42 Yr. Mother of 2 (19, 4) Getting a New Look - Pensacola, FL

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I looked into a tummy tuck years back. I went in...

I looked into a tummy tuck years back. I went in for a consultation and was told I didn't need a tummy tuck but could benefit from lipo. I never did it, instead I got a breast reduction. I was very pleased with my results. I always worked out and lost some weight after my breast reduction. I was never completely flat but I was satisfied and feeling good. I must have been feeling to good cause to my surprise my old eggs wanted to work and I found out I was pregnant!! My little man is a blessing. He will turn 4 in July and things haven't returned to how it use to be. I decided to go back in for a consultation on lipo, but this time I was told in order to get the results I wanted it would need a tummy tuck, lipo to my flanks and back. I wasn't expecting that. My quote was $13000. That's a car!! My body is a vessel but my pockets say moped!! I was not going to be discouraged. I begin watching YouTube videos and started following a woman who had a tummy tuck. Her results were amazing. I read that she found a local doctor in her area....Dr. Cochran. He is in Columbus, GA but I am in Florida. I immediately called my big sister who is located in Columbus. I plan on staying with her during my recovery. I called and made an appointment with Dr. Cochran. I was told that I can receive an estimate via email since I'm out of town, but I'm the type of person that likes to meet you in person. I want him to already have personal knowledge of me and my body. My consultation is scheduled for July 25th, two days before my birthday. I'm so excited. I have stalked this website for weeks and will continue to do so!! I have learned so much from reading about everybody's journey. You all look wonderful. Prayers for everybody that has had the procedure done and those on their way!!

Scheduled another consultation

Well I figured since I will be in Columbus it doesn't hurt to get more options so I also have a consultation with Dr. Naman. A woman needs options!!

Consultation done!

So I went and had my consultation with both Dr. Naman and Dr. Cochran. I really liked them both. I went to Dr. Naman first. I brought my 19 year old daughter with me because I know she's scared, she just doesn't want to admit it. While we were in Dr. Naman's office, the nurse came in to take my pictures. When she left I looked over at my daughter and she was crying!! She kept telling me that this was just stupid. I really felt like I was being selfish. I had the "mother" talk with her and explained that I would never do anything that would take me from her and her brother and that I just wanted to do something for me. I really wanted her there so she could hear for herself what the procedure is about and could ask questions and feel comfortable. I'm glad to say she did feel better afterwards. Dr. Naman quoted me $6445. Next up was Dr. Cochran. He was right to the point. He felt my skin and all of my fat rolls. He asked about my weight and if I was at or near my goal. I informed him I wanted to try to lose 10-15 more pounds, but he said either way he could give me great results. I really like him. I didn't feel rushed, but it was quick. I talked with Gail afterwards and she gave me my quote of $5300. Now I feel like I just need to pray about this, but I am leaning towards Dr. Cochran. I am more impressed by his work and scar placement.

Date set!

I paid my deposit and set my date for Feb. 28 at 730. I had to go far out due to work. My preoperative appointment is Feb. 13. I will be traveling to Columbus for this appointment only because my surgery is more than 6 months from my quote date. I don't mind because I would rather do everything in person. I have already booked my hotel at Candlewood Suites. It cost me $79 a night and I plan on staying a week. I'm familiar with Columbus because my sister lives there so I know the area. Although I could stay with her, I think it's better that I stay in a hotel just for piece of mind. My mom will be traveling with me. She's just as excited as me. I'm hoping to lose 10-15 pounds before surgery so that I can have great results. Dr. Cochran said that I would really love my results if I did lose a few more pounds. My current weight is 183 and I'm 5'3. Currently wear size 12.

Changing PS

Out of stalking this website and reading so many reviews I happen to come across one about a doctor in my local area. I went to a few consultations at home but they wanted $10000 or more so I went to Dr. Cochran because of his many reviews and price. After reading about Dr. Shaddix, I decided to at least go check him out, it was free, and i was hoping the price would be under 7000. At the appointment, he sat down and took the time to talk to me about what I wanted and what he could do. He didn't rush me at all. He is board certified. He even took the time to send a personal email thanking me for coming in and if I needed anything or had any questions he is always available! I looked at his work and was impressed. His incision was low like Dr. Cochran. He even said that if I wore my bikini bottom on the day of surgery he can make sure it is covered. Now for the price... $6900. I was paying 5300 for Dr. Cochran. After paying hotel and food for myself and caretaker I would probably wind up spending the same amount. I really don't want to be away for 2 weeks from my baby and would rather be able to call and see my Dr if I have issues. I decided to go with Dr. Shaddix. Unfortunately I will lose my deposit, but glad I didn't pay anything else. I wish they would let me transfer it to my sister since she is considering going to him for a tummy tuck. Oh well, I feel confident about my decision.

2 more months

Time is approaching and I'm nervous as hell! I've been working out more because I truly fell off during the holidays. Can't wait to get this done and over!

30 days!!

Time is flying by!! I have my preop appt Feb 7 and surgery scheduled for the 28th!! I'm getting nervous and anxious!!

Less than 2 weeks

I have about 12 days until surgery. Had a good pre op, got my prescriptions. I ordered the make me heal supplements and began taking those. I hope they will help with the swelling. Im getting really excited. I've ordered so much stuff. Everyday i get a package delivered. Almost time!!

Tomorrow is the day!!!

Time has flown by and I can't believe my surgery is less than 15 hours away. I went to the surgery center today to pay the fees so that's one less thing for me to worry about. I can't lie, I'm scared as hell!! So nervous!! Lord please don't let anything happen to me, let me make it through. I'll be sure to update. Prayers

I made it!!!

