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I have wanted breast implants since I was 18 and I...

I have wanted breast implants since I was 18 and I have finally decided to do it. I am 31, mother of 3. Currently 34A or small B. Getting 350CC saline under the muscle. My first appointment went really well. Dr answered all questions before I even asked him. I felt very comfortable with him. I also know another person who went to him that I am somewhat close to. I have a couple other people who have had this surgery so I have asked lots of questions to others. Post op on 12/6 and surgery on 12/20. Just counting down the days now. Would like to find someone close to my date.... questions, compare, thoughts, feelings. Just to discuss as needed when needed.

Well, 39 days left and counting. Reading all the...

Well, 39 days left and counting. Reading all the stories has really helped me mentally prepare for this. Seeing pictures as well. I’m not expecting to come out of surgery and they look perfect... glad I did look at pictures and know that beforehand lol. I have gone back and forth on sizes worrying about being too big... wondering if I should go with 325cc or stick with my original plan of 350cc. Figure I will stick with my original plan. Figured when I put the Christmas tree up I will do a really good house cleaning then and then again the weekend before surgery and all grocery shopping. Planning on getting a couple sports bras for afterwards. Heard VS had the best, read somewhere on here. Waiting to ask dr what size I should buy. Any other ideas, thoughts, or preps I could do now. Just waiting and counting down the days for the girls.... hasn't really hit me that it is really going to happen. Prolly won't until my post op! Still haven't told many people and plan not too because of the negative people out there. I want to enjoy this and get through it without the negative... this is something I am doing for me and not for them =) I’m not denying it afterwards just not broadcasting that I am getting it done lol Not sure really what I can do now to prep. Any advice on that, vitamins, or anything else I am taking =) Thank you ladies for sharing your stories =)

I don't think it has set in yet that I have...

I don't think it has set in yet that I have surgery in a little over 3 weeks. Confirmed my pre-op today. Been making the list of final questions for that appointment and the lists of what needs done before surgery and what I need to purchase for afterwards. Trying to stay positive and not worry about the recovery process since I really can't predict that. I have received some great advice from the other women on this site and made some great new friends. Nice to find so many different women with different stories going through the same experience that you are in so many different places. My oldest daughter who is 13 I have mentioned this to and she is supportive. She wears a 34C (didn't get that from me obviously lol) just asked if we get to share bras if I get the surgery. I just need to sit down with her and let her know that I am for sure going to do this and the date is set. I haven't told my younger two yet. Not sure yet how to. Less info the best for them... They are two observant and walk in on me changing and have heard me talk about this over the years so I have to tell them something.

Wanted to thank all you ladies for sharing your stories and pictures ..Make this process much easier! :)

Had my pre op today. I was extremely nervous when...

Had my pre op today. I was extremely nervous when I got there for some reason but felt so much better when I left. I tried on the sizers while I waited which calmed me down and I really loved how they looked. Made me excited again. ? I got my prescriptions for pain meds and antibiotics. I was told to take Motrin in between the Percocet and to keep on schedule with pain meds the first day or so. Said to sleep however I am comfortable afterwards. He prefers no ice or heat, wants body to heal the natural way. No massages unless he tells me otherwise. He suggested overfilling them to 380 and said that would complement my curves and hips well. Made me nervous though because I want to be a C and not too large. So we decided we will stick with 350 CC, Moderate plus. (325 CC implant overfilled to 350CC). Need to buy the VS zip up in a size Medium for after wards. Gave me all my other instructions for what I can and cannot do before and after. Surgery is on December 20 at 11 but need to be there at 930 to do my pre surgery blood work. Paid for my new girls today so no turning back now…. Just to wait out these next two weeks.

Still counting down the days, hard to believe...

