TT with MR, Lipo of Abdomen, Flanks, Inner Thighs, and Back - Columbus, GA

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Hello Lovlies, I am about as ready as I will ever...

Hello Lovlies,
I am about as ready as I will ever get! I'm 38yo and my kids are grown and I am ready to feel good in my skin. I am 5'8 and 210lbs. Don't care about the number on the scale. I love my curves, but just want to feel confident all over. Tired of hiding Big Bertha aka my stomach! (No offense if your name is Berths). My consultation with Dr. Cochran was on 6/21/2016. The wait time was not long at all. In the office, Dr. Cochran had me stand on a foot stool and began to explain what to expect during the procedure. He was very detailed and advised that I would indeed need MR. He also told me that since most of my fat appeared to be on the 'outside" that I should expect great results. YAY FOR ME! He then turned me around to look at my back. He promised to get as much fat from my bra roll as possible. I loved this because I was only seeking a tummy tuck and did not know that the back is INCLUDED in his procedure. So yeah, I was thrilled to hear that. Also, he recommended that I do a little Lipo on the inner thighs because he said it will be more noticeable to me once my tummy tuck is done. I agreed of course! He then asked if I had any questions. Ladies please write your questions down so you won't forget things like I did. I managed to ask him about the anesthesia. He uses twilight anesthesia with a numbing agent so that you are numb. The twilight anesthesia is more like a sedation. It is enough to put you to the point of almost being all the way under, but it doesn't carry all of the risk of general anesthesia (no worrying about not waking up) Dr. Cochran is so honest! He told me that I may wake near the end but will not feel anything due the numbing and will feel like I am in a dream like state and that it does not happen often. He said the IV would be inserted in my neck and that I would not feel a thing. I got dressed proceeded to get my quote for $5700. I then asked how Mich for chin Lipo. Cydonna was able to get Dr. Cochran to look at my chin. He said it would be $100 , but that I really didn't need to and that it would only create scar tissue for the future to keep it from drooping. I decided not to get the chin Lipo. FAST FORWARD- deposit of $250 has been paid and surgery date is set for 8/31/2016 @ 7:30am I have already started getting supplies. My pre-op will be on 08/17//2016. I have to get CBC blood test...pregnancy test not needed because I had a tubal ligation in 1999. Other doctors s that I consulted before Dr. Cochran were Dr. Naman(quote was $6,455 for a full tummy tuck and $11,497 for tummy tuck with back lipo) and Dr. Okoro in Marietta, Ga. (quote was $10770 for a modified mini tuck and $16,768 for a tummy tuck with back lipo). Okoro includes phase 1 and phase 2 garments, exparel, lymphatic massages, biocorneum for scar thereapy, arnika forte, meds, tummy tuck insurance, etc). I thought Okoro was over priced and Naman's incisons were not as low or straight as Cochrans. I also researched Dr. Cochran's facility where he performs his surgeries and it is indeed accredited with AAAASF. I verified this by sending an email. Also I researched Dr. Cochran and saw that although his medial record is not without blemish it was not related directly to procedures performed for tummy tuck or lipo and he is board certified since before I was born. From what I have seen from this site his work is great. TTYL lovelies! Bye!

I Can't Decide Which Garment to Purchase...Ladies What Do You Think?

Hi Lovelies,
Getting ready for the ax day...40 days away! Today I purchased an extra binder and second pair of compression stockings to wear when my others are being washed. But I know that after the drains come out that I should pick a better compression garment to wear, but I am so undecided. I am posting pics of my choices. Can you ladies give me your thoughts on which you think would be the best using your experience as guidance? Or do you think I should wait until after the surgery and measure myself for the CG? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Please and thank you!

I Had To Ask...How Long Before Sex After Having Tummy Tuck??

Just wondering how long do you have to wait before having sex after your tummy tuck and Lipo surgery...6 weeks maybe? And also did the stomach tightness restrict certain movements or is it something you have to ease back into?