Made it to the flatside!! The pain is manageable. I've been getting up to walk a few times. Body feels so sore!! Everything went well, time to get on with the healing!!

Back pain!!

Well the back pain is killer. I'm not hurting to much. I've been up moving around. I go to the bathroom by myself, been doing that since day 1. The pee ez is a lifesaver. My 4 yr old son thinks I have a punk wee wee!! Lol!! Today I'm going to attempt a shower. Worst part is, my monthly friend showed up today!! I'll post pics after my shower. Dr. Shaddix called the night of my surgery just to check on me. He is really great! More updates and pictures to come.

Just a few pics

Just a recap

Still hanging in there. No more pain meds. I just take the pills for muscle spasms and I may only take 2 a day. My back is still bad. I got a wahl heat and cold massager and used it on back pain. It did help with a little relief. I know that it will go away with time. Still have a lot of swelling going on so but I can already see the difference. Dr. Shaddix has been wonderful. He checked one the day of surgery and sent me a text yesterday to see how I was doing. So glad I chose him. I really need to take more pictures and I will. I've been taking my make me heal post op vitamins and Sinnech vitamins. I think they have really helped with the bruising cause I have none on my back or anywhere else.

First post op appointment

Went for my first post op appointment today and got both drains taken out. He also took off my belly button dressing. My Dr let me know that he had to give me two additional stitches for my belly button because it kept going down during the muscle repair, the stitches helped it stay in place. These will be taken out in 2 weeks. I'm still so swollen, but not in pain, only the back from bring bent over. He let me know that I can try to start standing up. The skin in the middle of my incision has turned dark, he said he will keep watching it and if I notice anything different before the next appointment, to let him know. All in all I've been healing great. Still very sore and stiff at times, but doing really good.

7 days post op


Asked my Dr about his thoughts on the lunatic drainage massages and he thinks they will be great to help with the swelling. He told me to wait until next week. I already found a licensed therapist and I have my first appointment Monday. It is only $30 for 30 min. I think that would be enough for my first one. I hope it helps with my stiffness as well.

Day 9

I had a little issue on day9. Sharp pains on the right side of my chest and shortness of breath. I ended up at the ER at 3 am!! They said it was a effasion. I had fluid between my chest wall and lungs. They didn't have to drain anything, it ended up clearing up on its own. I told my Dr and he had me come in the next day to check me out. Most of my incision issues were in the middle. He wants me to send him pics every 2-3 days. I'm still trying to stand up straight. Once I can do that I will feel so much better. I have a massage scheduled, hopefully that will help with all of my swelling. I've been taking bromelain and drinking pineapple juice and eating pineapples. Still so happy that I did it! I will post more pics soon.

Skin necrosis

Well my journey has not been all the way smooth, I've been dealing with necrosis right in the center of my incision. My right side is beautiful, but the middle not so much. I've been doing wet dressings for a few days. Dr. Shaddix has me on antibiotics and removed some of the dead tissue and cleaned it out. My wound is not open, which is a good thing. He says it appears superficial, and it's not pleasant to look at. Despite this issue, I still love my results. I'm going to have to be patient. For some reason, the website is not allowing me to post pics. Whenever I'm able I will try again

4 weeks post op

It's been a while since I've updated. I got put on a wound vac for my necrosis. I hope it's working. Dr. Shaddix put it on Thursday, March 30 and I go back Monday. It can get aggravating to wear but it will be worth it if it works. The worse part is the swelling cause I can't wear a compression garment. I still love my results. Dr. Shaddix is taking great care of me as well.

7 weeks

I'll be 7 weeks po on Tuesday. My wound vac is off, but I have a whole in my stomach. It pretty much looks like I've been shot. There is no pain at all. I love everything else about my sx except this. I wonder how it's going to look once it heals. Mr Dr says it looks very clean and I have healthy tissue. I hope things move along. I think I may ask for another wound vac to move things along. I don't mind the aggravation if it helps me heal faster!! My waist is now 33 in, I started at 38.5. Sometimes it goes to 32 if I'm not so swollen. I think I'm going to start working and lifting light weights. My Dr has given me the approval. Still on light duty, but I have to go back in 2 weeks to full duty. Hope things work out by then!

Just some pics

Everything is going great. Wound is healing. Dr. Shaddix has been taking excellent care of me. I'm not worried about a thing. Just wanted to post some recent pics

Wound update

Here is pic of how my wound is healing. Almost there!

3 months

My wound has closed! Just trying to do better with my diet and workout. I may need a revision to fix my fat pockets I have on the sides. I'll wait til I hit 6 months for that.

Wound pic

So much better!

Just some recent pictures

I have a consultation with Dr. Cochran to see about a revision. He was my original surgeon but I switched to someone local. I am pleased with Dr. Shaddix, but just want to get rid of my body look. I paid a deposit with Cochran and when I switched, I was told if I ever wanted something else, they would hold it. Doesn't hurt to see what he will charge me. I think I just need touch up Lipo. My appointment is July 25, can't wait.
Pensacola Plastic Surgeon

I really love Dr. Shaddix!! He really cares for his patients. He takes his time to talk to you. I've never felt rushed anytime. He called the night before surgery to check on me and to answer any questions. He also called me later on the day of my procedure to see how I was doing. He really cares. I love my results. He is an amazing doctor who did amazing work!! I don't think I can thank him enough!! I would give him a million stars!!

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