Tummy Tuck Locked and Loaded… and Just to Make Sure I Am a TKO, a Little Lipo Too! - Columbus, GA

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Just had my consult with Dr. Cochran, let me tell...

Just had my consult with Dr. Cochran, let me tell you, the staff and the Doc are AMAZING! super friendly, answered all 1,000 of my questions, and gave me up-front pricing with no hassle. I was so pleased with the ease of the whole appointment. It reassured me that there are professionals out there who still love their jobs and help people. I went ahead and secured my surgery date with a deposit. I can't wait! As far as pictures are concerned, I haven't built up the courage yet. I promise I will put some up pre-op, because that is what ultimately gives you the final push to have the surgery. I know that seeing woman who looked like me and had the same problem area did it for me. I forewarned my co-workers, that as soon as I am healed, I will be walking around in a bikini…everyday, all day. DEAL WITH IT!

Second Thoughts.....

Trying to determine if I really want to do this BBL.... My TT and Lipo are a no brainer and I don't doubt for 1 sec that Dr. C won't do a fantastic job on the BBL. I am more concerned with my recovery. I have to drive 2 hours back to Atlanta and how do I do that? on my butt? sheesh! My poor hubby will be a nervous wreck!!! I just don't know. I could stay in Columbus for the night but I am sure I would prefer to be in the comfort of my own bed. I still have some time to decide. As of right now its 50/50. Any advice on the recovery?

32 mom of 3 pre op pics!!!

So the long and short of it is that 3 kids took me from 119 pounds to 205...on a 5 foot 3 frame... And for the longest I thought I could work it off...that's a negative! I managed to get down to 163 with all this weird weight and fat that won't budge. Sooooo TT, Lipo and BBL it is..... I finally had the courage to get these pics up because believe me, I work hard at hiding it and you won't even believe what a corset does.... But what I want is to not spill out of it when I take the damn thing off! I'm about 2 months pre op and extremely excited that I will finally get my pre mommy body back. My husband has been super supportive (he has 7% body fat, I could slap him) and has loved me and all my rolls and never made me feel unwanted. So I can honestly say I am doing this for me. I am back and forth about the BBL because of the recovery and the fact that I love 2 hours from my PS... But I'm thinking it's a go! Any recovery advice is welcomed. My Dr. actually provides post op supplies but me and my fast self already purchased many of the supplies courtesy of my FSA card... Abdominal binders, silicon sheets, gauze, hibiclens, mederma, underpads, gloves, thermometer (we needed a new one), shower chair, heating pads, ice packs, I could go on..... So please lay on any recovery advice you might have, as I can always find an excuse for retail therapy,... Even if it is medical supplies!

Booty Wish Pics

This is my dream booty right here! Fit thick... Not too big, not too small.... Just big enough to know I could snag a night job in case of an emergency! Girrrlllll Bye!

7 weeks away!!!!

Hi Dolls! I cannot believe my sx is in 7 weeks... I am so busy at work, school and home.... I hope I don't overlook anything. I love reading everyones updates and couldn't help but think how great and supportive all the ladies are... isn't is amazing how we get along when we have a common flaw we want to change and understand how it could affect your life? Just wanted to say thanks to all my RS sis that I have connected with. You comprise an awesome support system. I don't know about ya'll but when I am done and healed....I'm gonna shut the "A" DOWN!!!!!!!!! LOL... I hope you do the same! (just on different days....I'm selfish.... ok, we can pick shut down days... Ima take Fridays....FINE we can share cause I need Tuesdays and Saturdays too!)

5 weeks to go!!!

