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So I guess I should start off by telling a little...

So I guess I should start off by telling a little about myself. My name is Crystal, I am almost 29 yrs old, and I have two boys 7yrs and 8months. Both of my children were born via c-section (one emergency the other scheduled). With my first pregnancy I went from 126 lbs up to 200 lbs with barely any stretch marks. I was able to eventually get back down to 136 and still be able to fit into clothes normally. If people would have to guess they would rarely guess that I had a child. With this last pregnancy I was lucky enough to not get up to 200lbs lol and also not gain any stretch marks; however, my measurements/body is not bouncing back like it did before.

I have done Insanity, hip hop abs, the gym, a good diet, and I speed walk 3-6 miles a day. All of this worked to a certain extent. I have been able to drop down to around 142 lbs, which is less than I weighed when I became pregnant this second time. But, my body is just NOT the same. I know that this is not due to lack of trying and I know its genetic.

I am sure some of you are wondering "how can you be certain its genetic?" Well glad you asked LOL . . . I have an identical twin sister who has no children who is crazy athletic and runs all the time . . .guess what . . . she has fat deposits in the same places and her weight??? 138 lbs. The difference between our bodies is my skin is stretched out and the fat well lol its not equally dispersed due to the pregnancies and the up and down of weight.

This is why I have decided that a TT is going to be my best option to fit into a pair of pants correctly again. I am TIRED of having to buy pants that fit my extra skin/fat and then they end up being so loose in the booty after an hr or two of wear that I can just pull them off :/ . . . I will try and upload some pics soon : )

So - I was talking to my husband last night about...

So - I was talking to my husband last night about how he was able to get the time off of work to stay with me. I asked him if they asked what surgery I was having. . . . Now if anyone ever wondered how the transfer of information goes - - - - - Somehow getting a TT went to Lipo and finally was changed to me having lapband surgery :/ lol. . . . great . . . I can just foresee it now at the next work function, someone just asking me how the lapband surgery went LOL . . . The funniest part is im not really a bigger person so IDK how someone could believe this esp. since they have all seen me. Just goes to show men arent so much in the know.

I will say though I am grateful for my husband being supportive. He actually is all about the idea of surgery. Even was suggesting a BA lol all men love boobs lol, too bad for him mine are already D's and the Doc said they DO NOT need a lift. Unfortunately at this point in life I cant see having anything bigger than what I already have.

One of the reasons I really like my Doc is b/c he was very straight and to the point about what can/needs to be done and if he doesnt feel you need it he wont do it. While waiting for my initial consult I saw him turn a lady away (dont know what she wanted done but he told her to come back in 20 yrs lol). That to me says hes in this profession b/c he likes what he does and likes to help people, not because he wants money.

So . . . Its official . . .I think I am a little...

So . . . Its official . . .I think I am a little obsessed with this site. Its probably all the anxiety leading up to the surgery.

So . . . Somehow I caught a stomach bug :/ I have...

So . . . Somehow I caught a stomach bug :/ I have been stuck inside for 2 days and I am DYING to get out of the house, but no can do . . . so I decided to attempt to take more tummy pics for my profile. I hope I get rid of this bug soon :/ . . . Pre Op appt. in 13 days . . .cant wait : )

Compression Garments, Girdles, Scar Treatments,...

Compression Garments, Girdles, Scar Treatments, etc. I have been staring at these things online for like an hour. I have ordered the dreaded Girdle, I know where to buy some Arnica and Bromelain to reduce swelling. My biggest confusion I guess is about all the different scar treatments. Which ones work the best?? Can I just go to a drug store and buy these things or do I have to order online?? Anyone know?

Well I had my Pre OP appt. today . . . . It was...

Well I had my Pre OP appt. today . . . . It was pretty smooth sailing. They were very nice and amazing at answering all my questions. I have all my things ready. Got my prescriptions and a few other "needs" for after the surgery. Will be cutting it close since we will be coming home from vacation the day before surgery. ITS THE FINAL COUNTDOWN lol 14 days : )

Well Ladies, Its been a while. I was on...

Well Ladies,

Its been a while. I was on vacation for a week before coming home for surgery. During our "vacation" I managed first to have an allergic reaction to something I ate and got this weird rash around my mouth/face - then when that was gone I managed to get some type of sinus issue. Pretty sure its b/c I went to visit my dad and he was smoking in his house. Luckily I was better enough to have surgery still today.

Surgery went pretty quick I gess. in at 715 out like 1030. Definitely somewhat painful, mostly in the spots that got lipo on them. As far as the incision i dont feel lit reallllh "yet" I guess. lol . . . Kinda is like having a csection/

Happy Healing Laides/Men - I will add more when im not all sleepy and stuff.

