36 Traveling to GA from Ohio. Columbus, GA

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Getting nervous. If there are others who have...

Getting nervous. If there are others who have traveled to another state for surgery please give me your advice and tips. How long did you stay. What hotel did you use in Columbus GA? Etc. .............
........... Also what did you pack? DiD you fly or drive home? Thanks guys.

March 25th I will lose some unwanted fat and skin!!!!

Husband was worried and I was going to back out. But now it is full go ( I hope). I am excited to see my results. I love how the other ladies that have seen Dr. Cochran are looking. I pray he can get this fat off my back. I have no idea where it came from. This is a pick of me in 2011 and a pick of me now...

40 days and getting excited

I cannot wait for this to be completed and start the healing process.

Getting excited.

32 days...and counting.

I have been shopping for my surgery. I purchased some button up pj's ftom walmart on clearance. Also, picked up a walker from thrift store and looking for a recliner. I am worried about starting my monthly around my surgery date. Has this happened to anyone else and how did you manage while recovering? Any advice please?

Super excited!!!!

I am so excited to have this procedure done soon. I can already feel my confidence rising.

We were going to drive from Ohio to Georgia like we do as a family every spring break, but now we are flying in and out the next week so that we can get back home for our son's AAU tournament the following week. I was concerned about the long drive home anyway. But I now will be back in an hour and half in my recliner healing instead of rest stops walking every hour or so.

Paid in full

Excited and a little impatient too lol! Found a new recliner for $50.00 at a closeout store. Now all I need is some more front zip tops.


Hey dolls....Just 25 days to go. And operation...

Hey dolls....Just 25 days to go. And operation hour glass will be completed. I am looking forward to wearing my summer maxi dresses and pencil skirts without the lumps. I am praying that Dr. COCHRAN will snatched this waistline and get these back rolls eliminated and slim these arms out!

I praise God in advance for a successful, smooth, uncomplicated surgery and speedy for me and all the other Cochran dolls out there! In Jesus name amen!

So close.....

Hey dolls, I have been on an emotional rollercoaster for the past week. Today was a good day and I am at peace with having my tummy tuck. The count down is going so fast!!!

On my way to the airport...

Keep me lifted up in pray 3/25 is sooooo close.

Pre-op appointment done and checked into hotel

Very excited and nervous... tomorrow morning at 7:30am is the time.

Today is the day at 7:30am I get my flat stomach...whoohooo!

I woke up this morning with the peace that surpasses understanding that only comes from The Lord. I just thank God in advance for a successful, uncomplicated surgery and a quick and smooth recovery in the matchless name of Jesus Amen!

Talk with you dolls later!

I am officially on the flatside!

Yeah!!!!! Made it, wheww!

The pain is real .

I am ready to take 2 as needed every 4 to 6 hours.

Very tired been taking an iron tab...

My husband says I look amazing but I have been so tired that after shower or cleaning binder I'm not in mood for pics. I just walk and lay my butt back down. I will try to take pics tomorrow morning.

And I didn't understand why everyone hated the drains but I hate them they press up against you under the binder and hurt like heck. Also I cannot pull binder to tight with them in the way.

After pic 4 days po

I am happy with my stomach but a little worried I don't have the curves I had before and that my butt is a little flatter. But I understand he had to contour everything together, and I am still hunched over and swollen.



Got back home today front GA

There is no place like home. I am over the moon about being in the comforts of my own home.

I have been taking a shower everyday because it is hard as heck to wipe my fat butt. I am in so much discomfort I can't reach as good as I like to (TMI lmbo, but someone should have prepared me for that). But anyhow I am glad to be home.

My husband pulled my second drain today!!!

I am still uncomfortable and to tight to stand up straight but I won't complain.

My husband went back to work yesterday so I am on my own with the schedules of my 8 kids. The struggle is so real.

I hope that wearing this tight body shaper and my cg will help me get through the day better than yesterday.

13 days postop

I am beginning to forget about the god awful pain I was in. I am in no pain at all. I am still sleeping in my recliner because I am so tight I don't want to pull anything. I am standing about 85% straight today. I am loving my results so far. I hope it gets even better, but we shall see.

Just an update

2 months po

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