32 year old mom of one year old wanting more curves. Columbus, OH

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Im so confused as to what dr to go with ive chosen...

Im so confused as to what dr to go with ive chosen dr.collette stern in asheville nc cause shes the only one that does this procedure closest to home not that thats the whole reason but im curious if any other ladies have been to her and would love feedback as where to go wanting this procedure asap

I'm wanting to go to dr.juan diego meija in...

I'm wanting to go to dr.juan diego meija in medillin columbia for breast revision butt implants and Lipo etching I'm not sure of exact date trying to work out sitter etc but really wanting done next month sometime would love to have someone to go through experience with me since it's scary enough going under the knife but twice as much out of states so any feedback would be great whether you've been through this already or would potentially like to go with

Finallllly Made a Decision

So ive been stalking this site like its a full time job since april !
Been back and forth what procedures to do and especially what dr to do
them ! Im 32 w a one year old whom i stay w always till her daddy comes
home after reading everything and much research ive picked dr.grawe she
always has flawless results cannot wait to get my new booty and lipo to abs and flanks would love and appreciate any advice


Ok so have to order implants by friday and im second guessing should i go bigger ? Last thing i want is kim k nice but not for me or too small for all tht money n pain my dr said 434 cc just curious on some feedbck

butt pillow?

Ok so booty buddy or what ? Asking you ladies n men who have been thru it whats the best. I found booty buddy on amazon for 79.99 does this sound right n help

its getting real

Ok so just paid remainder of bill and booked room ! I know it wont feel real till im there for surgery! Im so ready to get it done with so i can start recovery ! I pray i get all you amazing looking dolls results! Im just trying to decide on fat grafting along with implants is it worth it ? Would love to hear some feedback to those that have had both

last minute nerves!!

I wonder if i havent already paid everythg in cash would i back out?! Im just freaking out some the what ifs? I so want a round booty but just worrying myself too much ! So i keep looking on here and reading profiles and reassuring myself i know i want this ! Just last minute nerves and sure ill have more ! Im posting a couple more flat sides

On My Way!!

Yay the day has come dolls to travel to meet the booty queen herself ! Im leaving about 5am packed and ready! Hardest thing was leaving my daughter whose 13months old and knowing that was the last time i can hold n pick her up till i recover:( but at least shes with my mom and ill be coming back day after sx. I went and bought a huge thick foam piece yesterday n laying the back seats down so i can have a bed on the way back home! Its an 8 hr trip for me. My boyfriend is taking me and taking care of me . im so excited im sure ill turn more nerves when i get there for labs my appts at 2 so hopefully no heavy traffic! But yea im a big baby with needles ! Well thats all for now on my way for my new booty n tummy!!

Love Dr.grawe

So finally made it was so funny felt like i was about to meet a celebrity haha but after all this time dreaming n watching clips n pics just so crazy its coming real! From the moment i walked in the door was greeted with so many smiling beautiful friendly women ! And then went to room n in comes dr.grawe herself so pretty n sooo down to earth i really feel im in the right hands ! So after talking more ive decided to do grafting also she said i had barely much fat so id see implant so im trusting her on this one! Well got all my prescriptions n last minute supplies and ate my last dinner lol and ready to get some rest ive got to be there at 7am and sx at 9am or when she finishes with her first surgery so saying my prayers and cannot wait to see my new booty n tiny waste wish me luck !!!!

Think Twice!!

