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Hello Beauties! so I've stalked you all long...

Hello Beauties!

so I've stalked you all long enough that I think its only fair to introduce myself ! My name is Char and this site has been such a big help for me as I'm sort of private with certain things.I was on here until 3am last night!

I am 28 years old and I have made the decision to go through with the tummy tuck procedure. I don't have any children (not planning on it) yet my stomach hangs so darn low that it depresses me! I know in my heart that doing this I will feel more confident in my clothing. I was originally going to go with Dr. Cortez however he has so many bad reviews that I just cant ignore. I feel as if I would be one of those patients because things that don't happen to everyone else usually happens to me (good and bad) so ive decided to go with Dr. Cochran in Georgia. He has awesome reviews and I would love to see what he can do for me! I live in California so I will have to travel to him. (this alone makes me nervous because I'm not sure how that would go after my procedure) Have any of you ladies traveled after the procedure? if so can you please help me? Not sure how long id have to stay. I'm currently waiting on Gail to respond to my email. Based off of you ladies, his rates are pretty good, as I was expecting to pay $12,000 with Dr. Cortez in TX. I'm sooooooo nervous and nothing has even happened yet. I really hope I go through with it. Horrid pictures coming soon as its only right! :)

Received my Email from Gail

Morning ladies, so I woke up to my email I've been waiting on from Gail...for my lipo, tummy tuck, inner thighs and arms it's $7200 and I must pay $250 to reserve my date. They've responded fairly quick. I let her know that I will like to move forward. Can't believe I'm really going to doing this. Let's hope I don't chicken out

Date Set

Omg so my date has been set ... I was going to originally do it at the end of January however Gail said she doesn't have anything at the end just in the beginning ... so my date is Wed January 4th! That's less than a month away ... help me !!!!! What do I need to buy? I'll be traveling from California so I don't want to bring things that I don't need ... I'm so nervous and so ready for this to be over at the same time ... a former Cochran doll told me to request 2 drains ...and I most definitely will..also Norco did nothing for my toothache so I know for sure it won't help me after the procedure , I need the heavy stuff ... will be requesting stronger meds also I'm getting a colonic prior to the surgery because I see constipation is normal ... please ladies, especially Cochran dolls help me ..

So my post operative information has arrived in...

So my post operative information has arrived in the mail... booking flight to GA now ... almost the two week mark... I have so many emotions but you ladies have been so very helpful, I thank you all for that ... Gail told me that I can wait to get my blood work done down there ... but what if something isn't right? Wouldn't I want to know here in California? :) anywho ... I'm excited and nervous at the same time ...

Balance Paid in Full!

So my balance is paid in full and my plane ticket has been purchased. Oh boy ! It's getting really close ... it's REAL .... exactly 2 weeks today! My emotions... up, down, all around ! Still have to get my blood work and pregnancy test ... doing that ASAP... at times I get nervous then other times I tell myself I can indeed do this and I deserve it!

Lab Work Done!

So my lab work and my pregnancy test has been completed. Yayyyyyyy. I'm not pregnant although I already knew that ..., now I must wait for the results of my blood count ... I'm hoping that all works out I'm sure it will ... so there is really nothing left to do other than pack my things and head on out to Georgia ! I'll be there for New Year's Eve ! That should be fun....

Just touched down to ATL ... yaaaaaaaaaas I can...

Just touched down to ATL ... yaaaaaaaaaas I can feel the flat side nearing lol ... I'll be here with family and friends for the next few days before surgery! This should be fun.... we are about to go eat now , can I just have one drink or no ? This is going to be very hard especially with NYE right around the corner ...

PreOp Done

My preop was today , drove to Columbus from Atlanta ... now I will admit that the area was sketchy, I thought my GPS was inaccurate as I wasn't expecting that type of area however everyone was very nice to me... Dr.Cochran was very nice and they answered all of my questions...he didn't talk much as all the other ladies stated but he was still patient ... you can sooooo tell that's he's not new to this lol.... I will admit that I feel much better still very nervous , but now I'm not wondering ... they gave me my meds to take at 6:30 in the morning I'm at the CVS now waiting to fill my precription .. got checked in to my room and everything is set up for me once I get there from surgery ... I had to drive back to Atlanta because I flew someone in , then we are driving back out there ...I'm going to be so tired ... welp I'll post some more photos tonight ... this is almost it!

