Deposit paid and i have my date. the countdown is real - Columbus, GA

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*THE COUNTDOWN IS REAL* I went for my second...

I went for my second consultation on Oct. 3, 2016 for an extended TT. I am so excited, now that I have paid my deposit. I will be having surgery on March 15, 2017 @ 1030 a.m. I am 33 with four lovely kids. That I birth all by C-section. One of my biggest question is the pain. Could the pain be compared as the same as a C-section? I have a very high pain tolerant, so I’m not too worried about the pain. As I been doing my homework on TT I think I am more scared of getting the IV placed in my neck. I live two hours away from Columbus GA. So I am in search for a nice hotel suite in the Columbus area. My sister-in-law say that the Candlewood is a very nice hotel with a recliner so I most likely would be going with that hotel. My plains are to stay in Columbus for the first five days with my supportive husband. I have come up with a supply list, but still searching for supplies that best for me and my recovery. Without RealSelf I would be so lost on what everythig, so I want to thank all the men and women that share they stories on RealSelf. I hope one day my story will be as helpful and encouraging to someone as others were to me. I will be posting some before pictures soon. I will also keep everyone updated on how things going throughout my countdown….Now that I have a date I feel as if I am dreaming and can’t wait for someone to wake me up on the flat side. I will be letting everyone no how my PO visit went…to be continue……

Before pictures

After having four c-section...ugh u hate my stomach, but the count down is real..March 15, 2k17 is my big day..


The countdown is soooo real and the closer my date (March 15, 2017) approach the more excided I get….I am so 2k17 ready to be on the flat side. OMG I have so many plans for this new year. TT in March, getting married in June, my vacation and birthday in July and going to VA to visit family in Aug. I follow so many of my RS sisters and I thank each and every one of you for shearing you journey on realself. It really help me to read the experience that everyone goes through. Ever journey teach me something different. All I do is research after research lol…I will be posting every week into my big day…

Another before Pic

I will post more pic of my ugly stomach ever week

9 Weeks into I see the flatside

9 More Weeks before I see the flatside....

I only have 9 weeks left before I see the flatside and I can feel myself getting more excited by the day...I must say I go to sleep on RS and I wake-up to RS lol....I have been working out and eating healthier wishing to lose March 15, 2017.....I have an appointment with Dr. C in the morning because I decided I want to add lipo to my innter thighs...I will update everyone in how that go with pic tomorrow.....So, so, so excited...

Mild Inner Thighs Consultation with Dr. C

Good afternoon my RS sisters this morning I drove 2 hours to visit Dr. Cochran to talk with him about adding a mild Lipo to my inner thighs. As usually Dr. C and his staff is very friendly. He had me to undress so he can take a good look at my thighs. He said it want be a problem adding a little Lipo to the inner I gotten dress I talk with Gail and she told me he only added $200.00 more to my surgery. She always nice and be ready to answer all your question. She will be mailing me my PRE-OP visit appointment. The only thing I am afraid of is having the IV put in my neck. Gail explained to me that I would take to pills and a shot an hour before surgery which will cause me to feel sleepy and a lil out of it, so when it's time for the IV I want really feel it. After hearing that I feel so much better...After leaving Dr. C office I decided to go by Candlewood Suites-Northeast on Whittlesey Boulevard where I made reservations at for me and my husband six night stay to see how nice the rooms. At first the lady was being an ass, but she allowed me to look at one and over all they nice. I'm so excited and ready to see the flatside.

Paper work completed for paid sick leave off work

Good morning everyone, the countdown continue for me. I have been getting prepaid for my big day because Ik it will approach before I no it. I have fix my paper work in to have filled out for my paid sick leave from work. I was told by Jenny that she will be the one to complete my paper work and she will email it back in 5-7 days complete. I must say Dr. C has the best staff, Jenny was so nice on the phone. This past week I have bought a walker and now looking around for a shower chair. I'm so excited yall and growing inpatient lol. Do anyone no how many weeks in advance they mail out the paper work for perOp? I'm so ready to make my last payment and wakeup on the flatside...I hear a lot of people talks about how the lipo hurt and burn worst then the TT. Well I will continue to keep my RS updates on my journey have a bless rest of the day???