Alright now that Im not falling asleep every two...

Alright now that Im not falling asleep every two seconds . . . . Surgery Day seriously was no joke. From someone who has had two csections, I really didnt think the pain would be this bad. I thought I was pretty much prepared for this pain wise. I was very wrong. For anyone having this procedure done WITH Liposuction, Its the Lipo that hurts you. My incision area doesnt really hurt at all, but everywhere that got lipo'd does.

What those of you reading may not know is that my entire mid section was lipo'd from right under my boobies : ) down to the good ol' hip areas near the vajayjay lol and my inner thighs. As a matter of fact at my original consult it was discussed not even needing a TT possibly just lipo. I knew from that point that I was going to have a lot of lipo done with the TT. SO for anyone considering this surgery make sure you know if youre getting regular lipo with it, its going to hurt.

I have been in my recliner now since I got home from the surgery around 11 am yesterday. My husband has been definitely being super dad to the two kids and has been helping out a lot by emptying my drain (I only have one) and changing my bandages. The worst part so far is definitely being stuck in this chair and being dependent on my husband to help me get up to go to the bathroom and stuff. He finds it pretty comical though since I cant really stand up. Also having to sit in this chair is a problem b/c I cant scoot myself all the way back in it yet. Eventhough I have a little mommy sized recliner I am still too "ducky" aka short as my grandma would put it. This causes a gap in between my back and the chair, which looks a little like this L\ the L being the chair and the \ being my back. Luckily when I had my last csection, the hubs got me this little back pillow thing that fits right into that spot giving me some added lumbar support.

I have not seen what my tummy looks like as of yet. All I know is that all the nurses were raving about how awesome it looked. One nurse even said that my TT was the best way for their week to start. LOL I was kind of glad to have a Monday morning surgery to begin with b/c I knew that the Doc was going to come into work all nice and refreshed from a weekend off. I know that may be silly to say, but just like with every job I am sure by the end of the week after doing so many surgeries and seeing so many patients the doc gets a little burnt out just like anyone else who works.

SLEEP - I just want to hit on this point a little . . . . You will be hot one minute and cold the next and realize you are sweating and that little bit of sweat makes you itchy, so on and so forth. Sleep right now is not my friend lol. I have not gotten more than four solid hrs of sleep at a time. My body is just worn and aches and cant make up its mind I guess. The nurses told me if I was having trouble sleeping I could try some tylenol pm which is what I may do tonight.

Happy Healing everyone - I will keep you all posted. I will try and get some pics taken today after I shower.

I got to see my tummy !!!! It is super flat. I...

I got to see my tummy !!!! It is super flat. I never had a stomach this good looking, even when I was cheerleader in college. I wish I had pics to post up for you all to see, but unfortunately the whole event of taking a shower was not easy at all. Thanks goodness for the hubby. He really has been helping out.

Alright so technically this is Day 2 post op. ...

Alright so technically this is Day 2 post op. Feeling better than yesterday for sure. The areas that were lipo'd by far are the ones that are the most sore. They are bruising and feeling a little itchy so I know my body is starting to heal itself up. I havent fully seen what my tummy looks like yet. Trying to get into the shower and cleaned up was definitely a trial and more difficult than I thought it would be. I think that alone wore me out yesterday. My main complaints right now are the fact that all the muscles in my back, buttocks, and legs are sore due to compensating the loss of abdominal muscles. It makes me glad I was consistently working out before having this surgery. OH and I am having one heck of a time sleeping in this recliner. I just cant sleep more than a couple of hrs at a time. Its really quite annoying. Hopefully in a few days I can get some better sleep.

PO Day 3 - Went in for a follow up with my DOC . ...

PO Day 3 - Went in for a follow up with my DOC . . . he said everything is looking good and to just call when I go two days draining less than 50cc in my lovely JP drain. With the way things are going I think it will probably be next week Mon or Tues when it can be removed. He also said I can start straightening up some. IDK how any of you have been able to take pics the first few days after this surgery . . . Eventhough I have showered I still havent had a full view of what I look like lol. Hopefully in the next couple of days I will be able to take a picture.

PO Day 4: My mid section is sooooo tight. I...

PO Day 4: My mid section is sooooo tight. I feel like if i stand up straight I will come apart :/. I am sure this happens to everyone, I am just wondering how did you get over the fear of standing straight ???

PO DAY 5 - I am going stir crazy in this house,...

