So Glad I Did This! BA - Originally an A Cup 425ccs 135 Lbs 5'2" - Columbus, OH

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So, this is Friday, and I wrote my diary daily,...

So, this is Friday, and I wrote my diary daily, but didn't post it until today.. wasn't sure I was going to, but if any of these little tips helps anyone at all, ,then, it's worth it! I read all kinds of reviews on here before deciding to do this, and after deciding to see if anyone had any tips. Very helpful!

Today is the day I have been anxiously been awaiting! I'M SO EXCITED!!!
Went in to the office, filled out a couple more forms…. They took more measurements, put my IV in, had to do the pregnancy test twice… talked to the nurses, the anesthesiologist, the doctor…
Everyone was very polite, personable, and professional!
As I'm sure is normal practice at a lot of offices, every time someone new comes in, they ask what you are having done, your birth date, how many ccs, etc. Which the first nurse apologized for but said it was normal practice, especially since you may have changed your mind and it didn't get relayed to everyone. I told her it didn't annoy me, personally, I think it actually is good practice that they do it! And then she started handing me pills to take, A LOT of them!! The doctor came in and looked at the measurements that were taken, talked to me, and made some of his marks on my body for the surgery. Talked to me about the procedure one last time, and once again what to expect afterwards, then left to get ready for my surgery. The nurses came in and walked me over to the operating room. I was instructed to lie on the bed, they started strapping me in, arms straight out to the side, strapped in, legs propped on a pillow with compression wraps on them. They told me everything they were doing and why. Then they put the oxygen mask on me, told me I would be falling asleep, asked me what I did at work, and I told her and told her what my company did, and then she talked about the oxygen again, and then I was out! lol…
Then, I woke up in the recovery room, sat up, the nurse asked me some questions, I couldn't even begin to tell you what they were.
I remember sitting there for a little bit, the nurse steadied me while I put my clothes on, I wore an elastic waist skirt and a zip up hoodie… and slip on shoes…. Not the prettiest outfit, but it was simple to put on in my condition and all I was doing was going home.
She asked if I wanted my friend to come back with me for a bit, then they gave me printed directions on what to do, and a card (which I lost there, apparently). They are going to make me another card and have it for me at my follow up appointment.
They helped me in to the chair and wheeled me outside to the vehicle. They helped me in to the car, and put my seat belt on with the chest restraint strap behind the seat ( so I still had my waist belt on). I was awake but still pretty loopy!
I remember telling my friend I wanted a mountain dew because I was SO thirsty (even though I had a gatorade with me), so she took me through a fast food drive through, which was right next door - but they didn't have mountain dew, and I said nope don't want anything else, so she found another drive through, and I told her I was starving and also ordered macaroni and cheese which had some buffalo chicken in it…. I couldn't tell you what it was actually called, but I do remember I thought it was delicious! And I pretty much only took a couple sips of the Mountain Dew… lol…
I dozed off for most of the car ride home. Woke up about when we got off of the interstate, and asked her not to go on a certain road, because it is really bumpy, which she happily obliged and we took the scenic route… what a great friend I have!! Love her!!
I wanted to stop at a little convenience store that we were going past, and had to get a candy bar (even though I have candy at home.) Still LOOPY!!
I do remember dumping out the mountain dew (it was still more than half full) when I got home and having gatorade!
She had to remind me on Wednesday that we actually went to two different drive throughs, AND that I got that macaroni & cheese because I totally forgot! Not only that, but as we were going home she said I suddenly said, well this isn't going to work, I can't eat this and sleep at the same time… lol …

So, we finally made it home, and I was a bit better (not as loopy/ dazed feeling) when we got there. My friend came in for a little bit, my son was home from his college classes for that day, so when she left, I went back to my bedroom looking for nail polish to paint my nails… plus just walking around, it seemed to help me focus more. I had already set up a table beside my oversized chair in the living room which I have decided to sleep in for the first couple of days. I figure it will be easier for me to get in and out of, and with all the pillows behind me and cushions for my arms to be placed on, I should be pretty comfortable. And it is! On my table I have my pill box, an alarm clock, wipes, tissues, paper towels, a small trash can underneath, of course my nail polish (lol), paper, pens, my laptop, puzzle book, instructions from the doctor, chapstick, breath mints, phones, lotion, a grip it tool ( for when I drop something when I am sitting here - I've only used it once, but if I were in more pain, I suppose I would probably use it more if needed), and a heating pad for my back. Also, Cold compresses in the freezer. Most of these items I pulled together beforehand and placed in a container which I had my son pull off the shelf when I got home. My son also helped me place my pills in the pill box, he had to open the pill bottles for me, because I couldn't do it. I also had a spreadsheet which the doctors office had given to me at my pre-op appointment. I made copies of it and check each pill off as I take it… so, not only do I have my pill box, but I have the checklist to make sure I take them at the correct time. I set up alarms on my phone for the six different times daily that I have to take my medications.