well since ATLANTA is shut down due to inclement weather, I have time to check in with you dolls and give you an update. I cannot wait to get rid of my tiger stripes... I started bathing suit shopping so that come my anniversary (september) I can be snatched in a fab 2 piece on a beach somewhere in the Turks....I find it a little overwhelming though.... It consumes any free time my brain has outside of school, work and family... I, like any other woman out there, want instant gratification..... I want to be cute after I walk, wheel whatever me out of the surgery. But I know that isn't going to happen... so I have been trying to prepare myself for that. recently, I got all worked up over if the surgical drains hurt when they are removed... hmmmm....some say yes, some say no... but if I want this sx, I am going to have to have the drains and if it hurts, it hurts. Additionally, I am so self-sufficient that I am afraid that I will not "satdown somewhere" as my GiGi like say... I will want to get up to see if the kids cleaned the knobs on the stove, or if they have tissue in each of their bathrooms, if my husband took his multivitamin in the am...or if my little one kicked the covers off of her and needs to be covered back up.... sheesh... I hope they give me some GREAT drugs... not the punk percocet or vicodin... I want dilaudid.. so that I am not even concerned about that stuff.. LOL... wishful thinking! Anywho, I go to my pre-op on Feb 19... hoping to see at least 2 of my RS sisters when I go... As always, any recommendations and advice is welcome. XOXO

Less than 4 weeks to go....or maybe less than 3 (FINGERS CROSSED)

Ok Dolls, I have some updates... First, I have decided to hold on my BBL, for a couple of reasons. 1. I am not in the habit of wasting money. The recovery for the TT and the BBL are opposite (duh, I know) and while I thought that I could just master this "cut a hole in a lawn chair" bit, I dont' want to "rig" anything. I want to lay on my tummy like you should, so that you maximize the fat that was harvested. 2. I have a 2.5 hour ride home that no matter what boppy, pillow, inflatable donut I get will aid with the fact that I will have to sit. 3. I got my FMLA approved and although that will cover my leave, I really don't want to be out more than 3-4 weeks. That being said, having both procedures will definitely lengthen my recovery. So I have decided to wait until September or so, to do my BBL.

I have a ton of additional questions for my pct, the most important being that ya girl will be paying for her sx in full on Monday and plan on seeing if they can bump it up a week and see if I can go in on Feb. 26 instead of March 5. :-) Also, I have purchased a TON of supplies and will post a pic with the prices I paid and where I got them when the last of it comes in. Not sure what I will need and what I wont but I would rather be over prepared than under prepared. Last thing... I had my cbc panel done (the blood work) and my iron was low. not low enough to halt my sx but low enough for my PCP to tell me to take a multivitamin. Going back to the supplies I ordered, it included a pre and post vitamin regimen specifically for plastic surgery. I found them on makemeheal.com I will start those bad boys as soon as I receive them. Until then my RS Dolls.... I can't wait to make it to the flat side...!!!!


Well dolls, I know I said I was looking to bump my sx up a week but chile..... I didnt even expect to hear next week! Initially, my pct said he could see me on Monday 2/17!!!! Well, as much as I would LOVE to jump on that, I need to be able to give my company notice of this change as it would be soooo unprofessional to spring this on them last minute. I paid for my sx in full today and because 45 counties in GA are under a winter storm watch (soon to be state of emergency) until Thursday afternoon, I am unable to make the 2.5 hour drive down to Columbus to pick up my scripts, so they will have to Fedex them to me. Let me just say, I am super anxious. Especially now since I probably don't have to go to work for the next 2-3 days, I will be going stir crazy at home! I have Arnica that I purchased that was suppose to arrive this Thursday and due to this snow/sleet/ice, probably won't get here until Saturday or Monday. I also ordered pre and post vitamins specifically for plastic sx that will arrive late as well. I need to see if I can send the pre portion of it back. I am also taking my iron (2 pills at night because they make me sick during the day ). In my head, I thought I was preparing my body the best way I could in order to speed up my recovery. I guess things don't always go as planned, right? Anywho, I am still planning on posting my pics of all my supplies and such but it will probably be Monday or Tuesday night before I have it all :) Overall dolls, I am too tickled to be on my way in just 9 short days. I will post more before pics, pics after the mark up and of course, post-op pics. XOXOXO


As I said before, I am stir crazy. I have 3 deliveries that are being delayed due to inclement weather that contain additional supplies. More than anything, I just want my arnica to get here, the other stuff I can wait on. Hopefully, my prescriptions will arrive tomorrow and I can take them to get them filed. other than that, I am up bc my body thinks I should be at work by now....tuh! well I got news for my body... Im not leaving this bed

