Full Tummy Tuck, full lipo and Muscle Repair!!!!! - Columbus, GA

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I'm excited about my upcoming procedure. I'm...

I'm excited about my upcoming procedure. I'm flying out to Atlanta for the pre-op and surgery at the end of the month. Although, I'm nervous I cant wait to see what the final outcome will be. I want to achieve the perfect fitness physique by my birthday and dream vacation. I actually found my PS from this site and I was very impressed with his price and great feedback from the other ladies who have posted their experiences. I had a virtue consult and was given a price of $4900 for full tummy tuck along with Liposuction. I immediately made my $250 deposit that day.

Count down!!!!

The count down has begun. I have 5 days til my surgery and I'm not nervous at all. I've decided to wait to the last minute to get my prescriptions filled and my lab work in the morning. I'm hoping that everything comes back by the scheduled surgery day.

Day 2 Before my Pre-op visit

I've decided to post updated pics of my tubby wubby. I'm posting today because I take flight tomorrow morning and I know that I'll be completely busy flying into Atlanta and driving over to Columbus. My friends and family have been discouraging me to do the surgery because they feel that I don't need it but I'm determined to look my best physically.

Pre-OP Visit

Today was my very first time meeting Dr. Cochran and I must say I was very impressed. He greeted me with a hug. He's very straight forward, polite, professional and honest. I was expecting someone taller and older but he's just the opposite. I definitely feel confident with him preforming my surgery. His staff was also polite and professional. While I was there for the tummy tuck I also had him to look and give me a quote on liposuction and a breast lift at a later date. Tomorrow, I'm looking forward to a blessed and successful recovery outcome.

The Day of Surgery

I checked in at 7:15 Nurse Kathy was extremely nice. She gave me a Demerol shot and the doctor came in the room for markings. I was lead into the operating room then Nurse Kathy place an IV in my neck. I woke up around 10 a.m my surgery was complete. It was a successful surgery and when my ride arrive I felt no pain. Once I got into my hotel room that's when I felt the nausea starting to kick in. I threw up immediately. I really don't wish this pain on anyone. Going to the bathroom and small movements has been the worst. Having your back bent over while moving has felt like severe back and stomach pain. I've had to sleep in a up right position with lots of pillows under my head, knees and back. I've been on my pain meds constantly on the required hour.

Post op day 1

I woke up this morning to find out my damn drainage has come out so therefore I had to get out the bed and go back to see the doctor. Dr. Cochran looked at me incision & helped me back on the table & placed my drainage tube back into position within a few seconds. Then I was off on my way. I was definitely painful getting out if the bed this morning. If only he could have made a house call. I love the doctor and the staff they're just great. I came back to the room to was my lower body before I got back into the bed. If I had to do this all over again I wouldn't the pain is just to extreme. I thank God for my dear friend without her here taking damn good care of me I would be lost. It has been difficult but I'm looking forward to better days.

Day 3 of Post-OP

Today, I seem to have more energy than yesterday. Hopefully, I'm able to get up and walk down the hallway. I'm not in as much pain as I was two days ago. I can still feel numbness in my lower flanks and upper thighs. I'm so anxious to see what my new tummy looks like I think I'll be able to see on my return follow up on Tuesday. I'm praying that's when he'll release me to go home.

Day 4 Post-OP

Today, I'm feeling much better. My drainage has slowed down a lot today. I'm, finally able to get up and remove the padding so that I can take a nice hot shower. My stomach looks great. Its really swollen and so is my lower back where the liposuction was performed. The belly button looks great; I had to clean it out just a little with peroxide. I didn't remove the sterile strips I'll wait til the doctor gives me the okay for that. I'm super excited about the decision of the surgery and liposuction. At first, I was devastated about the pain but that only lasted the first two days non stop after surgery so if you can hang in there past the first two days you should be fine. I also would like to say hands down to Dr. Thomas Cochran and the entire staff. I never had any thoughts of having a tummy tuck done until May of 2014. I notice several post from RS and not one complaint on his cosmetic procedures. That really speaks volumes for me especially in deciding who and when I wanted to do this TT. I'm really happy to be apart of this RS community. I thank God for the surgeon, his staff, family and friends who've supported me and this journey.

