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So I finally got my quote, however I see a few...

So I finally got my quote, however I see a few girls who have cheaper quotes than I do, I will ask Vicky about that. I'm getting a full tummy tuck with Lipo to the flanks, I would like to have Lipo to my waist and back of my legs but I'm not looking to spen and arm and a leg for it so I guess I will have to work that out the old fashion way. I am also trying to lose 20-30 lbs before surgery so wish me luck and give me weight loss tips!!!

Deposit paid

I forgot to add that I paid my deposit plus a little more.

It's ifficial! Countdown begins!

So I stopped being a scary Mary and set my date... JUNE 8th it is! I not scared yet because it's so fare away. I owe a few more thousand, I going to find a good multi vitamin so I don't have any blood problems. My boyfriend is suppose to be flying in with me.. We're coming from California. I will give more updates soon!

6 weeks and nervous!

So I'm getting nervous already! And the biggest thing I'm afraid of is being sedated.. Don't laugh but I am deathly afraid of needles and I'm not looking forward to having my blood drawn and al that other stuff. So what will I need for the surgery? I don't want to over pack cause I will be flying home alone . Here's some pics too.. I'm about 20 lbs lighter now from these pics.

Question for my working girls!

When u took time from work, did u get paid from disability? Did u get paid from ur job for FMLA?

Flat side in 2 weeks! 6/8

So what should I actually bring? I need to purchase supplies and robes but how much and how many?? Help!

3 days away .. Eeeeek!!!!!

Flight leaves tomorrow... Not nervous yet, it hasn't sunk in.. Once I reach ATL I will know it's real

Flat side! Feel the burn! And I don't mean Bernie

So I was suppose to have my surgery at 715 am but I missed my preop due to my flight being delayed. So my surgery and preop was in same day. Cochran is the cutest little man very nice and knocked me out while I was talking to him mid sentence lol. I am sore, this is very painful when I stand up my incisions burn! Lipo holes are sore. I basically paid to get my ass kicked lol. And I was sleep the entire time .

Sad face

Has this happened to anyone

Tummy tuck gripes!!!

So I have been so miserable sleeping on my bruised back, last night was the first night that I didn't feel the bruising from the lipo. My skin has blistered from the steri strips and I don't know if it's the drain the hurting when I stand or if it's the blisters either way it's a set back cause if it wasn't for that I would be standing straight . I'm concerned with having lost my Coke bottle shape as of now I feel I look like sponge bob. So it's the waiting game. My post op is tmrw and then I'm on my plane back home I can't want to get back to Cali!

Post op appointment

I got the drain removed and I must say that was an attitude adjustment!!! I feel 10x better! The drain is what was causing the excruciating pain.. Apparently I pulled on it it the stitch was hanging on to my skin very painful. Well girls I'm "going going back back to Cali Cali" on my way to the airport for home and I'm so happy. I was staying with my sister these last few days and I'm tired of her and she's tired of me! Lol

Swell hell- HELP!

So I woke up this morning and my pelvis is hard as a brick, what do I do? My left side is also so swollen that I can barely walk. I'm getting depressed at this point it's seems it's one thing after another and I feel like I'm going to be stuck this way. Dr C called me in another round of cipro

Just a pic

Emergency surgery to save my life

Please pray for me. Abdomen has collected pus infection . U won't be hearing from me for a while. I'm scared and want everything to go well.-sent from icu

Still in hospital

So I flew home 1 week after procedure. When I got home I didn't feel good . My abdomen was red and hard my belly button had a foul odor. When I stood up and looked at my feet I saw that I was standing in a puddle of white pus. I went to hospital and so far have had 3 additional surgeries . I'm still here. I have merca it's a staph infection that can take weeks to cure. I am quarantine and cannot leave my hospital room. I'm still here.

Finally home!

After 3 weeks in the hospital and 2 emergency surgeries I'm home!! I cried everyday bring away from my kids was so hard and on top of that I was quarantined I couldn't even leave my room to walk the halls. Do I regret my surgery, no. Just the doctor I chose. He cut me on my hip and left it there! It served no purpose. The cut is as long as my hand and it was left wide open! It wasn't connected to my abdomen . The cut is so far behind on my hip that I had to use a mirror just to see it!

He lipo'd the back of my ass!! Wtf? Why? We discussed the whole procedure before he put me to sleep. So now the back of my ass is flat and I have dog ears on both sides.

Questions ladies: my stomach is very firm! Feels like Braxton hicks or big ball of muscle which in return leaves my stomach hard as a brick . How long does this last?

A pic or 2

So I'm showing a pic of my hip that later became infected and what I look like now

New pic

On my left side is a bulge it feels like a baby or ballon filled with air, anyone else experience this? It's not fluid.. My current surgeon says it's my muscles healing.

New pics

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