35 Year Old Mommy, Breast Fed Both Kids , Lift in 2011 and Now Implants. Columbus, OH

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I am 35 years old , mommy of two and active. I am...

I am 35 years old , mommy of two and active. I am 5'6 and usually somewhere between 125-135 . I was a D cup when younger and after my first baby a C, then after baby number 2 a B. I had went to a plastic surgeon in 2011 for implants and she felt I needed a lift and wait on implants to see if I would be happy with a lift only. I was for awhile and they just aren't what I'd like. I work out 6 times a week and stay in shape but I am very uncomfortable with my breasts and always go for the padded, push ups from Victoria secrets .
I went to the same surgeon and she could tell I was 100% sure this time and so she agreed it was time. I am having Mentor 440 cc anatomical gummy bear style on August 4. I did not want to be too obviously or unnaturally large and wanted a natural look. I am nervous about the size, but with my measurements and fitting I went with my surgeons opinions on what would look best . I will post some current me pictures in my swim suit and my favorite bras lol if I get real brave I will post my natural id say B breast, not firm at all !

one week post

Today makes one week from surgery! I am feeling so much better the last two days and able to do so much more!!! I am glad to be off all heavy pain killers and can start Motrin tomorrow. my doctor said no ice and doesn't do Valium or muscle relaxers. my muscles were very tight so the surgery took an extra hour to get through the muscle and make the pockets. I am looking forward to seeing the changes over the next few weeks as the new girls drop and the swelling goes down. I am having a hard time with the bloating, swelling and water weight from surgery. my surgeon says no heart rate up, no exercise for two more weeks. seems like forever!!! I am going to try and follow all the rules because I have noticed how different everyone's post surgery rules seem to be and I trust my doctor. I did get anatomical gummy bear implants.

one week post

almost two weeks

I am less swollen now and I feel like my implants are beginning to settle into place. I still am achy, but able to do more all the time. I was so sure id be sneaking off to the gym early, no way am I feeling like me or my new boobies could do hard cardio yet! I miss cardio and weights lol but it's worth it! I am getting curious on size and what size I will be when they soften up..

three week update

I am three weeks now and no more surgery bra!!! I can do cardio and workout next week with no restrictions. I do not have my full energy back yet and would say I'm sore on and off each day. The only time I have pain is when I over did it during the day. I am looking forward to my muscles relaxing more and letting my new boobs soften more!

week 4

It's week 4! The steri strips are gone and I had the stitches clipped that popped out earlier this week. I was allowed to start back to the gym on Tuesday with no limitations other than not lifting or using chest. I can not wait for my scars to heal and to get back in shape! slowly but surely :) It is a little tough after no exercise for a month! I am very happy so far with my results and glad I got the anatomical implants.

week 5 and working out

Things are so much better at week 5 for me! The morning boob is almost gone and not much of an issue. I am working out with my trainer and feeling better already! It is still odd sometimes and I worry about hurting my new boobs sometimes lol. They are getting softer and I am so happy with the shape!

it's been a few weeks!!

I am 7 1/2 weeks post op now and thrilled!!!! My anatomical implants have softened so much over the last two weeks and I can sleep on my side :) I am happily able to workout and the only thing that is not going well is push-ups are not comfortable. I see my dr next week and hopefully she will give me advice on scar treatment . love my anatomical implants!!!! The only issue I have had is bra shopping. I have tried 32DDD at Victoria Secret and it's not working out at all, so I need to find some no underwire and comfy but sext bras that fit .

feeling good :)

I am 2 1/2 months post now and feeling great! The only uncomfortable thing is still side and stomach sleeping. I am so happy that I did this and so glad I joined this site and had it during this journey ! I am still preferring no underwire in my bras , but I have found a few that work for daytime when needed! Journelle has a wonderful website for wireless bras and for bras in sizes that are difficult to find in stores!
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