Ok ladies wow im alive but i have to say i wish i was in my old body! When girls say this sx is no joke their not lying ! My sx went well n i even had good appetite ate dinner (soup) and slept ok but next morning i got up to use the bathroom n i collapsed n hit my head on bottom part of sink i couldnt see n told my bf to call 911 so he did n they came n put iv in and gave me fluids they said they could barely find a pulse n my blood pressure was very low ! This was the most scared ive been in my life so went to hospital got more fluids n blood tests etc they said it was likely the anesthesia still wearing off so after this huge scare im ok n discharged me n we decided to come home 8 hr trip which was rough every bump felt like knives stabbing me n let me tell u its almost impossible getting in n oyt of bed its the lipo tht hurts the worst i didnt realize how much u use ur core till its hurt !! Its miserable ! N i have 3 drains not fun.. I havent really looked at my butt yet but what i have seen its very bruised n swollen so i wont post any pics till i look lil more normal but must say i think im glad i didnt go bigger but cant wait to see how it gets. Also i have lost 10 lbs n dont know how ive nvr been one of those girls to say tht but i was shocked when they weighed me at hospital so im 5'6 n 121 lbs now must be from chasing my daughter. But i just want to say you ladies being there n ur support means so much. Cause most ppl dont understand ! I just pray from here on it no complications cause its been 10 times worse than what i thought but taking day by day im gonna try n take a shower today kinda scared bout tht ..butt just feels very tight n sore muscle but stomach wow ouch n this binder hurts still very numb everywhere but dr.grawe has been sweet emailing me checking on me she really is great well thats it for now ladies cant believe ive done it !

so slow

Well ladies just a quick update i found out dr.grawe put in 200ccs of fat into each butt cheek i thought i wouldve had more than that but really do not have any body fat just unwanted fat deposits! But she said it helped so much to shape my butt n cover implant. This is such a slow process n i had another scare this morning feeling super weak like i was gonna pass out again so i just kept downing water n gaterade n eating protein n pineapple. N i got better thankfully! Its just such a frustrating process n painful! Its so hard not being able to pick up my baby girl !! Just keep telling myself its a process n i will get thru this n look great! Well thats about it for now ill update later when theres more of a change thank u all for ur support n encouraging words means so much

feeling hopeful! pics

Thank the Lord im feeling much better! Im up cooking but have to get my bf to get stuff low in fridge etc.but more mobile than i thought. Just gotta take it easy n rest cuz my back will start hurting ! It made me feel so good today i had my bf checking out my incisions n asked him what he thought n he said it looks pretty damn good!lol so this hell ive gone thru will be worth it! I had a lil bm today still constipated but thats nothing new to me i always am but im taking some milk of magnesia to try n help. Oh on another note when does this swelling go down from lipo??? I feel so fat ! Feel like i went in skinny n came out big lol ill post one the morning before sx n then some from today . its weird will only let me post one pic at a time so well see. Thank u all for your encouragement


Ok ladies n gents im sure im just extra cautious which is a good thing but does this appear normal its the bottom of my left incision im sure its just dried blood from where i picked a teenie bit but just asking advice also ladies did your kitty get very bruised n swollen after lipo? Dosent hurt but freaked me out when i looked down there . thanks in advance

numb!! yuck

Hey dolls just a quick update. Omg from my nerves reattaching im itching like CRAZY!!! Its the grossest feeling when you itch so bad but ur skins still so numb n sore! I pray this dosemt last too long wish i wouldve done lil more research on lipo before hand but too late now! Butts still good still numb n rock hard but no pain thankfully! I must say though it is such a job everytime i have a bm i have to take a shower just to be on the safe side but gets to be alot of work taking every bandage n wrap on n off! Gonna have to ween back on stoll softners tho getting diarrhea almost sry tmi but just saying . well praying ill be able to get these drains out monday or tuesday tht will be so nice n then ill post more pics for u all well thats all for now hope u all r healing well n enjoying the new you

quic pics

Jus took another shower n changing my binder to a tight shaper kept getting lines in sides jus needed a break n girls n guys plz believe pics dont do justice butt so much bigger in person! My implants still high but jus an idea to show a week out

any good?

I bought this for when im recovered to start waist training im also gonna buy another one but curious if any of you dolls have tried.