6 Weeks to go....some supplies...

Hello, RS sisters I only have 6 weeks (48 days) before I wake-up on the flatside and I'm still so excited. I have been doing a little online shopping (Amazon) for supplies. I have bought a walker, shower chair and some thigh high compression stockings. I still haven't decided on with faja i want. If anyone no a good one please let me no. I have received my paperwork for time off work from Jenny and turned it in to my job. I requested to be off for six weeks. Thank God I have more than enough of sick leave. I hope everyone journey going as they plain. Stay in touch my RS sister..

3 Weeks, 03 Days, 21 Hours & 18 Minutes

Hello everyone I know it has been a while since I updated everyone on my journey. I am extremely excited that the time is winding down. I received my paper work on Fed. 11th and has reviewed all my can and not to do several times. I have started taken my multivitamins (Centrum) and is now eating a well balance he health diet. I am done with all the shopping I'm going to do for supplies which I will post some pic of everything that I did bought. I will be going in the morning to Labcorp to have my blood work done. I hope and pray my CBC come back good (12+). My last day at work will be on March 12th. I see so many people who have made it to the flat side and choose Dr. C as they PS and the results are the shit lol. I sometimes grow inpatient but Ik my day will be here in a blank of an eye. I will be posting pics today when I get off work so stay posted to see everything I have bought. I will continue to keep all my RS sisters updated.


Well I have finally made my last payment today and I'm still excited that my time will be hear before ik it. I am done with buying all my supplies that I think will help me through this journey. I started my reached in march of 2016 and RS has been so helpful on making all the right decision...I'm still waiting on my lab work to come back. I hope my journey be as helpful to others as others has been helpful to me....well I will continue to keep all my RS sisters posted....


Dial soap
 Lever 2000 soap
Gauze Pads
Germ hand sanitizer
Dial complete hand soap
Premium Washcloths 
Finger covers
Under pads
Night ware
Hight Raised toilet
Shower Bench
Safeguard soap
Bedroom slippers
Donuts pillow  
Body shaper

Lab was good...4 more days before I be on the flatside...???

All my lab work came back good and I only have 4 days left before my big day. I'm so happy, excited and ready at the same time..It have been a year since I decided to go on this journey. After all the homework, reading, youtube, my RS family and the support from my husband my time is a approaching. Well RS family I will update everyone the morning of my surgery (March 15, 2017).

Today is my day.....

Good morning RS sisters, my husband and I arrived in Columbus, GA around 5:00 p.m. yesterday. We enjoyed our date night at Red Lobster, to bad I couldn't have a drink lol..I'm up and fresh out the shower waiting on 10:15...I'm so happy to be shearing this day with my sister yes my sister went into surgery @ 7:30 this morning and prayers are being sent up for a speedy recovery for the both of us. Well, I guess I will post some before pics and I will update everyone as soon as I start to feel better...Thanks for all the prayers??

Day #1 flatside......PAINFULLY!!!!

Hello, rs sisters I have made it to the flatside, but I'm in so much pain... The only thing i remeber is going to the back at 11:30 getting drowed, taking my shot in the hip and placing my iv in. Next thing i know i was getting in th carI arend 3:00p.m. will post one pic. and tommorrow when I take my shower I will try taking more. Every thing I try to eat taste so nasty so been drinking a lot of clear fluids. I have walked around about three times that hurt to. God no i don't no what i will do without my supportive husband of 12 year. Thanks for all the paryes..I have. I will keep all my RS sisters updated..

Day #2...Shower...

Hello, RS sister I slept good last night pain free, but soon as I woke up this morning I was back to my pain medication. Dr. C called me around 11 to ask how I was feeling. He sound so concerned. I been walking when I'm not sleeping. I ate a little today, but still not much. Around 3 my husband assist me with my shower. The shower itself felt relaxing, but afterwards was terrible. As my husband went to dry me off I started feeling light headed as if I was about to pass out. I also was short of breath and gotten hot. My husband turn the a.c. up and started to fan me. Once I was able to get my breath back and cool off I started to feel bette. That was the worst feeling ever. I thought I was going to be able to take pics but I felt to bad. After getting back in bed I felt worn-out, so I took a pain pill and went to sleep. Thanks again for all the prayers...I will continue to update

DAY 2 Gasses????????----DAY 3 Feeling better????????

Hello, RS sisters I had my days all mess up......DAY 2. The gas was crazy, but pain free..My husband and I checked out the hotel around 10:30 and headed to my follow up with Dr. C...Soon as I walked in I was called to the back and Dr. C came in the room right behind me. He ask how I was feeling and took a look at me all over and said everything looks great. He explained to my husband how to remove my drain when it's time. The look on his face made me laugh and ol boy that hurts lol...My husband have a wake stomach and can't stand to see blood are me in any type of pain. Thank God I have a sister that's a nurse. After a 2 hour drive we finally was home. I was so tired, so I went straight to my recliner and took a nap. Later, I felt better so I watch two movies with my husband. I rested pretty good last night with no problems..still no pics sorry..

