29 YO, 5'1", 160 lbs, 325 cc silicone implants with lift, reduce areola size, Mom of 2 Ready to Do This for Me! - Columbus, OH

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Today has been a big day! I chose my surgeon! Now...

Today has been a big day! I chose my surgeon! Now it all feels real. I've hated the size of my aerolas for so long and then after having two kids and gaining and losing and gaining and losing weight my boobs are shot!
I got the PTO approved at work and my dad will be taking me on surgery day. Now I'm just waiting to hear back about the financing I applied for. I'm curious about what everyone else is doing/did about financing. I'm paying half up front and wanting to finance the rest.

Before pictures... here goes...

I'm so ready to have new boobs! Can't wait to get these big weights lifted up and get quite a bit of aerola cut off!
I hate my current boobs. The surgeon said there is no breast tissue left on top. As you can see they just hang! Yuck!!
I'm young and don't want to feel negative about my boobs forever. I've wanted this for so long, but have waited because every time I get ready to go for it I feel too guilty about spending money on myself since I have 2 kids. My parents are super supportive of my decision which I was concerned about too. I'm so excited that I'm finally doing this!

Pre-op scheduled! Planning for Recovery

So I paid my deposit today. I also scheduled my pre-op appointment for August 22nd at 8:30am. I am so so excited! It's surreal. I've been thinking about this for years.
Any advice on things I need to get for recovery??
Also, my family are willing to help with my two boys. How long should I plan on them being away?

Getting some things in order

I put in a transfer from an online savings account to bring money to my regular account last week. The money showed up today. I paid the anesthesiologist ($850)and the surgical center($1850). I still need to pay The Plastic Surgery Group. I was approved for a credit card through my bank for $4000 with no interest for 15 months and canceled my old card that had a 14k limit, but 14% interest. I hadn't used it in a few years. I typically don't use credit cards, but I'm paying $6500 in cash and paying $4000 with a credit card. It's nice that I'll have 15 months with no interest.

I was talking with my HR dept at work today and found out that one of the ladies got a reduction with a lift in 2009. She said it was the best choice she ever made. I need to email them my surgeon's fax number to secure fmla, although I already put it through our payroll system and got the time off approved by my supervisor.
I love getting some things in order. I've been looking at sports bras on amazon. It's so tough to find front closure sports bras in the store! I also got my kids school supplies over the weekend.
I still have over a month before surgery. It's tough to wait! I've looked at more boobs than I expected to see in a lifetime. I appreciate so much everyone who has shared their stories and photos.
This weekend I'm going to a friend's wedding. After that the next wedding I go to I'll have my new boobs! It'll make wearing dresses so much easier!

Another before pic

1 month until Surgery!

I can't wait for surgery!!
Once I finally made up my mind to do it I'm ready- like right now ha. The next few weeks will be very busy with my kids going back to school and soccer starting so that should help with my impatience.

How long did you all wait to drive after surgery?

Also, how many people did you tell? It's kind of an awkward and personal conversation. I've been nervous about telling my son's grandparents, but I know I'll need them to help more with him after my surgery.

I can't wait to have normal size areolas! I have always felt uncomfortable with them even before having kids when my boobs were perkier.

Bras bras and more bras!

The bras I ordered came in the mail! I got them washed and they are waiting. I also got a comfy button down pjs set.

Can't wait!

Pre-op with surgeon

I saw Dr. Robinson today for my pre-op appt. The paperwork that was given to me was very thorough and answered a lot of my questions.

One thing I wasn't sure about was the size of sports bras I should be bringing with me for after surgery. He told me to get a C cup and whatever my current band width is so it'll be nice and tight and keep swelling down.
I reiterated to him today how important it is to me to have perky breasts and smaller aerolas. He already had reviewed everything from our last appt. I could tell because he already knew exactly what I wanted.

I feel so so excited!
I also asked about when I could drive. I was told that I can drive once I'm no longer on pain meds, but probably won't feel really up to driving for 5-7 days.

They gave me a prescription for vicodin.
I'm glad I can get it filled ahead of time and have it on hand for after surgery.

Tomorrow is my pre-op appt with my medical dr. That's really the last step that I have to complete before surgery.

Come on Sept 7th!

Almost time!

I'm posting a couple more gross before pictures. Since it's so close I wanted to make sure to get plenty of befores so that afterwards I can compare and do side by sides.

I can't wait!!
Thank you to everyone who I've been following and to everyone who has been following my journey!

Almost there!! Ekk!

I got the last of the items I wanted the other day- arnica gel, tylenol, one size smaller sports bra- I'm taking several with me so they can choose which one will work best for after surgery.

I'm so ready! If you are a person who takes a long time to make a big decision and then once you decide you want to do it like right now, I recommend to only schedule surgery a month out. I scheduled mine for almost 2 months out and it's been tough to wait. It feels like things are kind of on hold. I can't wait to see my new boobs!!! I am off tomorrow for Labor Day and then have one day of work and then up early on Tuesday to get to the surgical center by 715am. It's all surreal to me!