3 Days... Oh...Emmmm....Geeeeeee

Dolls, I am going to have an anxiety attack... due to the inclement weather, my scripts still haven't arrived. Therefore, they will have to be called in on Monday. I am so nervous and this is not how I like to conduct business... all half ass and last minute. I am not blaming anyone, just want to vent my frustrations. Well, as promised, here are some pics of my supplies. This is just a couple quick pics, didnt need the infamous "granny panties" I got depends and underpass so I don't mess up my car on the way back or any of my furniture in my house. ooooh, I am also still missing my arnica and my post op meds, tuh! I have gloves, Rejuveness( silicon strip), Hibiclens (I really have like 5 bottles because I LIVE for this stuff), antibacterial soap (dial), heel so soft, so my heels stay soft ;-), dermal wound cleanser, amerigel (wound gel), bathing wipes, pill organizer, a back-up abdominal binder and gauze. I also have a shower seat my hubby needs to put together, my favorite sweats, and my pajamas I will wear into and out of surgery. My nurse Donna could not stress it enough that I should come in pajamas. she said its so easy to dress a patient in that when they cant really get it together. not shown are the tylenol extra strength, the thermometer, and the 50 gals of cleaning products that I have so that my house is as clean as it can possibly get. Ooooh! almost forgot, my lift recliner will be delivered tuesday night. I rented it from Rent-A-Center and they were super nice. They even asked if I needed it for surgery because they have so many people that rent them for that very purpose. So dont be afraid to get one. I will use it for 2 weeks for a total of $60. As always, love and advice are always welcome. I will post a pic of the recliner and the arnica and post op vitamins when they get here. kisses dolls!


and I am no longer anxious. I feel like I need more time... I wanted to make sure all the laundry was done, all the food for the next 10 days was planned, purchased and prepared. That my bathroom was spotless, all the clutter in my living room was removed (to make space for the lift recliner), that my husband had snack and such while he waits for me, so that when I come home, I can just sleeeeeeeep. I tackled the living room, and meal prep all while the laundry is spinning in the background. I moved on to my bathroom. The hours are passing too quickly and I will have to be up again at 3am and out the door no later than 4:15, to make it down to my PS's office by 7. Before I got too far off into cleaning, I wanted to post a pic of the lift recliner that I rented from Rent-A-Center, the make me heal pre and post of vitamins ($68 for both), and the arnica ($28) that I purchased. oooooooh and the antibiotic that I am on, Keflex, makes me itch. The Pharmacist told me that is one of the side effect that I might experience and that it wasn't to be mistaken with an allergic reaction. So, that sucks but if I pretend like it isn't bothering me, I can block it out for a while, that is until in between my toes starts itching. Well Ladies, I will post again tomorrow. Wish me luck!!!

1 day Post-Op and Ya Girl is on the Flat-Slide!!!!

and I feel okay. It only hurts when I go stand up and that feels like a hot stinging which is coming from my one drain. I get to take a shower today and cannot wait! I dont know what I look like outside of the binder but I am flat in that so I assume its real nice underneath. I am in a binder and its not bad at all. 2 things I want to mention.... for real, the lift recliner is no joke... I am so glad I did. my bed is very high and I can imagine getting up out of my bed in this condition. Please ladies, contact Rent-A-center. you willl be glade you did. Second, my drain takes so long to get even half full. As far as I know, that is a good thing and will more than likely allow me to have my drain out sooner. I will post pics after my shower today. Super groggy--didn't remember anything from yesterday. lastly, I am able to get up and walk all by myself, slightly bent over. But, shout out to my hubby for being on top of things as I snored away on the recliner. I cannot imagine doing this without him.

Hello Flatside!!!! new Pics posted..

Dolls, I couldnt wait to get here. Really dont know why I waited so long to do this, because I can see my results immediately. I a super swollen, and sore BUT, I am not in pain. It burns for 2 seconds when I go from a sitting to standing position at the drain site. But that is it. keeping up with my meds....NOPE. I only keep up with my antibiotics because I can't have dairy 2 hours before and 2 hours after. I am not in a bunch of pain. I only take the Norco (pain meds) when I am ready to shower (which I was able to do today) and when its time to go to bed. otherwise, I can manage. A close friend said that the third day is the worst. I guess we will see. Here are some pics, the after side shot looks super weird... because I am swollen and holding a drain in one hand and the other hand behind my back and I am hunched. But, I love you guys and I want to share as much as I can. I go to my first pre-op on Tuesday.