When I did sit down for a bit, I realized my boobs are already coming in handy… I had a bag of mini-reeses cups and was eating a few with the bag between my legs. I dropped one, it bounced off my boob and went right back in to the bag… lol … Dropped another one and it went in to my sports bra… how convenient… now I won't have to pick food up off of the floor and throw it away… lol

So, I was still hungry, and a few mini-reeses cups werent' doing the job… so, I had some olives, some tuna and crackers, a brownie, more olives.. Lol I had little snacks , this wasn't all at once. And, yes, I probably should have had a healthy dinner,... but I just didn't feel like it.

I took a nap around 6, woke up around 7, still felt good, really don't seem to have any pain tonight… probably because I still have medication in my system from the surgery today. It felt good being up and walking around, I could raise my arms. I did feel a tightness in my chests, but , hey, I just had implants put in… so I expected that.

So, it's after 8 PM - Used the cold compresses on my breasts again, a few different times through out the night… the coolness feels good against my skin!
I looked at my boobs, they don't look very big.. I think maybe I should have gone larger… lol but then I think, no… I didn't want huge ones, I just wanted more than what I originally had, and what I decided on at the consultations is really what I wanted! 425 ccs was plenty when I picked them out.

BOOB GREED!! Already, and it hasn't even been 24 hours -- let alone 12 hours... lol

Everything I read says you will get it… lol … just remember you picked your size because that is what you really wanted! Lol Anything will be better than what I had! I was, naturally, an A cup. So, I don't want to be greedy. Lol

But, I still look at them and think they aren't as big as I wanted them to be, and if the swelling goes down, then they definitely won't be what I thought I was going to get.

So, other than the size issue, everything is going really well right now! I can handle this!
I f I drop anything then I get to do a squat to pick it up… lol

I did hear a gurgling sound coming from my left breast when I raised my left arm to put my glasses on my head. This is normal according to the doctor. Surprised I didn't feel anything, only heard it.

Another tip, put the toilet paper within easy reach, so you don't have to turn at all to get it. It's the simple things that help through out the day…

I was going to get my hair braided so I wouldn't have to even worry about brushing it… but I didn't get a chance to get it done. I have been feeling great so brushing and curling my hair is not a problem at all. But, just a thought, it would probably be a lot easier to take care of!

I keep getting up and walking around / sometimes just pacing… just so I'm not sitting a lot. And by no means am I walking at my normal pace,.. Kind of shuffling my feet, and moving slowly, just feels safer with all this medication in me…
Really not tired. Not sure why that is, but, I'm not. Watching movies to get me through and I guess "nesting"…. Lol for some reason I keep thinking I need all this stuff on my table side.. Which I don't, so it goes back or I reconsider before bringing it out.

Stayed up til 2 watching movies.. Not sure why I couldn't sleep. Maybe it was the Mountain Dew.

6 days post op.

Most of the week has been pretty uneventful! I'm not complaining! I'm so happy that I haven't had any problems! Everyone is different, and I wish everyone could have as great of an experience as I have had with this procedure. I know I'm only 6 days in to it, but I have read about so many different / difficult recoveries.

I really haven't had too much discomfort, a few times the sides of my boobs were sore throughout the week, I took my pain meds for the first two days, then stopped on the third day.
On Wednesday, the third day is when I noticed my sides were sore. I took one percocet that evening, and that was it.

I think the hardest part of this is doing nothing. Relaxation to the fullest is best. Hard to do, but best!

I believe it was Thursday when I pulled out a few clothes to try on. I am absolutely in love with my "girls"!!
I know they aren't going to stay the same as what they are now, but I can't believe I had boob greed for a wee bit!!
Besides, when they do drop & fluff, they won't be hard, nor tingle to the touch!
I have full feeling everywhere! Yay!! No numbness!
Everyday I was up walking around (or you could say shuffling) and raising my arms. My dr. Said I was only limited by my pain. Of course I can't exercise, and since I have newer, bigger, better boobies, then I want to get in shape to show them off to their fullest potential when warranted. Don't worry... I'm not going to show everyone, just my boyfriend!! He likes them so far!
I am a bit concerned that tomorrow I will run out of antibiotics. And I still have the steri-strips on.
Oh, I do have to say, I did get dizzy, felt dazed- like we when taking all the prescriptions ( In the mornings).

I want to wish all you lovely, brave ladies going through this, or planning to go through this, the best of luck!! I hope you all have an easy recovery! And I hope your boobs turn out to be what you wanted.!!
Columbus Plastic Surgeon

EVERYONE at the office was AWESOME! I couldn't have asked for a better group of ladies to take care of me! They were all so courteous, professional, and even personable. And the same goes for Dr. Centeno - very professional, courteous, and personable as well. So glad I chose him as my doctor, wouldn't have wanted to go through this with a different one! At my initial consultation, he was great! He did not rush our consultation, he described and showed me everything, answered all of my questions, asked me questions about myself making sure what I wanted would fit in with my lifestyle. During the follow up consultations and procedure, his staff answered every question I had, told me every thing they were doing, why, and what to expect!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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