DAY 3...Still no BM, today I been sleeping off and on. I have been taking time to walk in between my naps. My back hurts the most after walking and standing. I tried taking a pic today, but unfortunately it wasn't a good one. I have been on my pain pills and Tylenol around the clock..I feel like I have a little more energy day by day... My baby girl is 8 and she has been real helpful, helping me do everything...I have not had any problems with my drain...I hope to take pic tomorrow when I take my shower....I will continue to update as time pass...

Day 4...shower was great.....Could someone please help answer my questions???

Hello RS sisters, today has been a good day. I'm still on the pain medication and Tylenol around the clock, so I haven't been in any pain at all...Finally had a BM with no problems and no issues cleaning my butt thank God. My husband took me for a walk in the yard once the sun went down. The walk outside was relaxing. I'm still unsure what's causing the gas, but it's not as bad as it been the pass two days. I sill been drinking a lot of fluids. My husband bought me a grill chicken sandwich and smoothie from DQ. After drinking the smoothie I was full. My husband decided to help me in the shower tonight and the experience couldn't be better. It was nothing like my first experience. I enjoyed my shower my husband had make me get out lol. The water had me so relax. Husband still wasn't able to get any pics for me. To be honest he think I'm going to put all his goods online lol, so when he go to work I will have to take one myself lol.... I am still so swollen tho. Could anyone tell me when the swelling should start going down???How to tell if my binder is to tight????After putting the binder on it feel okay at first, but after about 10 min. my back and muscle area start to hurt. Could that mean the binder to tight???? I'm still walking with my walker which come in handy. The high rising toilet seat as well as the shower chair is helpful as well. My skin has been so itchy, so could someone tell me what's good for the itching???? Not having any issues with my drain or sleeping in my recliner....
Thanks for all the answers in advance....

Day 5,,, swelling is tribble????????????????????????and the gas????????still here.

Hello RS sisters, I still feel the same as yesterday, not much change. I have been eating healthy all day. Still having a lot of gas, but no pain. I continue to take my meds. and rest every chance I get. I'm getting tired of my recliner. After sleeping for hours I wake up stiff, with sharp pains in my side's. My back still killing me and I'm only able to stand for a minute before reaching for my walker. My husband rub my back down tonight because I'm having a lot of itching. This journey is paticent because I have a long way before I feel up to doing any thing...I no everyone waiting on pics, but I haven't took any yet, but as soon as I take one I will post it....
Gn ladies ????????recliner life????

Day 6....Patient is the key

Hello RS sisters, all I have to say is patient is the key to a good health recovery. I did much of nothing today, but watch T.V. why my husband was at work and kids was in school. I had two bm today. That made me feel good and lease bloated. I feel worse and has the most pain in the mornings. I guess this recliner be kicking my ass doing the night lol. I swell the most at night or right after I eat. Still not having any issues with my drain. For the past couple days the fluid from the drain has been yellowish looking. I was able to get a good shower today. The feel of the water on my back was so relaxing. Still not eating much, but my fluid intake is good. I'm ready for better days, but I'm going to continue to be rs sisters and happy heal time...
Sorry still no pics?

1 week post was painful....Inner Thigh Lipo/Extended tummy tuck..

Hello, my morning started out horrible. I woke up with warm painful thighs. Okay, I had lipo on my inner thighs which haven't gave me any problems into today. My thighs was so warm to the touch and painful. I notice they was harder then usual. I called my husband and he immediately rush home from work to help me to the bathroom. Think God he his own boss. Right after I took a pain pill and went back to sleep. Once I was up from my nap I still felt bad. I decided to walk a little but it hurt like crazy to move my legs. My husband assist me with a shower and I felt a littler better. I walked around in my living room and my legs felt better. I didn't think lipo was so bad at first, but it is hell . Lipo hurts!!! I was about to go in panic mood. Which my husband had already panicking. Some of the swelling has went down since I walked. I feel better at night then during the day. I was hoping by 1 week to post pics, but I really haven't been feeling up to any. I hope to feel better soon. I'm calling Dr. C in the a.m and find out if this normal to have hardness and swelling to the thighs. My stomach is doing find, just still having swelling around my muscle area and itching. I'm still taking it one day at a time. Still having back pain and gas like crazy. Haven't had any issues with my drain. I look forward to better week to come. Week one was not a good week for me. Gn, ttyl

Day 8...Swelling, inner thighs, no more pain meds and this crazy ass binder...

