MiraDry First Treatment, I Hope It Works. Columbus, IN

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Today I had my first treatment. I have suffered...

Today I had my first treatment. I have suffered from both sweating and odour problems :(Had the procedure in the morning, now is about 10:30 pm and my armpits are veryyy swollen, mild bruising. Not a lot of pain, however a "weird"feeling I cant really describe( maybe burning?) in the underarms, not sure. This afternoon felt some pressure in my ribs, but nothing too extreme. the procedure went well, not a lot of pain, level 5 was applied since the aestheticism mentioned is the new protocol. She mentioned hair loss is usually a side effect from the treatment and said if I want to I can go to her office and get 3 treatments for free for laser hair removal, I thought that was really nice. I cant even express how much I hope this treatment works for me, I've read how Miradry has changed many people's lives but I have also read how it didn't work for some. I'm curious to know what is in the solution the apply after the first round of injections, does anybody know?

Second day

Today is the second day after my treatment. I was able to sleep well however when I woke up I was in a lot of pain. I discovered I burnt myself from the ice packs I used at night :( I'm very swollen still; even more than last night. I read somewhere that inflammation usually peaks between 24-48 hours after treatment. It feels weird to have so much inflammation in the underarm region, I cannot wait for it to gradually reduce. No sweat, no noticeable odor. I'm trying to find arnica cream since I've read it helps to reduce bruising and inflammation. I posted some pictures but I feel they do not reflect an appropriate image of how swollen my underarms really are. All I can do is to keep on praying to God and life that this really works... My recommendation: Be careful with the ice, it can really burn. I know everyone should know about this, I know ! But if you don't pay attention, you will be burnt.


Pictures second day

Day number 4

Still swollen, about 30%. Still bruised but that is expected. The area still a bit numb, painful but not as much. So far no sweat, no odor which has been so new for me. Even if this effect lasts for some days, it feels so new to feel odorless. I have no fear of expanding my arms when I'm close to people, what a different feeling :) No stains on my clothes... wow. My underarms feel bumpy, so I have been doing a gentle massage when I'm showering to help with tissue flexibility and decrease inflammation. Also, I tried to shave and had to be veryyy careful because the area is numb and I didnt want to press too hard and cut myself.

BE Careful

Happy Me

I still dont sweat. I have no odor. I CANT BELIEVE IT!!! The only minor issue is that sometimes when I extend my arms I feel very little limitation for range of motion, it feels as if my underarms need a little bit of tissue flexibility, however it doesn't happen every day. Scar from burning is getting better :) I cant believe the results, Im so happy!! I wish I knew about this a long time ago
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