This 42 YO mommy of 5 (ages 15,18,21,24,26) is finally back on the Flat Side! Columbus, GA

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So, I finally did it! Post op day 1 and all seems...

So, I finally did it! Post op day 1 and all seems to be going well. Better than I anticipated, that's for sure. My husband and I arrived in Columbus the night before my SX, to avoid traffic from ATL. No food or drink aft midnight, per Doctors instructions. I washed my hair and showered with Dial and Hibiclense. Woke up at 6:00 am showered again, to two nausea pills sent to me by Dr C.Checked in at the office at 7:15am. They took pics of my body, Dr C marked me up, put the IV in my neck (which was not bad) and I was out. Surgery started promptly at 7:30. By, 9:30 I was pulling off the parking lot. Everyone at the office was super friendly. Today. PO day 1 Dr. C, called my husband today to check on me and to find out how my drainage was going. Currently, draining about 50ccs every 6hrs. I'm moving around fairly well independently. With the exception of getting on and off the bed. Also took my first BM today, to my relief it wasn't a struggle at all. I had tons of anxiety about that, from reading stories. I think the combination of drinking a lot of water, light foods snacks (jello, soup, etc) stool softeners and Mirlax, played a major role with my having a painless BM. Oh, and the raised toilet seat was a lifesaver.

I'm walking around every time I have to us the restroom, or feel the need to readjust. Pain is tolerable, nothing major. The most pain is when my body stays in one position for a long period and I move after. Dr. C, told my hubby I could shower today, but I'm so scared...I have to build up the courage. In the mean while, he's wiping me down with antibacterial wipes. Tomorrow, I'll shoot for a shower (so scared). I have taken a peak at my tummy yet, I guess the reveal will be tomorrow when I shower.

My biggest challenge is getting comfortable so I can sleep. I was awoke all day since 6:00am. Just couldn't get comfortable. Which is frustrating(!!). But, hopefully I'll work out something to get comfortable.

PO Day 2, Shower and Tummy Reveal

PO Day 2, I took a shower and it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought. My husband is amazing, he has helped me every step of the way. Some of my guaze was stuck to my skin, from old fluids and dry blood, under my binder. We left those pieces on to fall off in the shower. My hubby got in the shower with me (clothed, with his flip flops on), and sat down to hold my drain and wash the areas i couldnt manage to reach. Thankful for our large shower that fit two ppl comfortably. . He wrapped my tummy back up with clean gauze and my bindervand I was good to go. My doc gave him all of the instructions (verbally); thankfully his memory is sharp.

PO 12 and at the Beach!

I had my post op appt on Monday, PS said all was good. Drain was taken out...and let me tell you, it felt nothing like i feared. No pain at all and less than 2 seconds. The stiches in my belly button were removed too, and that felt more uncomfortable than the drain being removed. I had a concern with a small portion of my incision, it was dripping light blood since Saturday. My PS removed the tape to evaluate it, and stated all was good, that particular area will just take a while longer to heal properly. Seems as though my suture seperated in a small area. But, Ill trust what he says, that all will be fine. It just looks disgusting, I guess, because its not healed and he removed the bandage and tape in that area(??). I was instructed to keep it clean with dial and hibiclense. Continue to wear my binder for 2 weeks, and then I can wear a girdle/compression.

Other than that....its been all up hill since Monday PO day 10 when my drain was removed. Spirits and all! That darn drain, controlled my life..LOL. Ive been going non stop and I love it!! The only restriction I have is major work outs, need to prolong another 3 weeks. No biggie. Tuesday, I drove myself to get a mani/pedi, did some shopping for the beach trip today (that my doc said was absolutely fine to go and he even said, I could swim, but warned not to expose my incision scar), and washed a load of clothes. Im sleeping much better, and maneuvering 80% better (almost instantly once that drain was removed).
I have a few pics taken yesterday PO Day 11, swollen (!!)
I pray my recovery stays on this positive path, as I know I have a long way to go. Happy Healing to all of my fellow Tummy Tuckers!

