Need to Get my GROOVE Back!! Columbus, GA

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Hello All! I've been on this site reading and...

Hello All! I've been on this site reading and following a lot of beautiful women on here. I live near Macon, GA and ready to get my groove back. I have lost about 62lbs since 2011 and had a breast reduction in Atlanta in 2011 (size 46H to 40DD). From all the weight loss I now am ready for the next stage...tummy tuck!! I'm nervous, scared, but so ready to move to the next phase in getting my groove back.

DREAM BODIES????????????????

These are the bodies I wish/dream of. With surgery, clean eating, and exercise I'll be there!

Initial consult with Dr Cochran

Had my consult with Dr Cochran on 5/26/16 and he's so sweet and professional. We decided on extended tummy tuck with lipo of back, flanks, and thighs. He suggested losing 20 lbs prior to get as flat as possible. I had been diagnosed with blood clots last year so Dr Cochran wants me to get a medical clearance from my primary doc before the surgery. So I have some work to do prior but I have time.

38 days till surgery

As of today, I have 38 days till my tummy tuck with Dr Cochran. I obtained my medical clearance yesterday that he requested from my primary care doc and will fax to Dr Cochran's office soon. I'm so excited and nervous all at the same time!! I'm not telling anyone about my surgery except my 20 year old son who will be there with me and my temporary nurse (God bless him for what he's about to see lol!)
I'm on a diet and hoping to drop 20 lbs before surgery.. we'll see! I'll add another update a week before my surgery.

28 Days to surgery!!

I received my surgery packet in the mail today from Dr Cochran's office. It contains my Pre and Post Operative Instructions. I gotta take some time to fully read it all and get everything done (blood work, payment, supplies, & return paperwork). Yay!!!

Surgery is in less than 24 hours!!

So my surgery is in less than 24 hours. It's almost 9pm and my surgery is at 7:30 am tomorrow. I'm staying at the Fairfield Inn which is 10 minutes from Dr Cochran's office.

It's been a long road to this point. I've followed all my pre-op instructions including starting my antibiotics today. My son is my driver and nurse for this week....God Bless him! I've also included a pic of some items I have ready at home. I didn't include in the pic:
Zip up robe/gown (easy on clothes)
Frozen peas (ice packs)
Elevated wedges (for back and legs)
Extra gauge

Thanks for all the prayers....see you on the flat side!!

Today is the day!!

It's 7am and I'm sitting in a empty parking lot waiting for Dr Cochran and staff to arrive. Feeling nervous and need to go to the bathroom lol! Also feeling anxious and ready for it to be over with.
At any rate, thanks for all the support gals and I will see you all on the flat side!!!!

Day after surgery

Hey guys, I love wanted to post something to let you all know I'm recovering well at home. I'm still very tired and slightly groggy from the meds.
So at 7:20am yesterday, I went to pre-op where I removed my clothes and put on a hospital gown. They told me I didn't need to wear underwear or bra (so don't bring those items). They placed my belongings in a bag and gave me copies of my receipts (I paid over the phone 2 weeks ago). Next, they took my weight, measured my stomach, took pics, and placed the compression hoses on my legs.
At about 7:45am Dr Cochran came in and drew on my body. I remember him saying "we gonna get you taken care of real good." After that I was placed on the table and an IV started in me. I was talking to the nurse because she grew up in the town I live in now.
Next thing I know, they were waking me up and I said that was quick cuz I felt like I was just talking to you guys. They sit me up slightly and had me take deep breaths.
Next thing I knew, they were waking me up again. They said I was talking and then stop talking and my blood pressure started to bottom out. They put something (ammonia??) under my nose to wake me up. Dr Cochran had left for a few minutes so another doc with an accent was helping and talking to me. Then Dr Cochran came in and said I gave them all a scare. I was seeing black spots in front of me and was dizzy so they let me sit there awhile longer to monitor me, gave me ice water, and kept me talking. I felt like I was in the twilight zone. I'm not sure how long all this took but at some point, I was able to get off the table in to a wheelchair and get in my sons car.
I was in and out of it the whole car ride home. The trip lasted 1 hour 20 minutes from the surgery center to my house. So my son pulls into the garage and starts helping me out. The nurses told me to wait a couple minutes when I sit up so my blood pressure can adjust. I thought I did, but the next thing I know, I'm on the garage floor and my son screaming my name.....SCARY!! So I waited in the car 30 minutes, taking deep breaths, and sips of water till I was sure I didn't feel dizzy at all. We made it to the sofa where I had my wedges and tons of pillows waiting. I ate some banana and couple pretzels before taking my meds and I then I was out. I got up to pee last night around 9pm and take a couple bites of food and I was back sleep.
Felt better this morning. Son helped me to the bathroom and I got a little dizzy but I just sit there and took my deep breaths. Been sleep most of the day and eating bites of food with my meds. Son and I are going to attempt to change some dressings later this evening. I'll try to get pics. So far just recovering and it's no joke.

