Mini TT, lower ab repair, upper ab Lipo

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This is my yr to finally get my TT, I gained 60...

This is my yr to finally get my TT, I gained 60 lbs during pregnancy on a 5'w" petite frame which left my stomach a flappy mess! My daughter is almost 3, I've already had my consult which he indicated I'm a good candidate for a Mini. I will post more before and afters once the date comes closer!!!

5 weeks away!!

Omg it's getting closer! I just called and paid 4,380 for my mini tummy tuck with lower an muscle repair and lipo to upper abs. Here are a couple more before pics. I'm working out at Title Boxing Club so I'm trying to lose as much body fat as possible before my surgery!

Pre Op appt

I had my pre op appt this morning and it went so fast! They had me in and out in 15 mins. I took a pg full Of questions because I was starting to freak out about it. He answered all my questions and showed me his portfolio of his MTT procedures again. He is also tightening my lower ab muscles and performing lipo to my upper abs. He said the incision is just like a c section only a little longer. The flap of skin goes clear over to my hips when I sit down but he said he pulls the skin down as well as in so there is no need to extend the incision. I really trust him and his work is amazing so the only thing left to do now is get my rx's filled and buy some yoga pants!! I'll post more befores too right before my surgery.

More before pics

Wanted to show everyone what it looks like to sit down. I have a lot of excess fat I was hoping to decrease as much as possible but I've been sick and haven't gone to the gym in a week and my surgery is in 24 days!! I have a really good outlook on this surgery and I know I won't regret it once I see the final product after I'm all healed! It is such a pain to find high waisted pants to wear and also wearing spanx!!! I can't wait to burn those suckers!!!

April 4th 8am!

Had to set the date back a week due to childcare arrangements but that just means another week to squeeze in gym time! I'm heading there now after being away and sick for 2 weeks!!!

Emotional roller coaster!

9 days left and I've been a wreck since I paid and scheduled it weeks ago! I know I want this, I've wanted it for 3 yrs. but now it's actually happening and I'm scared of the pain, scar, healing process...depressed already and bitter about my mother in law keeping my girl for 2-3 days. Stressed about how much I feel I need to do the day before(cleaning, laundry, meal prep) my husband can't cook to save his life bless his heart lol! I know all you women have surely went through the same thing....any tips or meal ideas would be greatly Appreciated! I think I'm gonna make a big pot of low sodium veggie soup and also have stuff to make protein shakes for the first few days. Percocet takes my appetite away! The thing I'm not feeling much of at all is excited..... That worries me...I know if I didn't go through with this then id regret it. I'm just more worried than anything.

48 hrs till "the flat side"

48 hrs exactly until my surgery time. Nothing has changed really, still the same weight even though I was hoping to lose a little before surgery. I read that even losing 5-20 lbs after a TT won't mess up the results! I'm still a nervous wreck but from what I can read everyone gets their nerves soo hyped up an then after they all say they were expecting much worse! That makes me feel better! My doc also prescribed zofran for the nausea often associated with opioids like Percocet. I keep looking at other women's supply list and keep adding to mine! Like the wisps mini toothbrushes! Genius! Too bad I didn't think sooner about renting a recliner! Another genius idea! The pain is now the last thing I'm worried about. It's now being away from my daughter from thurs night to Monday afternoon:( and then when I get her's only 4 days post op...I'm still going to be stuck to a couch....poor thing she won't understand what the heck is going on. My hubby said he would take her places everyday. I know how fast time goes so I know in no time I'll be 1 week post, then 2, then 4. Feeling better and better everyday:) I'm hitting it hard one last time at title boxing today! See you on the flat side ladies!!!!

Almost forgot

Oh yea and he is also going to fix the top of my belly button which droops down. I didn't care about that and actually wonder if people will know I've had work done if my belly button looks weird and has a scar....oh well I know my PS knows best and I trust his work!!


The excited feeling has finally set in! I'm EXCITED! Today I went to the gym and plan on squeezing in one more session tomorrow. I have been cleaning most of the day and tomorrow is meal prep day, chicken breast, top sirloin, wild rice, and veggies to put in Tupperware. I already have protein powder, fresh pineapple, cottage cheese, kefir, bean salad, eggs, low sodium soups, and picked up all natural peanut butter with flaxseed and blue diamond almond thins to eat before I take my percocets. I also bought extra strength Tylenol, Colgate wisps disposable toothbrushes, gauze pads, wipes, my Ativan, and silicone scar strips for after I get the stitches out. I also plan on using coconut oil to massage the scar area as well:) This preplanning feels a lot like when I was scheduled to be induced with my daughter lol

12 hrs and I will be in surgery!!!!