Yay! New Boobs!

Today has been a dream come true! I woke up with so much adrenaline running. I was so worried that I wouldn't be able to pee for the pregnancy test since I hadn't had anything to drink, but it was no problem. Ha.

I've slept most of the day, but have set alarms for pain meds. I feel like someone is sitting on my chest, but really I've been pleasantly surprised about the pain. So Far ha.

I'm eating some pineapple right now to help with swelling.

First Shower

I took my first shower post op today. It was a bit harder than I anticipated. I still have gauze on so I can't see much, but I like what I see so far! I've been resting a lot.
The surgical center called this morning to check on me. I thought that was really nice!

More photos

POD 3?

The last couple of days I've been blessed to be able to get a lot if sleep. My family has been truly amazing. They brought my boys home tonight. I missed them terribly, but was also nervous because I still am feeling so sore and tired. My mom brought chicken parm and it was delicious! Then my dad came over and watched the Angry Birds movie with us and helped with the boys.

The pain meds are a double edged sword. I need them because Im still experiencing a significant amount of pain, but they make me have weird scary dreams and waking up sweating. I'm trying some ice packs right now on my breasts to help.

I scheduled my post op visit for friday the 16th at 2pm. That's when he'll take off the gauze and I'll get to see them! Despite the pain and hassle I couldn't be happier that I did this. I've wanted it for so long.

One of my big pieces of gauze fell off while I was trying to dry it after the shower

The gauze is so annoying when it's wet! Nice to get a bit of a sneak peak though!

I'm feeling a lot better now that I'm off the vicodin.


I finally pooped today! Yay! The nausea in the morning is getting better too. I made a simple dinner tonight. It was the first one that I've made since my surgery. I also did some hw with my kids. I'm happy I'm starting to be able to do more!

1 week

I made it! Last week at this time I was preparing for surgery early the next morning. The last 2 days have shown great relief for me. I'm getting my energy back and feeling a lot better!

The zip in front sports bras like to unzip.i really like the cotton ones with the clips down the front.

I hope everyone is doing great!

Tape came off Friday

The tape came off when I went for my post op visit. Dr. Robinson instructed me to put Neosporin on my incisions and gave me more pads to put in my sports bra. The incisions looked pretty gnarley at first, but are already looking less red and gross with just 2 days of neosporin.

I'm feeling a lot better and able to do a lot more. I ended up starting to drive again at exactly 1 week po. At first turns were a little difficult. I could feel the muscles tighten up, but it's better now. I still have to be careful reaching for things and still am only allowed to sleep on my back. I get stitches out at my next appt which is a week from tomorrow.

Stitches came out today. Worried!

Everything was looking so good. Now I'm really concerned about the under side of one breast. It looks like it's coming too far apart. What do you think?

Open wound from incision opening

More pictured of dehisced wound

So this recovery process has turned put to be much more than I anticipated. I got my stitches put exactly 2 weeks after surgery. That night I went to change dressings and saw that the incisions on my left breast at the T junction had come open. I called my plastic surgeon the next morning. I was told to wash it with a mild soap and water twice a day and use neosporin on the open areas and continue using the dressing. They asked me to call back in a few days with an update. After a few days I was more worried than ever to the point I couldn't sleep. I called and asked to be seen. They fit me in that same day. He told me that I did a good job keeping it clean and that it wasn't infected. The yellow part at the bottom is fatty tissue. There are also some scabs forming.
So the dressing I was using was sticking to the wound and causing scabs to come off and more bleeding. They told me to switch to tefla. It is a non adherant dressing. I switched to that on wed. I see the surgeon again this week on Friday. It's going to take quite some time to heal, but he said that in the end it won't affect my breast shape.


Open wound healing process

I went back to my surgeon for my 1 month appt on Friday. He said that healing is coming along, but since the wound is still open I'm to stay in the sports bras and no exercise other than walking.
I definitely notice some improvement. New skin is forming around the edges.

Update: wound healing process

It's nice that it no longer hurts for water to run over the open wound in the shower.

Hope for reopened incisions

Healing has taken a lot longer than I ever expected, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I go back to my surgeon on Monday. I'm still in sports bras and restricted from exercise. I feel patient though. I'm just trying to do everything he's told me to do and not do what he's said not to do.

Feeling so much better

So I can finally lay on my sides sometimes. I missed that!

I'm feeling excited about getting fitted for a bra soon too!

Wound Update

It's almost closed up!!!! Still lots of redness. I'm still using a little neosporin on the open part and vitamin e oil on the rest to help with the scarring.

Check in

Columbus Plastic Surgeon

The office was nice- clean and well-organized. The staff were nice and helpful. The surgeon gave me great information and was very pleasant.

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