Had my Pre-options today...and I started crying! SMH

I had my Pre-opt today with Donna. She is such a sweetheart. She was very patient with me and answered all of my questions. To be honest, she answered most of them before I had a chance to ask them. My preopt package included my pills for nausea to take an hr before surgery, my prescription for pain meds, and antibiotics that I will start taking on the day before surgery. My prescriptions cost me $10.12. I also utilized the ACCU clinic to get my blood work done which was right by the doctors office. This cost me $12...better than paying a $25 co-pay with my PCP! So after I paid the remaining balance of the surgery guess what happened... I CRIED! My anxieties and nervousness kicked in out of nowhere. I guess it finally feels real to me. I don't even won't to think about how I will be the day of surgery. Some of the questions that I asked were: 1) When can I transition from my cover garment to a Faja? -keep CG on for at least 2 weeks before switching. The doctor will also advise you when. 2) When can I resume driving? When you are able to react quickly and never while on your pain meds. Most people wait until the drains are removed 3) Which foods should I avoid before and after surgery? - Greasy and dairy type foods. Eat light after surgery (Jello, applesauce, crackers, etc and build your diet up. 4) What if I change my mind on the day of surgery? -All monies will be refunded except for the $250 deposit. 5) What is the policy for a revision? - up to 6mths and the doctor fee would be waived if revision is needed. The pre-opt pack had pages and pages of vitamins and medicines to avoid as well as no smoking 2 weeks prior or drinking 1 week prior or 1 to 2 weeks after surgery. And also NO ASPIRIN
..use Extra strength Tylenol once you are off your prescription pain meds. So I am officially counting down and will share my supply list in a few days. Thanks for reading! TTYL!!


8 hours ya'll and I will be on the way to the flat side with God'said grace!! Please send many prayers my way as I embark on this journey. I have gathered everything that I need ! Thanks to all of you ladies who have shared your experiences with me. I hope I can help someone out there too as I share my journey. Until you here from me again...check out my supply list. TTYL

Resting comfortably after my surgery

Hi everyone,

I had my TT with liposuction and MR this morning and I am resting comfortably with the help of pain meds. I arrived at 7:15am and surgery was at 7:30. They took my weight, measured my stomach, and I was given a shot of demerol in the hip. It felt like bee sting. I then proceeded to the OR where they inserted an IV into a vein in my neck. It didnt hurt but was uncomfortable due to my thick skin. Next thing I knew the surgery was over this was around 12:30pm! Ihave 1 drain on my right side. Once I woke up, I told the staff that I felt nauseated and had to urinate. But I ended up vomiting like 4 times and peeing all over the wheelchair and all in my pajamas. By the time she wheeled me to the bathroom , I was done peeing. Lol. I wore a button pajama top with elastic waist pajama bottoms. I did not wear any undergarments to surgery. I did take nausea medicine before so I am not sure why I ended up vomitting, but since my stomach was empty the only thing that came up was bile I have walked around the house twice taking baby steps. My husband has emptied my drain twice so far and has been great with feeding me and keeping me on schedule with meds. I was told to keep my anti-embolism stockings for the first 2 days. I didnt get a recliner, but I am using a wedge pillow under my knees and tons of pillows behind my neck and back to keep me sort of a V-shape. Anyway once I am up to it, I will send some before and after surgery pics . Thanks to everyone for the prayers and the advice. Without you all, I would totally be lost. TTYL

Drain is Out Yall!