My TV tray is all stocked and I made my couch with lots of pillows soo can be sitting up and will place another pillow under my knees. At this point it's either Go Big or go home! See all you beautiful ladies on the flat side!!!! Xoxo

So Sore!!!

Ok when I got woken up after anesthesia I was groggy but I had a lot of gurgling wheezing in my cheese! They told me that I ha a rare complication where when they pull out the breathin tube after surgery, negative pressure could happen and I instinctively gasped for air causing fluid to go I to my lungs. They have me a bag if lasix over the course of a couple hrs and kept having me deep breath and use an incentive spirometer. They also couldn't give me any pain meds due to my oxygen being in the 80's!!! Awful!!! Now I'm home and extremely sore but tolerable. Taking 2 5/325 percocets every 4 hours. He went up really high on the muscle tightening, that's something that I can feel all the time! I'm hoping to feel a little better tomorrow! Not draining fast, only about 10ml every 2-3 hours, and yes the bulb is deflated lol

Spell check

Chest not cheese!! Lol

Still hanging in there!

I got pretty good sleep last night and slept again from 11-2:15. Drinking a lot of protein shakes, kefir, water and nibbling on pineapple, cottage cheese and bean salad. Muscle repair had been my biggest annoyance so far! Yesterday I couldn't feel the incision but today I can. The drain isn't causing me any problems thank god and the only way I can sleep is on my side which I alternate to limit the level of swelling on each side. I have to keep wounds covered and dry for 48 hours so tomorrow i will take off my binder to change the gauze which are pretty bloody(dried) also I'm taking my Arnica I got from GNC 2 tabs 4x day which I think it helps ALOT I've been peeking at my wounds and see no bruising so far. Also when my doc marked the incision line on my abdomen, I asked him if there was anyway he could lower it to the top of the hair line. He did make a new mark but then added that when it gets too low it can make sex weird because it's so tight around that area. I thought, as long as I'm not numb then that's ok! Lol and yes I've already checked and I'm not numb yay! Lol anyway I can't wait to see and show you all the pic of my binder off! Xoxo happy healing ladies!!



Don't mind the boxers lol they are my husbands I threw on

3rd day post op

Everything is SLOWLY moving along. Like slow as a snail but I can tell they are going in the right direction. I'm still really sore and my back is ON FIRE!!! Today I took my binder off to sponge up some but left my padding in place. I remove the binder every 3-4 hrs to rub anti itch lotion to my back and gently rub the lipo areas and above my navel. That has really helped loosen up the tightness and swelling. I took pics of my bruising. During the pre op consults he told me upper ab lipo and lower ab muscle tightening but it ended up being upper ab tightening and lipo to flanks. I can't tell if he tightened my lower and or not. I'm going to ask him details when I see him Tuesday. I think I really got my money's worth!! I'm soo anxious to get my daughter back tomorrow and my drain out Tuesday! I think by tues-wed I'll be feeling pretty good! There is no way in hell I could have ever dreamed or results like these with diet and exercise. Last June I was down to 108 and still had a flappy bulge when I sat down. Will keep updating!

4 day post op

Getting drain out tomorrow!

5 day PO

I slept for 12 hrs last night with my 3 yr old right beside me in bed! My incision looked really good this morning! I got up and made eggs, toast and coffee for my family. Then I took a shower and that's when I ran out of energy. I took about 45 mins to get lotion on, neosporin on my stitches, binder on and dressed. I'm now on my back on the couch with my legs under pillows with my daughter watching cartoons. Later I will change the bed sheets and maybe fold some clothes. I'm getting sad because I can't do much with my daughter:( she is so high energy and I wanna run and jump around with her. Here is an updated pic!!

1 week PO

Feeling really great today! No pain just slightly sore. Still bruised and swollen but my garment is getting looser. I can sleep on my stomach now and stand up straight! Only thing is that I'm still tired but I listen to my body and sit down when needed.

10 days post op

Not in a very good mood today. I'm sick of being tender and having to guard my Belly when moving around and trying to get comfortable. My belly still looks the same as yr 7 day post. Wondering if I would have benefited better from a Full TT...but the surgeon told me I didn't have enough skin above my belly button for a full. I just still feel full, round, bloated, and fat. I keep reading how long it takes to see results for a tummy tuck and lipo and the average is 3-6 weeks for lipo and 6-12 months for a tummy tuck. Tired of not being about to do everything around here too. The right side of my incision is constantly burning! I guess it's just nerves healing. I'm tired of being sedentary. I miss my gym workouts. Sorry for the rant I'm just kinda over this healing process and I know I have a ways still to go:(

2 weeks post op!

