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I am a 28 year old mother of four (10, 7, 3, & 3...

I am a 28 year old mother of four (10, 7, 3, & 3 months) and recently decided to get a tummy tuck. All of my kids were delivered by c section so I'm not worried about the pain. I just recently became interested in having a tt after my last baby in October. I made a consultation appointment with Dr. Naman on January 24. I'm so excited and anxious for my appointment!!! I'm just curious to know if I'll be satisfied with the results!!! Update coming after my consultation.

Consultation Complete!!!

My consultation went great!!! Dr. Cochran answered all of my questions. The staff and Dr. Cochran as well were very nice. For my TT, lipo, muscle repair, and fat transfer the price is 5600. I don't think I will get the fat transfer because I don't need my butt AND belly hurting at the same time! Plus my butt ain't that bad anyway! ;-) I asked if my cut will be the same as my c section cut, only longer, and he said no because that cut will disappear because the new cut will be lower! He also said that the TT will hurt worse than the c section as a result of the muscle repair. I plan to have the surgery in February or March


Here are some pics that I'm so late uploading! I know I should have done this when I started my profile!


I regret to inform u, my RS sisters, I am updating my profile from my HOSPITAL BED!!!! Yes! I'm in the hospital!!!! I came yesterday around 5:30 pm cause I was very lethargic, short of breath, having chest pains, and a headache. What brings this on? My stupid period!!! I had my baby in October 2013. After delivery, I stopped bleeding in about 3 weeks. My cycle came back on the week after Christmas and IS STILL ON!!!!! For the past 2 weeks it has been very heavy with large blood clots. I've lost so much blood. I finally couldn't take the feeling anymore so I went to my local health department for a hemoglobin check. A normal hemoglobin is between 11 and 14. Mine was a 6.8!!! They advised me to go to the emergency room. Upon my arrival, I was put in a room to receive a blood transfusion!!!! I DID NOT WANT IT!!!! Needless to say, I got the blood around 4 am. I feel better but my symptoms are starting to return!!!! Now I don't know if I will need another pint or not. I also sobt know what effect this will have on my upcoming surgery ;'''''( Now I'm thinking I may have to postpone it to a later date. Update again soon on my hospital stay. Hopefully I can go home today.

Hello All!!! it has been a long time!!!

Wow!!! Three whole years!!! Now I'm finally gonna do it! Had some bumps along the way, my blood transfusion and starting a new job, but now I'm ready! going to get my hemoglobin checked tomorrow to see where it stands. Hopefully it will be good. I've started my iron tablets and trying to eat iron rich foods. Oh, I've lost weight too!!! 64 lbs to be exact! I'm so proud of myself! Despite my weightloss, thanks to those 4 c sections, my stomachs, yes, I feel I have 2, have gone nowhere. My new date is March 30th and I'm so excited! My pre op is March 13th. About to upload some before and after pics of my weightloss!

Pics I promised!


Hello to all! I'm so excited, anxious, and nervous all in one bunch! I went to get my hemoglobin checked and to my surprise it was 11.7!!! I was surprised cause it has NEVER been that high! I started taking iron pills after my consultation. My pre op is Wednesday and idk what to expect. I know I'll ask questions about what items may be needed after surgery. Oh yeah, I'm trying to lose a pound a day til surgery starting tomorrow!

Pre Op

My pre op is Wednesday at 11:30 and I don't know what to expect. I'm pretty sure Ms. Gail told me, but I forgot because I was so excited! I kno I'll more than likely go have my labs done, but that's all I can remember. I'm gonna try to think of so questions to ask also when I go for after surgery

Pre op Complete!!!

Hello RS sisters! I had my pre op Thursday and everything is final! Hoping my labs come back good. Went to Quest Diagnostics and got them done for $24. At the pre op, I made my final payment. They gave me my compression stockings to wear the day of surgery, my prescriptions, instructions, and paperwork. I guess they'll put the O2 sensor on my toe cause I'm instructed to not wear polish on my toes the day of surgery. I'm happy for that cause I didn't wanna take my nails off! I was hoping that since I was allowed to wear my contacts with my last 3 c sections since I sleep in them, I'd be able to wear them during my TT, but Donna said no. 12 more days y'all!!! I'm so ready!!!

One More Week!!!

I was so anxious that I called the office to see how my lab results were and everything was fine. Later that night I got an email saying my results were ready to view online! I'm so ready! I wish I knew some things to buy that I'm going to need. All I can think of are some big pads to lay on my bed so I won't mess up my sheets. I've been looking at binders, waist trainers, and fajas online, but have no clue which one to buy

Going A Day Early!!!

