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The DATE IS FINALLY SET for a full Tummy tuck and...

The DATE IS FINALLY SET for a full Tummy tuck and Lipo of the back and waist , I been stalking this site for months... I will be traveling from Memphis to Dr Cochran I search and search and research Memphis Doctors was not impress all I saw was breast implants..Lol... I wanted a Dr that have done multiple plus size tummy tucks so here I come Columbus Ga....
34 years old mother of 3
Had a c-section with all my children. I'm so looking forward to having this finally done I'm super excited and nervous..
My birthday is in July hopefully I will be swollen and fluid free,I seen a lot of people waist training after they're surgery is that a good idea??? I love my size I'm currently 223 5'7 never been insecure about my body except for this kangaroo pouch yikes!!!!! I been thinking about getting Lipo in the thigh area still unsure.....Will post pictures soon

I need a list

Can anyone help me with A list of supplies I need????? ... I looked up some things really need someone who already had they're tummy tuck to give me the run down lol..

blood pressure check

Where did you guys go to get your blood pressure check for 5 days ? Dr cochran office said ....cvs

12 more days to go !!!!

I'm nervous, excited, and anxious
12 more days bye bye kangaroo pouch ..gonna post before pictures once I get there and of course after photos for you guys

new quote 6500

just left Dr Cochran office decided to add Lipo and fats transfer to the butt Dr Cochran was awesome. .felt my butt was gonna look flat.might as well get everything thing done just was only 1500 more he took off 400 which is a good deal... just pick up my prescription from cvs which was 36.00 bucks.In less than 24hrs I will be on the flat size nervous and excited pray for me my realself family...

before and after

Today is the day

made it to the flat side

All I can say is you gonna need help after your surgery Dr Cochran took off 14 lbs.. woohooo this binder is killing me but I refuse to take it off. Any questions I'm here everyone ...

day 2 so sore

Hope you guys can see

day 4

Still haven't poop yet what did you guys do ? I took stool softeners and drank some citrate still nothing been walking around a lil bit to get things moving :(

update pictures

Update pics walking around more finally poop thank god

ms new booty


Hi my real self family just giving you guys a update ...saw Dr Cochran Thursday 23 he took the stitches out my navel.told me to keep my drainage in until Monday.My advice to you guys don't be in such a hurry to take your drainage out it's doing what it suppose to do. I have just a lil swelling nothing major...I'm very please with my surgery and my incision healing up very nicely. still hard to move around everyday is getting better ..My diet I been eating a lot of low sodium soups and salads and lots lots of water..had a cheeseburger only ate half ate the other half later that day ... I'm just being more mindful of what I been eating. I also did a 5 day detox before surgery which was a big help if you get constipated citrate help me out a lot.. stool softner didn't work for me ....any questions feel free to private message me..


I'm doing a lot better moving around still a llittle sore..scar healing up pretty good my waist line is snatch loving my new body

6 weeks update

This has really been a journey for me went I first went to Dr Cochran my weight was 237 after my surgery he took off 14 to 16 lbs of fat my current weight is 214 think I'm gonna stay there don't wanna be skinny I love my scar is healing nicely still have some stretch marks in some area but it's no biggie.fat transfer was a success my butt not looking so box anymore nice round natural looking butt for my body type went to a diet clinic to get a Lipo shot ask them to measure me my measurement are 38 35 49 ...can you say brick house lol...I get a lot of compliments from people starting back to wear clothes I haven't thought about wearing a jumpsuit yess work it..didn't worried about hiding that God awful gut now I can walk without being self conscious about my stomach ....also...been using vitamin e oil and coconut oil the itching Is terrible so u will need something to keep your skin hydrated don't scratch massage it ...

leonisa ....awesome

These invisible shapers are amazing if you're having fat transfer and thigh lipo buy these you won't regret it.also I suggest buying 2 pair get a size smaller on your second pair..they also have the high waisted ones also either pair will work great.. love how it cuffs your butt

Update pic

L9ving my body

Update pic

The shock factor

Just wanted to say this ...when u have your surgery pay attention to the people u was dealing with before watch how they change its crazy and funny..had one heffa ask me how u get ur stomach flat I told her 5,000 she got quiet ...I said u ask not ashame wish I done it years ago..I said well go gossip honey lol.but just watch and pay attention specially in social settings watching u like a sex addict watching porn.trying to see if u pick up weight or lost more weightweight. saying slick ass comments like i heard it comes back over time ...people are so petty..

5 month update

Still have a Lil swelling from time to time I drink a nice cup of green tea and massage my tummy and wear my binder that help alot,but other than that I'm doing great no regrets

Better picture

Columbus Plastic Surgeon

DR Cochran awesome straight to the point ....

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