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Hi everyone so my tummy tuck is scheduled on...

Hi everyone so my tummy tuck is scheduled on 12/9/16. I'm excited. Most people feel scared but right now exhilarated.

So far so good. I haven't spoken to the doctor. I've mostly been in contact with Vicki. She seems really nice but she always seems to be in a rush. I've read many reviews praising their team but I don't have a lot of praises so far. Emails are returned days later and sometimes I haven't received a response. I've seen Dr. Cochrans work though and I'm impressed. I will update you soon. Snatched here I come!

My stats

I am 5'7 and 212lbs. I am currently wearing a size 16/18. This is pretty sad because when I got married a year ago I was 187. (Size 10(pants) 12/14 (tops))

Getting married certainly packs on the pounds :( I'm currently working out with a personal trainer twice a week.) I expect to keep this going after surgery. My goal weight is between 150-167, this is where I am most comfortable. I was told to lose weight before surgery for the best results but it certainly didn't happen. Wish me luck dolls because I still feel like I'm going to look great!

P.s. Can anyone tell me about arnica? Where to get it and the faja they used after surgery?

It's starting to hit me...I'm getting scared!

I was fine until my great aunt and daughter started crying tonight telling me they wish I wouldn't go. They certainly were behaving as if I'm not coming back. That was a little scary. I guess it's time for me to pray...lol. If you feel like praying too, join in. The more the merrier.

Final words...oh my goodness

So far so bad! Pre-op appointment

I'm here at the office and Vicki is very disrespectful. Wow I came over 600 miles to be treated like trash. If I were in Chicago I would cancel this surgery now!

Office photos

Sorry...they are uploading to the side.

Met Dr.Cochran

He seems to be nice and honest. I added chin lipo for $250...sexy here I come! :)

I'm Pregnant!

How is this possible? I really don't know. My period is late so I decided to take a pregnancy test after the preop appointment. (Was browsing around Walmart awaiting my prescription to be filled. Saw one on the shelf and decided to purchase it) I took it when I got back to the hotel. It was positive! :/

I immediately went to Walgreens and purchased 2 more. They were also positive. I called and cancelled my surgery in tears. I spoke to Gail. She was very accommodating. Oh well Dolls I'm remaining the same for now. :(

Wish Pics

I could continue to cry over spilled milk or I can move on. So I'm moving on. I will get my tummy tuck in one year. (During this time I hope to lose weight) Here are some wish pics.

I like the stomach smaller at the top and then it gets slightly bigger by the hips...aren't these ladies lovely?
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