I just got a call from Donna asking can they change my date to tomorrow instead of Thursday! I was like, "Hell yeah!!!" Now I'm even more excited!!! I've already been cleaning my house from top to bottom all day yesterday and today!!! The only thing I have to rush and do now is my hair and I'll be all set! I'm soooo ready!

Made It To The Flat Side!!!

Hey everyone! I finally made it to the flat side!!! And I'm feeling just fine!!! Went in around 1:45 and I was out the door bout 4:50. After the surgery, I was still groggy and out of it, trying to walk from the office to the car. I did feel a little pain from all the moving around. Once I got home, I went right past my recliner to my bed!!! I have bout 3 pillows behind my head, 2 under my legs because they want my feet to stay elevated so I won't pull to much on my incision, and two under my arms. I feel quite well. No pain at all. When I got home, I ate some crackers and drunk some ginger ale to take my antibiotic and pain pill. I'm so happy! I told my friend I can finally look down and see my tutu!!!! TMI but I'm just so happy! Hopefully I'll be able to take a pic tomorrow. I don't wanna take my binder off because it feels so good right now, nice and tight. The nurse did say that the binder is the key to good results. She also instructed me to call the office when I'm draining less than 50cc. Bout to go to sleep now, and hopefully I get those pics taken tomorrow!!! GN RS sisters

Day 2!!!

Hello all! Overall, today has been an ok day. Woke up around 4am to get out the bed to go to the bathroom for the first time since getting home. It was painful! Glad I wasn't in a tight cause it took me a minute. Once I made it back to my bed, I began to feel nauseated. I said a prayer and just kept swallowing and thank God nothing happened. I'd been eating crackers since I got home, so I ate a few more and took my pain pill and fell back asleep. To day was a hassle to get up, but I discovered it's easier and less painful if I go right after taking my meds. All I ate this far is one chicken tender. I'm gonna try to eat at least 2 or 3 in a min so I can take my meds again. It is also better to be on point to take a pill every 4 hours. I'm telling u, don't wait for the pain to come! As long as I'm propped up in bed with all my pillows, I'm fine. I remember once when I got up, my left hip started burning kinda bad, but went away when I repositioned myself. Some of my strips have come off right on top of my incision on my tutu, so I hope everything is fine. I also noticed I could stand a little more upright, but not for long. Hopefully that will be better tomorrow so I can take off my binder. If I do, I'll try to take a pic.

Day 3!!!

Hello everyone! Today was a better day painwise. I was able to get in and out of bed alone all day. I think my pain is coming from my binder and the way he has the tape in me. I'm not feeling pain from my incision or belly button at all. My back is constantly killing me tho! Geesh! It only hurts when I try to stand without my walker for a small period of time, so I have to quickly bend back down. Didn't have to take my meds every 4 hours today so that was good. I ate a 6 inch sub bout 2:00 and the other half bout 9:30, so I finally ate some food. Still no shower today. My sister is coming to help me take one tomorrow and I'm soooo ready! I'm glad I have a place in my shower for me to sit down. Keeping my fingers crossed for a pic tomorrow!! I wanna see, my sisters wanna see, some of my friends wanna see, and of course, y'all wanna see so I hope I can deliver! Gn y'all!

Day 4!!!

Hello everyone! So far so good today. I finally had a bowel movement today, thankful for that. I also was able to stand better today. Still no pain, and not taking as much meds in the previous days. I got a chance to shower today and finally take my binder off! When my sister released it, that was just the best feeling! Overall everything looks good. I can't tell if he did enough lipo on my back because of the swelling. My belly button looks nice. I have a lot of swelling and an opening on my right side almost my drain. The nurse instructed me Friday that after I took my dressings off and saw any openings to just put gauze and tape over it. I also think my drain is clogged with a clot. And oh yeah, my cycle came on yesterday. I'll call the office Monday to see what I need to do about those issues. I'll post a pic of my tummy and also the opening.

One Week!

Hello all! Today made one week p.o! I feel fine all day, except for the tightness and swelling! The swelling has gone down considerably on my sides, especially my left side. I still haven't seen the openingopening by my drain since my sister taped it back together, so I hope its healing ok. I drained only 25cc today, so if its the same tomorrow, I'll call the office. Have some pics I took tonight to upload. My scar looks nice, but idk what it will look like on each hip once the swelling goes down. Happy healing!

Sad News

I'm scheduled for my 4 month checkup Thursday and I just got a call from Ms. Gail to reschedule because Dr. Cochran has passed!!! I could not believe! I instantly got sad! Ms. Gail started crying and so did I!!! Dr. P will be taking his patients for now. Praying for his staff and family

Rest Peacefully Dr. C

Here is what our local newspaper posted about the incident
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