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I always thought my teeth were fine growing up....

I always thought my teeth were fine growing up. But in the last several years, I decided that I wanted to make my teeth perfect. I had consultations with three orthodontists. I chose the orthodontist not with the lowest price but with the most thorough consult. we talked about my obvious gap in my lower teeth and he also asked me about having an open bite. I have never heard of an open bite in my life. he also asked me if I was a tongue thruster. Something else I had never heard of.  I have been a thumb sucker since about the age of 4. Though I'm luckier than most,  my teeth weren't nearly as bad as I've seen.

I decided to go with dr. Marshall. I chose Invisalign because it was actually a bit cheaper than braces and I was told that I would probably need them for less than a year. The office had the new scanning technology which only took about 20 30 minutes. I could see on the computer screen exactly what my teeth look like.

My trays came in two weeks later.I was ecstatic to find out that I only had 17 trays. I quickly calculated time of my treatment and it was about 34 weeks or a little over 8 months. I was given 15 attachments. 10 on top and 5 on bottom. That was fine by me as I just wanted the best result.  Not so concerned with visibility.

I'll spare you the details of my daily routine. I will say that I am not at all as persistent as I should be with my cleaning routine. I brush my teeth only in the mornings and at night. I soak my trays in a denture cup occasionally.I also use an electric nail file to smooth some sharp edges.the first few days I cut my tongue so many times I wondered what I got myself into.

I'm now on trade 12:17and my gap in all but completely closed. My open bite has been resolved. And I don't expect any revisions to be needed.

Please excuse any typos as I'm writing on my phone.  My review may be short but hopefully complete.


Last 4 trays!!!!

I picked up my last four trays today :) Trays 14-17. I brought up a concern I was having about a gap between teeth 2 and 3 (says the assistant). The gaps, on both sides, were never there before treatment, and I didn't think that 4 trays would be enough to close the gaps. The doc says as long as my trays are fitting perfectly not to worry about it, so I won't. He says we'll check on it after tray 17 to determine if refinements are needed. I also noticed that my last 3 trays say "overcorrection" and have a + next to the tray number. Did some googling on overcorrection, couldn't find much of anything. So let me know if you guys have any info ... attached pictures of the gap, and tray packaging. Soo excited.


17/17 awaiting revisions

It's been awhile! :) Finished my last 4 trays the other day. The trays marked overcorrection literally over corrected my bottom teeth. I should've never gone past tray 15. So now one of my front bottom teeth is crooked :( It's hardly noticeable, but I was gonna have it fixed anyway lol. I also had gaps on the side where they hadn't been before. One side closed up during overcorrection, while one did not.
So I had what would've been my final appointment on Wednesday and I brought my concerns to the doctor, he agreed and I had a new scan done for revisions. So it's bittersweet. The doctor did say that I can just wear my trays at night only until revisions come. But after two days of doing that, it's a little too tight putting them in after all day of not wearing them. So I may wear them a few hours during the day as well. New trays should be in 2 weeks from last Wednesday, so im anxiously waiting. Will update when I get those trays. Ps. The dental assistant said the next appointment may be longer if they prescribe more attachments! I said well I've already got 15, so I can't imagine there'd be anymore lol!! So we'll see :)

1st refinement tray! !

I went to my ortho this morning to get my refinement trays. Some 5-6 weeks later! Grrr! Anyway, super easy and fast appointment. I have 8!! Refinement trays! I only had 17 regular trays. O well. First tray fits like a glove, is not tight at all :(. Will update when I see progress!!! Exclamation marks! !! Lol


Hey Yall.
I need advice. Please weigh in. Don't just read!

Ok. The gap on the side of my mouth has closed for the most part, but i still think it could close more. I'm on my last refinement tray and I don't know if i should get more. The teeth are triangular, so they won't go together flush unless i get some ipr or something. So am i being obsessive? Or justifiable? I wanna be done. But don't wanna waste the chance to fix it. The teeth almost, maybe actually touch at the top? HELP

My next appointment is on the 30th....
Dr. Marshall

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