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After stalking this site for months and following...

After stalking this site for months and following so many courageous women, I have decided to take the plunge and post my tummy transformation. I am a single mother of two 14 and 12, who has always put them first. Now its time to focus on me, FINALLY! At the age of 20 I had emergency surgery, which caused the surgeon slice me open. I've been self conscious about my scar and have decided to do something about it. I've visited a few PS in my city, but I wasn't confident I would get the snatched look I wanted. Plus, I was smaller and they advised I didn't have enough skin to significantly lower my scar. I continued to look for surgeons and began stalking RealSelf. This is when I found the beautiful work of Dr. Cochran. I had a virtual consultation and with the help of my bff, I paid my deposit and set my date. I will be traveling to Georgia and staying with my bestie who will be with me every step of the way. Thank God she has gone through this process before, but it was with Dr. Ortega. She said she will nurse me and force me to walk. She said "no laying around for days".

I'm just a ball of emotions...excited, nervous, anxious, overwhelmed. I'm just ready to begin my transformation.

Please help!

I'm traveling from NE to GA for my TT and I'm unsure of what I need to bring and if I should lose a few pounds. Currently, I weigh 178 and my measurements are 36DD-33-48. The only thing I want to go change is my waist. Plus when I had consultations at 170 the doctors said I didn't have enough skin to lower my scar significantly. I'm not sure what I should do. I also need help on what to bring. My bestie will be taking care of me and she has had a MM. She said you don't need all that stuff, but I rather be safe than sorry. What do you suggest I should take.

Ladies I would greatly appreciate your help. Smoothes

About that time....

I can't believe next week I will be hopping on a plane to have my scar removed. It's been apart of me for 14 years. It's bitter sweet to have it removed. This scar saved my life yet hindered my thoughts of my outer appearance. No matter how much I workout, how flat I get my stomach I still have this annoying scar.

I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for the haters and naysayers. I haven't told my family because I know they are apart of the judgmental crowd. They just have to see me with my tummy out. It is spring. Nothing wrong with showing a peek of flat tummy :). I'm ready to have a little waist to go along with my god given round bottom and DDs.



So I met Dr Cochran and his wonderful staff. It was great to finally put a face with the voices I've spoke with so many times. Immediately Dr C had jokes about my ripped up jeans I wore, which reduced any nevousness I had.

One thing I wish they told me was due to GA state law you cannot fill CIIs 10 miles from the city they were written in. Ole well I will get them tomorrow.

Your prayers and positive thoughts are much needed! I really appreciate all of the support. It's a great feeling to receive support from other women. Off to try and sleep before Operarion Reduce Scar and Snatched Waist is complete. I will update everyone tommorrow.



I'm not coherent to give a proper review. Everyone was really nice at Dr C office. My bf has taken great care of me. This shit right here is no joke. The pain is st level get higher hour. I will update tomorrow and post some pics


I am one day post op and I feel much better than yesterday. I think it was the shower that has me feeling refreshed. I must say if you are getting a tummy tuck for vanity reason at no well in hell would I do this simply to meet the visual amusement of others. This is very very painful. You itch and can't scratch. You cant wipe your own ass. You are completely dependent on others, so have a strong support system. Did I say this is extremely painful!

The day of surgery went well. Nurse Jenny (I think that's her name) started my IV on the first try. I didn't feel it it was so quick. I have small veins usually I give a 3 poke max but wasn't needed this time. After that I remember waking up. His nurses helped me to the car and gave me cheese crackers and soda so I can take my pain meds for the ride home. Dr C and his staff took excellent care of me. He even called me this morning to see how I was doin. I was a little concerned because I'm not draining that much but he isn't worried.
My bestie has been wonderful in caring for me. She has gotten to know my body pretty well. Cthu. I owe her a bunch of favors.

Day 1 post op pics

Cochran Cutie Post Op

Yesterday I started feeling like myself. I swear to Gawd days 2-3 bout took me out. I woke up day 2 rocking back and forth ask Why TF did I do this. I wouldn't allow myself to cry because I asked for the surgery. I was so close to tears but I pushed through. This is far worse than a csection. Don't let anyone lie and tell you the recovery is similar. Lies lies lies.

This is a humbling experience, especially when you can wipe your own ass. You can't go to the bathroom by yourself. If you have a large bust you need someone to hold your breast as you put your CG back on.

Midday 3 I started to see relief and started feeling uncomfortable versus pain. This is when I slowed down on the pain meds and switched to Tylenol extra strength. I set a goal to do at least 1000 steps, which I exceeded.

Day 4 I went the entire day without pain meds. I got out the house and felt tons better. I slowly began walking straighter. Still hunched but straighter. Luckily my clothes fit where you can't see my drain or tubes. I was happy that I made 5000 steps without pain or over exerting myself. I finally took a BM with the help of magnesium citrate.

Today is real good. I can laugh a little but nothing deep.
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