Upper Bleph - Pleased w/Results

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I had upper blepharoplasty done on 12/22 because I...

I had upper blepharoplasty done on 12/22 because I have always disliked the hooding and puffiness of my upper eyelids. The made me look tired when I was not. It has only been eight days, but I am beginning to regret having it done.

The healing process has been different than I expected. I spent hours doing research and almost all of the reviews and photos of upper bleph spoke of and showed little swelling and very quick healing. That has not been my experience. I did and still do have a lot of swelling in my upper and lower lids.

I have to return to work on Jan 3. Hopefully most of the swelling will be gone by then. As for results, I know it’s much too soon to determine what the final outcome will be, but I think my eyes are definitely asymmetrical and will remain this way once I am completely healed. I am pleased with the shape of my right eye, although I think my doctor was a little conservative with the skin and fat removal. The left eye is shaped differently and more fat and skin were removed from it than the right. It also droops. I hope that the different shape and the drooping are a result of the swelling that is still present and will improve with time; but I think revision surgery is in my future.

My initial results were good, but my PS and I felt...

My initial results were good, but my PS and I felt my eyes were still puffy and hooded. A slight revision was done in May and I am happy with the outcome. For me, the surgery was totally worth it.
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