39 Y/o One Son,Finally Going to Do It - Columbus, GA

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Hi, I'm Nicky, I am 39, 4'11,168 lbs. I have an 18...

Hi, I'm Nicky, I am 39, 4'11,168 lbs. I have an 18 y/o son. So first I decided to go with Dr. Hubbard here in Va. My procedure was paid in full, my date was set for 12/17/15. Sept of last year, I had to work in Fl. So while in Florida I gained weight. When I came back to Va. for my two appt. Doc was like u have gained 25 lbs. come back when u have lost the weight.He refunded majority of my money except for 500.I was told 500 would go towards the cost when I came back. I decided that would go towards a minor procedure in the near future. So needless to say I was sad for a couple of days. After staying on this site and doing more research and asking more questions. I decided to do my procedure with Dr. Cochran Jr.MD in Columbus Ga. I set the date for 06/08/16 because I wanted to have time to lose as much weight as possible...I'm excited. I don't really have anyone to take care of me. I have my sister but this chick gets on my nerves ughhh. Is there anyone who travel and did it by themselves or hired a person to take care of them or something?????? Also, where is the best hotel to stay in while I'm there?I will be traveling from Va. to Ga....

I never said the procedure that I am getting

I forgot to say the procedures I was getting. TT with lipo and lipo flanks


purchased my ticket on justfly.com.. they didn't have the wheelchair option.
also received my pre-opt packet......
I have been going to the gym everyday to lose weight and I have been eating right. its so tempting to hangout and have drinks with associates. I even signed up for a meetup group.(EAST COAST HIKERS)...just to stay active.


Okay so they wanted doctors note. Because of how many day I am taking off. I didn't want anyone to know my business at work. Believe me when I tell u these ppl are noisy. Soooo guess what I did..lmmfao. I downloaded fake doctors notes off line....YouTube, is a beast. I downloaded It fixed it up, How about these muthas come with signatures....and a fake call back number ......I didn't believe it , but its true.... ITS ALL TRUE.....IF U NEED A COPY(of a doctors note) ,if you know how to use Microsoft word ,you are in there. I CAN EMAIL IT TO YOU...JUST BECAUSE , we all wanna keep ppl out of our business. And you may wanna use it down the line...No Bs

Blood pressure

So I'm doing my blood pressure at Rite Aide.And it's fluctuating. Has anyone had to deal with the potential high blood pressure? How did u lower it.I have noticed it depended on wat I was doing. That regulated my blood pressure. If I'm nervous about the surgery the day of it mite go up.I guess.I'm learning about blood pressure as I evaluate myself evetyday.Is there away to keep it ,I guess normal?

Paid In full

paid my remaining balance today...The count down is real. I'm ready, scared and excited all at the same time.

The Count Down

Next Wednesday ,I will be going to the flat side. My blood work came back fine on last Wednesday .I thought I was gonna have to kill my physician, I felt like she was trying to do to much. I was like this is what I need and this is all you have to do. Needless to say she is alive and well. She gave me the all my info and everything was good. She took her time with faxing the info to Dr.C office. My twin sister and I will be flying down on Monday morning. I have my preop on Tuesday morning. So, I just have to buy only the things I need. I've read the things some pple purchased. I have to travel light. We plan on staying in Columbus for a week. So when we leave ,we will be going our separate ways. I wont have any help.

The count down is very real

For some reason or another I'm not nervous ,yet. I'm ready to start this new chapter in my life. I'm happy to be off for three weeks. I've only told a few people about my surgery, well the actual truth...lmmfao . Im just getting the house ready for my return. My flight leaves at 5am Monday morning.I can honestly say, I haven't had any hiccups along the way, as far as planning this out. I know I will be so glad to get back into the gym .. As I have said earlier , my twin sister is going with me,well meet me in Ga. Mannnn This chick is a real number. I told her not to drink, at least my first couple of nights after the surgery.. She said I will be celebrating for you. HELL NAWL. Some of you would say awwww, or that's right.Phuck that . Lmmfoa ,this gurl said she is going to ask Dr.C ,if he could give her some dimples.So when I open my eyes she will be smiling with her dimples. Lmmfoa,it can be fun with her ,but when alcohol is envolved you don't know wtf you're gonna get.

