The Journey Back to Me. Columbus, GA

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Like many i have been on the site for awhile, when...

Like many i have been on the site for awhile, when i first discovered it, i didn't care for it then after awhile i was completely addicted.
I was set on going to Dr and see Dr Robles, until last wk and a bday i changed to Dr C. I have been wanting to do this for a long time.
Here goes join me please 30 days to the flatside

The countdown begins

Last night i had my first nightmare. Hopefully the last. For the next thirty days no sweets and bread. Well my mind must have been on that all night caused i dreamed i had a hole in my head and cookies were falling out. No one would take me to the hospital and the ambulance took forever to come. Needless to say I can't look at a cookie now so it worked. Hahahaha.
I am so ready to get this done. I am trying to get my mind and body right.
A lil about myself i just recently turned 41 i have four wonderful children and they are super supportive. I always do so much for everyone else so they are happy I'm doing me.

Nervously awaiting

I travel for on business so i am spending the next couple of wks in sunny Az. Its a good thing because it helps keep my mind off of the surgery.. Not.. Lol
I am so obsessed now. I sent a list of questions for them to answer and received a response the next business day both times. I am loving this. Now I am waiting on my pre op packet, It will finally be real.


Okay so here goes remember yesterday i told yall i was here until the end of the month. Well, my job has asked that i stay another month. Omg, this is the second time i have rescheduled my surgery, I haven't called Dr C office yet to see what they have available. I will keep you ladies updated. This is happening, i think more money to shop for new clothes. Decisions decisions

Still enjoying sunny Az

I decided to stay here until 4/18 and have surgery on 4/28, happy and sad at the same time. My friend is going to come up and we spend easter wk together because when i get home i will be running, im officially 30 days again till my transformation.
I have all of my supplies plus more!

27 days and counting

I keep thinking tomorrow was the day i was supposed to go home and prepare for surgery on the 8th. I have to keep it moving though, i have made the decision and now living with the fact its the 23rd! I go check my hemo and get a physical next friday! Just to make sure everything is everything.
Trying to decide on a recliner or not too!
Other than that! Its just a waiting game!
A long waiting game! Enjoy your weekend ladies!

24 more days

Yes 24 more days till my big day, i went shopping over the weekend, its hard to shop and up until now i have bought anything bc its like it wont fit afterwards, but the boo is coming to visit and i wanted to wear some cute stuff!
Wait so question how long after sx can you resume normal activities with "man"
Lol, well i will try to get it all in between now and the 23rd. I am not exercising but i hope to get a good couple of work outs while he"s here.
Congrats to ladies that have made it to the flatside and to the others going before me Happy Healing, sending yall love and light

The man is here!! 20 days and counting

The man got here last night and lawd knows i was ready! But the day before i came down with something! I am so frustrated about it cause i take my vitamins like water, and gupping my geritol so what gives! Anyway i have to get things in order i cant take anything in five days thats two wks soooo this whatever it is has to go! My friends joked and said dont get pregnant this weekend. Ummm negative, that damn auntie flow decided l she was on the rd to me too!! My boo was like did you find out how long we have to wait after surgery i said i think six wks. He was like umm yeah thats not happening. He was like u sure u want to do this . Just go harder in the gym. You will be fine honey! Um No sir. This two dollar hoe is getting put out on 4/23! Thanks for joining me..
Be blessed ladies, happy healing to the ladies who have had surgery and go luck to the ladies in search!

blood drawn

I have been anemic all of my life. So i have been going hard, taking hemaplex, iron, geritol, vitamin c and drinking beet juice, to make sure my hemo is good. I went friday to get my blood drawn. I will get my results on monday.. I will be hott if my hemo aint right..

15 Days...

Spoke with Dr. C office today and my hemo was 12.5 which is good for me cause im anemic! Starting tmrw i will go back to my beet juice for the next 15 days and my cousin who is a nurse suggested emergen c for my cold! I am so ready. She also suggested that ab board to wear under my garmet. Ordered that! Now its just countdown time from here! I really wanted to do Dr but this round is Dr C and i will let them take me to 100!
Happy healing to all of the ladies who have made it to the flat side and good luck for the ladies still searching

Ten days!!

I am still here in Az, packing getting ready to get home! Once i touch down its all over! I am so ready! On thursday I will be one wk so i will go on a liquid diet! Just to get my body prepared! I will do a big pot of soup and make me some fresh juices, and smoothies!
Happy Healing to the ladies who made it to the flat side and good luck to the ladies still researching!

8 days!!!

I'm so ready, not nervous more anxious than anything. I scheduled my pre-surgery
Lymphatic massage and set up my appts afterwards. I have seen what a difference they make. I will start mine three days afterward. I did a grocery list for my fresh soup and fresh juices! Besides that i have to say goodbye to this beautiful place!
Happy healing to all of the ladies who are having surgery today and good luck to the ladies still in the research stage

Next thursday

Okay so now its getting real ladies! I am so ready! Still here in Az, this is surreal cause i love it here, but come on sat!! Atl moma coming home!! I have so much to do, i want to see my family and the man! Will be boo'd and family up till wed!
Flatside here i come!
Happy Healing to all of the ladies before me and good luck for the ladies on your search!

