & only 1perc per 5to6 hrs.
I took my 2nd shower today. That felt really good! And the drainage is slowingd down. I'm hoping they remove on my visit this upcomingw Wednesday. All in all my body is looking good! I'll post a pic here soon

Post - op day 6 (wednesday) the constipation is real!

Hello, all let me start with good news, had my 1st post op visit & my drain was removed. So happy for that!
Now, the real on this constipation! It was the worst day for me during my post-op recovery. Yesterday I was up&down about every other hour trying to go. I have used so many suggestions on how to prepare for the constipation but I really do think it's all on mother nature's time! I used dulcolax even before the surgery, I was eating plenty of fruits & veggies, I even had my gallon of water(warm) that I was drinking ahead of time & during, started using miralax after I completed bottle of stool softeners, & even tried the ole' coffee 1st thing in the morning. But nooo! I just had to wait it out (literally) lol! I think what makes the most miserable is that when trying to use my stomach muscles to push out, it only brought on pain to my abdomen area, & I got scared that I would puncture stitches or do something to my insides. I feel so relieved that I finally was able to go & that my doctor said I am progressing as expected on my recovery!

Post op - 10days (Sunday) Back to Work!

Hey all, so I'm headed back to work tomorrow. I'm nervous about how I'm going to feel and get through the day! Luckily I do have an office job so I'll have some privacy being in my cubicle and sitting all day shouldn't be so bad. I've been feeling much better this week actually and haven't had to take any more pain medication since Wednesday. I do have some swelling still, so I'll have me a cushion to sit on while working. One nice thing is that I'm only working Mon-Thursday and off Fri, so I'll have a 3day weekend to recoop in case the days do get a little strenuous!
Here's a few pics of how I'm looking post op!

Dr Houser is an awesome man! I love my experience with him! 1st let me mention, I met Dr Houser about 2009 or 2010, but I couldn't afford the procedure at that time. Fast-forwarding to 2015, went in for a new consultation and he didn't make feel bad or hard on myself for gaining some weight back or no teasing for taking so long to come back. I'm telling you, for real, he was/is an exceptional man and Dr. So glad he was still available even after 5 1/2 years!

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