2 weeks

Ok ladies so tomm is 2 weeks yay! Im feeling just like myself except bodys a lil behind ! But im getting in n out of bed all on my own and have had my daughter a day n half all by myself! I can bend over just not pick anythg off ground but!! My boyfriends mom loaned me a claw stick which is a must have! U dont realize how much you drop till u cant pick it up lol so put on list! Im finally walking just about normal so nice! I havent attempted booty buddy yet too scared! Tommorow i call my in town dr about drains im so scared cause im barely over output ughhh yall these suck i get tangled in bed my daughter thinks their toys n my stomach one keeps pushing it out n i have to keep pushing it back up in stomach! But onto the good part just got out of shower my lipo is looking so good flatter n flatter! N butt lovving it!!! Pics when girls say pics dont do justice plz believe so true! Ill lost a cpl pics especially blue dress just for brazilianhoney!! On upside tomm i can pick my daughter up tomm cant wait its been miserable! Thank u all for support couldnt do it without u all xo

drains drains and drains ugh

Ok ladies just got off phone with dr i have to wait till monday!!! Im seriously about to lose it i thought at 2 weeks no matter what they came out ! Nope still have to be under 30 ccs 2 of mine are but 1 of them is stubborn n its like 3 over!! I was so wanting to get out of the house this weekend and wear normal clothes! I think im getting extra depressed and mad cause i should be starting anyday too so emotions are high!! I just had to rant for a few noone else really understands the struggle i know its worth it its just alot to deal with . im trying to stay calm i just cant express how annoying these things are i dont understand how every drs different some dont use them and some only let them stay in a week oh well im done complaining 3 more days n prayyy thats it! And then i promise ill post updated pics !


Ok im pissed bout drains whatevs gonna try n be happy n post some pics

lipo pics

lipo pics didnt load


Sry idk y it keeps booting me out

drain question???

Ok gents n dolls im at my breaking point with these damn drains!!! Had i known it depended on such sensitive factors id chosen dr stanton that dosent use drains and their all fine from what ive seen!! I love my dr but shouldve asked more questions when they said id have drains in for 2 weeks but didnt tell me as long as my output was certain number im just having a moment bout to start plus my dr here tht is removing will not be till monday God bless n this weekend is my bf bday so i was hopin to get out of these frmpy ass clothes n go out 3 weeks dosent sound long till ur stuck in house w 3 drains!!! I jus would love to know how most get taken out at week or none at all sorry for venting but noone gets it

quick update

Ok yall so went to seemy dr today in town dr.stern i love her and her team so sweet! So i had to drive myself n use booty buddy for first time since everyone was working let me tell u an experience! I bet i looked funny my pillows so thick my head was touching the roof haha so lil uncomfortable n wasnt sure if i was sitting right way or not but didnt hurt except my butt drains on pillow hurt. So i got there and thank you God she said incisions closed up nicely onthe right track ! And i got my stomach drain out yay! It was most annoying and i didnt even feel it come out hope the other ones are as easy! I have to wait to call back thursday and see how my output is praying its good enough !!! Sorry had a mini meltdown last night but its bound to happen with all this we go thru! But lets see putting on pants by myself etc i need to eat better feeling fat guess from not working out like i do n eating more for protein n boredom!! But know i can fix it thanks for all ur support thats it for now ill update later this week n hope its titled drains out!!


Ok guys n dolls say your in my shoes and was told 2 weeks u have drains. Here it is 3 weeks n still drains! More i read says the max most drs keep in is 10 days to 2 weeks otherwise risking big infection also longer keep in is why your most likely putting more fluid output because bodies trying to figure out what this foreign thing is and grow around it. My output has been barely over like 2 to 3 ccs a day my nurse says most likely they pull at 4 weeks no matter what so would u make a decision n go ahead n say pull n risk seroma or leave put n risk infection im just at my wits end never seen on here anyone keeping this long would love input

just a quick update

Im 3 weeks today and allowed to sit on butt n lay on back ! Who wouldve thought id be cleared for that before drains out ugh oh well im waiting till monday and hoping that will be the day ! So now i know what somevof you ladies have been saying im feeling maybe i shouldve went bigger! The swellings gone down which is fine because im liking the shape its taking on more . but i still love my new butt im getting ready to go shopping hopefully i can find something to wear out this weekend thts cute n conceals these drains n fanny pack yuck! Im still scared to try n sit on my butt even though its allowedim thankful my incisions are healing nicely from what i can tell n dr said so also . im walking great not much pain just soreness to the touch still very tight but can tell theyve dropped some not so funny high looking im so thankful i never have felt the sciatic pain alot have talked about! My kitty swelling finallly went down that was annoying as well lol lets see what else no hanky pank for another week doc says which i guess is fine cause i started today lol so itll be a great weekend next weekend !! Get to try out the new booty carefully though! Im liking stomach more and more cant still have some numbness getting better slowly. Also cant wait to start back on my treadmill n working out feel lil pudgier since trying to eat more to have protein and sitting well laying still so long . ok guess thats all for now hopefully ill try and put some new pics up soon