Week 3/PO18

Im updating before my official 3 week mark which will be Friday. Looking back, I can't believe how time has passed. Seems like i was just lying in bed trying to gain the courage and plan how to move in order to get out of bed on my own, and now Im hopping out of bed. Blessing. Back to work tomorrow, Im going back earlier than I planned. 20 days was good enough and I feel great overall. Not too much to share:
-Most tape came off, scar is scarry but, it was to be expected because I scar the worst. My skin is stubborn.
-swelling or a pouch is at the bottom of my stomach. Hoping its not the "S" word. It's been there for a little over a week. You can see it in the pics.
-I am walking straight up, until my stomach goes through a tightening phase. Weird. Sorta like a contraction, less the pain.
-I feel like ive gained weight (bigger than pre sx), and refuse to get on the scale. Hoping its just fluid..But, how will it disolve? i cant wait to get my shape back. I feel square. I purchased comfy work clothes, so I wouldn't depress myself by trying to get in my fitted clothing.
-still wearing my binder 23.5 hrs a day. I only remove it to shower, for one more week. Currently looking for a faja/compression garment for my transition, but i think ill wear both together. The market is a bit overwhelming.

Other than that, i feel great. Happy Healing!

Week 3 and 1day -Quick update

My return to work was great! Running around like a road runner. I can't believe how I bounced could be that we went on a beach trip with our youngest two for spring break the week prior and i was forced to go with the flow (by looking and walking normal). I dont know, but Ill take it. Lower tummy swelling is finally subsiding (after about 10-12 days straight)...Thank God! The pubic area is still a bit swollen, and its so hard to conceal (looks like I had surgery to get a man part, since that area is so dominating at times - eeekkk!!) I took a few pics in my comfy clothes, in between cleaning. I tried using the earplug in my belly button..#bigfail :-(

7 weeks PO!!!

Hey TT'ers! I cannot believe Im 7 weeks PO already. When I look back at my timeline of pics, Im amazed of the changes. Full Body/torso swell has depleted, however I still have sporadic lower belly swelling, typically based on what I eat or drink (esp salty food). Im not wearing my binder (only when I feel up to it). Im wearing a compressed girdle. I purchased 7 from Nordstrom (a split btw thong style and no show panty style), Skinny Girl brand. They feel great, and keep me compressed without the suffocation feeling. I have a split btwn small and Med, both do the trick. Two weeks ago started a scar regimen, alternating every other day, Scar Away strips one day and BioOil mixed with a dab of Vit E oil, the next day. It seemed as though Scar Away and Bio, were amongst the top 5 treatments for scars, Im using both. Im using ear plugs for my belly button formation, until yesterday I observed the tape i use to keep it in place is leaving a scar ( No way, can't have that), so I'll give it a little break. Ive been slacking, haven't started working out as of yet, but plan to hit it hard within the next two weeks, the same for my eating (poor). Hubby and I took another vacation and wearing a two piece comfortably was the test. I felt ok, but not a comfy as I wouldve hoped. But, when I think about My Pre Op belly bulge that held 5 children, I bounce back to reality. But, it's a process, I havent wore a bikini since my first child, 26 years ago, so the mental transition is real. WIP (work in progress). Overall, Im pleased with my results, and when I start to nip pick, Again, I revert back to my before belly, and I snap out of it. Just a lil needed reality check. I took a few selfie pics, I was limited to positioning ,obviously, but also some pics during vacation. I cant wait to see what the next 7 weeks bring, Its a journey and I still have a way to go. Happy Healing!

8 Months PO

Its been 8 months PO already. I went to see Dr C a few weeks ago, to revise my horizontal incision line. Recap: A few days in to PO, I ruptured my incision (Go figure). 2 weeks PO, Dr C had to open the area to clean it and left it open to heal. He mentioned a small scar revision might be necessary, depending on the final healing result. He also warned the wound healing process would be lengthy (and he was right, it took months to close up). Fast Forward, abt a month ago, I had the horizontal incision revised, as it healed thick and raised. It took Dr C 5 minutes and I was done. Its now flat and thin. He also gave me a shot of cortisone in my belly button. Still swell, depending on what I eat or drink (nothing frequent or major). Just started working on sculpting my abs. Ive gained weight over the summer and fall, so Im focusing on loosing 5-7 pds (nothing major but each pound counts). I also need to restart the use of scar strips and possibly see a dermatologist to assit with fading the scar. It's not terribly bad at all, and can easily be concealed but I would love to have it faded as much as possible. My body is prone to scarring so I knew my scarring would be an issue. Any proven remedies for those whom scar typically have issues with scars, please send my way.

Dr Cochran, very nice down to earth surgeon. Bed side manners are awesome. He personally, called my husband On PO Day 1, to see how I was coming along and to check on my drainage.

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