Shit just got real

So I met Dr.C for the first time today. He is very charming,nice smile ,he lite up the room when he walked in . I went to another doctor about 2 years ago and he wasn't as comforting as Dr.C...He really made me feel at ease. The staff is very nice.Gail was very informative and nice.Dr.C told and showed me exactly what he was going to do.It went fast.Which is great for me.The longer it would have took the more nervous I would have gotten. He gave me a hug at the end.I wasn't expecting that ,very nice.So I lost 13 lbs. I know I could have lost more,BUUUUUT, forget that I have no excuses. My sister is starting to phuckin get on my nerves.Like always.She does little dumb shit.I hate I have to depend on this chick. .So my surgery was suppose to be at 11am,and omg he bumped me up to 7am.So I'm his first patient tomorrow. I will see yall on the flat side. LAWD ,KEEP ME IN YALL PRAYERS TONIGHT...until then beautiful women. ..oh yeah my sister suppose to take the pics tomorrow. We are gonna see how that works out. ...ughhhhhh, just prayer I don't have to burn this gurl house down when I get well enough.


My prescription was only 10.57 with my insurance


So I made it to the flat side.everything went smoothly. I will post pics later today.Mannnn this gull,so she got agitated because I was asking questions about the drains.this chick handed me the papers and proceeded to get on the phone.omg I got so pist .but I couldn't do anything about her behavior. But eventually she switched gears and started back helping me. ..Because the whole reason ur here is to help me.So everthing is kool for now.I hate the roller-coaster rides with people.BUUUUUT any who ,everythings going good. The anesthesia was put in my arm not my neck because she couldn't find a vein. When didn't have a wheelchair so they let us borrow theirs. This hotel, the Candlewood Suite the fort Benning one is sooo getto....but they do have the recliners .I'm in and our of sleep

I need to have bowel movements

The collad greens,green grapes and green plums didn't work..I need help

2 days post op.need a bowel movement

Will post

Will post better pic when I get home.

Just sayin

Just sayin, I finally had bowel movements, yesterday evening and this morning. I am still eating greens.I am also preparing myself for my departure on Tuesday. I have an appointment with Dr.C on Monday. All is well with me. I will be sooo happy to get home ...


So I flew back to Va. on Tuesday morning, that shit was hell. I was suppose to be back here in Va. around 3pm .I got back around 11pm, because of all the delays .I took my tube out on Wednesday, it didn't hurt. I am now 7 days po.I am supper swollen.I have a question,my lower back is killing me when I walk and stand for 3 plus minutes. WHAT IS THE BEST THING FOR THAT????????


So I was having lower back aches due to lipo of the flanks and being hunched over. I purchased my FAJA on Amazon on Friday, I received it on Saturday. I took a shower and put that bad mug on . Mannnn, when I tell you I had instant back relief. It was the end of the day so I really wasn't doing anything.So I said imma really put it to the test today. I ran a couple errand . I was good , not perfect, but good. I tried to sleep in it on Saturday night. That wasn't happening, it was to tight. I have to break it in first . The size that I ordered was a medium. It was a test to put it on.I had on the ceiling fan on and took my time. The legs were toooooooooo tight.I had to cut it in the inner thigh...

A pic with my faja on

This can only get great

Just an update

Just an update, heres a pic I took on Saturday nite.when are the stitches for the belly button suppose to come out?when can I start to workout?

Dr.Cochran, Jr was one of the best decisions I have made.I am very happy with my early stages of my surgery. My sister had a tummy tuck years ago by someone else.She was jealous of my early results .Dr.C is the truth.. the plus is they are very nice..Must be that down south hospitality.

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