Boobies on October 9th! - Columbus, OH

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My pre op appointment is tomorrow morning and I'm...

My pre op appointment is tomorrow morning and I'm excited/nervous. I've been waiting for this for such a long time and it's finally happening! Everything is done and paid for i just have to figure out the details.

I am 24 years old, no kids, currently wear a 32A. I usually wear a very padded or a gel push up, some times of the month I don't even fill that up. I'm 100 lbs and about 5'2", my waist is 22 inches, and i think my rib cage is 27. I would like to be a b or a small c cup because I think anything bigger would look weird on my petite body. During my consultation, the doctor told me that 225-250cc's would get me there. We talked about mentor, high profile, under the muscle. I've read about the whole internet about implants since then and i'm now scared that that size might be disappointing. I made rice sizers and now i'm leaning more towards 250-275cc's. I really like how these look in the rice sizers but I've heard that you lose as much as 50cc's of size going under the muscle. I'm pretty sure 300 is way too big for my frame though. Gahh i guess we'll see what he says tomorrow!!

Pre op yesterday!

Went to my pre op appointment yesterday! Now the count down begins... 15 days! Eeeeek!

The appointment went well. Though, I'm still in the same size confusion as I was before. I showed the doctor my "wish boob" pictures and he said the shape can definitely be achieved with my frame but the size is up to me. So it's either 275 or 300ccs, high profile. Obviously the bigger ones will be a tiny bit closer together and a tiny but more side boob.. I tried on the sizers and 300 seems hugggggge on me. So im Leaning more to the 275.. but I'm so scared of the boobie greed setting in after its too late. What to do, what to do...

They said they'll order both sizes for me so I can choose the day of if I want.

So that's pretty much it. I got a physical and everything is set :) I just have a couple of things to do and I have to go pick up my prescriptions and a couple things before the big day! If anyone post op knows of any must-haves let me know!

10 days!

I went and filled my one million prescriptions today. I really hope I don't need everything they called in for me. Oh and my pharmacy forgot to fill the Vicodin! I'm glad I filled everything today and noticed instead of waiting to the last minute and being vicodinless. That wouldn't have been fun!

My doctor offers something called a pain pump for after surgery. It's just a little device that pumps pain medication to each incision. Has anyone gotten one? I added one onto my bill when I paid for everything incase I decided that I want it. My doctor said that it's not necessary and that I'd have to make an extra trip back for it to be removed about a week after surgery. I'm also scared that it might interfere with my incisions and make a grosser scar. I'd like to hear from anyone who used one because I have to let the doctor know so he can order one.

Eeek the day is getting so close! 10 more days! I'm getting a little bit nostalgic actually.. not sure if that's normal or not. I want to wear all of my tiny colorful pushups one more time each! Also I'm kinda giving my boobs a pep talk.. no no not a pep talk because we did that 10 years ago on the subject of just GROWING... but now I'm like "Hey boobs, I'm sorry but if you would have just grown I wouldn't have to take drastic measures." I guess I'm trying to remember that my current boobs aren't just disappearing. They'll just be sitting up on a silicone throne!

I think that I'm going to go with 275ccs. I honestly think I would rather be too small than be too big. It's not like I'm a stranger to a padded push up bra. Plus, I'm young. Implants need to be replaced in 10 years. I'll be 34 and maybe if I think they're too small I'll upgrade then. I've been reading a lot of stories and one girl stuck out to me because she said that she went back and forth on size but when she opened her eyes after surgery the first thing she felt was relief that they weren't big. I think I'm the same way. I will cry if I end up a D cup. You can make your boobs look bigger but hiding them is much harder. (I'm talking like I have experience in trying to make boobs look smaller. The concept is baffling to me.)

I haven't told my boyfriend much about anything because I really don't want anything he says to influence my decision. This is about me not him. Obviously I've told him that I'm getting them.. he's really not thrilled. Or maybe he is secretly and doesn't want me to feel bad about my before boobs? When I vaguely asked him "bigger or smaller" he immediately said "smaller!" I think he's scared that they will end up looking all stretched out and round.. like what a lot of people think of when you say fake boobs. Hopefully they don't turn out like that!