honest review lol

Ok dolls just checking lovving the b[ty but do u think i need to go bigger? Im loving it but guess since my mans not been complimenting like i thought im wondering at this point i just want to be happy n healthy but from other reviews figured id be smacking him off of me feeling depressed

bye drains!!

Thanks guys n dolls for kind words n encouragement was hard but made it n pray no seromas n didnt hurt a bit

pics i dont think their loading

Sorry if repeat


Omg dolls n gents i loved shopping i kept thinking is this my body? Loving the booty makes everythg look great! N im very glad i didnt go bigger now ! Yay n hilarious got hollered at by group of black guys haha thts a compliment it must be poppin lol n i have such a hard time loading pics ill try again n they do no justice


more pics only lets me one or 2 at a time


Ok yall i am wondering if any of you have experienced pain at a month ? My right butt cheek is very tight feeling and hurts and sore its dropping more than the left one so im wondering if that is why. Ive been so nervous and scared after having drains out hoping its not fluid building up i almost make myself sick worrying that somethings gonna go wrong that at times i cant enjoy my new body. My dr says its normal to still be sore but wanting to hear from anyone whose experienced this thank you

5 wks post op

Trying to sit short periods at a time feels so weird

lipo pics

Hey guys n dolls i dont know why this keeps booting me out ! So i have to post 1 pic at a time . it was so nice to go out to dinner last night it was first time ive sat that long i sat 12 mins for eyebrow waxingg and then 20 to 30 mins for dinner had to get up once though. Im so happy i did the lipo now it was a long rough recovery but so worth it now im in love with my stomach n my butt cant believe its my body and im noticing more stares lol

6 weeks n 4 days!

I cant believe im at my 6 week mark! Im starting to feel that their becoming a part of me like im not hurting n sore everyday thankfully and i can bend over much better still hard to tie shoes or pick up completely from the ground but getting easier. As far as sitting goes sooo much better in car on booty buddy dosent hurt n can drive longer i need to make myself start sitting more thats the only way ill get used to it . it feels very weird like tight n hard n im still scared of incisions openi g! Sex is getting much more comfortable !!;) i started waist training a few days ago n trying to get back on my treadmill feels so good to be back on here just wanna take off like i used to n cant laying around ive put on few lbs but im very determined person so itll come off ! My butt is dropping alot its not high up my back anymore. Pim so thankful no complications this far n pray will stay this way ! I can jiggle my cheeks some but still very hard its so nice to sit n pee again lol ill post more pics soon im also gonna start tanning again tommorow since im cleared to do so just not sure how im gonna cover scars i dont want them getting darker guess thats all for now


Freaking out!!!

Ok so ill be 8 weeks post op this friday everythings been going smoothly till this morning! I was feeling my incision n something felt different so my mom came over n looked for me and said theres like a small pocket of blood on the bottom of my incision ! What ???! And when i spread cheeks apart a tiny little bblood came out ! I have been panicking all morning like im 8 hrs away from dr.grawe n my dr here is in surgery all day n tommorows thanksgiving so im kinda stuck! I emailed dr.grawe so im just waiting ill probably just go ahead and call in a minute but my dr here asst said it sounds like maybe a suture is trying to poke through which ive heard happening. Im just so scared of infection i love my butt and want to keep it! Have any of yall experienced anything like this? Ill keep yall updated praying its nothing serious

feeling some relief

So from pics i sent to dr.grawe n her nurse n my dr here all said same thing believe its a stitch abcess from a stubborn stitch tht didnt dissolve n will poke thru on its own or i can go to a dr n have them do it. That makes me feel sooo much more at ease i still worry cause was not in person but everything shes said until now has been the case i just love my new butt n dont want to lose it thanks ladies ill keep u posted