Hello RS sisters, today I started off with not much swelling at all this morning. I went on my walk in my house and enjoyed my shower with no issues. Around 4 I notice I was starting to swell and felt sharp pains in my stomach.. I call Dr. C off this morning and talk with the nurse about my thighs that was so painful yesterday. The nurse informed me that it was normal for the lipo areas to feel warm and have some swelling. She instructed my to keep them elevated and massage them. What a difference that made. My thighs still swelling some, but pain free...Thank God. I'm no longer on pain pills, but I do continue to take Tylenol around the clock for minor pain. Okay is I'm the only one that hate this ugh ass binder???? This binder hurt like hell and keep rolling up. I have place a tank top under the binder and this shit still uncomfortable. I'm so ready to get a new binder. Well ladies that's about it for day 8. I'm still praying things get better in due ttyl?

Day 9...Soreness..not worth the pain...1 pic..believe me I don't feel......

Hello RS sisters, Nothing real change from yesterday. I post one pic. Believe me I don't feel the way I look. My thights still hurt like crazy after sitting for a long period of time..I pray every night to wake up the next morning pain free. My stomach is doing find just still having a lot of swellon, mostly at night or after I eat. The pic was took early in the morning, so not much swelling, but by night my binder hardly fit. My back is still sore and hurt when I stand My drain still in, but should be coming out soon. I'm looking for better days. My husband is my biggest support and he encourage me when I'm feeling down. If God get me through this I promise this my first and last PS. Right now I don't feel it's worth it. Day 9 po and still hurting and so sore. I'm no longer on my pain meds, but I'm still taking 2-3 Tylenol around the clock. I have been walking when I'm not trying to sleep the day away. If anyone have any advice that would make me feel better please shear. Anyone who had inner thigh lipo shear your experience with me because I need some motivation. Thanks in advance..ttyl....

Day 10 Prayer changes things...Drain Out..feeling a little better...No more crazy binder...

Helllo ladies, prayer changes things. I spent most of my night last night praying to wake up to a better day. God is good, today was one of the best. After draining 25cc for three days I finally removed my own drain. It was easy and smooth going. The only thing I felt was the drain move across my belly as I pulled it out. It was over with before I knew it. It didn't hurt at all..What a relief, I felt better right away. The Only think I can say to my husband who assist me is I'm happy that part over. I replace that crazy ass binder that cause me so much pain with one of my old high rise pantie girdle. Now I found myself standing straight when walking, but not for long lol. I was able to get out the house and walk from my porch to the mail box twice. After the second walk I felt so tired.. I took 2 Tylenol and take a nap. The most pain I had today is my thighs and my back. I'm still learning how to deal with the soreness. Still having swelling, but mostly in the morning and late at night. I have faith and looking for better days to come....Good night ladies.

Day 11poWhat a difference

Hello ladies, What a difference a day makes. My life has completely change since I removed that drain yesterday. I now have less pain and swelling. My curves starting to show. In my husband voice, "Girl bring your sexy ass over here" lol. My poor husband so ready for sex. Maybe another week before I have sex I'm to scared lol. Anyhow, I truly have enjoyed my day. I was able to walk three times to the mail box standing straight. Not much back pain like yesterday. I enjoyed going to Wal-Mart for a little shopping. I enjoyed helping my husband cook Sunday dinner. Thank God we both no how to cook. I'm fresh out the showerand now in my recliner with my legs elevated. I guess I will watch some LMN into sleep find ladies may God bless u all. Happy healing!!! Enjoy the pics...

Day 12... Emotional..Hardness of my incision...

Hello ladies, today I was a little emotional, but wasn't nothing I couldn't get over by the help of my good support team. I was restless last night and was unable to get comfortable. By the time i went off to sleep it was 8:30 this morning. I was back up at 10:45 a.m. full of energy lol. I haven't had much pain today, into my husband made me laugh. Yes! It hurts to laugh lol. I enjoyed my afternoon walk with no back pain. Thank God. I have notice over my right side right above my incision is hard and somewhat hurts. Had anyone experienced this hardness over the incision? It don't really hurt, just uncomfortable and give me a little problems standing stright. I feel like he sitich my right side tighter then my left. I have a po visit with Dr.C Wednesday moring at 10:45 for him to look at my belly button and side. We'll other then that ladies every thing good. Ttyl...enjoy the pic..