Post op day 6 Heading Home

I finally got my pump removed today & Dr. Cochran also removed my stitches as well. This entire process for me was a true blessing everything and everybody was caring & a blessing from the Microtel by Wyndham staff, team Dr. Cochran & staff and my wonderful friend & her mother for their 24 hour around the care. Everything was awesome but it's time for me to get home to complete my healthy recovery & see my family. Thanks RS family!

Exactly one week out from Surgery.

Today, is exactly one week from the TT surgery. First, I would like to say my experiences this far have been up & down. I finally had a BM thanks to another sister from RS who recommend Milk of Magnesia it definitely helped me out. I'm still in pain throughout the day as I try to get around. I'm still in a bending position thankfully I had crutches previously so I'm able to move around much better. I'm extremely swollen & you can barely touch my flanks & lower back because of the lipo. Hopefully, this will improve by the end of the week. I purchased a girdle to keep the fluid from building up. I'm constantly wearing it along with the support garment. I'm Looking forward to the day I can really sleep all night & see the final results from my TT.

Today marks 2 weeks Post-Op

Today, marks two weeks post-op. The last two days I've experience severe itching on my back, tummy & legs. The only thing that relieve my itching was Benadryl which was a benefit to not being able to sleep throughout the days & nights. I got on the scale this morning & dropped a total of 9lbs since a week ago of weighing in. I'm not sure if I'm more proud of the weight loss or the TT. I thank God that I've had a safe & successful recovery this far but I'm really disappointed in not being able to standup right. That's the only thing that bothers the heck out of me. I was able to take a hot bath today by myself I actually felt a relief from some of the soreness in my lower back & legs from the lipo. I think I will do this daily. I've been wearing my girdle throughout the day & at night I switch into my garment.

18 days Post op pic

I'm feeling much better today. I'm pain free & also standing 75% taller. I'm finally able to walk & move around a little more each day. I'm cooking & driving. The only thing that keeps me sleep at night are the Tylenol PM sleep aids. Today was the first day I applied Bio to the incision. I've purchased numerous of things that people on here say they use but unfortunately it was a waste of money to buy Arnica gel & Bromelain supplements. I'm also scheduled to receive a lymphatic massage this evening hopefully the will removed more fluid & toxics from my body. I'm looking forward to better days & a speedy recovery.

3 weeks & 21 days Post-OP

Today, marks 3 weeks out from surgery. Pain Free! I'm healing as well as to be expected. slowly :) yesterday, I had to get out & about because of my daughter's birthday. Each day I'm getting stronger as long as I don't over do it I think I'll be just fine. My scars are healing very well the only slow process with the scaring is the drainage scar that seems to be a slower healing process than other areas. I'm still swollen in my lower abdominal area & the back of the flank area. I would like to increase my walking so that the back muscles won't get so tired easily. Other than that I have no complaints. Thank God for his healing power & a successful surgery.

29 days post -op

I'm feeling wonderful this week I walked 3 miles. I've been continuing to have swelling in my lower abdomen. It's been offical 29 days from surgery & I massage my stomach daily to get the fluid flowing. I also place Ice packs for about 15min daily on my stomach and flank areas. I'm eating pineapples, rubbing down with Arnica gel daily, I'm taking multiviatimins & hot bath. I'm doing every thing possible to remove the fluid & swelling but no change. I'm trying not to stress so much but I'm definitely anxious to see what my final results will look like when this all goes away.

6 weeks Post Op

4 1/2 month Update!

I'm currently a little over 4 months post op from my TT. I've never thought I would get this much attention from a flat TT. I'm planning on doing a Breast lift & maybe a little more lipo later. I'm actually gonna focus on losing some unwanted pounds first. I'm very thank for Dr. Cochran & his staff. None of this would've been possible without God & Cochran's knowledge & expertise.

6 Month Post-Op

Today, literally marks six months post op from surgery. As you can see I haven't lost or gain any weight. At my yearly post op in August I plan to lose at least 30 pounds. I work out & I occasionaly eat healthy so this will definitely be a challenge. I just can't see myself regaining the weight back like many other women. This surgery is no joke so I can't see myself going back for round 2 of a tummy tuck.

Revision Lipo & Scar

Columbus Plastic Surgeon

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