i just dont know

Ok so today is day 2 dr.grawe said it should leak for a day or 2 from stitch abcess but let her know more. Today its turned to blood wth? Im just so nervous what if its still draining tommorow! Ive been cleaning n putting neosporin n gauze on it just think at 2 months youd be in the clear neways praying tommorow its better ill keep u ladies updated thank u for support

night out

So last night i got to have a date night with my bf n was so needed! I just had to tell yall while we were out to dinner which was the restauant i used to work at first thing they all said was how amazing my butt looked ! But later this waitress i dont know kept checking me out and i was like do i know you? And she had the nerce to come grab n rub my butt n was like tht is so hot is it real? I didnt know whether to punch her or thank her lol! Just funny how it really makes a difference ! Btw im starting to leak alot less but still trying to get in to see my local dr tommorow i just want to be told all good anyways hope everyones healing well ill post more pics soon

abcess pic

If yall magnify you can see a lil white dot im hoping its a stitch coming thru does it look familiar to anyone thats been through this?


Some new pics been wearing waist trainer 24/7 except shower still loving results been going weekly to dr an hr away for my stitch abcess saying no infection n getting better

beyong frustrated

Well my stitch abcess or whatever it is was getting smaller but today all the sudden is leaking lots of blood ! Its freaking me out ! I have a checkup tommorow thankfully but im getting tired of driving over an hour every week and basically for nothing so if somethings not done tommorow ill go to ohio just sux so close to Christmas and not to mention another spot that has appeared im just ready to be myself again with my new body i love it just tired of worrying ill keep u all updated

feeling so hopeless

So here it is almost 3 months post op b÷n dealing with that stitch abcess leaking always and now the other spot i mentioned has them worried they put me on topical antibiotics it really feels like a babies soft spot on head but on my incision line its as big as my thumb now! Im so freaking tired of tgis shit i do laundry constantly cause of the abcess leaking always n now this problem wtf sorry dont know where to turn to but you all thats been or going thru it its so physically emotionally exhausting i just want to enjoy my butt already


So here it is 2 days before christmas and ive been in so much pain limping around as if i just had surgery! Im beyond hopeless at this point after so much money and recovery time and 3 months out and continuing to get worse dr grawe said they would probably numb that area n remove skin not the leaking side but other and then figure whats goin on but heres a new pic its going more down incision do yall see a difference from last pic?

Ohio finally

So finally going to Dr.grawe this week! Leaving Thursday so won't be seen till Friday which stinks cause Dr.grawe will be in sx but her nurse Stacie will be seeing me she's really good as well. I'm so happy to finally know what's going on but so worried at the same time! She said they'll probably numb skin to remove and see what's going on which leaves a bigger scar but whatever I'll take it as long as no infection! Crazy be leaving on my bday and there for new years so praying start it off on a great healthy note! I've come way too far to go back ! Just so worried especially since I have something going on w both sides but leaving in God's hands ! Thank you all for your encouraging words I'll update as soon as I know what's going on please keep me in your prayers xoxo

Fixed in Ohio hopeful

OK ladies I made it this am at 130 ugh long day n drive slept in and got to Roxy ! Dr.grawe was in sx so Stacie took care of me within a minute she knew what was going on. I had to be numbed with a HUGE needle in both spots hurt like hell the one soft big spot she said was very thin skin since I'm on thin side was making it that way nothing I've done she said so she cut that off and looked said implant was close but not too close so stitched me back up and dug in other leaking spot and found a very deep stitch so tiny I'm amazed that lil thing has been doing all that so she said should be closed in 2 days n stitches on other side leave in for 3 weeks . I feel like a weight is off of me! She also put me on strong antibiotics so I'm praying this is the end and I can start the new year back to normal thank u all for ur sweet words and prayers

Damn! What next

OK ladies so these are my stitches from big soft spot does it not look like there's an opening? ! Wtf I'm so sick of worrying and dealing with this shit! So much financial and emotional stress is killing me

