22 Year Old Guy with Less Than Perfect Chin - Columbus, OH

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I can always remember disliking my profile; my jaw...

I can always remember disliking my profile; my jaw line is good, but something was missing. As I grew older, I realized that my chin, which I love from the front, wasn't quite satisfying from the side. Recently I have been more and more concerned with it, and I realized that you only have one life and there is absolutely no reason not to be completely happy with yourself. I did extensive research on chin surgeries and ultimately decided that an implant would be perfect for me. I found an amazing surgeon in Columbus, Ohio near my hometown, set up a consultation which was very helpful, and decided to go ahead with the surgery which is scheduled for December 15.

I am very excited for my results. I have normal concerns: what if I don't like the new chin, can I live an active lifestyle without fear of displacement, etc. I am already an extremely confident person, so I don't feel that surgery will add confidence, but I certainly feel that it will make me much happier, which is so important in life. I know many people don't like to tell anyone that they're having plastic surgery; there seems to be a negative stigma associated with it, as if someone choosing to better themselves is vain or self-centered, but that is absolutely not true. I don't mind telling family members and close friends. They all say the same thing: "but you look great now!" While I'm glad they think so, they will never feel what it's like to dislike something about yourself so much that you would undergo surgery to fix it.

My surgery will be outpatient, under local anesthesia, and the doctor will be using an XL implant.

I will add pictures in the near future and keep everyone updated!


Sorry for such a late update! It's been about 7 months since surgery and I love my chin! My profile is much stronger and I'm much more confident.
Columbus Facial Plastic Surgeon

So far Dr. Sullivan has been incredible. The consultation was great, the office staff is awesome, and they all make the process comforting.

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