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Hello beautiful ladies!! After lots of...

Hello beautiful ladies!! After lots of contemplation, extensive research, and stalking for several months my day has finally arrived! I arrived in Columbus, GA today for my preop appointment with Dr Cochran. My appointment went fine.. I guess I expected a more in depth consultation but my surgery date was selected months ago and surgery paid in full 3 weeks prior so I guess Dr Cochran figured I had done all of my research. I still asked several questions and Dr Cochran answered each one confidently which reassured me and removed some of my anxiety. I am having a tummy tuck with lipo to the flanks and possibly muscle repair. Dr Cochran stated he wouldn't know the severity of my diastasis (muscle separation) until he actually "gets in there". I am married and have 3 children. My husband has been very supportive of my decision and will be my caretaker during my recovery. I will try to update and be as detailed as possible but if you ladies have any questions feel free to ask!

Some before pics I took before surgery

Its depressing to see my belly like this lol but I'm also proud of my decision to do something about it!

Surgery Day 1

I am about 8 hrs post op and I feel ok. Every now and then I feel a little nauseous but I have been eating a little and drinking ginger ale. I'm not having as much pain as I initially was, but I have Norco and extra strength Tylenol to take as needed. My abdomen is very tight and I feel a burning sensation possibly from the areas that he lipo'd. I'm not sure as to what all Dr Cochran did but I will find out tomorrow. I was scheduled to have a tummy tuck with muscle repair, lipo to the flanks, and possibly hernia repair. I will update you all as soon as I can.

Post op Day 1

I don't really have a lot to update you guys on. Dr Cochran called to check on me and said everything went great yesterday. My pain is not that bad.. but my back is so sore/numb and I am having a burning sensation along my incision which he stated is to be expected. I'm pretty much taking extra strength Tylenol 2x a day. I am also taking my prescribed antibiotic, a vitamin c, and a stool softener. I had a small bowel movement today..which it took me a while because my muscles are soo tight and I didn't want to strain/push forcefully so I just sat there on the toilet until I felt something (sorry for the tmi but I'm just trying to be detailed for any others out there in a similar situation).

I plan to take a shower today so hopefully I am able to capture a few pictures :)

Making Progress!

So my hubby found me a walker at a thrift store here in Columbus for 4.99 and I have been using that to get around. Also, I took a shower today and it felt great! I must say you will need help getting to some areas but my hubby didn't mine helping (wink). He took a couple of pics. I am very tight and swollen but liking my results so far!

Positive Thinking

I am now 3 days post op..I am no longer taking my pain meds. I take extra strength Tylenol once a day. Some places along my incision burns really bad. I can deal with the burning but I am so ready to get home and get in a recliner. We have tried to find a comfortable way for me to sleep in this bed but have been unsuccessful :(. Taking a shower is a task but the water feels really good against my back. I still have my drain but I am in no hurry to have it removed because I know it is doing its job. I am using my walker to assist with walking.

I had my 1st post op appt with Dr.Cochran. It was super quick. He said everything looked good. He also showed my husband how to remove my drain when that time comes.

I can see how people may have an emotional moment and question why they had this surgery. I am continuing to think positive and push through the difficult times because to be able to go out and feel confident about yourself makes it worth it to me. Happy healing ladies and thanks for all of the encouragement!

Today was a good day!

Well I slept a little better last night, thank God! I also got tired of sitting in this room so decided to do something about it. We bought a transport chair (it's like a wheelchair but has smaller wheels) and I am sooo happy I did! We went out and about and explored the area. It was so nice just being out of the room. The chair also gives me more independence. I was able to sit in my chair and do simple task without the assistance of my hubby :)


Hey girlies! Just a quick update: I'm still doing well..I almost had a moment 2 days ago. My back was so sore and numb, I could barely walk without my back aching, AND I could not find a comfortable way to sleep at night. I laid down and began to have positive self talk. I told myself that this is something that I truly wanted and I refuse to let my current situation discourage me. The next morning I woke up and was able to stand a bit more straight. I have been walking around the house more and my back feels a little better. I no longer take Tylenol unless I have a headache. I am having regular bowel movements without the use of any type of laxatives. I am taking Vitamin C daily and I drink pineapple juice to help with swelling. I am wearing my compression garment that was provided by my ps. I still have my drain in and I will most likely remove it tomorrow. I have had less than 30ml for the past 3 days and my drainage is serous (a clear/yellow/light pink color). I am in no hurry to remove it because I want to be sure it is time. I will post more pics soon.

I no longer have my drain

The drain is out!!! My husband pulled my drain last night..he was soo squeamish and so nervous that he would hurt me but I told him multiple times that it wouldn't be bad and it wasn't. I could definitely feel it coming out but I didn't have any pain. I have placed a gauze dressing over the drain site. I continue to take my Vitamin C supplements daily. I am still not walking upright but I know this will get better with time. My back is still sore and I have several lumps (swelling) on my back from the lipo. The lower part of my flank area is so swollen that there is a bulge. It is my hope that with time and healing the swelling will go down and correct this.


I am sooo glad I had this procedure! I am finally able to wear fitted clothing without the bulge! I am doing so much better. I am walking straight and sleeping pretty comfortably in my bed. I still have to move slow when getting up or pulling up in bed. Other than that, life is Great :-)

Scar is healing great

A few up close pics of my scar

Almost 2 months post op

I guess it's safe to say I am summer time fine lol!! I will be 2 months post op tomorrow and I am doing great and loving my flat tummy! I have resumed most of my daily activities..I still take it easy and try not to lift anything heavy. I haven't returned to work yet but I probably will soon. I have started running and doing light exercises but I still can't do any ab exercises because my stomach is still tight and numb. Overall I am pleased but I do have a few things that I don't like: my belly button, small lumps on each side of my hips, and the top of my va jay jay (just being honest). I will post some pics!

Summer time Fine!

I posted previously that I am almost 2 months post but looks like RS says I am 2 months! Anywho, I am in Miami celebrating my bday and definitely having a blast!!

It's been a while...

It's been a lonnng time since I've been on here and updated my review. I see a lot has changed with the Real self format and it's kind of hard for me to navigate the site now, however I do think this update is wayyy overdue.

It was my intention to update sooner but i have been busy enjoying life. This surgery truly made a difference in my overall appearance :-). Soooo, I am about 9 months post op. My stomach is still flat but I still have swelling occasionally. My incisions were healing great up until the 6-7 month mark and then they started to keloid or became hypertrophic :-( I'm not too worried about my incisions but my belly button which can be seen with crop tops keloided pretty badly. I have tried several different products to try to reduce or make them less visible but so far nothing has really helped. I don't regret having my procedure I just wish my scars wouldn't have become hypertrophic. Unfortunately, African Americans are more prone to keloiding or hypertrophic scarring so that is a chance you take with any surgery. I visited Dr cochran about a month ago to receive steroid injections which are supposed to help but so far I haven't seen a difference. Also, my stomach is still numb in many areas and the keloided itch like crazy!!!! I will post pics!
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