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My consultation went great!! Dr.Cochran came in...

My consultation went great!! Dr.Cochran came in evaluated my body and was straight to the point of the results he could give me. He even let me know that no matter how much I worked out the kangaroo pouch will not go away unless I have this surgery. My pre-op and surgery date is set. I am excited to see the post-op results!!! Let the countdown begin!!

Extra Skin and Fat Be Gone

I forgot to mention that I'm having lipstick bra rolls, arms, and back with my extended tummy tuck. Here are some before pictures of the extra fat... UGH

Auto Correct Sucks

*Liposuction of bra rolls, back, and arms

31 Days Left

Let the countdown begin

Has Anyone tried this after surgery

This product was recommended to me by walmart pharmacist after we were unable to find aquaphor.... please advise

19 Days Left

I'm excited, paid in full today. Prescriptions filled, all supplies I feel I will need have been bought. Ready to see my results!!!

I Made It

Made it to the Flat side today.... I was asleep for most of the procedure, but I had awaken aND could feel them cuntying intou skin..... Lord it burn so bad, I have been up walking around and going to the bathroom....

3 days post op

No longer taking any pain meds. .. the most discomfort I have felt is the burning sensation in vaginal area when trying to walk. Had a easy bowel movement. The numbness in thighs from lipo and soreness in my arms.

8 days post op

Had my drain removed and stitches removed from belly button at 8 days post op.... walking a lot better, not in any pain although my back does hurt sometimes.... all the soreness has gone away

20 days post op

Things have been going pretty good besides me having stitch abcess or "spitting stitches" which has caused part of my wound area to drain alot and open back up..... I hate that this has happened and I'm ready to completely healed so that I can get rid of the pads from my side.....


My vagina and wound area has been popping up with blisters and openings, I saw Dr.Cochran and he stated I was having a reaction to the stitches..... can someone tell me if this happened to them?? How did you get areas to heal?? How long did their vagina area stay swollen so big? ?

just at my 1 month mark

Happy with the skin I'm in..... Recovery has had some bumps in the road, but I have to say I'm still satisfied with my results..... Dr. Cochran is bomb!!!
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