28 Breast Augmentation and Lipo of Midsection - Columbus, OH

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I am 28 yrs old active with no children. After a...

I am 28 yrs old active with no children. After a miscarriage 4 years ago my breast had expanded so quickly I was left with empty "bags" instead of breast. One of the most depressing parts about it was how nice my cleavage was prior to the miscarriage.

After years of research and waiting I finally have the time to go ahead and proceed with a breast augmentation. I decided to add a liposuction of my mid section due to years of struggling with loosing the pooch. I am a very active person and even when I was a under weight model I still had a "pooch." I have cut out all sorts of food, followed clean eating for years, and some of the hardest workouts on the market and I still have these trouble spots. I can live with thicker legs and thicker arms, but this donut on my front just has to go.

I have found that most friends and family are supportive of my breast augmentation but less supportive of the liposuction. I workout everyday and if it was that easy as going to the gym and clean eating it would be gone.

I chose Dr. Gawe here in Columbus Ohio because I felt the most comfortable with her and her staff. I did have a consultation at a difference office first, but the staff really was a turn off. The doctor is important but the staff is who preps you and takes care of the minor details. If they don't seem too are about you before the surgery what makes you think they will be helpful afterwards.

Dr. Gawe completely understands what I am looking for and her no pressure attitude about it being my choice and up to makes me feel much more reassured that I am choosing what I want rather than being told what would be better for me. Although a lift is recommended for me this was left up to me as an option. I feel more comfortable taking one step at a time because once you are nipped and tucked there is no reversing. I feel that once I have the BA I can gauge how much of a lift or placement I would like. Maybe I am a bit of a controls freak but it's my body and I should be the one choosing what it will look like.
I think the one obvious benefit to Dr. Gawe being a female is she understands how I feel about my breast and my body and not just from a professional view.

I have my pre surgery appointment next week and the surgery date is set for the 25th :)

11 days to go!

I had my appointment to choose size last week and I had a bit fun I will say.
My stats are: 5'9" tall, 36-29-39 measurements. I have a fairly wide back so I do have broad shoulders. My current breast size us about a 36c-d, but that's in a bra that pulls these empty breasts. I generally choose c/d cup bras because the cups are wider so it looks much more natural under clothing but I dont exactly fill the cup out depending on if they are push ups or not.

During my pre-op appointment I initially thought I would want 450cc but when I put those sizers in my sports bra it did not look like I did anything. It wasn't until I stuck in 550 sizers that I liked how it made my breast look full. I couldn't see a difference between 550 and 600 and I noticed by the reviews and also suggested by Dr. Gawe, if you cant see a difference its always better to go with the size up.

Its been a week and I am still unsure do I am going to run in on thursday or friday and try them in one more time and in a tighter sports bra as will. I will make sure to snap pictures this time.

before photos

I took these photos morning of the surgery.

day of surgery

I was so anxious I didn't sleep. I was afraid I wouldn't wake up in time. My surgery took place at St. Ann's. I was the first scheduled surgery and the staff at Saint Ann's was great. All of the nurses and anesthesiologist were females and shared in my excitement to have breasts again.
I am very sensitive to meds so I was knocked out and mostly pain free. In the recovery room prior to going to the discharge room I woke up thinking omg my chest is tight but I have boobs!
Now I wasn't completely pain free but I was very uncomfortable. My boobs were so tight and swollen I didn't even notice my stomach was sore.
I had lipo on just my lower and upper abdomen. The initial feeling was a burning sensation. But again my breast were throbbing so much I didn't even find the burning of my belly button bothering me.
However, getting up and sitting back down in the discharge rooms was hard. I was prewarned that when I get up and sit back down I would get a discharge of fluids and blood from the lipo incisions. And I did. Alot. I had to pee almost every 3 hrs and it was like drips for 5 minutes. This was the only time I found my stomach to be in pain since my muscles naturally were squeezing. But as soon as I got up I had blood and fluids run all down my legs. Not to be graphic, but you need someone in the bathroom with you for the first few days. I noticed I get extremely nauseous if I am in the bathroom too long. I dont know if its because of being in a closed space or just seeing all the discharge from my lipo incisions.
I slept most for the day after the surgery. My procedure was at 7:30am, Dr. Grawe was there at 7:15 to mark my areas.
I was knocked out immediately so I cannot say much about the surgery but I can say I really loved the staff at St. Ann's Hospital.
I was discharged about 1:40 and I slept, ate, peed every 3 hrs.
I had rags at my bedside because I was bleeding quite frequently. I layed two towels under neath me and I slept in just the surgical bra and a blanket.
I made sure to take my meds on a schedule to keep myself from getting to a pain level I couldn't tolerate.

Day after

My breasts are tender but don't hurt as much as the day before. Today I can really feel how sore my stomach is. I have been eating lots of high protein foods as recommended. I still find being in the bathroom too long nauseating. The bleeding from the incisions has stopped. And the throbbing of my chest as well. My breasts are still tender but I noticed I do have feeling in my nipples and my breasts are coming closer together. I slept on my back and did need help getting up and laying back down. I think if I had only my breasts done in wouldn't be so reliant of others. I cant imagine if I had lipoed my whole mid section such as obliques, love handles, Etc. With the breast. augmentation.

day after pictures

Here are photos from the day after.
I chose 650cc mentor silicone implants. I was expecting them to be really high in my neck but I think they fit into the empty space of my breasts well enough that they aren't initially too high. I have a feeling when they do drop they will look very natural.

Before photos

They did not load properly earlier

5 day photos

These were from day 5. High but pretty natural from the side. I am very bloated so the waist band is causing some lines and a lil discomfort.
Columbus Plastic Surgeon

I chose Dr. K Roxanne Grawe out of Powell/Columbus area of Ohio. Both the staff and the doctor made me feel very comfortable and understood where i was coming from and what i was looking to achieve.

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