My other Nurse just got on my case about my pain meds,. sooooo Nita84, I just popped one in my mouth. lol... otherwise, I feel great!!! any questions of comments, please feel free to ask.

35 hour later and I am still good

I am still feeling good, just really sleepy but I want yall to know that not every experience is painful and has you going through different emotions.... I keep thinking about why I didnt do this sooner!!! In love with my new body. I think this has much to do with the whole experience and Dr. C.... he even did extra work (lipo up my back at no charge) to maximize my results, and after he marked me up, he gave me the tightest hug. Talk about bedside manners.... This man has literally changed my life and I hope he realizes to what extent. If you are looking for a surgeon and you can travel to columbus, this is your man. sleepy again....

Day 2 Post-Op, Pics added

Hey Dolls, I am still feeling great. I am ON TOP OF MY PAIN MEDS!!! and I just finished my antibiotics! my I am still swollen, and had some concerns about my flanks, they were looking worse than before!!! But my husband said there are lipo holes there and that the tape fell off so they are just swollen, Thank God!!!! I am a box right now as far as shape is concerned but, to hear your husband say, "wow, I cant wait to see what it will look like when the swelling goes down" and how he is so "proud"of how I am walking around, makes this recovery great. I am still sleeping well and comfortably. I drink protein shakes 2x a day and eat baked fish, brown rice, spinach and low sodium black beans every night for dinner for the next week, in conjunction to the make-me-heal vitamins. Just received flowers from my company, and that made my day. Dolls, I cant put into words how excited I am about my body. I can't wait for you all to make it to the flat-side... you DESERVE this happiness, sexiness, and confidence.

3:40am... I am up walking around and itching like crazy!!!!

I hope this is due to healing because its really getting on my nerves. My husband won't let me put any lotion on my skin under the binder because moisture that is under my binder is like holding up a "Welcome, come infect me!" sign for bacteria. I totally agree but damn.... Oh, meant to tell ya'll, I had my first BM yesterday...a little constipation at first but I popped a k-cup in the Keurig and solved that problem. I also sat at my table and had dinner with the fam. Again, no problems and no pain. I just took another pain pill and I am dozing off as I am typing. lol. But I will be back up in 2 hours to walk. catch you dolls later! XOXO

So I see a little definition on the sides there....

my hubby pointed out that he sees more curve and definition to my waistline and that the swelling in the very front where my belly button is, has gone down. I can see it a little. what do you guys think? I was thinking maybe I should post pics once a week so that the change is more noticeable, but he is so on board with this whole process, he wants to see the daily change, no matter how insignificant I find it. But I will do whatever you guys want, and whatever will help. The recovery is a slow going one, and it will take time before you look in the mirror and be like "daaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyuuuuuum, she bad!!!!!" but maybe seeing someone else everyday will help make it more realistic. Anyway, I hope you all are having a great weekend!

Updating live from the Lift Recliner, lol...SIDE NOTE: WHEN YOU HAVE A TT, THE IV GOES IN YOUR NECK!

Hey Dolls---- Well Day 4 and all is still good. Remember I said I got my inner thighs lipo'd... well today they are super swollen. Maybe thats due to those wings I ate last night (teriyaki so you know the sodium content was through the roof) but still, I am fine. I am off the pain meds, as I only have one left. I have been alternating between Tylenol and Advil every 4 hours. I have the heat pack on my back because this recliner, while it is a god send for getting up and down, hurts my back after a while and and ice pack on my thigh. I am still up every 2 hours and eat my meals at the dinner table. I have a bm everyday (no constipation) and no more itching. I will post some pics later after I shower. I have been really lazy today and should have washed about 3 hours ago. My hubby is trying to get me up to speed with "Breaking Bad" and I dont want to leave the living room for a minute! As far as the IV, I just thought that was weird. I dont have a fear of needles, so it was of no consequence to me but thought I would pass that little bit of info on. I guess bc the PS is getting down with all that tugging and suctioning that if it were placed in your arm, it has a higher chance of moving out of your vein? IDK but it seemed logical to me, lol....

