47 Years Young, 2 C Sections, and Laparotomy, Want to Move to the Flat Side Again!

I've interviewed a few surgeons and knew Dr...

I've interviewed a few surgeons and knew Dr Lichten was the one I wanted to perform my surgery.

I'm waiting a couple months because I quit smoking in August. But I quit with the assistance if a vaporizer (e cig). I am currently at the lowest nicotine level (3 mg/ml) just stepped down to that level yesterday! Feeling headaches today. I hope to be on nicotine free juice in 6 weeks, that should give me 6-8 weeks of freedom from nicotine before surgery. Even the conservative surgeons are fine with this time frame.

Also, I need to earn some vacation time. I want a full two weeks off. I have a desk job and two weeks seems to be the norm.

I'm making a list of things to purchase. Did anybody use a FSA for supply purchases? I know you can't pay for the surgery with it, but I was curious about the aftercare products?

I'll post pics closer to my surgery date, I think I'll call about the supplies this week. It's open enrollment time for next year.

Nicotine Free

I've used up all my e-juice that contains nicotine. So I'm finally nicotine free. My surgery is 9 weeks away. Last night on the local news channel they did a story about medical tourism. It kind of scared me a little. But this woman was wrapped in garbage bags of ice and nobody wore gloves. Oh my goodness. People love to tell me horror stories. Ummm Can I surround myself with positive people please. LOL

So I thought I would lose 10 lbs before surgery. I'm at 170. oh boy, quiting smoking and the holidays, what was I thinking. I'm drinking water non stop and decided that if I lose it, I lose it. Just don't gain any :)

I have been researching compression garments. I like wearing spanx and contouring garments. Have worn them for years. I have tried the ones that wrap around your mid section and I have never liked wearing those. I am assuming the compression garment you wear post surgery is similar to those. I was hoping I could find a compression garment that you wear similar to a swimsuit or one without the breast, but still has shoulder straps. Maybe they are too difficult to get in/out. Anyway, my next research project :) Update soon, 9 weeks and counting
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