Happy Friday

Well today is my last day in Az! Last night i went to have my last meal until next friday! Well of course i went to LoLo chicken and waffles! I didnt gorge! But i ate! I had fried green tomatoes, chicken, walffles, eggs and grits that i didnt eat! And sweet tea. Hey ima ga girl have to have that! I ended up packing the rest up so i can bring it home to my boys who loves it! I have officially started my liquid fast! So far so good! Tea and water so far, soup for lunch. Im sure i will loose something as well wont be constipated so much after surgery! Well ladies until i land
Happy Healing to the ladies who have reached the flatside and good luck to the ladies who are still researching!

A recliner

Today, as i prepare, it has finally hit my family that things are about to change.
The man said, wow baby im not sure about this, this cutting, you sure u want to do this, we can go to the gym. I said Yes im ready, then my 18yo said moma wow! Its almost time huh? Yes baby! New mommy!!
The best thing though was the recliner i bought today! I looked on craigslist and found a nice chair! I called and spoke with lady and explained i needed it for post op and she said yea come and get it. She was the sweetest person. She helped me put it in my truck. Both of our men was at work. Lol and i was too excited to wait. Well when i told her exactly what i was doing she was immediately supportive! How awesome is that! We decided to keep in touch! No wait and i paid 45$ for the recliner! Its show room quality! That was only God!
So well, i leave for columbus and check in hotel and have to be at Dr C at 8:45am
Flatside come soon!
I want to thank all of the ladies who stopped by and left messages of support and encouragement, whos following, happy healing to the ladies who is offically on the flatside and good luck to the ones still doing research!

Made it

This is brutal. I am in so much pain and since i cant use my arms it makes it worse.
I am awaiting my massage. I have so much fluid build up.. Will keep u updated. Thanks for prayers and your support

Here goeS

I apologize for this late review. I had started a review but was interrupted and didnt get a chance to finish.
Day 1 i was in so much pain. I had my thighs, arms, back, flanks lipo, tt with mr, and bbl. so everything hurt! We drove back to atl the same day! I went in at 9:30 we were home by 6:00pm. I was in my recliner everyday.

May 1st

My drain was giving me such a hard time so i felt like i was not draining which made me more miserable. We would strip it, plus the piece came off the drain! So it was not suctioning good. I was miserable and frustrated at this point. My massages helped! So to Tiana. She is the bomb, i drove to columbus to see the Dr.
We did not wait, Dr C came in, gave me a hug and told me everything looked okay, they changed my bulb and gave me instructions on how to pull the drain when its time. I felt a lil better. He said u may be looking to pull it between sat and monday.
We returned to atl. I feel like i have lost fat in my bbl. but at this point im a lil over this

May 4

Frustrated because im still so swollen, my arms still have these bat wings, and thigh are not like i would them to be, i feel like it was a waste of money. He didnt give me a compression sleeve for my arms so i put my compression socks on my arm. The girdle they put on me was too big, so i had my friend to go buy me a compression garment. However dr c said buy spanx.?
I dont get it!!! I need real compression, i bought something for my back and tummy. I will put the garment when i pull the drain out. Which was today. Omg i feel like a new woman without that thing. after my massage Tiana helped me put it on. Im moving and shaking now. I was already driving but after i took the drain out im on the go.

Officially updated

Today marks two wks, i do not like my results! The only thing i like is that my incision is super low! One side of my back is still very swollen, i look uneven. My stomach is still on swoll. I cant still see my vajay jay. My belly button is okay. The swelling has not gone anywhere at all. Do i have regrets, yes. I wished i went with my first mind and went out of the country.
Let me say Dr C and his office has been great. Even when i called him at 5am.
But my expectations has not been met.
Oh btw he got 22 pounds. I am not questioning his 30 yrs of experience but i feel like i look a mess. I am doing smoothies. And salads. I have had some soul food, but i dont want to go bk to eating bad. Hopefully this gets better. I am sleeping in my bed. I have also put myself on bedrest. Hope this helps ladies. I will try to keep this updated.

Can't keep anything down

Has anyone experience this? It doesn't matter what i eat, I can't keep it down. I have had a headache since day one.
I see Dr C this week, i have so many questions..something has to give!

Ready to get back to me

I went to my doc at one month po and i had a seroma, he ended up putting a tube back in, i drained so much it was all over everywhere! I keep it in for about three days! Today im five wks and im still in swell hell times 2! I sleep and eat in compression! Indigestion is still a problem, dr c office called to check on me today, they said eating smaller meals may help, and that the seroma set me back on the swelling!
I also watched a youtube video of a dr that said the more the doc take off the longer the swelling! That made me feel a lil better, i just want to be flat for like a min and see how tht feels! Im always on swole! Smh
Thats All for now,
Good luck to the ladies still researching and happy healing to the dolls that have made it on the flatside

Pics didn't post

Here is what im talking About

Feeling a lil better finally

I am officially six weeks po and I feel a lot better! The swelling is subsiding a lil more and manageable! Thanks to everyone who have reached out here or by text checking on me Posting updated pics

Way over due

So I am a one year plus post op. I went back to Dr Cochran and asked that he touch me up because I was huge at the bottoms of my stomach and my sides were uneven. He put me put me under for what my friend said was about 30 mins or less. I am not happy with my results. I don't think he even touch my thighs which I paid for, when I asked about my bra line he said that it's hard to get. I dis not pull me tight and I need more lipo done cause I have spots of fat all the places he said he got. Smh!!
I wanted to make sure it wasn't me and give it time! Won't recommend him at all
Columbus Plastic Surgeon

Small town, unsafe neighborhood. Dr. Is very short. Not happy with results

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