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Hello Beauties! so I've stalked you all long...

Hello Beauties!

so I've stalked you all long enough that I think its only fair to introduce myself ! My name is Char and this site has been such a big help for me as I'm sort of private with certain things.I was on here until 3am last night!

I am 28 years old and I have made the decision to go through with the tummy tuck procedure. I don't have any children (not planning on it) yet my stomach hangs so darn low that it depresses me! I know in my heart that doing this I will feel more confident in my clothing. I was originally going to go with Dr. Cortez however he has so many bad reviews that I just cant ignore. I feel as if I would be one of those patients because things that don't happen to everyone else usually happens to me (good and bad) so ive decided to go with Dr. Cochran in Georgia. He has awesome reviews and I would love to see what he can do for me! I live in California so I will have to travel to him. (this alone makes me nervous because I'm not sure how that would go after my procedure) Have any of you ladies traveled after the procedure? if so can you please help me? Not sure how long id have to stay. I'm currently waiting on Gail to respond to my email. Based off of you ladies, his rates are pretty good, as I was expecting to pay $12,000 with Dr. Cortez in TX. I'm sooooooo nervous and nothing has even happened yet. I really hope I go through with it. Horrid pictures coming soon as its only right! :)

Received my Email from Gail

Morning ladies, so I woke up to my email I've been waiting on from Gail...for my lipo, tummy tuck, inner thighs and arms it's $7200 and I must pay $250 to reserve my date. They've responded fairly quick. I let her know that I will like to move forward. Can't believe I'm really going to doing this. Let's hope I don't chicken out

Date Set

Omg so my date has been set ... I was going to originally do it at the end of January however Gail said she doesn't have anything at the end just in the beginning ... so my date is Wed January 4th! That's less than a month away ... help me !!!!! What do I need to buy? I'll be traveling from California so I don't want to bring things that I don't need ... I'm so nervous and so ready for this to be over at the same time ... a former Cochran doll told me to request 2 drains ...and I most definitely will..also Norco did nothing for my toothache so I know for sure it won't help me after the procedure , I need the heavy stuff ... will be requesting stronger meds also I'm getting a colonic prior to the surgery because I see constipation is normal ... please ladies, especially Cochran dolls help me ..

Columbus Plastic Surgeon

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