Day 13..Feeling better...

Hello ladies, today was much better than yesterday. I was able to getting a full night rest. I drove my 17 year old daughter to her PO appointment in Tiffin Ga
( She having a breast reduction Monday April 3rd) . Which is a hour & a half from my house. My sister went with me in case I need her to drive. I been pain free and my swellon wasn't that bad today. I did my daily walk to my mail box. Since I been doing the short walking my back muscles feel so much better. Even though it's not a long walk, u will be surprise how much it helps. My walks help me get through the day. My back muscles not as tight as they was. I was able to stand more then usual. I hope everyday continue to get better. Now that I'm out the shower I hope to get a good night sleep. Gn ladies....
Happy Healing!!!!

2 weeks already....Follow-up..

Hello ladies, Today make two weeks po. What a difference another week makes. I can truely say week 2 was better then 1 lol. Even though I feel like time is moving slow another week had pass already. Today I drove me and my sister Queen1989 to the to Columbus (2 hours ) for our 2 week follow-up. Dr. C came into the room full of energy. After examining and removing our sititch from our belly button (which don't hurt) he took the time to answer all our questions. He always funny lol. I was feeling pretty good when I made it back in town. I didn't want to go stright home. I decided to stop by the salon where I'm a natural hair styles at. I enjoyed my co-workers and they was so happy to see me. I did a little shopping at Wal-Mart. I have been pain free all day. I haven't had much swelling today. I did wear my new binder that I bought off Amazon all day. This binder support my back better and roll free. Dr. C say it's find to wear this binder. I did my daily walk as usual. I been standing for the most part of the day, but by the end of the night I was hunched over a little. I have no complaints at the moment. I continue to pray for better days. Enjoy my 2 week pic.
Gn rs sisters..

Binder off Amazon...

The binder I stated wearing on week 2, yeasterday was approved to wear by Dr. C....better support and comfortable. Only $13.00, Good luck & happy healing???

Day 17...faja and standing stright...

Hello ladies, I can't believe how fast time flying. Yeasterday was my first day wearing my faja. Due to the swelling I was unable to wear the faja I bought before surgery. I went and bought another faja two sizes up then what u usually wear. I also order an extra one off Amazon. The faja control the swelling better then any binder. I still wear my binder when I'm doing my daily walks. I'm standing straight all during the day for the most part. At the end of the night I be hunched over just a little, but after a hot shower I be back straight. Hot showers help with lipo areas as well. I'm loving my results more and more. Everyday does get better and better. I'm still pain free and my belly button is healing great. The picture I posted is from day 16. I will post a picture of my faja ladies
Happy Healing ladies...ttyl

Day 20....Faja

Hello ladies, as you no the faja I paid $100 for before surgery is way to tight right now due to all the swelling in my hips and butt. I went on Amazon and brought one for 21.00 and it's comfortable and for just as good. I usually wear a size xl, but according to Amazon chart and me measuring my hips I had to order a xxxl (3x) and it fit perfect. Good luck ladies & happy healing.

Week 3 Already...

Hello ladies I can't believe it has been 3 weeks already. Everything has been going gud. I still have some soreness from the inner thigh Lipo and lower back. If needed I take Tylenol before bed to help with the soreness. I'm standing stright for the most part. If I have done to much during the day, I find myself hunched over at the end of the night. I'm still having swelling, but I control it well with my faja and binder. Today was my first day cleaning my house from top to bottom without hurting. My scar & belly button healing good. I also started scar therapy today. Last night was the first night back in my bed and I was able to sleep comfortable on my side. I still have another three weeks off work, so hopefully by six weeks I will be good and ready and not so sore.....I post some pic so enjoy...Happy Healing ladies

4 weeks,....I'm in my xl....

I'm now in my xl faja that I bought before surgery, so most of my swelling has went down. I still have a little swelling in my hips. I ran into a small problem this weekend when I went out to buy my first outfit since my tt. Almost every pair of jeans I put on was to big in the waist. Oh well!!!!! I'm loving my small waist and big hips...Dr. C is the best. I still experience soreness from lipo, but nothing major. I been back in my bed for a week now. My husband is the most happiest man on earth this week, I finally had sex lol. I was sacred, but we took our time and everything went good. Most of the swelling in my stomach come during the evening. I'm still watching what I eat and taking my walks daily. Anytime I feel the need to complain I look back at my old pictures lol don't want that stomach back. I still take Tylenol at times for any uncomfortable feeling. I'm just so ready to get over this swelling issues, but ik that would be months. It only been a week since I started scar therapy, my belly button and tt scar is healing good. Hope everyone doing good.
Happy healing ladies.