3 weeks after stitches

So here it is Friday will be day to take out stitches from the left side . I still have a hole seems to be getting better . my nurse told me the reason I'm having a hard time is I don't eat enough protein ! So I've been drinking more protein shakes and eating more protein it's hard for me cause I eat once a day and usually veggies lol still sounds crazy protein? And it causes all this ?! But more shakes I drank I've noticed better healing so well see and other side that was leaking still leaks from time to time not much but she says there's got to be a stitch still in there ugh!!!! Even all that said I'm glad I had this surgery love my tummy and my butt just always scared of infection ! It's crazy when I went to get stitches at new years walked out to smoke at hotel I know bad habit but came back in n 2 guys called me over and said they had a bet going on n I said what? N they asked if my ass was real I said yes it's real!!! I wanted to say yes real EXPENSIVE !! Lol but neways trust ladies it gets noticed !!

Am I ever gonna be normal??!!

This is totally a rant review ! I'm beyond fed up w this bs! I asked my bf to take a pic so I could see like usual. Well y'all look n tell me u don't see a stitch still in there and hole same!! Wtf 15k cash n ifeel I'll never be normal again can't sit tried it last night the other side leaked like hell again and the left side was getting better but now looks like it's getting worse! Sorry ladies I need to vent yes it's a choice I chose this surgery but I've never heard of anyone going thru the same w my dr and when I'm doing everythgs they ask all they say is come back here damn that's like 700$ and childcare and dogcare I can't anymore! I must say they always msg me back which im so grateful but enough is enough

Hopefully healed

So ladies flew out to see Dr grawe herself on Thursday super quick trip flew back the next morning! She restitched and cut that left side that was reopening and FINALLY stitched my right side that's been leaking since Thanksgiving! She said no signs of infection still thank God! Just have more thinning tissue for some reason on the left . she sent me home with an antibiotic saying this should be it as long as I keep up with protein which I've been doing ! Praying for the best this time can't take much more! Just keeping the ladies that care up to date I don't post to get anyone's 2 cents and judge ment this is just to post my story and hope to educate others who are thinking of doing this surgery not all is perfect ! Thank you all who have been supportive and caring must say this was way more painful than a month ago when I got stitched was super hard to sit during flights thankfully had my booty buddy ! K ladies till next update hoping it's titled all healed wish the best to you all


After posting last review look ask my bf to take a pic and I be damned already opening again!!! I just fucking got home!!!! Plz tell me what to do ?!! And before you judge put your shoes in my place


So dr.grawe gave me two options switch to smaller implants or keep trying my best at wound healing! I refuse to go through this surgery again and smaller I just don't get it all her well most of her patients go to her for Big implants and I chose the smallest I've ever seen anyone on realself getting with her ! So I don't think it's the size I mean I've seen 98 lb girls go 548cc or 712 cc so I thought I was being modest! Just sucks I can't remember what it's like to sit anymore! I've been drinking protein like crazy and down to smoking nothing I'm just praying it finally closes 5 months is a long time to constantly worry thank you ladies that are positive and uplifting we all have our own journeys and stories to tell

Wound update

Ahhhh!! Ok so now my wound is open up as big as when she cut all that skin off in December ! Like I can stick my thumb in it! I'm so over this! I've done everything they ask of me and more I don't understand! Well anyways dr.grawe says for me to come back to Ohio yet once again and get it cleaned profalactically in hospital o.r. and aggressively restitched and to stay in Ohio for 3 weeks !!!! There's just no way with my daughter and money wise I'm spent at this point ! I spent 6 hours in er here in NC when I seen it opened up like that and they just gave me more antibiotics and said for me to see their wound specialist but dr. Grawe says they can't really treat butt implants and if I want to keep them to do what she said which I trust her so I guess I'm going back to Ohio and doing what she says but I'm gonna have to come home and maybe go back once a week which is gonna be hard but I'm not willing to lose everything I've put into this sx mentally physically financially so I'll do what it takes!! It's just no way to live but I keep telling myself just pray no infection I can get through it as long as no infection! Idk why I'm going thru all this hope you men and women think really hard before this sx!! And I thought I did but you just never know what's gonna happen thank you all for your support