1 week post op---Dr.Cochran got into a fight with my fat--- he won

Dolls- let me tell you, this week has been crazy. I keep thinking "Damn, did I really do this?' Dont get me wrong, I am not in the least bit unhappy. I'm moving around well, managing my pain, and trying to "satdown" somewhere. It's hard to believe my sx was a week ago. I went to my first post-op visit yesterday. Dr. C was super pleased with his work, but more pleased with how I was recovering. He broke out the before pics and we shared a good laugh. As you can see, my inner thighs are bruised all up. Guess it could have been worse if I hadnt taken the Arnica. I am swollen again, and that is because my husband makes a mean cheeseburger and I couldnt say no (dont judge me!) So my drain is still in, I have to drain less than 50cc in 24 hours in order to have them out. well yesterday went I made tracks to Columbus, I was draining about 85cc's in 24 hours and wouldnt you know it, today I am draining 50cc exactly. Hopefully, Dr. C will be able to see me on Friday to get this damn thing out of me because it works my last nerve. oooooooooh annnndddddddd....... I am in the bed! Chile, I couldn't wait to lay in it. I sent the lift recliner back yesterday because I really didn't feel like it was needed any longer. well, as always, any love, questions and advice are welcome. will keep post again in a week with new pics.

Drain, Drain, go away--

Well Dolls--- I will tell ya this, things can go from good to bad in a matter of 24 hours. I am having anxiety over my drain. I know that might seem crazy but really, I want it out so bad that it consumes me. I think it's because I have read so many SX's saying that drain removal takes about 5-7 days, so automatically, when I exceeded that timeframe, I started to panic... What did I do next? I dug deeper on the site to see additional responses from the SX's to see if it was uncommon to go past that time. Come to find out, its not. Many of them say 2 weeks and while each patient is different, some have had their drain(s) in for 4 weeks!!! Well, I don't know what is worse for me, the initial thinking that I have gone past the 5-7 days or the panic of thinking it could be 2+ weeks. Unfortunately, Dr.C's office was closed yesterday (I called all day and their out-of-office came on every time), and so I will call again on Monday. Until then, if I had to self diagnose (which isn't the best, but hey, this is all I have to work with), is that, while it seemed super that I could move about and do all this walking and have no pain, I might've been overdoing it. It seems as though being super active doesn't give your body time to heal and train the tissue in your stomach to reabsorb the fluid as it should. So, I have decided to sit my ass down somewhere and get up as needed. Hopefully, I will start draining less and less. The okay news is that the fluid is not dark at all. When I drain it, its a light orange. I am also upping my protein and iron. I could just be working myself up into a tizzy but I really want this thing out, its so depressing. I knew that this would be the hard part for me. It really just works my nerve to sit down and do nothing, and lord knows I have -.000000329842 patience....Jesus, take the wheel, I can no longer drive!

Alright, Alright, Allllriiiiight!!

Hey Dolls-- drain is out---didn't even feel it at all. If I may refer to my previous post, I was experiencing some anxiety over getting it out. I failed to mention that it was sore around the exit site. So when I arrived at Dr. C's office, I ask that me numb me first. He told me that the injection would cause unnecessary pain and so I opted out of the numbing meds. I laid on the exam table and started telling him how happy I am thus far and before I could even finish that sentence he said it was out. The closest thing I can compare it to, is like being 6 months pregnant and feeling the baby move, like flutters. ABSOLUTELY NO PAIN. He also said he was very pleased with my progress and even joked that I owe him some more money. So, 24 minutes later with 1 big hug from Dr. C., I was out the door and on my way back to Atlanta. Ladies, if you are looking for a sx that has quintessential bedside manner, this is your man. If you can make it to Columbus, GA, then you need to consult with him. It would be to your benefit.

I posted some pics from today.... the scar is low and flat, but.....mu V-jayjay is on SWOLE!!!! how did I not read this anywhere else... its swell hell this and swell hell that but mines is so swollen it looks like I went in for a "different" type of sx and not a tummy tuck! LOL, I don't want no ding-a-ling!!!! So I found a full hook between my legs garment to aid with reducing the swelling. I am also applying heat 4 times a day. The nurse, Jenny, said that its just gravity and that since it couldn't go up, because of the binder, the majority of it went down. I still had some swelling above the binder but nothing like this... you can see both swellings in the pics.

