30-2 Kids- Tt/lipo Columbus, GA

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So I'm 5 foot 140 pounds. I've had two children...

So I'm 5 foot 140 pounds. I've had two children but even before them I've kind of borderline on the bigger side of girls my height . So after many years of research and wanting and saving and backing out of A little tonsillectomy -lol- I decided to have the surgery so I drove four hours today from Yulee Florida all the way to Columbus Georgia To see dr.c. He was really cool and country also down to earth and the staff is really helpful so I put down 2000 today to kind of force myself to do it because if I don't do it this year I'm never going to do it because my husband is tired of hearing me talk about it he said just to do it but his only request is that I somehow get a bigger ass I already have implants 350 Overfilled saline moderate profile and I wish I went smaller but it is what it is. Hopefully with the fat transfer I'll have for balance to my boobs and butt ratio. :)

I need a tummy tuck sponsor for emotional support. Lol

So my husband is a military special forces ' i'd rather not specify' and he goes on deployments like any other military man but unlike traditional deployments where they are scheduled I never really know when he will come and go sometimes so my mother-in-law will be taking care of me when it all happens. Ugh.. Anyways I was ready to finance my surgery with care credit the day of my consult but I got the vibe they don't like it when you do that so unlike any office I've been to before they are letting me make payments prior to surgery date which is really cool.. I would totally do it tomorrow if I could but it sucks being a military wife stationed in a strange place with no friends or family so I have to plan my life around other people but it is what it is... I've wanted this for so long and I'm living with the body that I can't stand and I feel like I'm just existing not living ..I'm just so scared for some reason and I know it's just an illusion so I was wondering if I could maybe exchange email addresses with someone who's had the surgery before you could maybe be like a surgery sponsor or something that if I had a crazy question they wouldn't mind answering it privately .. Idk.. But honestly even be better if it was a person who had the same doctor as me but I'll take what I can get ..

My dreaded pre op pix

Bought and paid for!!!

Sorry I fell off the map y'all, things have been chaotic here adjusting to the man being home but I'm happy. Anyways I paid my surgery bill in full yesterday but unfortunately had to change my date till November 23 because that's the only time my husband can for sure get leave. So I'm going to start working out on Monday and eating better :) I've wanted this for so long almost four years so waiting a few more months isn't that big of a deal in fact it doesn't seem real yet but I'm glad everything is paid so I can't back out this time!!! They are going to mail me my pre op stuff so I don't have to drive up there so that's awesome!!! Can someone maybe message me a list of stuff to buy so I can pick it up over the next few months? All of you ladies are awesome and I can't wait to be Not so lumpy space princess!!!

Making and List and checking it twice

Ahhhhh so I'm a little shy of two months away from the day and I'm so nervous. I always feel under prepared for everything so I made a goofy check list and when I can I've been picking up stuff That I hink I'll need. Basically I just read all you beautiful ladies blogs and steal ideas. The weight loss thing went out the window when I went to Disney with the family and of course my husband the big bastard he is bought the deluxe dining plan and I felt obligated to eat everything or at least that's my excuse. ???? But anyways just wanted to let y'all know Im alive and I'll check back in a few weeks from now. Hopefully with some weight loss or something...

Columbus Georgia -hotel recommendations

So my surgery is close to Thanksgiving and I feel it would be in my best interest to book my hotel now so I've been looking online for reasonable safe clean hotels. Any of you ladies that have used the same doctor that are out of town have any hotel recommendations? We will only be staying three days max. Any info would be greatly appreciated thanks. :)

It finally feels real!

So My big day is in a few weeks and I've been somewhat dieting, nothing crazy just trying to get down to a realistic weight and maintain it afterwards. Ya da ya da I know it's easier said than done but I've managed to loose 8 pounds so far from low carbs and high fiber.... Anyways I've been collecting items I'll need here and there over the past few months so it's not such a financial hit before surgery and all I'm missing is a raised toilet seat and a walker. I'd also like to rent one of those leg cuff compression machines but I need to ask the doc if that's ok.... Well today my packet came in the mail and I looked just like Ralphie from the Christmas story movie when he received his little orphan Annie decoder ring in the mail... Big manila envelope and off... Lol... Well I'm excited needles to say... Being nervous and excited has helped curb food cravings which is cool so I hope hope hope I can get down at least five more pounds before my big day and I'll be happy. Well ttyl ladies happy healing!!