Time is going fast and I couldn't welcome it more! 2 weeks feels great, I can't wait to see how I feel at 4, 6, and 8 weeks out. I'm a lot more mobile. Yesterday I went grocery shopping and took a small walk with my daughter. Halfway through my shopping trip though my back started burning so I guess I'm still using my back some to support myself when ambulating even though I can't tell I am. I'm excited to get my stitches out today and start working on my scar! My appt is at 2:15 so I will post another pic without all these blues stitches! Yesterday I had pizza and a few glasses of wine!!????. Oopsie! I hope my PS won't be able to tell so I'm trying to flush my body with lots of water this morning lol I want him to say I'm coming along nicely not that I have mad swelling and what the hell have I been eating lol also I think he may say that I only have to wear my binder for 12 hrs/day instead of 24/7. Also I want to ask how much tissue/fat was removed....grams? and how far apart were my ab muscles...inches? Happy healing RS!!

Another 2 weeks pic

Post 2 week appt

Ok so my PS took out my stitches and said because of my swelling that I have to wear my binder 24/7 for another 2 weeks:( then he will reassess my swelling at that time. Boo!! ???? but he said everything is looking good. He told me to keep Vit E on it at all times. I had other plans in mind regarding my scar healing process before this appt and asked him what about coconut oil? Or scar guard silicone patches? Which I had already bought....and he said no just Vit E. He said the silicone strips are more for larger scars known as Keloids. Well...maybe in 2 more weeks he'll give me the go ahead because I've heard great reviews on those strips from women with tummy tucks. But I will listen to him first! I asked questions and he said he got quite a bit of skin removed from my lower abdomen as well as some skin that was pulled down and cut off my upper belly button. He repaired my upper abs through that small cut on my belly button which I thought was pretty talented! He also said he repaired lower abs and that they were no more than 1 finger width apart. Also lipo on sides and upper stomach....700ml worth!!! I thought that was a lot for me but I'm not complaining!! I did the calculations and that is 23ounces, about a lb and a half! Wow!! Goes to show how stubborn abdominal fat can be with diet and consistent exercise!! All this information definitely reassures me that I never could have achieved my desired look without plastic surgery. I also can't believe I've had plastic surgery!! That sentence just sounds weird as I'm only 29. I thought plastic surgery is something 40-60 yr olds get lol! Anyway I'm really happy with what's to come and he said he will take my after pic at 8 weeks post op because the lipo swelling is the last to leave. Oh AND I got home and started putting on my vit E on my incision when I noticed a small opening I'm my incision!!! I could pull it apart slightly and see the white internal stitches!!! I called his after hours line and he called me back saying he saw it today and that it will close on its own and just to keep it covered. It freaked me out!! He also said that my internal stitches are desolveable but my body may "spit them out" and if so just leave them alone and don't try to pull them out yourself. Ooohhhh the things us women put our bodies through I'm order to regain confidence back!! It's crazy!! My husband really has NO idea how easy he has it as a man!!!!! Lol!!

4 weeks PO!

Yesterday I had my doc appt and he said everything is moving along fine, still some swelling, and he sai my incision is red and to keep up on the Vit E. I was using it all the time but recently I started the silicone strips and within 24 hrs it was smooth and the puckering was gone! He told me I can ditch the binder but I have to wear spanks during the day and nothing at night. Also I can workout but no abs which I couldn't do abs anyway! I'm still slightly sore and numb but overall I'm so happy with the way things are looking! I can't wait to start getting into weight lifting (slowly) and transforming my body to get sculpted!

Forgot to mention

I told my PS that I felt my belly was all lumpy and bumpy and when I looked down I could see dips and hills. He said it was the lipo and that eventually everything will smooth out as the swelling from the lipo leaves last.

Almost 4 months PO

My scar is still pretty red. Have been using vit E then mederma. Not worried about it though I know it will eventually fade. Right now I'm working out and focusing on trying to lose more body fat for a better result.
Columbus Plastic Surgeon

Dr Steven Robinson was so nice and patient with all the questions I had! He showed me his portfolio of his before and afters of his work and of women who had the similar stomach as I did. He made me feel at ease and ecstatic to get this done!!! I could tell he does these procedures all the time he acted like it was no big thing for him so I know I am in good hands!! I would definitely recommend him!!

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