Still counting down the days, hard to believe sometimes I am really doing this. I have wanted to do it for so long but never really thought I would do it. Flip flop between being excited and nervous. I will be off work for 10 days and out of school for 3 weeks while I recover so I should be good there. Christmas is only a few days after and I will have a house full of people 3 days after my surgery. I am hoping to just sit in the recliner and they not notice a thing lol will just have to see how that goes. I have plenty to keep me busy with getting things prepared around the house and Christmas ready for the girls. Hubby will be home with me for the first 6 days so I will just have to make myself rest. That’s the hard part. I am so use to handling things and the girls always come to me. It’s going to be an adjustment for everyone.
I am making my list of items to get for afterwards. Meds, straws, pillows, stool softener, arnica bruise gel, and large tank tops, dried apple rings (heard this helps with the constipation). I will make sure the house is all cleaned, laundry done, and my spot set up on the couch before I leave the morning of. The women who have already been through this… What else should I do or buy to prep?
Thank you all for sharing your stories.

Can't believe in one week I will have the new ta...

Can't believe in one week I will have the new ta tas. Been so busy with work and getting Christmas stuff ready haven't had too much time to worry and ponder on it. I have been avoiding all the horror stories, I know the risks but I don't need to read the horror stories. Sharing thoughts, stories, etc... do help with this whole process. Help us not drive our hubbies insane too. I think us women have been been looking at more boobs then the hubbies if that's at all possible LOL. I am very grateful for this site and the connections I have made with some of the women here. One more week to go!!!! =) xoxo

Tomorrow is surgery day! So in about 15 hours I...

Tomorrow is surgery day! So in about 15 hours I will be fast asleep getting my new girls and joining the rest of you on the other side in boobyland. So exciting but as right now so NERVOUS! I know how long I have wanted this, researched, saved, prepared, and read everyone’s stories but still have this thought am I doing the right thing. It’s just last minute jitters and I know I will be fine. It’s just getting there. Wish me luck! I will update when I can tomorrow.

I have graduated to the other side and now have my...

I have graduated to the other side and now have my new girls! Surgery went well and I feel pretty good. Getting up and down a little slow and some tightness but overall feel good. Got at the surgery center at 930 and they took me right back. Gave me a nausea pill and the patch behind my ear which I can remove in the morning. Put the IV in and gave me the loopy cocktail they called it as they wheeled me back to the OR around 10:45. I climbed onto the OR table myself. The put the mask over my face and I was out. Took about 45 minutes and I was done. They woke me up and the first thing I said is I want something to drink and how do they look LOL. Sat in recovery for 30 minutes and they brought my hubby in. Gave me two Percocet then. Sat with him for 15 minutes then got dressed and we left. Bumps on the road were a little rough. Haven’t slept yet since I have been home, which I got here at 130. Seems every time I start to fall asleep I have to pee again cuz I am drinking so much water. Right now I can fit 4 fingers between the top of my breast and my collar bone so I have minimal swelling. I will put the arnica gel on again in the morning. Taking my pain pills every 6 hours as they told me to for the first two days and Motrin in between those 6 hours. Also started my antibiotics and stool softer today. I weighed myself tonight and gained 6 pounds today lol. Fluids and the girls. My BFF came over and said you can hardly notice with me wearing this sports bra and a looser t-shirt. Which is good, I didn’t want the “Hey I just got a boob job” look. Kinda of bored already just sitting here lol. Told my younger two I hurt my back so they had to be careful with mommy and that my hubby would have to help them more the next week or so. Will update again tomorrow and post a picture I took when I got home today. Very happy with the look I have… Now just the waiting game for them to drop and fluff out. Congrats to all who got their girls today, last couple of days, and the ones coming up.

Day 1 Post Op - Doing well and getting up moving...

Day 1 Post Op - Doing well and getting up moving around frequently which helps out with the tightness a lot. Drinking plenty of water and protein shakes to help speed along the healing process as my PS instructed. Taking 1 Percocet every 6 hours and in-between that I take Motrin and a muscle relaxer. Tomorrow I am just going to stick with Motrin around the clock and see how that goes. Been using the arnica gel which I think has helped tremendously because I have no bruising and very little swelling. I can still fit my hand in-between the top of my breast and my collar bone. No frankenboob. Just perky round ones right now which I love! One thing that I learned is to not push yourself up with your hands… OMG that hurt. Didn’t even think about it until I did and it hurt my chest muscles. Now I scoot off of everything or the hubby helps me. Haven’t been sleeping too much because of all that I have been drinking, it feels that I am constantly peeing. My younger two girls are doing well being extra careful with mommy since I told them I hurt my back. Hubby has been referring their arguments lol which has been a treat to watch. I get to shower on Saturday morning and I can’t wait for that. I know the hot water will help the muscles too. I will take more pics then to share. Congrats to all my booby friends! It is all worth it in the end!