8 days to go!!

So I think I got most of what I'll need. I probably went over board honestly but I have this irrational fear of being without something I need because one time me and the fam went on this big vacation and I was left to pack for everyone and after traveling for two days we finally get to the hotel and I realized I didn't pack any pants! I had everything else just no pants of any kind...Everyone had their stuff but not this asshole. Well anyways I'm posting pics of the stuff I've gathered over the past few months. I'm most proud of the lift recliner chair I bought that lays completely flat and puts you in a standing position so I don't have to use my stomach muscles to stand or sit. Also I took pics of my do not eat or do not take medicine paper work from the doc so I had it easily on hand in case I needed to glance at it for safe measure. Anyhoo talk to you beautiful ladies laters. ??

Tomorrow morning!!!

Just got off the road and now I'm at the hotel with my family. Tomorrow morning is the big day!! Extremely nervous I haven't been able to eat a bite of food all day so I'm going to try something like chocolate milk idk. I got all my supplies and I feel totally ready but I'm still freaking out and probably won't sleep a wink.

Tt/lipo surgery complete!

This is her daughter, Ava, my mom just finished surgery around 12:30-ish. She was too tired and groggy to update her real self page so she asked me to do so for her. She did great! A few funny things were said when she was put under but that's about it. She's a little sore and sleepy but she wanted me to tell you guys thank you so much for your support and that she couldn't have done it with out you!

Day 1 post tummy tuck and lipo.

So this has been a very painful process but I keep trying to focus on the end result. Everything looks great, scar is nice and low which to me is half the battle. My stomach has these strange pulling burning sensations that damn near debilitate me but in a positive note I am so grateful to this lift chair I purchased. Also everyone that has seen me keeps saying how small I look already which is cool. Happy healing ladies and gents I'll ttyl.

Thankful for my first bm!

Not to sound crude or anything but after many days of not going and chasing pain meds with stool softeners and fiber supplements I finally went to the bath room and boy oh boy what a painful yet amazing sense of relief that was... So it's thanksgiving and I really didn't get to enjoy it but oh well there is always next year if God willing but right now I want to take the time to thank some special real self girl friends of mine like Dorene, Cadance and Connie. Thank you for being there for me and supporting me and my insanity with out this site and you gals I'd be lost...

Is laughing ok?

I can't stop laughing at people. Even at the most inappropriate moments. It's strange I hope I didn't cause any damage. My kids keep doing goofy stuff or saying shit and I just loose it... On a positive note I feel better.

New pics

Sorry I've been i a real funk as of late. I know everyone's surgery experience is different and people heal at different rates but this was way more painful than I expected. I see some trying on bathing suits three days post op and I'm over here and I can barely wipe my own ass. anyways I'll write more later here are some pics as I cleaned and changed my dressings.

Two weeks out

So tomorrow I'll be two weeks post op. Nothing much to report really except I'm getting around more. Like driving, dressing myself and going to the bath room as well as light house work. Nothing really crazy. I will say the pain has diminished but is still very evident in the morning when I first wake up. This surgery for me has been tremendously hard for some reasons. I know for others it is easy but for me it isn't. I love my results I truly do. My dr did a great job but as far as managing my pain he left me up shit creek without a paddle. I swell like other girls and have moments of regret where the pain and having to be bent over has over shadows my happiness but I'm trying to keep moving forward. I haven't exactly had a great support system except for my 14 yr old daughter. My husband is a cold man and says and I quote "I'm a provider not a nurturer. I buy you and the kids your hearts desire I'm just not capable of compassion." I blame his job and his upbringing idk. He told me when I get my boobs redone I have to do it while he's on deploy because he doesn't want to deal with it he just want to come home to be normal. Anyways enough about my personal life here are some pics because I know that's why most of us are on here. I know I'm guilty of that myself.

