I Thought About Rhinoplasty for 20 Years Before Getting It Done

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I hesitated and thought about rhinoplasty for...

I hesitated and thought about rhinoplasty for about 20 years. I have always hated my nose which I felt was too round for my strong jaw and cheekbones. It also hung a bit low and had a bump from when I was hit with a baseball pop fly. I'm a girl by the way.

I am feeling very good, am in bed, and do notice my nose is shorter. It's black and blue a bit from what I can see around the bandages and splint. I'm feeling really well and will post some pictures soon.

Here are a few pics. I need to take a better...

Here are a few pics. I need to take a better current front shot. My nose is less swollen in the morning. It still feels rubbery and I am sure it is still a bit swollen. I am three and a half months post-op now.

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My doctor is a board certified facial and reconstructive plastic surgeon. He has excellent credentials and experience.

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