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I am really beginning to question and wonder about...

I am really beginning to question and wonder about Dermatologists. Why is it that 99% of derms out there tell you that Retin A can't harm or damage the skin? Why do they insist that that it ONLY makes skin beautiful as long as you "keep at it!"? Before trying Retin A I read all the reviews. I also read a few horror stories and like everyone else, I assumed, well they must have just not applied it properly. Wrong.
I applied Retin A very, very carefully. I followed directions to a T. I'm now thinking the mistakes I made were to use a clarisonic and vitamin C ( not in conjunction but the day after) while also using Retin A. Perhaps I would still be having the issues I have had even without these things, but I do think these exacerbated the problem. I'd like to add that I was told it was perfectly safe to use both wihile on Retin A. Again.. wrong.

Let me tell you what Retin A does to the skin. It thins it. It thins the epidermis and damages the skin barrier. I don't care what any doctor out there says, this is what it does. How do I know this? Well, I used retin A for approx 3/4 nights ( every other night) and this is what it did to my skin in that very short time..

~Spider veins along nose
~dark circles
~extremely sensitized skin that turns red very easily, even know 3 weeks after being off of it
~greasy, oily skin. VERY oily
~fine lines increased
~deep wrinkles appeared from NOWHERE
~horrible, awful huge pores ALL OVER MY FACE
~red all around my nose
~splotchy skin
~shiny skin

Thanks Retin A. Retin A dehydrates the skin, damages the barrier and thins the epidermis, all of which are very difficult to treat and take months to resolve. If not years. For some people, this is never remedied.

I am lucky that I stopped using it as soon as I saw the large pores. I knew something was amiss and I was not taking any chances. It's been three weeks and with careful care of my skin there is vast improvement. But if you don't treat it properly and promptly, you will be regretting using retin a for the rest of your life. Please be cautious. If you have a bad reaction such as mine, leave a comment and I will tell you how to fix the problem. And stop the retin a immediately.. it will only get worse and harder to fix.

How to fix the problem Retin A creates.

Hello everyone who is having skin troubles after using Retin A.

This is how you help restore your skin. You need to repair your skin barrier and hydrate the skin. This is the exact routine I follow.. and I follow it until my skin is all healed and then to be safe I will continue on for another month. First things first.. NO acids, no exfoliation, no scrubbing. Be gentle with your skin. As gentle as possible. Spot treat acne.

1. Wash skin with cellceuticals extra gentle cleanser. ( this cleanser is awesome.
2. Apply small to medium amount of cold emu oil to the skin.. ( I keep my emu oil in the fridge. It will turn into a cream and then melt into your hands. I buy my emu oil from the Montana Ranch. It is very important that your emu oil is purified and pure.)
3. Immediately after applying the emu oil, while skin is still moist from the oil, apply barrier repair cream from cellceuticals.
4. About twenty minutes later apply zinc sunscreen from skinceuticals. Zinc is very healing to the skin.

That is ALL I do. Nothing else. This will heal your skin barrier but it takes time. It will also hydrate your skin. Your skin should not break out from this routine. Your t-zone may be affected if you over apply these things so apply them sparingly to these areas. I also spot treat my nose to prevent black heads. I will wash with a BP wash or apply proactive BP cream on it. But only to my nose. The emu oil has actually stopped me from breaking out on my face completely.

Do NOT wash with cellceuticals extra gentle cleanser, wash with raw honey!

Do NOT wash with cellceuticals extra gentle cleanser, wash with raw honey! Put raw honey on your face, leave on for a few minutes and rinse off. That is all you need to do. Twice a day. My pores are 90% gone now using this method.

My pores are GONE. gone. gone gone.

I stopped everything and ONLY washed by face with raw, local honey- organically harvested and then put on emu oil. Nothing else- not even make up or sunscreen. It's been a few days of that- just a few and my skin completely healed. It's dry but there are no pores, I can *barely* barely see the broken caps- very light, the 11's are totally gone. My skin is healed. It's healed. I am SO happy! photos to come.
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