47 Years Young, 2 C Sections, and Laparotomy, Want to Move to the Flat Side Again!

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I've interviewed a few surgeons and knew Dr...

I've interviewed a few surgeons and knew Dr Lichten was the one I wanted to perform my surgery.

I'm waiting a couple months because I quit smoking in August. But I quit with the assistance if a vaporizer (e cig). I am currently at the lowest nicotine level (3 mg/ml) just stepped down to that level yesterday! Feeling headaches today. I hope to be on nicotine free juice in 6 weeks, that should give me 6-8 weeks of freedom from nicotine before surgery. Even the conservative surgeons are fine with this time frame.

Also, I need to earn some vacation time. I want a full two weeks off. I have a desk job and two weeks seems to be the norm.

I'm making a list of things to purchase. Did anybody use a FSA for supply purchases? I know you can't pay for the surgery with it, but I was curious about the aftercare products?

I'll post pics closer to my surgery date, I think I'll call about the supplies this week. It's open enrollment time for next year.

Nicotine Free

I've used up all my e-juice that contains nicotine. So I'm finally nicotine free. My surgery is 9 weeks away. Last night on the local news channel they did a story about medical tourism. It kind of scared me a little. But this woman was wrapped in garbage bags of ice and nobody wore gloves. Oh my goodness. People love to tell me horror stories. Ummm Can I surround myself with positive people please. LOL

So I thought I would lose 10 lbs before surgery. I'm at 170. oh boy, quiting smoking and the holidays, what was I thinking. I'm drinking water non stop and decided that if I lose it, I lose it. Just don't gain any :)

I have been researching compression garments. I like wearing spanx and contouring garments. Have worn them for years. I have tried the ones that wrap around your mid section and I have never liked wearing those. I am assuming the compression garment you wear post surgery is similar to those. I was hoping I could find a compression garment that you wear similar to a swimsuit or one without the breast, but still has shoulder straps. Maybe they are too difficult to get in/out. Anyway, my next research project :) Update soon, 9 weeks and counting

Pre op appointment

I had my pre op appointment. I received 3 prescriptions. One for pain, antibiotics. & stool softener. It's getting so close. I am super excited, nervous, scared. I just can't wait to be on the flat side again. My mother is going to stay with me the first week. She will take care of me and my two boys, age 10 & 2. She is such a gem. Can you say best mom ever!! I asked about drains and binder. He uses both. Usually 2 Drains and I'll wake up with the binder on. He will use exparel but that means he can't use lidocaine in the tumescent fluid with lipo of the flanks.

Couple of questions for you dolls, I scheduled my post op appointment. It's 2 weeks after surgery, but I've been reading that people are usually seeing their surgeon the next day?

Also, I was prescribed Percocet 5 mg, but I've been reading that others are given muscle relaxers? Pain pills knock me out, maybe I should request muscle relaxers instead?

Today was the day! Ouch! My fingers and thumbs are numb, any idea why?

Drain tube clogged

One of my tubes is clogged. The other seems to be working well. Pain has been horrible, swelling is crazy, but I just look at my pictures and know this is temporary. The effects are permanent!

Shower felt sooooo good

Showered today, made me feel nauseated, but otherwise relieved my itching. Good news is the heat must have helped unclog my drain because it started flowing again.

Pain management

I have started alternating Percocet wit ibuprofen. I am still swollen and haven't been able to really see the results. I am still generating a good amount of fluid in my drains and I don't see the surgeon until a waste from Monday anyway

Swelling and drain fail

My one drain lost suction so I've just been keeping gauge around the drain hole to collect fluid. Pain is better. Itching like crazy though


The drain that stopped working fell out. The other drain is still working well and I've had a few gushes of fluid out the drain holes so I'm trying to keep gauze around both drain holes to catch any drainage. It's still tinted red but I've noticed that sometimes it's just serous fluid with no blood in the tube. Good sign ???? I'm still getting about 150 cc per day

Flap of skin

Is this what people call dog ears? Is there anything I can do to help with this?

Irritated drain opening

Ugh! I go back to work this Thursday. Not sure how to handle the drain with such a short tube length. And with the opening so irritated, I'm dreading it.

Wound opening

My PS took the tape covering my incision off yesterday and today my wound started to open. Nurse told me neosporin and gAuze.

Dehiscence healing well, not near as deep!

The opening has been healing quite well. I can see a significant width reduction. Yay! As long as I feel comfortable with dressing changes and progress continues, ps is comfortable with seeing me in about 4 weeks

Also, drain removed and my thigh isn't tender anymore.

Swell hell continues, especially at work. It's only Tuesday and I'm dragging.

Photo of wound healing

Wouldn't upload picture

Keep looking at before and immediately after pics

Yesterday was a really rough day. By noon every day at work I am super swollen and feel as though I'm about to burst. My son had a party to go to after school so I couldn't lay down after work until after I picked him up and I was a mess by then. OMG will this swelling just go away already. I'm soooo glad I took before/after photos. Otherwise I'd probably be super depressed right now.

My opening is continuing to heal. It bleeds with every gauze change, And I feel pain in the incision now. My PS says that is really good. A good blood supply promotes healing :)

Wound healing

Although I sometimes have gross looking stuff on my gauze when changed, my wound seems to be healing nicely. It looked like a bubble might have popped. I am getting more and more blood with changes, so that's a good sign. It hurts a lot more than before, another good sign. :)

I am able to wear my Marena compression garment. Last week it felt too tight, so swelling is starting to decrease. YES!

Wound healing :)

Breast Reduction?

Oh boy, now that my bellys gone I still can't find clothes to fit. Because of these breasts. Now I want a breast reduction and lipo around them.

I got the green light to exercise and lift. My open wound has closed. I'm still having swelling along incision and he said to massage the area to break up any necrotic fat in that region.


I came home from work and finally was able to look at my irritated, huge mind pubis and emailed the ps a. Outlet pics. Omg this is not good. Called in a script for keflex. But he's going out of town for a week Monday. It is very hard.

Redness is spreading

Hopefully these antibiotics work soon
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