Boobie vacation!

Just counting down here.. Trying to stay busy before the big day! I've got a ton of school work to do so that's helping. This weekend I bought a few more things I need/wanted before my surgery. I got a fruit of the loom clip front bra that my coordinator sujested. I got a back warmer, a big prop-up pillow, some hairbands, and a few zip up shirts. I'm getting a little bit antsy here.

Next weekend I'm going to clean my apartment top to bottom so I know where everything is and I'm comfortable the first couple days. Im actually excited to be off work for a whole week. I feel like I'm taking a vacation! Boobie vacation! Sad that I'd rather sit on my couch in pain than go to work!

I told my boss two months ago that i was having a breast augmentation and that I need off a week from the 9th to the 16th. I wish I wouldn't have told her why I needed the time off now because she was mean to me about it today. I told her that ill have to take it easy and not be lifting too much for the first couple of weeks because I don't want to hurt myself. She got real bitchy and was like "You are getting an elective surgery. You're hurting yourself on purpose." Ugh. I shouldn't have told her. She's probably just jealous :P


Please forgive my terrible spelling on the last post :P

6 days!

It's coming so fast! I'm getting pretty nervous. I wish I could just chill instead of being so antsy!

I talked to my mom and she is going to stay with me Tuesday night and take me to my appointment Wednesday morning. She told me that she told my dad and that he's worried. I really wish she didn't tell him. He didn't have to know. I am really so glad that I told her though. At first I was too embarrassed and I wasn't going to tell her but I definitely made the right decision. She's been nothing but supportive. She even said that she has thought about doing it for a long time and maybe I will inspire her to do it too. What a weight off my shoulders! Actually, everyone that I have decided to tell (besides my boss!) has been surprisingly totally supportive and awesome about it. Maybe they're not saying what they really think to me? Hmm.. Whatever. I've kinda learned during this journey to getting boobs that everyone is insecure with something. I told a friend who I work with that I a getting implants and she was so awesome. She offered to work for me the days I need off and then she told me how she desperately wants to get a breast reduction. So yeah. Everyone has their own thing going on..

I think I made my size choice. My gut is telling me 275. I almost want to call and tell them I decided 275 and to not let me change my mind. I keep looking at other girls on here and a couple other sites but I know I have to stop comparing myself to them. I think larger implants look great on other girls but my body just isn't built for them and I don't want to look like obvious boob job. Errr but what if I get 275 and am totally disappointed! Boobie greed is terrible.

Umm.. I bought a plastic spacer for my nose ring because my doctor said no metal jewelry. So I already changed into that. I'm going to miss my little loop :(

I can't wait to go buy some clothes that look good on me! I saved some birthday money for a small shopping spree after my boobs have healed. That's probably what i am most excited for. Usually I just buy clothes to either disguise my flat chest or make it look bigger. I can't wait to buy some that just complement it!

I'm going to post some before pictures. Promise not to laugh?


I've heard a couple girls on here referring to the cleaning up of your space before for a a BA as "nesting"... Like what you do before a baby comes. It's a pretty good word for it. That's what I'm doing today!

2 days!!

Eeeeeek! :0

Got a lot done this weekend. Pretty much everything is ready to go. I've got an assortment of bras, post op food/snacks/drinks, prescriptions, scar treatment, ice packs, heaters, and apartment has never been so clean! Now just 2 more days of work and I'll be ready to go.

I'm obsessing over size again. This morning I woke up feeling great about 275 and even that it might turn out a little big. Then I get on here looking at other girls and who went around that same size turned out small looking and I see other girls going way bigger and looking great. Trying to remember when I was at the pre op visit, my coordinator told me that going to 300 would put me in borderline D zone. I don't want a D.. but I've heard that implants look smaller in size than natural.. so maybe a D wouldn't be terrible? Ahh I don't know! I can't wait to not have to think about it any more. I'm probably going to end up with 275 anyway so I really don't know why I keep thinking about it.

Ok.. going to bed. 3 more sleeps!!!

Resigning as president of the bitty titty committee tomorrow!