Today was day 2 post op. Things are going well...

Today was day 2 post op. Things are going well with some tightness and no bruising, I tried not to take the Percocet and stick to just Motrin but found myself very uncomfortable when I was moving around so I took one this evening and all is good now. I showered this morning and that felt amazing. Helped loosen up the girls some. My right breast is a little swollen, which I am right handed. It was good until I blow dried my hair and curled it. I am using the arnica gel per the dr. Seems it is helping. Drinking lots of fluids but no appetite really but I am drinking protein shakes as instructed too. Sleeping is no fun. Seems I can only sleep for an hour or so at a time before I wake up. I will fall back asleep in about 20-30 minutes, just would like to sleep through the night. While blow drying my hair this morning I could hear the squishy noises from the implant. Kinda freaky at first but I read so many other stories I kind of expected it to happen sooner or later. Recovery is going better than I expected. Just have to keep reminding myself to take an easy and rest so I can heal properly. Will update with pictures tomorrow probably. xoxo

I am at day 5 post op now. Feeling pretty good,...

I am at day 5 post op now. Feeling pretty good, righty is a little higher and slightly swollen and needs to catch up with lefty. I know patience… I am only 5 days! I am having muscle spasms in my left breast which can be pretty uncomfortable. Feels like a cramp or the muscle in contracting. I have tried the hot showers and the paid meds really don’t help those. Do you ladies in boobyland have any suggestions on those? I have my post op apt with PS on Thursday so I will ask about those then just wanted to see if I could find relief before then. I’m really only taking Tylenol PM now so I can sleep better. It has worked wonders the last two nights. Still on couch sleeping cuz hubby likes to toss and turn and wave his arms at night and I don’t want him to injure the new girls. I have used the Arnica gel since day of surgery and I have had no bruising and I don’t think I had too much swelling. I will update after post op and 1 week photos then. Merry Christmas to all!

I am 8 days post op now. I am not having any more...

I am 8 days post op now. I am not having any more pain. Lefty is settling nicely but righty is still a little tight and tiny bit higher. No one in my family noticed over the holidays unless they knew about it of course I was sweatshirts too. I am going back to work on Monday after 11 days off. I still get tired easy since the surgery so hope that goes away soon since I am going back to work.

I had my post op appointment yesterday and they removed the steri strips. I am to rub Vaseline on the incisions and lotion on my new girls daily. The incisions are a little sensitive since they are now uncovered. I was curious about the CC used since on my pre op the dr wanted to go with 380, but I was afraid of going to big so I chose 350. Well I found out at my appointment yesterday in my right I have 390cc and in my left I have 385cc. I was though a little upset because I said 350cc at my pre op. I know it’s only 35-40 CC difference and he is the specialist but still….

Went shopping today to cover the new girls. Nice...

Went shopping today to cover the new girls. Nice to get out but I was tired quick lol. I really need to get back to 100% soon becuz I have to go back to wok on Monday, after 11 days off.

At 9 days. I still have morning boob and tightness but they soften up after I move around for a few. Righty is still tighty and needs to catch up with lefty who is softening and dropping. I have noticed when I gently push on the side of my right breast that I get sharp pains in my nipple. Odd? Anyone know what that could be? Yeah I know don't push on it lol but it's hard not to. When I do get tired and doing a lot they get tight and hard. It's like a key that its time to rest.

Oh and I stopped by VS just curious and I know it's way too soon. They measured me at a 34D. WOW!! She also said that is equal to a 36C. I will go back when at 8 weeks probably to see what they say then.

