Deposit paid and i have my date. the countdown is real - Columbus, GA

*THE COUNTDOWN IS REAL* I went for my second...

I went for my second consultation on Oct. 3, 2016 for an extended TT. I am so excited, now that I have paid my deposit. I will be having surgery on March 15, 2017 @ 1030 a.m. I am 33 with four lovely kids. That I birth all by C-section. One of my biggest question is the pain. Could the pain be compared as the same as a C-section? I have a very high pain tolerant, so I’m not too worried about the pain. As I been doing my homework on TT I think I am more scared of getting the IV placed in my neck. I live two hours away from Columbus GA. So I am in search for a nice hotel suite in the Columbus area. My sister-in-law say that the Candlewood is a very nice hotel with a recliner so I most likely would be going with that hotel. My plains are to stay in Columbus for the first five days with my supportive husband. I have come up with a supply list, but still searching for supplies that best for me and my recovery. Without RealSelf I would be so lost on what everythig, so I want to thank all the men and women that share they stories on RealSelf. I hope one day my story will be as helpful and encouraging to someone as others were to me. I will be posting some before pictures soon. I will also keep everyone updated on how things going throughout my countdown….Now that I have a date I feel as if I am dreaming and can’t wait for someone to wake me up on the flat side. I will be letting everyone no how my PO visit went…to be continue……

Before pictures

After having four c-section...ugh u hate my stomach, but the count down is real..March 15, 2k17 is my big day..


The countdown is soooo real and the closer my date (March 15, 2017) approach the more excided I get….I am so 2k17 ready to be on the flat side. OMG I have so many plans for this new year. TT in March, getting married in June, my vacation and birthday in July and going to VA to visit family in Aug. I follow so many of my RS sisters and I thank each and every one of you for shearing you journey on realself. It really help me to read the experience that everyone goes through. Ever journey teach me something different. All I do is research after research lol…I will be posting every week into my big day…

Another before Pic

I will post more pic of my ugly stomach ever week

9 Weeks into I see the flatside

9 More Weeks before I see the flatside....

I only have 9 weeks left before I see the flatside and I can feel myself getting more excited by the day...I must say I go to sleep on RS and I wake-up to RS lol....I have been working out and eating healthier wishing to lose March 15, 2017.....I have an appointment with Dr. C in the morning because I decided I want to add lipo to my innter thighs...I will update everyone in how that go with pic tomorrow.....So, so, so excited...

Mild Inner Thighs Consultation with Dr. C

Good afternoon my RS sisters this morning I drove 2 hours to visit Dr. Cochran to talk with him about adding a mild Lipo to my inner thighs. As usually Dr. C and his staff is very friendly. He had me to undress so he can take a good look at my thighs. He said it want be a problem adding a little Lipo to the inner I gotten dress I talk with Gail and she told me he only added $200.00 more to my surgery. She always nice and be ready to answer all your question. She will be mailing me my PRE-OP visit appointment. The only thing I am afraid of is having the IV put in my neck. Gail explained to me that I would take to pills and a shot an hour before surgery which will cause me to feel sleepy and a lil out of it, so when it's time for the IV I want really feel it. After hearing that I feel so much better...After leaving Dr. C office I decided to go by Candlewood Suites-Northeast on Whittlesey Boulevard where I made reservations at for me and my husband six night stay to see how nice the rooms. At first the lady was being an ass, but she allowed me to look at one and over all they nice. I'm so excited and ready to see the flatside.
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