As Promised !

Meds filled , I couldn't do the Norco because that doesn't work for me so he approved the Percocet (thank God) only thing is, it's was $40 by itself ... when most of the women pay less than that for both, but hey I don't want to be in any pain ....it's 8 and I've eaten for the night had steak and broccoli ... it was very tasty! Then I went to the nail shop so that they could remove my gel nails ... Im as ready as ready can be ... I plan to post in the morning we shall see how that goes !!!! Pray for me you guys , I've never had a major surgery ever ....have to go pick up my cousin (caregiver) from the airport in an hour or so .. she's so not excited lol but I promise to TRY and be a good patient lol ...

I've Made It to the Flat Side Ladies!

Hey ladies, so I've had my tummy tuck procedure... couldn't sleep for
nothing last night ... so I was ready to get the day started ... took
my medicine at 630 as instructed (helped sigh nausea) I was scheduled to
arrive at 7:25 however I was there 7:13 (I'm never on time for
anything) hahahha. They opened the door for me and I'm not going to lie
... I had major BGs ... I told them I must get to a restroom ASAP the
nurse said she understood and pointed me in the right direction. So
after I finished I went into a room where they took photos and gave me a
shot in the booty... it did sting but it wasn't bad ... from there they
led me into the operation room ... they usually put the IV in the neck
however because Of my large breast they said the arm would be better ...
from there she dripped that medicine and I felt so sleepy all of a
sudden then I was OUT... I did wake up but it wasn't bad, it felt like a
dream and the moment they heard me making noise they administered some
more and I was out until the end. I remember bits and pieces of the rest
... but I def remember how nice they were to me... I don't remember the
car ride to the room ...as of right now I feel fine but once I'm
attempting to stand its very Painful ...it burns !

I don't have a recliner so I'm in a bed I've gotten the getting in
but not the getting out ... it hurts so bad ... I cried today out of
frustration ... the doctor said he took 15 pounds whoa that's a lot
???????? it's 12:15 and I'm so sleepy drugged up. My drains are clogged
like even when I milk them ..: so I'll be calling about that first thing
in the morning. I made it ladies , now it's time to recover! Thank you
all for your prayers ...

Top of the morning - Day 3

So I'm 3 days post op! Oh boy has it been a journey already lol ... I know I sound like the other women as now I believe now that we all go through the exact same feelings ... I regretted this surgery for the past two days ... and more than likely I'll probably regret it again! But as of right now, I'm ok . Pain is bareable, the hardest thing for me has been keeping my body so close to not disrupt the incision ... it's a burning feeling that I just can't tolerate if I move a certain way. It hurts sooooooo bad I can not imagine doing this alone. I would NOT have been able to! My period randomly started on day 1 and Cochran has me so tight that I can not reach to wipe myself! Tmi but it's the truth.I have to move very very very slow ... this surgery has completely stopped me! Not even slow me down but STOPPED me. I have been getting great rest and those Percocet aren't any joke ... one minute I'm up next minute I'm sleep in my soup hahaha! I have horrible gas that won't pass and I'm day 3 no bowel movement. I feel like if you stick a fork in me , I'll pop! The walker has been my saving grace! You will need one .... I would not be inspired to get up if I didn't have one, as the support is so needed and this back pain is just horrible. The drains aren't that bad to me. I just can't wait to feel like I'm not splitting in half!! Ugh it hurts so bad <br />Cochran is amazing , my incision is genius ... the man is amazing and so far I do not regret traveling from California and accommodating my stay here in Georgia.. I've spent most of the money on hotel stay. I'm at the Fairfield Marriot (they are amazing) I think I've requested over 20 extra towels 6 extra pillows and little things here and there, they haven't grown irritated yet!  they even had a wheelchair waiting for me after I left my surgery and arrived back to the room. One of their employees helped me out the car and  wheeled me to my room, they really didn't have to. I was so out of it but I remember how sweet they were here at the hotel as well as at the doctors office.My follow up appointment is on Tuesday and I'm planning to go home on Wednesday to finish recovering