Bandage change day

I was able to get off the sofa on my own today. Still get weak when I make it to the bathroom. I usually have to sit for awhile on the toilet till the light headness goes away. My son and I decided to change my bandages today and straighten up the binder.
Everyday I'm getting better and better. But still this surgery ain't no joke!!

Had a nice warm shower and bowel movement today....woo hoo!!

After lunch, I called Dr Cochran office to check in. They told me to move around (get up and down) as much as possible. Terri asked if I had showered yet and I told her no, so she said I must shower today and keep my belly button clean out. She said to use any soap and let it run over my incisions, pat dry, and bandage back up. So I removed all my bandages and binder and took a quick 2 minute shower using lots of soap mostly washing chest, under my arms, and between my legs. Rinsed real well and pat myself dry. I used peroxide and gauges to clean my belly button. I had to sit on the toilet for a couple of minutes cuz I was worn out. That's when I had my first bowel moment! Glad that's over with! My son changed my linens and washed my Compression socks.
After all of this I took a nap cuz I was worn the heck out.

Took a shower on my own!

I'm getting around on my own today. I don't go far just the bathroom to use it and I'll rest there for a little bit then take a shower and then back to the toilet to rest. My son and I changed my bandages after my shower and I noticed my right side is open but not sore. My drain is draining less than 50 ml so I will call the office for an appointment next week.
I stop taking the pain meds as of Tuesday and feel so much better. No constipation and no dizziness/lightheaded. I take the Tylenol each day and no pain so far. I have a hard time sleeping at night not sure if it's because I'm not taking pain meds or tired of sleeping on my back. Anyway, just wanted to update you guys. My next update will probably be when I get my drain removed next week. TTYL

Labor Day Events

So, woke up Saturday 9/3 and drain was lying on the floor. I'm not sure what happened in the night that made it come out because I'm was still sleeping on the sofa and unable to move around. There was no blood or drainage everywhere so I didn't freak out.
I called the office and got the on call center and they put me right through to Dr Pagadala. He asked me why I took it out and I was like "I didn't take it out on purpose!" He said to leave it out and cover the site and see Dr Cochran on Tuesday.
On a better note, I drove to the store and brought some more bandages and hot dog buns. By the time I got home I was so worn out I had to pop two Tylenol lol! But it was exciting to join the real world.

1 week follow up with Dr Cochran....& new drain :(

So, I drove 75 minutes to Dr Cochran office on my own for a one week follow up. My appointment was at 1:30p and the waiting room was crowded. As soon as I checked in, they called me back within a minute or two.
Dr Cochran came in the exam room within 5 minutes and looked me over. He said I was healing up very well and my incisions look great. Even the right side that was partially open. He said there are three layers of stitches and the ones on the outside are the 3rd layer, so technically its not open.
He did notice a lot of fluid in the lower abdomen/pubic area. So he said he will have to install another drain. He laid me on the exam table and did it right there in less than a minute. And boy did that sucker drain. 5 towels later the drain/spout slowed down. So they gave me lots of dressing and sent me home. Dr Cochran said come back when the drain slows down which should be in 3-5 days. I had to change the dressings by the time I got home so it's still going.

SWELL HELL....One month post-op

Well I'm one month post-op this week and I have come a long way baby! Overall, I'm happy with my progress and feel great. My current situation is swelling and more swelling. My crotch area is so swollen I've named it "fat cat!" Lol!
I saw Dr Cochran yesterday (Fri 9/30) and he said I'm looking great and the swelling could last up to 2 months. He wants to see me in 6 months (March 2017). He cleared me for swimming (my water aerobics class) and working out (as much as I can handle).
I still take a couple Tylenol at night when the work day has been rough and I'm in pain.
Otherwise, I'm very satisfied with my results thus far and happy with my decision to go with Dr Cochran. My next post will be at my 3 month post-op (late November 2016).....take take and stay on the flat side!!

3 month post op!

I'm feeling good great! I am still swollen but mostly in the lower abdomen/pubic area. Dr Cochran said it will last a some months so I'll wait it out. I'm numb still above and below the scar as well.
I wear my compression wrap or garment each day even at bedtime. I feel weird without it.
My next visit to Dr Cochran will be in March 2017; my 6 month follow up. Overall, I'm still very satisfied!
Columbus Plastic Surgeon

I had a consult with Dr Cochran Jr in Columbus, GA. He is very sweet, professional, and I felt great around him. His staff was warm and friendly as well. I like the work I've seen him do on several women. His office is 1.5 hours away from my home.

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