I Know for Fact my Belly is Weak and Faking Me Out….. - Columbus, GA

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I cannot begin my story without first extending a...

I cannot begin my story without first extending a huge THANK YOU to all the beautiful ladies and behind the scenes contributors of Real Self who so courageously disclose their beings right before the eyes of the world solely desiring to increase confidence in others who may decide to join the flat side. Ok here’s my story: I’m not a kangaroo so I don’t desire to carry a pouch like one. I’ve been lurking around this amazing website for a few months now. I’m a wife and mother of two adult children and just realized this weekend that it’s really my time to focus on me. I’m so serious. I was literally driving in my truck Saturday morning while worshiping God for all His loving mercy and grace, I remembered my husband’s frequent statement, “Honey its time you focused on you”. One would think after being married to my guy for 29 wonderful years it should not have taken two years to take his words to heart. Together we’ve conquer the world!:-) Yet, the concept and reality of focusing on me is so far off the grid for me that I have been contemplating getting a TT for over two years. So here I am. Lost 57lbs back in 2012 and been fighting/beating to dust every unwanted 3 -10 pounds gained from birthdays, holidays and mood swings off. Now that I know for fact my belly has been faking me out with its weak temporary mid-month shrinking appearance yet balloon expansion regardless of training intensity. I had my first consultation last December. TT scheduled for March 30.

TT Paid in Full

My darling husband just called to notify me that my TT is paid in full. It just got real!:-) So grateful and for the icing on the cake, seamlessly scheduled time away from work. In less than two weeks I will be on the flatside.

Joy Comes in the Morning!!!

Dolls I will be joining the flat-side 6am tomorrow. Today was my son's 28th b-day and pre-op. I encountered nothing but exceptional people throughout the day. To top it all off my family and I had a ball celebrating my son. Love, family and friends. Thank you all for all your help and encouragement. Flatness she comes!:-)

I made it!! Flat-sider!

Surgery went amazing fast and the results are so beautiful. I'm swollen but honey when it goes down I'm going to be on snatched. LOL!! I'm standing up strait and walking my bathroom floor. My PS said over 10lbs were removed (tt&lipo). I didn't anticipate that much but I also knew my extra skin was big.

3 Months Post Op!

The road to full recovery is an enlightening journey. Dr Wilson was fantastic to say the least. When he revealed by tummy a day after surgery I could only see a frankinstein scar, yellow, blue and red marks and much swelling. He and his nurse told me I looked amazing but I just didn't see it. Until now!! Honey this here doll can see the flat! As mentioned in my previous post, I walked the evening following PS and stood up semi-straight. I walked in short strides with my shoulders straight up the next afternoon. My nursing staff would kindly remind me that "motion is lotion". They were the best recovery team and I truly am grateful for my answered prayers for kind medical professionals to oversee my experience. Upon my release for home my precious family continued expert gentle recovery nursing me for a consecutive 10 days. They didn't have to but those first four days home I was under pain meds and loopy so somebody had to watch me sleep, listen to me talk a few minutes, eat my gourmet low sodium meals, massage my legs and kiss me. Yes I require a lot of maintenance when I'm not feeling 100. Based on my extensive scanning of many other flatsiders stories and helpful hints I purchased many items from Amazon that aided in my goal to achieve rest during recovery. Such as a foam wedge for my back and legs so I didn't rely on stacks of pillows. I slept like a baby most of the time. I experienced a couple of nights of discomfort from soarness but as log as my meds were ahead of the pain I managed. I was able to shower the second day in the hospital with a little assistance and the second day after being home also with a little assistance. I had lots of family stop by and visit during the early afternoon. I gather the word was that was the only time I would be coherent. LOL!! Some tried to make me laugh which wasn't at all funny bIut painful. Speaking of pain. I was able to travel down my stairs for a visit in the sun on the patio. Having the sun warm my sweet face was everything but I forgot where I was enjoying this heavenly experience, GA aka pollen land. When I returned back to my lounged position back upstairs in my bedroom a huge sneeze came. All I could think is PRAY! I prayed that first one away. Wew! Thank you Jesus. Oh that creeping sneeze came again in the middle of the night and it hurt like someone kick me in my tummy and allowed a shark to bite me. I cried for a second and realized that was causing more pain. My loving nursing staff consoled me. Like a choir we all said, we should have given you a mask to wear outside. Talk about an after action review. I returned to eating sensible meal a month following PS. I noticed swelling increased so I increased drinking water and elevating my feet. I was released to resume light activity 6 weeks following PS. If I had to do it over again I would if I was guaranteed the same physician and nuring staff. Its not a weightloss fix but it has really given me a boost of confidence. I really feel great when I'm out in public as if I no longer have a strange hidden tummy but a fabulous curvey body to proudly display. Don't get me wrong I'm not wearing bodycon dresses every day but I do rock a crop top or workout only in my sports bra. Now I'm off to concur the stair master and maintain running 13 minute miles.

July 2016

Updating after and before pic. My before pic scares me to no end. How in the world did I take forever to jump to the flat side? Great grace I tell ya. So thankful that I did it.
Columbus Plastic Surgeon

Exceptional!! The best surgeon on the planet. He's the best hands down. A total dream come true. I truly believe our encounter was arranged by God himself. I has lost over 60lbs and kept it off for over 3 years. I'd always dreamed of getting a Tummy Tuck and even finally got my husbands agreement. Well how about it was my husband that introduced me to Dr. Wilson. My first visit was a breeze. Dr. Wilson comely understood my desire to eliminate my excess skin. He gave me the most confidence as he explained how the procedure is performed and expectations following in recovery. I was taken by his professionalism and sincere concern for me to have the best results possible. He's a gentleman and scholar of his profession. Because of my informative encounters I was totally prepared the day of the procedure and throughout recovery. I can honestly believe the procedure didn't hurt as bad as I thought because it was performed by the best loving medical professionals on the planet or at least on the east coast. If I had to do it again I would as long as Dr Wilson is my surgeon. My procure changed my figure and my life.

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