11 Days Post Op

And I feel pretty good ... at this point the hardest thing for me is sitting down! I'm ready to go go go as I live an "on the go" lifestyle... everything is healing well... with the exception of one side by my drain it's a little open. But other than that it's all good. Im still so tight and hard in my lipo areas ???? I'm sooooo ready for these drains to come out as I call it my ball and chain ... I'm almost standing straight! Can't wait for that either because my back is killing me ... I'm trying to upload pictures but the site won't let me !

Attached was me on yesterday ... Cochran changed...

Attached was me on yesterday ... Cochran changed my life! My incision is so damn precise ... the man needs an award... especially looking at all the other incisions (not that great) I'm grateful for him and his staff and even more grateful for the women sharing their stories because that's honestly how I found Dr.Cochran.... still swollen but boy o boy am I feeling myself...

So I'm almost 1 month post op and I've had a minor...

So I'm almost 1 month post op and I've had a minor set back but now I'm okay :) . I think my navel was about to get infected. It was milky and green and it had that "stinky navel stinch" x10 oh heck no... so because I live in CA I went to Beverly Hills for someone skilled in the area to help. Of course many turned me away because I didn't get my work done with them. But one highly recommended surgeon agreed to meet me and let me tell you! He was so impressed by my results he said "I couldnt have done a better job myself " I loved his honesty. I may even consider him for my breast aug because of that! Dr. Cochran is the truth. I just wish he was a little better with making patients feel less rushed (I too experienced that with Dr.C ) but anywho the surgeon said to clean it with diluted peroxide 2x a day. All has gotten better in only 3 days! Other than that I feel great. Don't get me wrong the swelling is real by 3pm and it pulls so damn tight near the navel but I am still very pleased with my decision. It's still sore in the lipo areas (I can feel it when I hit bumps while I'm driving ) I'm walking straight until the late evening, then I start hunching over a little.
I started scar therapy (once the drain sites closed) my scar is already very thin to begin with so I know it can only get better. I'm using Palmers scar oil. Guess what, if it doesn't work at all I'm still very pleased with my thin scar. My friends says it looks like a finger nail scratch. 
Side bar: I can't wait until I can work out!!!
For all the women thinking of doing this. DO IT! Lol ... I read so many reviews on here like you prior to making my decision and I must say I know everyone is different but I think a lot of women are a bit dramatic (that's our middle name) . I know I can be extra at times but after a week I was feeling a lot better. Maybe because I took so many photos that I had it to remind me. I see women crying and depressed at 2 months post op ... I can tell you, I'm done crying! (If there are no complications) It's absolutely nothing to cry about. It only gets better by the day then by the week. Im not disregarding anyone's feelings I just know I expected to still be depressed and im not at all. I'm also a very optimistic person so you won't find a pity party here. I want to get better and feel my best. So beware of the negative Nancy's and don't let it have any affect on your decision. If I can do it. Anyone can.

Feeling good ... feeling GREAT!

All is going well... just swelling and itching ... itching and swelling ...almost 6 weeks post op ... damn the time goes by fast ... I'll begin working out this Wednesday yaaaay!

2 months wow!

Two months post op in 2 days ... oh wow... feels like it all just happened yesterday! Im doing great ... still sore in lipo areas and my navel is still healing ... its healing slowly but it is indeed healing.

Life has been so different ... now all of a sudden the men want to stare and ask me out ...where were you when I had that belly??? Hahaha! it's fun but I'm still getting use to that type of attention.. still very very happy with my decision....I'm wearing my heels again, boy did I miss them. I've so been feeling myself , attached are some more photos ... Good luck to any ladies having surgery soon ...smooches

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