Happy healing to all!

Well today is 11 days. The girls are feeling more...

Well today is 11 days. The girls are feeling more mine every day. Righty is slowly softening up daily, which is great I was a little worried. I still get sharp pains in my nipple if I touch the right one in certain spots which is odd. I don't have another post op til Jan 22. No massages per the PS but I find myself rubbing them a lot lol. I actually slept in bed last night for the first time. Still sleeping slightly propped up as its the only way comfy with the girls right now. The most comfy sports bras I have found are Danskin brand from Walmart which are 2 pack for $10. Love them!

I got pretty tired mid morning today. No one at work noticed today either. No one knows there so that was nice. It was funny though that a group of people were talking about a friend of someone getting a boob job. They went on for half an hour on how the feel and wonder what they look like or if it hurts. I kinda giggled and listened why I worked on my laptop. It was amusing to me because all along I'm thinking well it doesn't hurt too bad and I can tell you and show you how it feels lol So work was ok over all.

Happy New Year all! Happy healing and good luck to the ones crossing over to the other side! It's so worth it and the recovery I feel is not that bad at all. I have had two c-sections and would say this by far is way easier than that!

Two weeks post op today. I love my new girls! ...

Two weeks post op today. I love my new girls! Settling nicely. Left is soft and dropping and righty is still a little tight. Sleeping on my back mostly still and propped up on pillows. If I do sleep on my side I hug a pillow so the girls stay in place. Just feels safer. Pulling doors open, opening a jar of spaghetti sauce, or a medication bottle are still hard. Never realized how much I use my chest muscles. I had a dentist appointment scheduled on Jan 7 that I had to cancel because I had the BA. No dental work for atleast a month per my PS. I have my next post op on Jan 22. So glad I did this and can't wait to wear a normal bra. :)

All is well, seems alot longer than 24 days since...

All is well, seems alot longer than 24 days since surgery. Just waiting for them to drop fully and fluff. Left one is squishy and right one is slowly getting there but has dropped a little more than the left. I tried on 34D bra from VS and they fit perfectly. I took it out of the bag and thought it looked huge and could fit on my head. LOL Odd trying on a bra with no padding. Was looking around VS on Saturday and found myself in the 34A/B section, old habits I guess. Woke up on my stomach the other morning. No pain at all just freaked out and had to check the girls in the mirror and make sure they were okay. Wish I would have done this years ago. Recovery wasnt bad at all. Will post new pics at my one month and update again after my next post op appt on the 22nd. Good luck to all with upcoming surgies and happy healing. Xoxo

One month tomorrow! Happy anniversary to the...

One month tomorrow! Happy anniversary to the girls! No real changes. I tried to go grocery shopping alone and though I did it, it was not pain free and comfortable. I didn't even get that much. Guess it's back to date night at Walmart for a few more weeks. No issues doing anything else though. Right one is a little tighter still. Waiting on drop and fluffing. Dr on Tuesday. Will update then and post photos.

Had my one month post op today. Overall they are...

Had my one month post op today. Overall they are looking good and healing well. Patience! Right one is higher and tight he said. Doing too much, right handed, and the muscles are still tight. I am to massage lotion on them twice a day. Lefty looks good but still has some more softening to do. He said it could take a couple months to completely soften up and drop. Took pictures today to compare when I go back in 5 weeks and see what progress I am making. I am not to wear any tight sport bras. The Danskin ones or a cami with the shelf bra is fine until I see him again. Nothing pushing the girls up or squeezing them in. I can tan now but have to put baby sunscreen on my incisions for the next year. So I bought that in the chapstick form :) Dental work can be done now but need antibiotics to prevent an infection in the blood stream which can cause capsular contracture. Sleeping back on my side and even stomach sometimes too. I noticed yesterday, since it was 10 degrees outside and I was shivering that when the muscles flexed the implants moved around and that caused some discomfort. Overall I love my new girls and feel fine now. I can do pretty much everything but I shouldn't so I heal faster and muscles loosen up. Now its just the waiting game!
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