PO DAY 5 - I am going stir crazy in this house, but per the hubs orders I am to rest and relax to make sure I am healed enough when he has to go back to work. I have been able to shower standing up with no help the last two days which is awesome b/c it kind of gives me a little bit of freedom from this recliner. I am trying to walk straighter, but its so tight I have this fear of coming apart. Maybe its all in my head, but Id rather not take that chance so much in the beginning of recovery. If things keep going the way they are I will be having my drain removed monday. I can not wait for this drain to be gone. It really is a pain and the side that its on is swollen up more than my left side.

HA HA HA I was just rereading everything I have...

HA HA HA I was just rereading everything I have posted on here - Man that day of/day after surgery you can tell I was out of it lol. I realized there were some things too that people may be wondering. Day of surgery I weighed in at 139lbs and I am 5' tall. My waist was a measurement of 31 inches and my around the belly button measured 36 inches and so did my hips. This may come into play later when I am less swollen and measure myself again.

I was able to get out of the house some today. We took the kiddos to play at an indoor play center. It was great to not be staring at the same 4 walls anymore, but it definitely was a little tiresome. I know I have read a lot of these reviews and I read about people getting exhausted easily. I wouldnt say I am falling down tired or anything, but I do feel a little sluggish.

Few other things I would like to mention - - - After surgery depression, I havent seen that surface for me personally yet. Hopefully it doesnt. SWELLING and SENSATIONS - Yes you will swell, probably will swell unevenly. It should be expected. Dont freak out when it happens unless its months down the road and you are still completely asymmetrical. Odd sensations you may have: Numbness, definitely have somewhat lack of feeling now on my skin. Itching - EVERYWHERE, but its good b/c you know youre healing up. Random warm sensations near the incision area - sometimes when I stand up it feels like I have warm liquid moving around, but I dont. According to the doctor while the healing process is happening its possible to feel every sensation under the sun.

Happy healing everyone : )

PO Day 7: Well Ladies and Gents IM DRAIN FREE ...

PO Day 7: Well Ladies and Gents IM DRAIN FREE ***** does the drain free dance **** lol - no but really it was time for the drain to come out. Once the ccs I started draining were under 50 it started to become really uncomfortable. I could feel where the drain was on my insides. It was pretty gross and I had to keep the darned thing in all weekend b/c obviously the PS is not open on the weekend. When he found out how little was draining he was like "uhmmm yeah . . . that needs to come out" lol

For those of you who have said it just felt weird and didnt really hurt . . . how lucky you all were. I believe if you wait too long to remove the drain, your body starts healing around it. Believe me it did not feel good to have that thing pulled out. Luckily my doc didnt tell me he was removing it. He just sat there talking to me then randomly pulled it out. It felt like having my skin waxed off my body. That is the closest thing I can think of to what it feels like. Like waxing something really hairy times 5 . . .. feels good to have it out though : )

PO Day 9: Well I lose the help of my husband in...

PO Day 9: Well I lose the help of my husband in two days. IDK how I feel about trying to take care of our 10 month old with him not here. Luckily if it gets too hard I will have the help of my 7 yr old son. In light of the hubs going back to work and school starting next week, I went out to run errands with the hubs. Oil change in the van, new school shoes, lunch (which I couldnt even finish half of) and grocery store for baby necessities. By the time we were at the checkout I was done for.

I never quite understood when people would say they were swollen in after pictures. Before I had the TT myself, I would just see the pics and think "wow lady if you think youre swollen you dont know what youre talking about" lol - but now I understand. Being swollen is 100 times worse after this surgery than any regular swelling - reason for that is the "swelling" has no where to swell out to so you look awesome still but youre so swollen you feel like youre going to bust at the seams :/. OH and its painful swelling. At least for me it is.

PO day 13: Well I have been attempting to sleep...

PO day 13: Well I have been attempting to sleep in bed. Its kind of working, but I get really stiff in the middle of the night and its still not 100% comfortable to sleep on my sides or to sit up or lay flat. I still get pain and pulling in my abs. It is definitely no where near as bad as day 2 or 3, but its definitely not comfortable.

Two days ago (po day 11) was my first day at home alone with the kids. The hardest thing for me to do was to change the babys diaper just for the simple fact I had to get up and off the floor, which is difficult b/c of the stiffness/soreness of my muscles. I managed to live through the day, but I was definitely stressed, in pain, swollen up, and ready to check out by the time the hubs got home from work. Unfortunately for me, Monday will be just as bad as friday was due to the fact that school starts soon. Tomorrow is filled with lots of errands like the dentist and meeting the oldest new teacher at school.

