35 w/ 2 kids (16 & 5 yrs old) Extended TT with Muscle Repair. Gained 60lbs after car accident. - Columbus, GA

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Current situation & more wish pics

I'm a 35 yr old single mom with 2 kids (16 yr old, son & 5 yr old daughter). I'm 5'6" & weigh 244lbs. Always been curvy & athletic. Loved the gym, but after my car accident I was left with lower back damage (severe sciatica, herniated disc's & digestion problems) so I've gained 60lbs over the pay few years. I've tried every diet but with little success. Hourly surgery will help improve my mobility so I can workout & lose this weight.

Me summer 2014... I've gained 25 lbs

This is me beginning of summer 2014. I was using the F3X products to lose weight & going to the gym 3 times a week. I've since gained an additional 25 lbs. I plan to start my F3X again to lose 20lbs before surgery. In this picture I thought I was fast (215 lbs). Want to get down to 180 lbs after surgery

More realistic wish pictures

Faja Help!!!!

Hello RF family. My PS doesn't offer faja compression garments PO for TT. I would like to wear one to help achieve my desired results.

Can somebody advise me how much smaller should I order my faja compared to my current size? Or should I order my faja to fit my current size due to swelling, etc?

Suggested Faja Retailer

Caribbean Shape 832 449 3515; 1401-1st Street suite A Rosenberg,TX 77471 Tue-Sat 10am-6pm. wholesales 979-258 0160

Chin Lipo

Sitting here thinking about adding a little chin lipo???? I said, LORD knows this ain't pretty... my 5 yr old walked in the room said "Told ya [it wasn't pretty]" & walked out. Lol #Kids these days

Let the Nightmares Begin

So for the last 3 nights I've been having crazy nightmares. Idk if it had something to do with my surgery but I've heard about this happening to other ladies add well. We must stay prayed up! I trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.
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