Lastly, please let me tell ya'll that I didnt need 1/3 of the ish that I purchased. What am I going to do with 24 pack of depends diapers at this point? Lol....When it was all said and done, I needed the following items;

1. Gauze 4x4 ( like 4-5 days worth)
2. Medical tape to hold the gauze in place
3. Gloves
4. Scar management gel or silicon strips. I have both, I like the gel, and the strip is cool too, however, I dont think one will do better than the other, so buy one (the gel, because the rejuveness strip was like $64) and see how you like it.
5. Additional binder (so that when one is in the wash, you have a back-up)
6. Hibiclens (medical grade antibacterial wash, it kills MRSA Staph and MRSA Staph kills so, I use this on the regular anyway. I purchased it from a site called drugstore.com in 160z. foam with pump. you can also get it in a small bottle, which does not foam, at WalMart or CVS. It's in the same aisle as the gauze, medical tape, alcohol, peroxide, etc...,)
7. Dial liquid bodywash, its antibacterial, mostly soaps are deodorant soaps, but you need antibacterial
8. Shower Chair - it takes so much out of you to stand, so it helps that you can sit and let the water calm you, without getting dizzy.
9. Lift Recliner - just rent the thing from RAC, when I got it, I sprayed a whole can of lysol on it and then covered it with a twin size fitted sheet--- refer back to #6---I dont' know who funky booty done been in that thing so I gotta do what I gotta do, even if my kids had to leave the house bc even with the windows open, I literally sprayed the WHOLE CAN!!!!! I needed it for 1 week, you can do 2 but it was a waste because I was able to get in my bed.
10. Pre and Post op vitamins ply Arnica capsules specifically formulated for surgery from makemeheal.com

Any who, I really am happy so far, I am currently on the hunt for a marble to put in my belly button to shape it. Gotta be the right size. :-) love and comments are always welcome!! XOXO -

2 more pics

just wanted to share these pics. I have on the binder AND compression garment to aid with the swelling of the van..lol, the garment was a little too big and so when I combined it with the binder it feels nice and snug...

Another pic

Garments on, tummy is flat but those hips????

Waist Training

Got the ok to start waist training today---3 weeks on the flat-side... I have a distributor who sells that faja's aggressive waist training corsets. If you want to purchase one please send me a private message...the world isn't going to be able to handle all these cute girls with tiny waists!!!!

Waist training

Nice and Flat...

Just a couple more pics... 25 days out, I waist train about 18 hours a day, give or take...I am on the 2nd hooks on my corset so I assume its time to get a smaller one.


Wow, I have been so busy with returning to work that I have neglected my Real Self sisters!! well Dolls, I can say that at almost 7 weeks post op, I am loving the new me. I still have crazy swelling and a possible seroma (I will go to see Dr. Cochran this Friday to see whats up) but that doesn't stop me from being in DIVA status everyday! I swear, I tuck every shirt I wear in now... I am so proud of how flat my stomach is that I can't help but to show it off. It's funny because I haven't tucked a shirt in, in over 13 years... the little things that I didnt even know I was missing. I promise to post some pics later this evening because a picture is worth 1000 words.

3.5 months post op... New pics added!!

Hey Dolls, I have been sooooo slack updating my review but I am here now! I really just have one thing to share. Swell........Hell. Not really though. It's not hell but I am swollen after a full day of work even after being in my faja. I admit, I slacked with wearing the corset everyday for about a month April-May and that's only because I refuse to wear anything but ann chery corset and my medium was on back order. In the interim, I ordered a squeem and it did not meet my expectations. Sorry ladies, just my personal opinion. It's thinner and definitely less aggressive..I put the squeem in and it feels like putting on spanx, I put the ann chery faja on and it feels like armor. But it's not for everybody so to each their own, get the look you want by using whatever works for you. I have upper abdomen swelling mostly. I just started going back to the gym doing full workouts, abs, squats and all about 2-3 times a week. I'm not in any pain afterwards. I will say this... I am heavier than before I had the sx! Like 6 lbs. it sure where it is but it ain't in my stomach. Other than that, I will be making a trip to see Dr.C in late June to consult about lipo to my bra roll and a BA... Super excited!

He was so attentive and didn't waste my time or try and sell me on anything else or extra.

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