My next PO appointment will be Tues. At this appointment I know my PS is going to have to remove the stitches from my BB b/c while they are dissolve-able stitches, they have yet to dissolve. I am also going to ask him about some uneven swelling/hardness I have near my right hip right about where the drain was. It is starting to concern me a little b/c the scar/incision on this side is significantly higher than the other side which I think is b/c of the swelling, but I just want to make sure. Ha even if its just higher on the right than the left I am ok with that lol i will just go get a new tattoo to make up for the 2 I lost having the TT LOL

Happy Healing everyone will update again on tuesday after doc appt.

PO Day 15- Well yesterday was a handful - thats...

PO Day 15- Well yesterday was a handful - thats all im going to say, but today I had my 2 week follow up visit with PS. Everything looks good. No more tape over my incision area. My stitches did not dissolve as expected so had to get my BB stitches removed. Thats about all - I will keep you all posted.

HOLY SWELL HELL - I was excited about less...

HOLY SWELL HELL - I was excited about less stitches . . . that was until I swelled up this evening :/

PO Day 18 - Well . . . .Lets just say I was a bit...

PO Day 18 - Well . . . .Lets just say I was a bit over active in the last 24 hours and I did not realize how large this swelling can make you. I seriously thought we were going to be borderline cutting me out of my new CG LOL. Speaking of CG's and Spanx . . . . got some yesterday. Talk about pricey. On top of that comes the fact that I am borderline sizes. It was really tough to decide which size to go with - S or M - I got the small b/c I figured once the swelling goes down more I will continuously be the S but if I got the M it would eventually be too big :/. All I know is that for the remainder of this weekend I am going to barely be doing anything. I dont like the Swell Hell - I dont like it at all.

Happy Healing

PO Day 21 - Well nothing too much new other than...

PO Day 21 - Well nothing too much new other than the Swelling Continues LOL - I guess I thought the swelling would be going down around this time, but I get swollen more now than I did when I first had the surgery. I have been trying to add in a little light exercising lately b/c I am tired of just sitting around. I am sure this does not help the swelling.

Over all - I would say Im doing ok. Just swollen and things still hurt like someone was hitting me in the abs lol but overall I can perform most daily tasks. LOL I would say with ease, but its more like I am a 90 yr old woman hobbling around. LOL Im just really slow. . . .. OH and has anyone else noticed this site is not accurately updating things?? or is it just me??? could be my computer but no way to really know . . .. anywho Happy Healing : )

PO Day 27 - well I have some new pics. Nothing...

PO Day 27 - well I have some new pics. Nothing too much new. I have started putting on silicone strips to see if I notice a difference. Pain is still here . . . still get swollen in the evening - these are my swollen pics lol I know you cant really tell

PO Day 29 - I have been constantly sore - not in...

PO Day 29 - I have been constantly sore - not in excruciating pain but definitely annoying soreness. I have just tried something out on my abs that makes them feel AMAZING - Tiger Balm - like icy hot only better. It works so if any of you are having the same issue I recommend getting some : )

OKKKKKK its been a little over six weeks now . ....

OKKKKKK its been a little over six weeks now . . . . scar seems to be healing up nicely. I will DEFINITELY be having a revision. I have a cute little doggie ear on the left side and my right side is clearly higher than the left and its driving me nuts. I still get SWELL HELL thats why I am not uploading pics tonight. I will take some in the morning. OH and it is still pretty uncomfortable. Yes I believe it takes a full year to heal lol its gonna be one loooooooong year LOL

Ok its been a while. It has been about 4 months...

Ok its been a while. It has been about 4 months since I had the surgery. I still get swollen sometimes. Good lord I got sick the other week and it was swell hell all over again. In two months I will go back to visit with doctor C to see about touch up lipo to even out my sides. He thinks part of it is still some swelling. Well thats about it. Hope you all are still having happy healing times : )

almost a year

so its been almost a year and my abs are still amazing : ) I did have to have touch up lipo on my right side and it wasnt a fun experience. I definitely will never be having that done again unless I am on some meds or being put under lol. Since having the TT I have had to have a partial hyst. Kinda made me mad I could have paid less for my TT if I had known I had issues, but oh well. I am just happy the partial hyst was able to be done laproscopically so it did not mess up my amazing flat abs : ) Happy healing all !!!


Dr. Cochran has managed to give me the flattest abs I have ever seen, EVER. lol. My overall experience with him and his staff has been excellent. I will say Dr. Cochran is very experienced and knowledgeable and is the type of doctor that gets straight to the point. I think if you are looking for a very straight forward no fluff kind of doctor then Dr. Cochran is for you.

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