Tummy Tuck - Columbus, GA

I haven't had it done yet but time is approaching...

I haven't had it done yet but time is approaching I was cleared today with my labs I haven't brought anything yet.I'm just trying to living a little bit. I can't wait I'm nervous and excited all in one.Recovery has been something I'm hoping is smooth and easy. I plan on not doing too much until 16 days out.My stomach has been a problem since I had kids and it's time rejuvenate !!!

Before procedure

Big day

Tomorrow is the day, pray for me RS fam I am definitely nervous about the twilight sedation I don't want to wake up in the mist of my procedure he said it would take 1 hr 30 mins. I'm ready to see the results and the recovery of it all. Praying for a safe and smooth recovery and surgery tomorrow

Flat Side

On the flat side with minimal pain thanks to everyone who prayed for me.

Post op day 2

I'm feeling a lil better just lil burning at the incision site but other than that I'm alright

2days post op

My incision is very low......


Post op 3

Things are getting better just hate the burning sensation at my incision when I get up.Everything else is good.My binder I'm having a hard time with it not binding what's a good way to prevent this from happening?


Need help with what to take to have a bowel movement and how to keep my binder from flipping up

Stomach has been gurgling

Well I finally see what y'all mean about have a bowel movement .I drunk a half a cup of prune juice,2tsb of MOM and a stool softener and went in less than 30 mins relief!!!!!????????


I have been swollen but not as bad as people say ,my swelling is minimal. My belly button is draining a little bit with an order but I called the DR and he said to clean it with half peroxide and water.

Showering By myself

I have been up moving around and showering by myself I had to order another binder and it truly is working miracles!

Drain and belly button

Well my drain has been 40-45cc for the last three days.Today I walked outside to get some fresh air and went grocery shopping.My belly button has and awful smell but my incision is healing good. I will be call the Dr office in the morning to get a follow up appt scheduled a sap,

Drain and sutures removed

Got my drain removed and sutures out my belly button.That feeling is indescribable he told me to wear a spank or a girdle to help with swelling also he okay me to apply ointment to my scar to help healing.He said everything looked good and if I started to feel like a waterbed to come back to see him.Praying no complications

Feeling real good

I love my results so far, I have a lot of swelling. When he took my drain out My hole closed right up did anybody else experience this. Also how do you prevent getting a seroma?


Still swollen

Swim suit

Swim suit


Went to a water park today and got on rides, hope it wasn't to soon.


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