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I had my miraDry on Friday June 21st, 2013. I...

I had my miraDry on Friday June 21st, 2013. I found out about the procedure from this website, and thanks to everyone's incredible reviews I booked the appointment within 2 weeks of finding out about it. Like you, I have suffered from axillary HH for years. The days of stuffing my shirt with kleenex, changing my shirt 2 or 3 times a day are hopefully now over. Here is my frank, and to the point review on what I think you should know. Enjoy!

The prep for the procedure:
Ouch. Be prepared for the lidocaine injections. I would recommend taking an over the counter NSAID before you go in. While the pain isn't excruciating, it certainly isn't pleasant, especially in the outlaying areas of your arm where the skin is more sensitive. They use a temporary tattoo of a grid on your arm to mark their target areas for the machine. She put them on both of my arms and before we started she had to reapply them due to my sweating. She commented "Wow, you really must need this". Duh, that's why I am spending our vacation fund for Mexico on my arm pits.

The procedure:
You should be numb by this point, and hopefully you are. The "heat" people have mentioned in previous reviews is actually an intense burning sensation. When you think about how they are microwaving your sweat glands, it makes sense. I only had a few points where the heat was intense, it only lasts for 3-4 seconds (which feel like much longer). If it happens to you though, grin and bear it. They can't re-treat that area if they stop in the middle so you need to push through it. You can do it, and remember why you're doing it.

Post Procedure:
Immediately after: By this point you are jittery from all of the epinephrine (in the lidocaine) they used. You're going to be shaky so take your time getting out of there so you can steady yourself. This is totally normal and just something to be aware of. They will give you ice to start using immediately, but be careful driving with it. Don't scream when you look at your arm in the mirror, it will look worse later so save it for then. If you bruise easily, like I do, your arm is going to look like a bruised and battered pin cushion. They sent me home with pain meds which I immediately took once I was home. There really wasn't much pain, just soreness.
2 Days out: The amount of swelling I have 48 hours later is insane. I am icing constantly and haven't taken any pain meds today at all. The bruising is pretty much gone, which surprised me. I can't put my arms down all the way, which is a bit awkward. But, overall I'm not in pain, just very swollen.

So am I sweating?
I have no idea. I have frozen water bottles under my arms constantly so I'm not sure. I can say that I haven't noticed any, which makes me hope there isn't any.

Was it worth it?
I sure hope so. While the miraDry isn't a picnic, I would still do it over again if it means I don't have HH symptoms anymore. The thought of having to do it again in 3 months and on a higher level (treated me at a 4, said they would do a 5 next time) isn't something I am looking forward to. I am going to go out and buy a beautiful silk shirt right before my next procedure, something I haven't been able to wear the past 7 years, as a reward for my going back in.

I will post updates in the future. For anyone thinking about doing this- DO IT. The pain is minimal and the promises of dry shirts and bright color palettes are lifelong.

Day 4... and I'm DRY!!!

It was fairly hot here yesterday, not that it ever really matted when it came to HH what the outside temperature was. Normally by this point my shirt would be drenched and I would be stuffing kleenex in my sleeves. I kept checking, but nothing was there! I feel like I should be sweating- but I'm not- not a drop!

I am still swollen. Yesterday I was much more sore than day 3. I attribute this to going all day without icing since I am back at work. This morning I iced before I left and took some ibuprofen. I'm not optimistic I will be playing softball this week (or even next), but at least I won't have to wear 2 shirts to try and hide my HH sweat. Winning.

I wore a beautiful pink polo shirt today. :)

Almost 3 weeks...

I am still numb and sensitive, but the swelling is definitely a million times better. There are small lumps as well, but they are only noticeable by touch and not by sight. I did experience the chaffing/sunburn feeling others have referred to at the 1 week mark. This was a pretty uncomfortable time, but using deodorant helped make it less uncomfortable.

I have not had any sweat since the day of the procedure. My shirts are bone dry. In the afternoons when I would be at my most active with HH, I do feel as though I should be sweating and my underarms do feel much warmer than I think they should be.

Satisfied customer!

Almost 3 months out and sweating again...

I'm pretty disappointed at the moment. I started sweating again 2 weeks ago, and am 10 weeks out from the first procedure. I am going back for the second treatment, but I am really worried if it took 10 weeks to start again then it may happen after the next treatment too. Why would I be completely dry for 2 months and then start sweating again if the glands were destroyed? I am cautiously optimistic, but nervous just the same. It isn't as bad as before, but I am sweating through my shirt as I type this...
Ann Therese

Kara was my nurse, she was wonderful!

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