Well, well, well. Here we are. The countdown ends in like 6 hours. I should try to get some sleep. I was pretty relaxed earlier but now I'm getting scared. Not even sure what I'm scared of. I guess the whole cutting me open thing. I think I'm scared that they won't turn out right and all of this was for nothing. I stillll worried about size. I just can't figure it out. Ive literally read thousands of reviews and before and after stories, I've tried on rice sizers, and I've talked to the doctor. I tried on rice last night. 250- too small. 275-I like but will some get "lost" under the muscle and turn out small like 250? 300-looks big to me.. but maybe just because I'm starting with nothing and it will end up looking like 275 under the muscle?

Gah! Well I hope the answer comes to me in a dream because I have to get some sleep. Going to talk to the doctor tomorrow before I go under to figure it out.

I stole a picture from Widgetit on here because it is my ultimate "wish boob" picture.

I'll see you on the other side!

I did it!

It's been 12 hours since surgery now! Ah! really wasn't THAT bad. My mom and I woke up at around 6:30 AM and I showered and got ready and said good bye to my tiny boobs. They were actually looking pretty cute and perky this morning but I think they just heard me talking about them. Ok so i got there around 7:45 and the nurse brought me back immediately. She let me drink some water with a handful of pills she gave me. Then she had me get changed into a gown, socks, and leg warmers. kept panties on. Thank goodness. Um.. then she came back and put my IV in. She put it in like opposite my elbow and i wish i would have told her to put it in my hand because it was super uncomfortable. I laid on the bed and she talked to us about all of the prescriptions. She said to definitely take the Vicodin so that I'm comfortable the whole time. I was questioning it because I get really sick from it and i don't like taking pills.
Ok so before I knew it the doctor came in and drew on me a little bit. I talked to him about size and showed him the picture i posted here on my last post. He said 275 would get me there and it was doable. He came back and asked if he could use 270 ultra high profile if he gets in there and thinks that's what i need for my tiny sized chest. I told him it's fine and whatever he thinks will be best.
I was walked into the operating room and of course it was scary. It was sooo cold and i was so scared i was shaking like a cat at the vets office. It all happened so fast though. The anesthesiologist made some small talk while she got me all ready. She put the oxygen on my face and before I knew it i was out. I remember having a dream and i really wish they hadn't woken me from it so abruptly. I woke up in a daze and feeling super dizzy and nauseous. I don't remember much but my mom said i was acting silly... like trying to drive the wheelchair "flintstone" style instead of letting the nurse push me. hehe I got home and threw up in a bag in my moms car. Not a great moment. She helped me in and I just sat on the couch.

I didn't have any problem trying to eat. I ate a protein shake and some fruit. Though I threw up the shake. I was very nauseous. I think i was given half a Vicodin before leaving the office but i don't remember. I Pretty much just sat here all day and snacked and drank. I haven't taken any pain pills at all because I really don't want to be sick feeling. I might take half of one to sleep. Other than that just taking Tylenol.

My chest is sooooo tight and hard and they start at my collarbone. My boyfriend came over and was terrified. I don't think it's too bad. They will settle. I hope they drop well. The size is good I think but its too soon to say for sure. When i look down at my bra they still seem very flat. like no cleavage at all. Did anyone else experience that? i hope they don't stick out to the sides! I keep hitting my arm on my sideboob. I guess only time will tell how they are going to look. I really cant believe that other girls my size get bigger than this! I feel like i'm stretched to the very max.

All in all pretty good. Hopefully just as good tomorrow and I get good sleep. I can't believe i really have boobies! Seriously cannot wait for them to start looking good :)

1 week post

I can't say it was easy but I can already tell you that it was worth it!! It's only been a week and I'm feeling much better. I went to work and I get tired out really easy and my back is killing me... but otherwise I'm feeling really good. I think i had an easier than normal recovery. I was up and out to lunch and light shopping with my friend on day 3. I didn't really take my pain medication at all. Just a half to help me sleep. Otherwise, I've just been taking Tylenol.

