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I am a 28 year old mother of four (10, 7, 3, & 3...

I am a 28 year old mother of four (10, 7, 3, & 3 months) and recently decided to get a tummy tuck. All of my kids were delivered by c section so I'm not worried about the pain. I just recently became interested in having a tt after my last baby in October. I made a consultation appointment with Dr. Naman on January 24. I'm so excited and anxious for my appointment!!! I'm just curious to know if I'll be satisfied with the results!!! Update coming after my consultation.

Consultation Complete!!!

My consultation went great!!! Dr. Cochran answered all of my questions. The staff and Dr. Cochran as well were very nice. For my TT, lipo, muscle repair, and fat transfer the price is 5600. I don't think I will get the fat transfer because I don't need my butt AND belly hurting at the same time! Plus my butt ain't that bad anyway! ;-) I asked if my cut will be the same as my c section cut, only longer, and he said no because that cut will disappear because the new cut will be lower! He also said that the TT will hurt worse than the c section as a result of the muscle repair. I plan to have the surgery in February or March


Here are some pics that I'm so late uploading! I know I should have done this when I started my profile!


I regret to inform u, my RS sisters, I am updating my profile from my HOSPITAL BED!!!! Yes! I'm in the hospital!!!! I came yesterday around 5:30 pm cause I was very lethargic, short of breath, having chest pains, and a headache. What brings this on? My stupid period!!! I had my baby in October 2013. After delivery, I stopped bleeding in about 3 weeks. My cycle came back on the week after Christmas and IS STILL ON!!!!! For the past 2 weeks it has been very heavy with large blood clots. I've lost so much blood. I finally couldn't take the feeling anymore so I went to my local health department for a hemoglobin check. A normal hemoglobin is between 11 and 14. Mine was a 6.8!!! They advised me to go to the emergency room. Upon my arrival, I was put in a room to receive a blood transfusion!!!! I DID NOT WANT IT!!!! Needless to say, I got the blood around 4 am. I feel better but my symptoms are starting to return!!!! Now I don't know if I will need another pint or not. I also sobt know what effect this will have on my upcoming surgery ;'''''( Now I'm thinking I may have to postpone it to a later date. Update again soon on my hospital stay. Hopefully I can go home today.
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