BL, MTT and Lipo on 12/27/12 - Columbus, OH

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After planning for many many years, I was...

After planning for many many years, I was surprised how fast the day approached and then before I knew it the post-op nurse was telling me to take a deep breathe. That is plane crazy to me!!! But here I am 5 days post op and feeling pretty great. I consider myself a big girl at 5'10 and 225 but very proportionate and wear 14-16. I've always had lg breasts and over the years, child birth, best feeding and weight flux I knew it was time for me to take me back. I began working put again and making dietary changes and lost about 40 lbs over the past year. I'm 46 and it seemed the more I lost, the more things began to hang, so off to the PS office I went. I am blessed with working w a lot of fantastic PS and knew who ever I went to I would be in good hands. Being older and still considered obese my greatest fear was getting through the procedure and then getting up enough to prevent dvt/pe. I know too much in this arena. Anyhow, I left the surgery center w 2 abd drains and a Foley catheter. I was supposed to leave that foley in for 3 days but knew it was aiding in laziness so I took it out the next day to make sure I was getting up and movin. Day 3 was the worse! Pain, gas, bloating and an over all feeling of WHY did I do this to myself, but by day 4 I was south better. Went to my first PO visit and had the binder was released for about 5 minutes, dressings changed and I was able to scratch like an ape. Felt so good. I left the apt and walked around a store for about 3 hours. Shopping with narcotics on board is kinda fun and thank goodness I had a designated driver.

My advice to everyone.... Get up and frequently! Push your fluids and primarily water! Eat fresh foods, fibers and proteins. This is good physically and mentally. Make sure you change your clothes and try to do it yourself, but back up is always nice. I started taking softeners a week prior to surgery and now take a pro biotic pill every morning. It's over the counter. It seems to be working kit fine.

Tomorrow is another PO visit and I hope to have the other drain removed, although I also would rather keep it than to have the fluid collect inside. So I will deal with it as long as I need to.

I hope to post some pictures soon so you can try and relate for yourselves. Keeps your eyes in the prize and go for your dreams.

Currently, I am perky! Started at 38-DD to 40- D depending on style. The support bras I bought were from JCP. Totally supportive and a front zip. They were 36DD and seem to be fitting really well. I had a mini TT w a lot of lipo to abd, flanks and miffinntops. My back hurt the most with swelling and being on it theist, but is much better beginning day 4.

I do itch but that's a side effect of my pain meds. I am down to one Tylenol and one Lortabs every six hrs which I think is pretty good.

Lets knownofmypu have any questions or if i i left out any details, other than the pics, that you want to know.

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I knew his work personally.

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