New pix

I don't know why they wouldn't load with my two week post op chapter.

Drain is out

So I am two weeks and one day post op and since I was putting out less than 25 cc of fluid I had my mother Inlaw who is a cna take it out and it wasn't painless for me it was extremely painful. I felt it bubbling And pulling as it slid across my insides. Thank god I was laying down or i would of passed out but with all that being said I am glad it is out. Also my steri strips petty much fell off thank god for that. On a side note I tried on a low cut thong and it completely covered my scar except a inch on each side of my hips which I could care less my scars typically heal well.

3 weeks 3days

Nothing new really, was going to wait till one month to post but what the hey. Anyways I'm getting around more like my normal life before. Cooking cleaning driving. Through out the day I'm almost 100% straight and towards the end of the day I start hunching. I swell towards the end of today so I wear my binder all day except for when I shower. Idk I just can't live with out it. It's my security blanket!! Any whol here is a few new pics nothing too exciting.

One month!

So I'm 90% up straight and doing everything I normally do pre surgery except stomach sleeping and working out. I barely eat because I feel so full after something as simple as coffee. Pre surgery I was 137 and now
I'm down to 129!!! So stoked... I still cover my incision with large band aids and medical tape and I am very meticulous about keeping it clean. So far everything is flat and smooth except in the middle where my old belly button ring was but oh well it's almost too low. I am so happy I did this is I feel so skinny and sexy. My husband felt bad for being distant towards me while I was wounded so he bought me a new setting from Neil lane because providing is how he shows affection. That's how he was raised 'military family' and because of his profession but hey I'm not complaining. On a side note I can't get this tape residue off my body for the life of me and I absolutely won't go with out my binder. Merry Christmas ladies and happy healing!!

Six weeks!

Not much to report, but kinda back to normal. Except for not being able to sleep on my stomach and take baths. Been doing light cardio and dieting. Which is easy because I'm loving my looks and want to keep it. Husband can't keep his hands off me. I am so unbelievably happy I did this. I used to hate going out because I had to dress my gut now I love going out and the only problem I have I not having sexy enough clothes. So I say go do it!

8 weeks

Hey it's just a quick update... Loosing more weight and watching what I eat because I live in fear of getting a gut again. It's really easy for me to diet now considering for the first time in my life I have this sexy slim stomach. I do still have soreness and weird nerve twitching by my belly button. I also do this strange leg stretching thing to in the am when I wake up. I really don't feel comfortable enough to go any where with out my binder or wear rear jeans without having them unbuttoned at the top. I also wear my binder all day long and in my sleep with foam under it to keep from creasing but other than that I love the way I look in clothes and so does that man I married lol. So here is a few pics. To me this surgery changed my out look on life. It sure did fucking suck the first weeks of recovery but it's all gravy now!

2 months post op.

Hey everyone just a quick update with pix, cuz we all know that's why we're all really here. Lol anyways I'm pretty back to normal with life except no stomach sleeping or fast cardio. Definitely no weights yet but other than that I'm back to the old me. Occasionally I get like tight and weird feeling if sit for too long or a weird reoccurring nerve twitching pain but other than that everything is great compared to what I had to begin with. I however think my belly button could be better but I'm just grateful for what I have and loving life. Especially my sex life ;) ummm I kinda swell sometimes but it's definitely less frequent. I plan on going back to get my boobs bigger and additional lipo to the bra rolls. I think all over Dr. C is a great doctor with tummy tucks just not very aggressive with lipo but he's the one with the medical degree and does what he feels is safe I believe. So far I'm pretty happy and 100% happy I did this. Ttyl

Almost 3 months!

Hey guys and gals! Nothing much here but lost a few more pounds been moving around normally like sleeping on my stomach and jogging. I can cough and sneeze without agonizing pain. Ummm sex is amazing and my husband likes me to wear barely anything around the house. Ummm I have a bikini shopping addiction lol but other than my belly button being kinda foldie/ slit like everything is great so glad I did this.

He's the real deal... Professional but down to earth and approachable...

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