36yrs Old with 2 Kids; Lipo, TT, MR, Back Bra Lift and Fat Transfer to Hips

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I'm nervous and excited!! I will be having Lipo of...

I'm nervous and excited!! I will be having Lipo of the (abdomen, flanks, inner thighs and mid to lower back), TT with Muscel Repair, Back Bra Lift and Fat Transfer to my Hips with Dr. Cochran in June. I live 3hrs away in Greenville, SC and I'm praying the ride back won't be difficult. Keep me in your prayers.

Pre-Op Pictures

Pre-Op pictures

Wish Back Bra Lift Picture

Wish Back Bra Lift Picture


Jeans and Heels type of day in the office.

5 Days Away

I finally purchased a few things for surgery: Faja (to wear once my drain or drains are removed) surgery support recovery waist compression belt (to wear just in case Dr Cochran's garment isn't tight enough to) wound strips, gauze, tape, panty liners, antibacterial soap, sponge, compression thigh high stockings (for my upper thigh lipo to help with swelling) bacitracin ointment (fights infection) and gloves. I also have extra strength Tylenol for pain. I'm excited and nervous. I've always put myself second and finally doing something for "me" and just don't wanna feel bad about it. I have faith in God and trust in Dr Cochran for a safe successful surgery and recovery. Please keep me in your prayers.

Prescription's Cost

Picked up my prescrtions, today. The cost wasn't bad at all.

Made it to the flat side

Made it to the fate side! Thank You Jesus for covering me

1 Day Post Op

Hey Ladies...just a quick update. I'm one day post-op. I'm not in pain at the moment, but there's a lot of pressure. I'm hunch over and can only stand for a certain amount of time. I'm loving my low scar and back bra lift. Still swollen, but that will go away with time.

No Medication

This is my first 24hrs without pain medication and I'm feeling great. Yes, it's have my moments, but over all it's one of the best decisions I've ever made. I been sleeping in the recliner, walking back and forth down the hall way on my own, normally I do the #2 three times a day and yesterday I did the #2 twice (without taking anything to go) it came naturally.

Fat Transfer

Quick picture while my binder is drying. I'm still swollen; however, I can see the fat transfer to my hips. And I can see a difference in my upper inter thighs too. I'm wearing my thigh high compression stockings and the compression socks Dr Cochran provided the day of surgery. I'm still hunched over and I'm not in any pain.

Doctor's Appointment

I'm drain free. My doctors appointment went extremely well and since I was draining about 5cc, Dr Cochran removed my drain. He said I can switch over into a tighter garment to help with the swelling. I'm still hunched over and I'm flat at the top and swole at the bottom. I use hydrogen peroxide to whip against my scar and add fresh closure strips today.

1mo post op appt

Hi Ladies...I'm almost 1month post op and I'm doing extreme well. Had my follow up appointment yesterday and Dr. Cochran love my results thus far. I'm still swollen and that will go away with time and a few of my stretch marks are irritated because of my tight faja. But other than that, things are grrrrrreat!!

Feeling Good

Celebrated my 37th Birthday a few days ago and it was my first time wearing heels since my surgery

Swell Hell

Hi Ladies, I'm 3mos post op and loving my results so far; I can see my abs and all. I'm super flat in the mornings and by the end of the day I swollen "swell hell". Dr Cochran told me to continue wearing my compression garment at night and during the day until the swelling stops.

Back Bra Lift Update

Hi!! It's been a while. Up doing laundry and decided to take a quick picture. I'm 6mos post op and doing extremely well. I still endure swelling here and there, but over all I'm happy. Loving my flat back and stomach. I'll update more pictures after my appointment this month.


Pre-work out picture

8mos post op

Hi Guys, just a quick update. Had an appointed with Dr. Conchran yesterday and he's loving my results. I'm feeling great; still have swelling in my lower abdomen and sometimes swell hell after a long day

10mos post op

Hi everyone!! I'm 10mos post op and my appointment with Dr Cochran went well. I asked him for some additional Lipo on my sides and he told me I don't need it. He's extremely happy with my results and asked me to wait until I'm 1yr post op for more Lipo.

10mos post op swelling

Hi!! Just letting you guys know at 10mos post op, I still swell after long days in the office; especially in my lower pouch area. So, I still were my tight form fitting faja for swelling

1yr Post Op

Heeeeey!! It's been a while!! I'm still feeling and looking great!!

1yr PO

Heeeeeey!! Just posting my 1yr PO!! No regrets!! Feeling and looking great!! I'm trying to starting working out more, but other than that, I'm great


Heeeeeey!! Just posting my 1yr PO!! No regrets!! Feeling and looking great!! I'm trying to starting working out more, but other than that, I'm great
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