Coolsculpt Lower Abs and Love Handles - Columbus, OH

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I spent a long time reading through reviews for...

I spent a long time reading through reviews for smart lipo type procedures, as well as coolsculpting. After an office consultation I kept putting off coolsculpting due to price and that they count EACH side for an additional cost when treating love handles, making it almost $1400 just for love handles plus an additional $799 for a small ab area or $1400 for a large. Just based on principle that they nickel & dime each side I waited, I was able to purchase a groupon! for coolsculpting for $699 each area in Columbus where I travel frequently for work. Their definition of an area was much more generous than the office I received a consultation from. An area to them is both sides of love handles, thighs or bra rolls, or any size stomach. I scheduled lower abdominal and love handles, a 3-4 hour block of time.

I arrived and signed in at the doctors office and was taken back to the treatment room, the nurse explained what we would do to prep, how the device worked and asked if I had any questions. We then began with the picture taking process to document the "before" areas and I got cozy in the reclining chair, she started the machine and the intense suction was expected but still kind of a shock, I got used to it in just a few minutes, I then slept through the rest of the hour, after she changed the suction device to a new area I went back to sleep for another hour, for the third area I stayed away and texted and read a magazine still very very manageable, slightly uncomfortable, more of a strange sensation than anything else. After the device is initially removed they tell you not to look at your skin, but it didn't really bother me, just kept tingly while it "thawed out" and sort of numb after. Immediately afterward I drove 2 1/2 hours home without problem and got up the next morning to do a crossfit workout without any pain or discomfort. Its been 4 days and still sort of numb, weird to touch your skin and not really feel it but no pain as of yet.

So far its been an easy and fairly cheap process (compared to surgery) results are yet to be seen.. if I do see results Id definitely say its worthwhile. I will update this as I see results. :)

Also my before body is 5'8 approx 148lbs, size 6 dress, 6-8 pants, Im very muscular and curvy as I weight train and do cross fit, I have those typical trouble spots that most women do, abs, love handles, thighs. I've always had a slightly thicker waist proportion to hips than Id prefer so Im hoping targeting abs and flanks will trim me down in the middle a little.

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