Back from ohio

So I just got back from Ohio yesterday. I had surgery Friday afternoon with Dr.grawe. I had a revision on my left butt implant since it was opening so much she opened me up and took implant out and cleaned it out with all kinds of antibacterials and also made the capsule bigger to push my implant over more to the left to get away from the incision and stitched me back oh and also put in another drain just to make sure it wasn't fluid trying to keep opening my incision.
She said there was no sign of infection thank God!!! So I'm praying this is it !! And she seems very positive she fixed it ! This has certainly been a crazy exhausting expensive journey this far and with spring and summer coming soon I'm praying i heal quick plus I miss being me ! Feels weird my left butt cheek is way higher since she just fixed it so it's gonna take awhile to meet the other one and it's like starting over again can't pick my daughter up for few weeks but as far as sitting running etc I'm used to not doing those lol well keeping you all updated thank you all for everything

Still crossing fingers!!!

Hey ladies it's been close to a month since my last update not alot has changed which is a good thing in my case! I've just been laying around on my stomach like usual and swear can not wait to get back to my treadmill I feel so fat since I've not been able to move much and trying to get all my protein ! But I know once I'm cleared I'll get back on it and lose weight. I still have my drain and stitches in which I'm trying to get out today. It's crazy I could've had drain out last week but not a single hospital ,urgent care or er would touch it! So I'm trying to get into a plastic surgeons office here that was supposed to of done my breast revision this month but thats not happening of course ! Just waiting on paperwork to be faxed over to them from Dr.grawes office. Dr.grawe still wants me to wait another week once stitches are out to sit or walk on treadmill lay on side or back . I've got to tell y'all I'm going crazy stuck in the house and haven't driven in a month or so I hate people having to drive me around if I have to go somewhere and on my knees I might add not fun! But I'm just praying it stays closed once stitches are out ! I'm so nervous but dr. Grawe said they have to come out or could cause infection. Well that's about it for now I'll update more soon and along with new pics! Thank you all for you lr kind words and prayers!!!


So I got my drain and stitches out Friday and it was crazy the dr said my skin had started growing over the stitches!!! That they had been left in too long! I didn't know it would do that! Dr.grawe just said I had to have them taken out this past week but dr here said they should've come out a week ago ..and let me tell you ladies it hurt like a BITCH! I cried the whole time! And i didn't even cry when they put the stitches in ! But dr said incision was closed but I had a sore from the stitches since she basically had to cut my skin ! Oh and the drain omg she tugged and tugged and had to yank it out my boyfriend about puked and passed out lol she said drain was placed way up in there , it was crazy this has not been a pleasant experience to say the least! I'm praying incision stays closed and heals quickly! I need to post updated pics just haven't been a picture type of mood:(

Finally Healed!!!!.?

Yay didn't think this day would ever come ladies! Dr.grawe said I looked completely healed and allowed me to start sitting again thank God drove for the first time in 8 weeks the other day felt so good to be independent again! I still am so nervous that spot is still poochy and feels not as strong as other skin but I'm staying super positive it's the best news and results in forever! Also dr.grawe said I can resume everything again can't tell y'all hoe bad I've missed my treadmill and tanning bed!!! Hell just to be normal! I'm still taking it one day at a time but finally am seeing light at the end of this long dark tunnel I've been in ! I've lost alot more sensation so I'm pretty numb up top on my left butt cheek like holding my daughter I can't even feel when her foots on my butt feels gross but oh well I'll take it as long as incisions closed I promise to post pics been so crazy busy lately but thank you all for your support again don't know where I'd be without this site and you positive lady's and men


Hey ladies ! Still about the same getting better and finally being back to normal ! Actually been out to eat and sat without a pillow ! Was so nice you don't realize even the little things you miss and can't do ! Also back to treadmill still and tanning I do have a really sore spot where my hole was that feels like I have a cut and I even walk funny cause of pain my bf says there's nothing there! So idk I'm hoping it's nothing I'm staying optimistic but still stay worried at the same time ! I'm so ready to go to the beach and just live normal! Here's a couple new pics I'll post more soon

Not again!!!?!!