Week 4..Daily walking...

Week 4.
Just my evening walk with my two baby girls. Brittney and Tiffney, team loc lovers????..

1 month po...

Hello ladies today made 1 month since I had my extended tummy tuck, lipo to back rolls and inner thigh lipo. I couldn't be more happy with my results. I still have swelling in the pubic area, so ready for that area to go completely down. My stomach still swelling at night or after I eat. My scar is healing good. The crust around my belly button has came off, so I started scar therapy to lighten my scar up. I still get stiff after sitting. This first month has been rough!!!, but with my good support team I must say it does get better day by day and week by week.
Happy Healling ladies. Ttyl

Six weeks & 2 days...

Hello RS sisters, Wednesday made six weeks for me, so unfortunately I had to hit the clock Thursday morning. After being out of work for 6 weeks I didn't want to go back, lol. I haven't had much swelling, but I do experience some at the end of my day, which is expected. As a supervisor at work things went smooth. I just miss taking my naps during the day. I'm still treating my scar with bio oil and Palmer's cocoa butter. My belly button looking nice as well. I have no complaints. I love my results and the way my clothes fit on me. Dr. Cochran is the best, I couldn't have pick a better PS. My lipo areas don't hurt that bad anymore. Week by week, I am embrace my body and loving how sexy I am. I'm summer and birthday ready!!!! July here I come!!! I still been walking and I have lost 10 more pounds. Well I will keep u ladies update as things progress...
Happy healing...ttyl

7 weeks and 1 day....

Hello ladies, well yesterday was week 7 and today makes 1 week that I have been back to work. For the most part everything is going good. This past week I have notice more swelling above my belly button at the end of my work day. I'm not to stress about it because in the a.m. I'm totally flat. As a supervisor my job requires me to do a lot of walking and making rounds. To make sure my staff getting the job done. Anyhow, my lipo areas don't hurt anymore, but still itch a lot. I still do my afternoon walks and i have lost two more pounds since Saturday. I have 7 more to go to get to my 168. Still have some swelling in my Mons pubic area that's taken its on little time going down. My belly button has got smaller and healing well. Well ladies my lunch is up..HAPPY HEALING TTYL

Swell Hell...8 weeks follow up.....

Hello ladies, tomorrow I will be 8 weeks. I have a follow up appointment with Dr. C today @ 1:45..This past week I have been experiencing a lot of swelling after work. I been off for the past three days and all I have done is relax. I noticed the swelling has went down a lot after relaxing. I will update everyone after my appointment. Pictures coming soon

8 weeks....belly button with pics.

Just leaving Dr. C office, he took a look at me said I look good and healing well. He gave me three shots in my belly button to thinning the scar tissue. The shots wasn't painful. He told me the swelling would come and go up to a year, which I already knew that. He also check for fluid build up, which I don't have. Well TTYL

2 months and 1 day....Swell hell!!!

Hello everyone, yesterday made two months since I had my TT with MR & lipo,
not much haven't change. I still have a little soreness from my lipo areas, and I am still swelling at the end of the day. I'm still dropping weight, but can't wait to workout on my stomach. I went from a size 15 to 8-10 in paints and from Xl to a M in shirt's. Dr. C is the best....
This picture was taken this past Sat. 13th
Happy Healing ladies

13 Weeks....minor swelling and pain from lipo...

Hello ladies, it have been a min, but today marks 13 weeks and I'm loving my results. I still have minor swelling at the end of my day over my belly button, but it's noting noticeable. I'm still working out and have drop a total of 35 pounds. I want to lose 5 more pounds and start toning up. Everywhere I go I get compliments. My lipo areas still hurts from time to time when I get out of bed in the morning. I still love sleeping in my binder at night and if I'm to restless in bed I will sleep in my recliner. Other than that, life has been wonderful....

3 months and 1 is good..

Hello everyone yesterday made three months since Dr. C change my life. I'm loving my results. I'm still real tight and swell time from time which is expected for the first year. I must say things get better with time. I'm still working out and have stated working on my abs , other then that life have been great.

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