Hey ladies,
Yesterday , I went to my week 1 followup with Dr. Cochran. My appointment was at 10am, but because I am slow I got there at 10:30am. No worries , I was seen 5 minutes after I arrived. I had not been draining a lot the past 2 days... had only drained 12cc from midnight until 9:50 this morning, so Dr. Cochran had me lay down on his table and then pushed around on my stomach. It feel uncomfortable bc my stomach is numb and tingly and just feels weird to touch. He then said, "Let's take this drain out." I was caught by surprise and before I could brace myself he had clipped the last stitch and pulled that sucker out. Just like that ! The he said let's take some of these stitches out of your belly button. I was scared that it would hurt so I kept tensing up, but it didn't hurt just uncomfortable. He told me when I shower to let the water run in there and take the tip of a washcloth to get out the dried blood so that it will easier to remove all the stitches when the time came. He said I am healing very well and told me to keep guaze on the drain hole until it closes which will be in a few days. Then I stood up and Jenni put that binder back on super tight and that was it. I wear a tank top under my binder to decrease itchiness and they said that was okay to do. Dr. Cochran says this binder stays on for 4 weeks. I asked if I can where a Spanx under with the binder on top and he said yes, but binder needs to stay on. He also mentioned that I have some visceral fat in the middle but that can go away with additional weight loss. Also O am swollen ans swell everytime I eat. I have not gotten on a scale, but I feel like I have lost weight in my fave in arms, amd neck. All I know is that when I look down I see my cooch which is what I wanted. And ya'll, since that drain is out it seems like the world is great again. Yes, I am still hunched when I walk, but it seems I can move better, walk faster, sit up better...Just feel free again! I managed to snapthis pocket on the way back. My husband won't take pics of me so once I can stand up better I will upload some afters. Until next time dolls!

One more thing....

Ladies, please invest in a donut pillow for after surgery because your butt will be very sore from laying in a v-position. It will take the pressure and has been a life saver. Also if you don't have a recliner, a wedge pillow to put under your knees is perfect for elevation. Eat small low sodium meals to make it more comfortable to digest with the binder being tight and also drink plenty of fluids to try to reduce the swelling.

Quick pic

Just a quick I pic took while in the bathroom

Two weeks followup - LATE POST

Hey everybody! I wanted to give you an update on my 2 week followup with Dr. Cochran last week and update you on other things. So last week, I went to my appointment and as usual it was quick as hell. Lol He took off my binder and pressed on my stomach to make sure there was not any fluid build up after removing my drain the week prior. All was well! Then he told me to lay on the table to take out my remaining stitches in my belly button. I can't lie, I was scared that ithe was going to hurt because my belly button looked inflamed in the inside. But guess what, it didn't hurt at all because my stomach is still numb from surgery. The nerves have not all connected back together yet. He said it will be like that for a while. I also asked him about my drain site because it had not healed and was draining a little. He told me to keep it clean with soap and water and keep it covered until it stops draining. Well today it still isn't healed up yet, but I can see that it is closing little by little and also my belly button looks a lot better now. So it will just take a little more time. I have placed a rolled up piece of guaze inside my belly button to make sure that it doesnt close up. I got the idea from others who use marbled or earplugs to mold their belly buttons. After that I got dressed and it was a done deal. My next appointment is on Oct. 27th. I haven't started scar therapy yet ,but will as soon as my drain site closes which is the only open area of my incision. I started back to work this week and all the extra moving around now increases swell hell for me! As of yesterday, I am finally able to stand up straight and don't have to walk all hunched over like a old lady. That was the work pressure on my back! I still don't have any stamina and get tired easily, but I know it will take time to get back to my old self. I usually am flat in the morning, but swell as the day goes on. I wear my compression garment and thenjoy my binder on top of that. I also take bromelain that is supposed to help with swelling, vitamin C, and a multivitamin. For the most part, I have been eating pretty healthy since I can't exercise yet, except today I had ice cream and bloated even more. But anyway yall, I will update you more in a few days when I am 1 month post op. I plan to take pics and try on clothes to celebrate the milestone, until then I took these pics with my compression garment and all the swelling.

6 Weeks Post Op

Where has the time gone!! I loving you results and I know that that it will continue to get better as the months go on. My next appt. is on 10/27 and I am hoping I can get the OK to exercise. Last week I finally was able to stand up completely straight and this week I am lying in my bed without all the pillows. My husband is also loving the results. So all is well. Here are my newest pics. This is first "real" outfit that I've tried on since the surgery. I bought this dress 2 years ago and never wore it, but it fits perfectly now so I'll be looking for shoes!TTYL
Columbus Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Cochran gets right to the point will give you an honest assessment. Please have your questions ready before hand. The office was super clean and service was prompt.

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