Well of course right when I'm finally getting back in the swing of things something wants to pop up and ruin it! I started having pain a few days ago but in the other cheek for the ones that have been following me it's the cheek that continually leaked for months and Dr.grawe stitched it up and all good well been very sore like I've done a million squats on that side also started itching like back when I had a stitch abcess if this is really the issue so I scratched he'd it and started leaking some again but heres a pic of what it looks like now ....it's just like why and when can I catch a break !? I'm scared cause it literally hurts to walk , sit, bend, etc and feels like a hard lump far to the right of my cheek just curious if this sounds or looks familiar to anyone?

Bikini pics

Hey dolls so still dealing with issue with my right cheek that was leaking it finally quit but now is kinda indented n sore but trying not to focus on that since I'm finally going to the beach this time next week ! Yay ! So here's a cpl pics of new bikinis kinda upset have scarred my skin from too tight waist training but it is what it is so ready to show new body off

Pics of side I've been having issues with

So girls I'm so scared it's been getting softer n softer on my right side where I've been leaking from since 8 weeks off n on but now I can put my finger tip in it like super thin skin just like side I had revised but wanted to show pics has anyone dealt with this like I cannot go thru much more like I'm over it right when I get back to normal some shit always happens!!!! Excuse tampon lol but why me ???! Dr grawe from day 1 has said stitch abcess but it keeps getting worse I have a bad feeling I'm gonna need a revision on this side as well I'm bout to lose my shit ladies

Dr.grawes recommendations

So after dr.grawe reviewed my pics she's wanting me back to Ohio ASAP to do exactly what we did on the left side which is cut the loose skin off and restitch but scares the living shit out of me cause that's what started my whole journey which led to my revision cause it kept opening back up so I'm praying this does not happen !!! Just sucks like it's summer I've been waiting to actually wear a bikini and have an ass and enjoy it and right at the time of my big family beach vacation like I'm gonna be worried the whole time and I'm praying she says I can get in pool etc ugh this has been one the most daunting exhausting journey to say the least! Idk knowing what I know now if I would have done this procedure! I'm totally happy with the look of it but not sure if it's worth it when n if I get past all this bullshit and can live normal for a long time with no problems popping up I may say yes but right now no! I just don't understand how I can be normal n then all the sudden bam ! I just want everyone to know that's looking and researching info about this procedure from first hand experiences to know all the food and the bad cause I sure would and did read like crazy never would have seen this happening but everyone's different ! I never posted a pic of my left side when it was opened up so I'm posting one now just so y'all can see what I was talking about and what could potentially happen ...oh and Dr.grawe has put me on antibiotics which I'm bout to go pick up in a few thanks for the support always and no need for hate mailnot gonna respond still don't know why girls still do that to us

Back from ohio

This Tuesday will be 3 weeks since I got that soft spot cut out and restitched with Dr.grawe. She was so sure she'd find a deep stitch that didn't dissolve and ladies when I say she dug and dug she did!!! And couldn't find anything and no infection Thank you Jesus!! She says I'm like one of the weirdest patients she's had lol not sure why my body keeps doing this who knows! But had my stitches taken out couple days ago and skin had actually grown over like the last side! Ouch!!!! But thankfully all closed up !! I'm praying this is the last of everything and I can finally relax and enjoy my asset!! It truly amazes me how much attention it gets n how much I get asked what I've had done! It's definitely not as easy road though so definitely have to want it!

Almost 1 yr mark

So guys n dolls just got back home from seeing Dr.grawe..we thought I needed a revision since my spot had returned on RT side but soooo grateful to say she said all is good! No need to cut and restitch and that she thinks I'll be fine from here out I pray so this surgery is an emotional rollercoaster
Columbus Plastic Surgeon

I am so glad i chose her for my surgery! She n her team have been nothing but accommodating and so responsive when i email etc. She seems to really care for her patients and is so down to earth i felt so comfortable with her like ive known her for a long time! She does amazing work n even though its still early to tell she delivered on big booty so far i would definitely reccommend her shes worth the drive! Not many drs out there are equipped and experienced enough in this type of surgery and she does between 1 n 5 butt implants a week she knows her stuff and thats what you really need and with great results

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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