I was getting a little bit worried around day 5 because they were sooo high up but i can tell now that they change for the better every day. I have to say that i picked the PERFECT size. If i had gone any bigger I think i would be looking top heavy and I would be uncomfortable. They really fit my body perfectly. Just the right size that it could be natural. Once they fall a little more and soften up I don't think i will even know the difference. :)

I haven't seen my incisions yet. They said to leave the tape on them until it falls off. I'm really scared to see whats under there so I've been really careful with the tape haha! On day 2 i was allowed to take the dressings (all but the tape) off and take a shower. The left one was very bloody but right was fine. I've had more pain in the left than the right.. but they seem to be dropping at the same rate.

I went to target 2 days ago and got too curious to NOT try on some bras.. just to see where I'm at. They don't have band size 32 there so the closest fit was a 34C. I think once they drop I'll get sized at a 32C. I'm happy with that. I also tried on a bunch of my clothes that never fit right. Ohhh gosh I love them all now. I tried on a super low cut Marlyn Monroe-looking dress... It was like.. WHOA! Still probably can't wear that one out of the house.. but for the opposite reason!

6 weeks!

I know i've been really bad at updating here. Sorry!!

Last Wednesday was my 6 week mark! I went for a check up today and everything is looking good. I really think i got lucky with a perfect recovery. Looking back this whole time i really had minimal pain and i think i bounced back fast. I'm feeling reallllyyy good about my results so far. No pain at all. Nipples still very sensitive though. I can sleep in any position now. I still find it uncomfortable to be on my stomach.

I went bra shopping for the first time this weekend! Very exciting! I saved all of my birthday money so i went a little bra crazy! I was measured at Victorias Secret as a 32D! I know.. that sounds really big to me but they're really not. Real boobs must have a different projection or something. I feel like a B in clothes. I'm between a 32C and a 32D places other than VS. I think I could even take a 30D if i could find any because the bands always seem a little loose. Anyway, I'm really happy about the size! Honestly, I probably could have gotten 300-325ccs and still been very happy with a little bigger. This is something i never want to say out loud though. I secretly think that in 10 years when they need to be replaced that i'll go a size or 2 up. Another thing I don't want to say out loud though. I'm very happy. No boob greed!

Couple more things...
I see everyone here talking about massaging. I asked my doctor about it today because i'm finding that my boobs are harder than i want them to be. He said that it takes time to soften up but he doesn't expect them to get MUCH softer and that i don't need to massage. That kinda scared me because i still feel like they are rock hard and why is everyone else massaging and i'm not? He said I can massage if i want but that it doesn't matter...

Also does anyone know when they will feel good. Haha they're so sensitive they hurt to be touched! My boyfriend was really upset with me for doing this but now he's finally coming around (because I think he realized how awesome they are!) but I don't want him to touch them because they feel so weird. Its like a sensitive pain but almost numb at the same time? I cant explain it but its almost like they aren't mine?


2.5 months! Quick update!

I can't believe it's already been so long! I feel almost completely back to normal!
Things to note:
I've been getting something that can best be described as "racne" or rack acne! After surgery my skin felt very stretched and I noticed it was sort of oily. The stretched feeling is long gone but my chest is on and off very bumpy. It sucks because I want to show them off with a lower cut shirt but I'm embarrassed of the skin!

I'm still fitting in a 32D which is great but honestly not as big as I thought. I really don't have much cleavage and a push up bra really doesn't push them up :/ I'm not complaining. They have dropped very well and I love the shape!

As far as softness.. They have gotten softer but I'm still hoping for more. I noticed that my left is softer than my right. I asked my boyfriend to feel and tell me which was softer. He confirmed that left is softer. My doctor said I don't have to massage but I have been thinking they will soften more. Still not sure.

Most of the bad sensitivity has gone away now with massaging.

I noticed that my right nipple sometimes looks a little funny. Like swollen or puffy. Not all the time but I don't like it... Not sure what that's about.

Incisions are looking good! Definitely getting better. Need to get some scar strips!

What else?
Oh yeah. I was so worried about my boyfriend not liking them because he was very quiet and worried about it preop. He still doesn't say much about it but I realized that he loves them when he bought me the sexiest lingerie I never thought I'd be able to wear for Christmas! It has lace unpadded cups with an underwire that I am so happy to fill out! Eeek seeing his face when I put it on was probably worth everything! So happy with my decision :)
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