Moving into the my next 40 yrs on the Flat Side, Traveling to Columbus, GA

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I scheduled my Tummy Tuck surgery date, 45 days! ...

I scheduled my Tummy Tuck surgery date, 45 days! I'm both nervous and excited. Since making the decision to a TT my mind is consumed with it. I can't remember feeling comfortable tucking in my shirt for I know more than 14 years. The time has come! I'm 5'6 and a little thick and I'm comfortable with everything but my stomach and arms (will be working on them over the next days). I'm a healthy lady so I don't foresee any problems and I have a high tolerance for pain. My PS staff was very helpful and answering all my questions. I will be traveling from Memphis, TN to Columbus, GA. Does anyone have any travel tips? List of needed items? Things to avoid while waiting? This site has been a gem throughout the process, thanks!

Before TT

my current situation

Counting down the days...#36

Although my days are full of things to do all I can think about is making it to 'the flat side'. I have not started purchasing things but I've made a list of 'must haves'. I still haven't decided on a hotel but I want one that has a full kitchenette/suite. I want my traveling companions to be comfortable. I'll make my final decisions in a few days (day 30).

18 more days...

I am deep in my feelings...anxious, excited, ready. In less than 18 days I will be on the flat side. This week I will start purchasing supplies, lining up my aftercare dates and getting home in order (I need a maid). I plan to stay in ATL for 7 days then back to Memphis to love ones (family and friend rotations) for 10 days. After this I will need my 'alone' routine back. Its amazing the support I have. I'm thankful!

10 more days...

The count down is real. I'm imaging being on the flat side!

Made it to the flat side!

Today was my surgery! I feel fine, no real pain, just uncomfortable. My support ladies are great! Please ensure you have lovable people with you. Dr. Cochran and his staff are awesome! I am so happy if you punch me I'd probably burst. Will post later, drowsy from the wonderful meds...

post op review days 1-3

I have to admit my surgery went great with minimal pain. Its shocking how small the pain has been. I have followed instructions, allowing others to help, water and moving around slowly. I still haven't had a bm but I've never been regular so not to concerned. Will begin meds to help with this today.


I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! My days have been spent indoors, resting, just resting. I've been off the pain meds since post op day 3 (which I only used 1 pill). Yesterday was a very good day for me. I'm grateful for life itself! I was able to leave the house and visit with family. I could only eat small portions, I didn't have any turkey. Oh well. My healing is coming along but I still have these drains. The fluid is very minimum and clearer. This morning I was well under 25cc so hoepfully tomorrow the day. I'm a little nervous about the removal. Please provide any suggestions...

End of long rest day

I'm still resting/recovering so after a shower (which is short due to no strength to endure my usual long ones) I decided to try on a dress.

Tucked my shirt in!

Post Day 23...I tucked my shirt today! Its been years since I even thought about doing this. Still swelling, mining in my ankles. Cld Dr. Cochran's ofc and spoke with him, he asked me to move do several test, i.e., move my toes forward, touch for tenderness behind my knees and other circular motions, all checked out. Informed him I've had swollen ankles in the past and my primary pcp sent me to a podiatrist. He prescribed me a small dose of water pills which have helped. Once I made it home, my cycle start. Problem solved, I often have swollen ankles with my cycles. I know TMI. Still feel this was one of the best decisions I made. Happy healing ladies!

Shirt Tucked!

Its been years since I even thought about tucking my shirt in.

1 month PO update

As we enter into the Christmas holiday, I'm blessed to have had a good recovery. I thank God! I pray this continues. I have the end of day swelling (and foot & ankles). I can live with this. I pray all is well with everyone else. I can't wait to start a more vigorous work-out plan to whip this body in real snap.

One month post op visit

I had my one month with Dr. Cochran on 12/28 (1 day before my 40th birthday) and all is well! Dr. Cochran and his staff were extremely nice as usual. I was given a shot of cortisone in my naval to help with darkening. He stated it was forming keloid and its just something that happens (especially with darker skin). The nurse came in a took my 'after' pics and for a first time in years I was eager to pose in my undies. She provided me with a side by side view of my before & after pics. Can you say, WOW? If only I know years ago what I know today. I have been very blessed with my TT recovery and I am thankful. I pray everyone is doing well. Happy Healing!

My 40th birthday and I am on the FLAT side!

I turned 40 years old on Dec 29 and I am so happy. I made the decision to have a TT as I enter into a new phase of my life. I am blessed and have a flat tummy!

Nine month update

Hello RS! All is well, just trying to maintain my weight. My appetite is 'way' back to normal and I still love chocolate. I have not experienced any complications from my TT. Later in the evening I still swell but not in the same manner immediately following the surgery. Some of the swelling can be contributed to my body's water retention issue (ongoing problem for me) and the southern heat. This is one of the best decisions I've made; I feel great, look better in my clothes and have tried new styles. I am now seriously considering breast reduction and lift. I'm a DD which is nice but with a flatter tummy they look huge. Happy healing to you all!

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